The End of the Matrix, EPISODE 1 (The Matrix Revelations Vol. 2)

The Matrix Revelations

Volume 2: The End of the Matrix


(Sequel for “The Matrix Revelations” and a final chapter for the whole saga.)


Episode 1: Deus Neo and his Group


Brief flashbacks take place showing what happened at the very end of The Matrix Revelations, when the sixth Neo found a way to delete the deusian anomaly; when Maxio revealed the truth about the Matrix to Neo; and when both Neo and Rodner were taken to the Deusian World by Maxio, after the liberation of Thomas Anderson’s world from the Virtual Matrices.

The flashbacks also show how the final Neo (the young Thomas) and the final Trinity (the young Aida) were taken to the same city by the Oracle and by the fifth Trinity, respectively.

It was evident that the other surviving members of the Trinity Squad were going to look for them as well. In particular, they were looking for Neo and for their former captain, Leida Trinity…

After all the initial flashbacks, the older Neo and Rodner Smith wake up, at the world of the deuses. Rodner looks scared and Neo looks ready for whatever is in storage for them.

Deus Neo and his team had moved them from their secret lab at a desert area to a house with glass-like walls…

Neo quickly notices the striking resemblances—in personality and voices—of the members of Deus Neo’s group with people that he had known and been helped by.

It was a striking epiphany, just like the one he had when he saw the faces of the Trinity Squad’s members for the first time, after his past rescue from the City of the Machines. He could instantly tell that some of them looked and sounded like people who had been vital to his success.

Now, something very similar was happening as Neo took a deeper look at Deus Neo and the members of his group…

He observed and heard each one of them, noticing that they were just like people he had met, even if these new faces were deuses (future humans), rather than ancient humans from the Matrix—like Thomas Anderson and the others.

Deus Xenor was the only one that had visible weapons and a clear war-like armor. His voice and demeanor were almost a perfect copy of the fallen General Frank Xenno from the Resistance.

Deus Seracheng didn’t talk, but he walked and sat down exactly as Seraph—like a ninja monk. Simultaneously, the guy reminded Neo of the two iterations of Seraph that he met, the one from the Inner Virtual Matrix and the member of the Trinity Squad from Thomas Anderson’s world. All three of them had the same demeanor.

Deus Daya and Maxio were standing together in the same exact way as Matthew and Dayana used to stand. Maxio was also regaining his strength after the mission, and his gestures of recovery reminded Neo of movements that he saw Matthew doing as well. Furthermore, Maxio had already shown him and Leida Trinity that, if he was and ancient human, his physical look was indeed the same as Matthew’s look.

They were almost like deusian counterparts to the members of the Trinity Squad and to other important people…

Neo also recognized that Deus Neo and Idana were extremely similar to Thomas Anderson and Aida Trinity. And they reminded him of his Trinity and himself too.

In the same manner, he recognized the similarity between the younger deusian girl in the room and the blue-eyed girl that he met before—the one that helped him to see the truth, which helped him to save Thomas Anderson’s world.

Deus Morpheo reminded him of Yan Morphen and Morpheus; and even the girl’s deusanoid robot reminded him of the Trinity Squad’s robot, Bern.

It was all so clear to Neo that it could not be a coincidence.

There had to be some explanation for all the similarities…

The only one that was hard to recognize was Deus Neda because she stayed away from the rest, looking and observing everything and everyone, as if she wanted to predict their fates, like an oracle.

All of them—except the young girl—had the size and shape of giant fifteen-meter-tall humans with white-looking skin, yellowish eyes, very large black pupils, no hair on sight, smaller noses, and futuristic-looking clothes that had the shape and style of Neo’s former black vest.

When Rodner Smith asked them who they were, Xenor grabbed him and took him away from the room without answering.

Then, they all sat down and Deus Neo talked to the older Neo.

It was a surprising start, full of revelations…

Deus Neo revealed to Neo that Thomas Anderson and his team were not supposed to exist.

They had never existed in the original timeline (which was their deusian timeline), before the Matrix was made to revive the past in a mini-microscopic scale. Likewise, the human-deusian hybrid, or “the human anomaly” in the Matrix never existed in the original timeline because he was created by Thomas Anderson, and there was no Thomas Anderson.

However, Deus Neo and his team changed everything…

They needed to obtain the ancient DNA that they would have had, if they had been born at that point in the evolution of the human race. Therefore, he and his team undertook a secret operation to hack the Matrix. They ensured that a group of ancient humans that was just like them would be born at that specific moment in history within a common city.

At first, the team’s only purpose was fulfilling their secret DNA retrieval mission for the Deusian Council, but when they found out everything about the ancient humans and saw their alternate ancient selves, Deus Neo’s views about the Matrix changed. He decided that they had to save the ancient ones that had been recreated in the Matrix—all of them, the entire recreation of ancient mankind, not just the new ones that they created for their team’s mission. The problem, however, was that the Grand Council of the Deuses and their leaders had different plans. They were about to get rid of the Matrix (which was a real, but lab-made miniature copy of their larger multiverse in its past time).

The reality was that the original reason for the creation of the Matrix was no longer an issue (the lethal DNA virus, which made it necessary to obtain ancient human DNA for a cure).

What remained were just “what-if” experiments from the deusian government’s secret programs. Some of those included “time-travel experiments” that didn’t require doing any time travel, because, by using the Matrix to get access to the recreated past universe, they could see and even go to the past anywhere; they just had to visit the Matrix, which existed in their present, with an almost endless supply of copies of their past universe at all the different stages and times.

However, the dangers that such a system could pose to the future humans became evident; it could be used to test some pretty dark experiments in the “past real world” without anyone knowing about them in their Deusian World. Then, it would be possible to use the findings from the Matrix in their world as well. After all, despite how microscopic it was, the Matrix was still a real copy of their multiverse, so what worked there could work in their reality as well.

The Council didn’t want to be blamed for such experiments and the Matrix wasn’t a necessity for the survival of the deuses anymore. Therefore, the Council chose to undertake a few more useful missions before finally ending the Matrix and everything in it. One of those missions was the one led by Deus Neo and his group in secret. Its purpose was to experiment with the DNA codes of the same individual, as an ancient human and as a present deus, to see if it could lead them to figuring out how to make the present deus (and subsequently, any deus) much more powerful.

The mission was reported at the Council as “not successful,” but as Deus Neo was telling Neo about all these events, he also revealed that the public report was a lie. Behind all the covers, his team’s mission resulted in new and important findings, which convinced the Council’s leaders about the true dangers that the Matrix could bring to their world. It showed them that their ancient copies in the Matrix could be used for much more than just to cure the LDNA virus, which was what led them to create the Matrix in the first place.

Now, it was only a matter of time before the Council decided to destroy the Matrix with all its traces of a past that was supposed to be long gone…

The risk was too great to keep the Matrix alive…

Unfortunately, things got more complicated for them because some unknown source from their world hacked the Matrix as well; and both the reasons and the identities of the other hackers were completely unknown.

The Council was facing a new grand threat because of the Matrix.

Unknown enemies had breached their classified information and they had even hacked into the Matrix, making it possible for them to make undercover experiments of their own.

The Council had attempted experiments to unlock the deusian brain to 100% of its power, and they had failed. However, there was nothing that could ensure them that the unknown hackers had not done a similar thing (or even worse things) and achieved success, unlike them. In effect, if they kept the Matrix alive, they probably had an open weapon of limitless potential that could be used against them by an enemy that they couldn’t even locate.

In addition, Deus Neo and his followers became avid proponents of saving the ancient humans from the Matrix, even if the real-life system had to be destroyed. This was in effect the same as changing history, because the ancient humans from the recreated past were not supposed to exist in their future world. And if they were going to be saved, they had to be brought to their world.

The Council’s denial of such a thing brought them heavy political discord. Deus Neo was removed from his Chancillor position, but he and his teammates could not be removed completely from the Council. And they were given a final chance to prove that the ancient ones were useful for them and worthy of being saved, before ending the Matrix for good.

Meanwhile, the threat of the unknown hackers only grew and they found the way to obtain what they wanted…

Then, Deus Neo’s access to the Matrix was removed and the same happened with his privileges at the Council. This was when he decided to undertake the secret operation with Maxio and the others. Apparently, he still had powerful people in the Council that believed in him, so someone granted him access to the Matrix for the members of his group.

Then, Deus Neo sent the all-important message to Thomas Anderson with the essential source codes of the Real Matrix. He included a plan to create someone that would be able to save them all, and someone that would also help him and his group to prove that their cause was worthy. Knowing the possible consequences, Maxio volunteered to infiltrate the Matrix to bring a top human sample that would include “the One”—the almighty human-deusian hybrid that Deus Neo expected Thomas Anderson to create.

As we know from “The Matrix Revelations,” Maxio entered the Matrix and experienced many troubles with the ancient humans while he tried to “collect” his perfect sample. However, he never harmed anyone at will and what visited the Matrix wasn’t even his real self; what was sent there was a microscopic copy of his body that acted based on Maxio’s will from his connection station. The copy was also given partial access to the “reality-breaking” codes for the Matrix, making Maxio a godly being inside the Matrix.

Eventually, Maxio was captured by Rodner Smith. And Mr. Smith clearly had some sort of contact with the unknown deusian hackers. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had something that could neutralize and control Maxio. Despite all his genius, Rodner was still an ancient human; and the same could be said for Thomas Anderson…

After revealing a large part of the story to Neo, Deus Neo and his teammates began to get ready to take Neo and Rodner to the Deusian Council, but Neo had something important to tell them.

Neo knew what the unknown deusian hackers were after. It was the experiment of the Virtual Matrices and the creation of the deusian anomaly—a godly being and a way to enslave a planet’s population. If those two occurrences were possible at the Real Matrix, which was a real environment with some well-hidden cybernetical manipulations and special codes, then, they weren’t totally impossible at the world of the deuses, outside of the Matrix. The unknown enemy probably wanted to make a “Deus Ex” or a “Virtual Matrix” at their world.

Deus Neo and his group were aware about the anomaly though, since the Council had attempted to make the equivalent of such a living weapon, but they had failed. They also believed that the fact that such a thing had already worked with an ancient human from inside the Matrix was enough proof to show their worth to the deuses, and more than enough proof to show the dangers of the Matrix once more.

The news of “virtual matrices” within the real one surprised some of the members Deus Neo’s group though. It was obvious that some of them were not aware about that possibility yet, but it seemed like Deus Neo, Idana, and Neda already knew about that too…

They prepared themselves to go back to the Council, taking Neo and Rodner with them. Deus Neo was going to show not only a prime sample of what ancient humans could do, but also a sample that contained the successful “human anomaly,” or Neo.

Obviously, Neo could tell that Deus Neo and the others did not reveal absolutely everything to him, but something was clear: they were the good ones and they were on mankind’s side. Therefore, he decided to help them.

In their travel to the Council, Rodner didn’t speak a word. He had not been present during Neo’s conversation with the deuses. Apparently, he expected the worst for himself. The look on his face revealed that he wasn’t expecting anything good or positive out of the Deusian World. Perhaps, he had his reasons to feel that way…

Neo, on the other hand, seemed far more optimistic. He saw the City of the Matrix during their path, noticing many structures that looked all-white, all-black, or glass-like and transparent in color, from the outside. The location looked both futuristic and strangely simplistic at the same time. He also saw the massive spherical structure that was floating on their sky. It looked like it contained an infinite black sea of shiny stars inside. Somehow, Neo already knew what it was. It was the Matrix and the shiny stars were the copies of the original universe. He had been extracted and brought there from one of those shiny stars—from the only one that was a 100% perfect copy of the original deusian universe to be exact…

It was the first time that anyone from inside the Matrix had seen it from the outside.

At last, Neo had truly left the Matrix…

They reached the Council’s Chamber at the center of the City of the Matrix and left the automated vehicles that transported them all the way there.

Deus Morpheo was the one that carried Neo on his bare hands; and Deus Xenor continued carrying Rodner Smith in his armored hand, as if he was a prisoner.

Clearly, they knew that Smith wasn’t a good guy inside the Matrix.

Maxio had surely warned them about him…

The vehicles that took them there vanished and Deus Neo’s group walked towards the entrance of the Council.

The majestic building of the Deusian Council looked like a really important building. It seemed like the kind of place where you would expect kings or world leaders to reunite…

Neo hoped that something good for mankind would happen there.


NEXT—- Episode 2: The Deusian Council

The End of the Matrix, EPISODE 1 (The Matrix Revelations Vol. 2)

THE EXTRAS for The Matrix Revelations 2

EXTRAS for “The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix”


  • The Initial Planning (possible titles, the list of characters, personal note to the readers)
  • The Extras (link to the teaser trailer and soundtracks that were paired with events in “The End of The Matrix”)
  • Link to the previous story for newcomers



Tentative titles (pick one or two for now)

The Matrix Revelations 2: The End of the Matrix

The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix

The Matrix Revelations, Vol. 2: The End of the Matrix

The Matrix’s End

The Matrix Finale

The Revelations of the Matrix, Volume 2: The End

The Revelations of the Matrix: The End

The Matrix Revelations Part II

The Matrix Revelations II


Author’s picks:

The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix / The Matrix Finale


The Protagonists

Thomas Anderson / the final Neo

Aida Trinity / the final Trinity


Characters from the world of the deuses (or, from “the City of the Matrix” at their world)

Deus Neo (the most important deusian character and the deusian equivalent of Thomas Anderson)

Deus Neo’s group:

Deus Idana (the deusian equivalent of Trinity)

Deus Ida (the daughter of Deus Neo and Deus Idana; also the deusian equivalent of the final Trinity)

Deus Neda (the equivalent of “the Oracle” for Deus Neo’s team)

Deus Maxio (the deusian equivalent of Matthew Hemsworth from the Trinity Squad)

Deus Daya (the deusian equivalent of Dayana Hemsworth)

Deus Morpheo (the deusian equivalent of Yan Morphen)

Deus Xenor (the deusian equivalent of Frank Xenno)

Deus Seracheng (the deusian equivalent of Seraph)

Deusanoid Robot Bert (Ida’s robot, who’s also similar to Bern from The Matrix Revelations 1)

Deus T / Master Theos (the main villain, and the second most important deusian character)

Deus T’s group: Deus Orion, Deus Neabula, Deus Nova

King Therion, who calls himself “King” (the leader of the faction of deusian robots and deusian hybrids)

Characters from the Grand Council of the Deuses:

Chancillor Dillion (the leader of the Council of the deuses and the deusian equivalent of Jonathan Hamann—the heroic member of Zion’s Council seen in the Fifth Neo’s story, which is covered in “The Matrix Revelations”)

Chancillor Dissa (the deusian equivalent of Jonathan Hamann’s wife)


Characters from the Matrix

Original Thomas Anderson (in hologram form)

Original Aida Trinity (in hologram form)

The older Neo (the sixth Neo)

Rodner Smith (the human architect that took on Deus T’s plan of Virtual Matrices for his personal gain, after he decoded T’s message)

The original Trinity Squad (all of them, except Shera Williams and the humanoid robot Bern; this time, Yan Morphen is the most important one, even above the fifth Trinity, since he is the final Morpheus for the final Neo)

Jack (the inventor, now a young adult rather than a kid; he’s also the same age as the final Neo and a good friend for Thomas)

The Oracle (who is also a hybrid copy of the original Nera Williams)

Rosa Smith (Rodner Smith’s grand-daughter)

Yera Williams (General Nera’s daughter)

Tiana (the Oracle’s helper, now all grown up—the Indian girl from the end of The Matrix Revolutions)



I don’t have plans to write this full sequel as a 300-page book, like I did with the first one. What I will do for “The Matrix Revelations 2” is a few short episodes to reveal everything that was left to answer in the first one. I will expose the entire story for “The End of the Matrix,” and it will conclude the entire saga of The Matrix for me and for any reader…

I would have liked to dedicate more time to flesh out the entire story with more dialogues and more details for the action-packed battles, but that would take me months. It would be much wiser if I use all that time for my original stories and my actual job (which is not being an epic storyteller). Therefore, I decided that I will write a good and complete “synopsis” and uncover the whole story for part 2. Then, I will be done with my contribution to The Matrix Saga and I can concentrate on what comes next…

I would only go back and contribute more to it if a movie studio wants to turn The Matrix Revelations 1 and 2 into movie sequels for the first three Matrix movies. Obviously, I would be able to do great scripts and dialogues because I know these stories and these characters like the palm of my hand. I didn’t create The Matrix, but I was the creator of The Matrix Revelations, so I know I would contribute a lot to the “Revelations” universe in any medium of entertainment (not just in writing). I, however, doubt that my two awesome stories will be chosen for new Matrix movies. My Twitter and LinkedIn messages to directors and actors were ignored. I might still try to self-publish these two stories in the Kindle to make them widely available for anyone to experience. We’ll see… Regardless of what happens, it’s time for me to get started with my best stories, which are also 100% my own. They don’t exist yet (except in my mind), but they will come to life soon (in the form of books)…

I will start with one of my original stories this year. I think I’m done with my practice phase… Although I am not done with great fanfiction stories, I will put them on the back seat for a while. My original stories will take the lead soon…

As always, the best in Pedro Cristobal’s repertoire of stories has yet to come ; )




Teaser Trailer for The Matrix Revelations 2:

This is basically what I would put on the back cover, if this was printed or distributed as a small book.


Soundtracks for The Matrix Revelations 2:

An * will be used to mark my favorite ones.

I paired these with events that happen in the story. Some sounded like good “character themes” as well. Keep in mind that I did not pair all the events or characters with soundtracks. There is much more. These are just the ones I found that were a good fit for what I had in mind for certain scenes. There are characters and events that didn’t get any soundtrack, but they play good roles in the story. For example, I didn’t find any soundtrack that was a good fit for characters like Rosa Smith, Jack, or Deus Dillion’s wife. Regardless, these collection of music gives a pretty good idea of what to expect from “The End of the Matrix.” It’s like an alternate teaser trailer with music.



**Note: Right-click on the mouse above the links below and select “Open in New tab” to check them in a different page; that way it’s much easier to come back here and choose a different one right away.

<<< Music for “The End of The Matrix” >>>

01 Theme for the City of the Matrix at the world of the deuses

02 The Grand Council of the Deuses

*03 Theme of Training for Thomas and Aida (first with Yan Morphen; later with Deus Neo and the older Neo)

*04 Theme of Love for Thomas and Aida (Neo and Trinity’s love song)

05 The final Neo and the final Trinity meet Thomas and Aida’s Holograms (“Thomas Anderson’s Truth Revealed”)

06 Theme for the battles with the deusian Rodner Smith (“vs Deus Smith”)

07 Prelude to the battle vs a member from Deus T’s Group (“Talk Before the Storm”)

08 Battle vs a member of Deus T’s Group (vs Orion, Nova, and Neabula)

09 Deus T’s Theme / Theos’s Theme #1

*10 Battle and Chase in the Deusian Highway (Maxio and Thomas + Daya and Aida vs. the giant deusian robot)

(Note: This one gets particularly good starting at 0:33… this music is a perfect match for this battle…)

11 Dillion vs Deus T and his group

12 The Revelation of Deus T’s Identity

*13 The Creation of the Masters of the Matrix

14 Master Theos’s Theme (“The Full Power of the Matrix Unleashed”)

15 King Therion’s Theme (“The Deusian Robot Master”)

16 Deus Neo’s Revelation for Thomas and Aida / The whole truth about Deus Neo

17 Path of the Final Neo (“Thomas’s Theme”)

*18 Neabula’s Theme (“The half-deusian half-robot female storm”) / Neabula’s second talk with Idana, Ida, Neda, and Trinity (Prelude to the female members of Deus Neo’s Team and Trinity vs Ultra Neabula)

19 Prelude to the battles vs Super Nova and Mega Orion

20 Battle vs one of the Incomplete Masters (“Mega Orion”/ “Super Nova” / “Ultra Neabula” battles)

*21 Prelude to Neo vs King Therion (“King’s talk with Neo”)

*22 The older Neo and the younger Neo vs Therion (“Neo and Thomas vs King”)

(Note: What starts at 2:23 is the portion that I found pretty good for how the battle changes when Therion uses the power from the “reality codes” of the Matrix to turn the tables on both, the older Neo and the seventh Neo.)

23 Prelude to Master Theos vs King Therion (“Re-ignition of the Past”)

24 Master Theos vs King Therion and his army (“Total Negation” / “The True Master”)

*25 The Revelation of Theos’s Past and “the other plan”

26 Theme for the Fallen Comrades (“Victory or Defeat?”)

*27 Maxio and Morpheo vs Master Theos

(Note: Select and listen only from 19:06 to 20:40, that’s the soundtrack I wanted for #27.)

28 Deus Neo vs Master Theos (“The Battle of the Major Revelation”)

*29 Ida’s Courageous Theme (“The Other Chosen”)

*30 Prelude to Thomas and Aida vs Theos (The scenes before the final Neo and the final Trinity challenge the master of the Matrix.)

*31 Thomas and Aida vs Master Theos

(Note: Start this soundtrack at 0:10 not at 0:00, that’s where I considered that it starts for #31.)

32 The Return of the Deusian Anomaly (Master Theos vs Deus Ex)

33 The Deusian Anomaly’s theme

*34 The True End (“Thomas Anderson’s Final Decision”)

35 The Epilogue after the End (“The narrator’s conclusion” / “Message to the New Generations”)

*36 The Credits (if this was a movie, rather than a short story or a book, I would use something like this for the credits; it would leave any viewer thinking about what they just experienced—and the epicness won’t leave their mind anytime soon)

*37 Extra soundtracks to build a great teaser trailer for “The End of the Matrix,” using sections of these as the background music:




Needless to say, you won’t be able to fully appreciate how awesome “The End of the Matrix” is if you don’t know what happened in the first four entries. The first three entries are the three original movies (The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions). You can rent and watch those three easily, using Youtube or Netflix. The fourth entry, or rather, my “new big sequel” for the saga, is the book-length story that I wrote last year, which is the first science-fiction book that I have completed. I named it “The Matrix Revelations.” And yeah, as you may be thinking, I’m here to tell you that you need to know what happens in that one because this one is the direct sequel for it. That’s why I call it “Volume 2.” The great news are that both stories are excellent, so, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read “Revelations 1” yet. You would be in a much better position if you haven’t read it… That just means that you have a lot more to enjoy from my repertoire then ^__^. I say that because I think “The Matrix Revelations” was around 400 pages. And, not to brag or anything, but I liked it even more than the story in the original Matrix movie. Perhaps, that’s why I decided that it had to be written. So, those of you that don’t know it can experience that first and then come back for more in “The End of the Matrix,” which is its sequel and my last work for this saga.

Here is the link to all the parts from the previous story for those lucky ones of you that haven’t read it yet:

You can continue and finish that epic sci-fi experience by reading what happens in “The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix,” which is much shorter.

And don’t be fooled by seeing the word “end” in the title. Even though this is about how the Matrix ends, it’s still a story full of great characters, awesome battles, deep revelations, and a satisfying ending for the saga!! It’s just as good as the first Matrix Revelations if you ask me : )

And it is what I’m planning to post next.


NEXT — “The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix” (Episode 1: Deus Neo and the Deusian Council)


THE EXTRAS for The Matrix Revelations 2

TEASER TRAILER for “The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix”



Same Narrator from the Teaser Trailer for The Matrix Revelations 1 [with epic voice]:

‘We once thought that the Matrix and its revolution had ended, when Neo and Deus Ex Machina worked together to stop the war that was unleashed in the system by agent Smith’s anomaly…

However, that was far from the case… that action had only stopped the revolution that took place in the Green and Yellow Layers of the Virtual Matrix; it had not even touched the Real Matrix, and all the characters that we knew were still trapped in the virtual one…

In “The Matrix Revelations,” the real revolution of the true Matrix took place and many secrets about the Matrix were revealed. The existence of a grand plan to save the humans and to end the Matrix was also revealed to the sixth Neo…

Eventually, the older Neo, a different iteration of Trinity, and a team of outstanding newcomers had to stop an unknown being that had the same powers as Neo. They also had to face a new anomaly that brought the real revolution to the Real Matrix. And they ended up uncovering the truth about it all: the truth about what the Matrix really was, the truth about Neo’s creators, and the truth about the past and the present at Thomas Anderson’s world…

However, even after a final victory, many sacrifices, many revelations, and the destruction of the Virtual Matrices that enslaved Thomas Anderson’s world, essential questions still remained, because the grand plan to save mankind and to end the Real Matrix had not been fulfilled completely… The Real Matrix was still there, and mankind was still blind to the truth—except for a couple of brave souls that had fought with Neo during “The Matrix Revelations”…

What was going to happen after that? What was the next step in Thomas Anderson’s plan? What was going to be the fate of the sixth Neo? What was the whole truth about Deus Neo and Thomas Anderson’s group? How would the final Neo save them all? And most importantly, how was the Matrix going to end?

All of that and much more takes place in “The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of The Matrix”…

Prepare yourselves for the final chapter of the saga.’


NEXT: The Extras for The Matrix Revelations 2


TEASER TRAILER for “The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix”

Scenes After the Credits in The Matrix Revelations (the true ending) / Also, a Teaser for “The End of the Matrix”

The “After-Credits Scenes” for The Matrix Revelations (This occurs after Part 9B and it’s also the first teaser trailer for “The Matrix Finale,” or “The Matrix Revelations 2: The End of the Matrix”)


Another white laboratory was shown at the world of the deuses. It looked very similar to the place where Deus Neo and his group had set up Maxio’s connection to the Matrix.

There were three other deuses present and one of them was connected to a device, just like Deus Maxio.

It was implied that the “asleep deus inside the experimental sphere” was connected to the Matrix, in the same way as Maxio was. It was also shown that this was taking place at the same time as when Maxio was connected, but in another hidden location at their world…

All of a sudden, the connected deus started to move abruptly, showing pain, and parts of his real body started to disappear. It was as if he was being erased from existence.

At that point, the view of the scene began to get closer and closer to the deus that was disappearing, and when it reached his face, we could see that it was Deus Ex—the deusian anomaly—in his original deusian form.

In other words, Ex’s original self was a true deus from the deusian world; his consciousness had not been created inside the Matrix, but unlike Maxio, he wasn’t aware of it…

Eventually, Deus Ex disappeared completely and the connection sphere was left empty, with nothing inside.

Then, the other two deuses present began to talk. It was clear that the one in the right was the leader. He was wearing a white cape with a large silver symbol that looked similar to a cross. The other one had a metallic arm and one metallic foot. Clearly, she was part deusian and part robot—a hybrid from the deusanoid faction.

Female Deus on the left [looking at the empty sphere / sounding a little concerned]: “Deus Ex is gone. Then, the experiment of the enhanced deus was a failure.”

Leader [his face isn’t shown and he has General Lock’s voice]: “A failure? Not at all. It was a complete success. He didn’t even know anything about the Real Matrix and look at how far he went. He didn’t know anything about the truth, and still, he was omnipotent, first in the virtual world, and later in the real one. Nothing would have stopped him from reaching us here if the other anomaly that we detected had not been present. Indeed, he proved to be even more powerful than what we anticipated. The deus that was enhanced by our experiment in the Matrix was a truly unstoppable force. Now, imagine what would be possible if those that know everything, like we do, obtain that kind of power here, in the true original world.”

Female Deus: “But… the deusian anomaly was not unstoppable sir. There was an entity that could stop it. The enhanced Deus Ex was stopped by one of the ancient humans, which were supposed to be powerless in comparison to us.”

Leader [still confident]: “A human? Don’t be foolish. Because of the Matrix’s design, no human and no living being there could ever use those kinds of manipulations of the system from the inside. The one that stopped Deus Ex was not an ancient human from the past. It was another experimental entity that was started and introduced in the Matrix by one of us.”

Female Deus: “Could it be…”

Leader [certain]: “Deus Neo and his group of followers, of course. He is the only one that would be willing to go that far to save the ancients from their inevitable doom, when the Matrix ends.”

Female Deus: “But that can’t be. They already sent Maxio there, after the Council accepted their last request. And they don’t have any way to send someone else without the access codes from the Council.”

Leader: “They didn’t need to send someone else. That is why the other anomaly was one of the ancient humans and not another deus… There are other ways to send things into the Matrix, without going there yourself. That is how I started the project with the enhanced deus and the Virtual Sub-Matrices. An ancient human did it for me—one that I chose very carefully, knowing that his personal interests were perfectly aligned with mine.”

Female Deus: “Then… how do you suggest that we proceed from now on?”

Leader: “Deus Naebula, you should already know what the next step is. A hybrid of your caliber should have been able to infer what I’m thinking by now.”

Naebula: “Yes, but hearing it from you has much more meaning sir. After all, you are the one that brought us together and achieved equality among the deusian robots, the deusian hybrids like me, and the deuses like you. What do you want our next step to be, Deus Theos?”

Deus Theos [sounding conclusive]: “It’s time to end it. We already achieved what we wanted. We have the means to create a deus that is capable of bending the laws of existence at will, effectively creating a new reality as he or she sees fit. Now, we must ensure that this grand power stays with us only. Just with you and me…”

The leader touched the lips of the deusian female hybrid in a way that left it very clear that they were more than just associates that worked together in a plan.

Deus Theos: “And don’t ever forget that my real name must not be mentioned when we are not alone. I am ‘Deus T’ for the members of the Council and for everyone. They must never know that ‘Theos’ is my original name. If they know it someone could make deductions that could lead them to figure out who I really am. And I don’t need anyone else, other than you, to know that.”

Naebula: “I would never do that sir. You know that I would do anything for you.”

Deus T: “And that is why I want you to be one of the masters, after we use the power of the Matrix to change our realm.”

Although his face wasn’t fully revealed, the side of his lips was shown, and the unknown leader smiled in a way that looked confident and dangerous.

Deus T: “The cure for the LDNA virus is history by now, so we can force the Council to end the Matrix. Our goals there were achieved with Deus Ex’s experiment, so we don’t need to go back again.

The time has come for us to end the Matrix and to take over the Council of the Deuses.

A new era is going to begin…

It will be an era shaped by us, the masters of the Matrix…”

The view left the newly revealed villain and it went back to the Matrix. It showed us how Yan Morphen was walking at a place that was full of people everywhere. It looked like they were building a new city there.

Suddenly, a woman with a brown cloak grabbed Yan’s hand. She left a small paper in it, and she kept on walking among the crowd with haste.

At first, it seemed like she was the Oracle again, but the young woman’s hood fell back and her identity was revealed. She was the Indian girl that the Oracle adopted at the end of “The Matrix Revolutions,” but, she was 20 years older now.

Yan Morphen opened her message on the paper and read it.

Voice of the Oracle’s Helper [message on paper]: “You are here to fulfill your destiny Morpheus. The one you seek has entered the city already. Neo will need you. Seek him, and find him, as soon as possible. Your journey with Neo is not over and neither is the Matrix…”

Yan tried to chase the woman after he read the message, but he had already lost her from his sight and he couldn’t find her…

Finally, the Indian woman met up with the Oracle at another location.

Nera Williams (The Oracle): “Did you give him the message?”

The Oracle’s Helper: “Yes.”

Nera: “How did it go?”

Oracle’s Helper: “It went as planned. He didn’t have a chance to see my face and I saw that he read the message.”

Oracle’s Helper [thoughtful, just as she was as a little girl at the end of The Matrix Revolutions]: “Mrs. Williams, will we ever see the sixth Neo again?”

Nera: “That’s a question that even I don’t have the answer for, but, he surpassed what Thomas Anderson expected from the sixth iteration of The One, so, anything is possible… If I had to give my best guess, I would say yes, we are going to see that Neo again… And I don’t that we will need to wait another 20 years this time…”

The Oracle and the now-grown girl smiled at each other and looked at the sunset from Thomas Anderson’s world.

It was just like the beautiful sunset that they had seen in the Virtual Matrix, twenty years ago…

//////////  END for “The Matrix Revelations”  /////////////


However, The Matrix Saga will be CONTINUED AND FINISHED in

“The Matrix Revelations 2: The End of the Matrix.”

I will finish it with the epic story and the epic end that The Matrix always deserved…


NEXT 1A — Brief but Complete Synopsis of the story for “The End of the Matrix” (everywhere)

^^^ I don’t plan to write the complete script or the full book for “The End of the Matrix,” unless (of course), a director from Hollywood wanted to hire me to do it. If they do that in order to turn “The Matrix Revelations” and “The End of The Matrix” into real movies to continue the Matrix Saga on the big screen, I would obviously do it with joy. Otherwise, I have to use the little writing time I have to write my other original stories that are not sequels to anything that exists (because they are original series that I haven’t done yet).

Regardless, I do want you all to know what I imagined AFTER The Matrix Revelations for “The End of The Matrix,” so I will write it in about 10 pages and share it… It’s basically “The Matrix Revelations Part 2.”

NEXT 1B — Author’s Commentary on how he imagined the stories for “The Matrix Revelations” AND “The End of The Matrix” (a video in youtube)

NEXT 2A — Season 2 and Ending for The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf (everywhere)

NEXT 2B — Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson (in fanfiction dot net, in the other blog, in facebook, but not in this particular blog here)

NEXT 3 — Other new, thought-provoking, and inspiring sci-fi thrillers by Pedro Cristobal… ; ) the best has yet to come ALWAYS ^__^


Scenes After the Credits in The Matrix Revelations (the true ending) / Also, a Teaser for “The End of the Matrix”

The Matrix Revelations (COMPLETE Story + Extras, a truly epic sequel for The Matrix Revolutions)

The Matrix Revelations

(Epic sequel for The Matrix Revolutions with the older Neo as the protagonist)

Teaser Trailer for the movie:


Two refresher videos worth watching before “The Matrix Revelations” (the first appearance of Deus Ex in “The Matrix Revolutions” and the scene with the spoon in “The Matrix”). Both of these matter for The Matrix Revelations…

Deus Ex scene:

The spoon scene:


I also recommend very strongly that you rent and watch the three original Matrix movies, if you think you forgot them. After all, The Matrix Revelations is a true sequel that starts right after the end of The Matrix Revolutions, so, for the greatest impact it is best if you watch those before you read Revelations.


“The Matrix Revelations”


You may skip my short planning at the beginning of the first link and scroll down to where it says Part 1: The Initial Revelations and Neo’s Rescue. For all the others, there are no extras included. It’s just the parts of the story that follow. Have fun…


1- The Initial Revelations and Neo’s Rescue from the City of the Machines…/the-matrix-r…/

2- The Trinity Squad, The First Base, and the Deus Incident…/the-matrix-r…/

3- The Main Base and the events that take place there

4- The Bigger Revelations and the Battle with Deus…/the-matrix-r…/

5- The Real Architect, The Chase, and Neo’s Decision…/the-matrix-r…/

6- Return to The Matrix…/the-matrix-r…/

7- Clash of Wills (the epic course of events that lead to the final battle)

Section 7A (1 out of 4):…/the-matrix-r…/

Section 7B (2 out of 4):…/the-matrix-r…/

Section 7C (3 out of 4):…/the-matrix-r…/

Section 7D (4 out of 4, end for the “Clash of Wills”)…/the-matrix-r…/

8- The Battle for Thomas Anderson’s World

Section 8A: Jake Mate…/the-matrix-r…/

Section 8B: The Grand Turning Point…/the-matrix-r…/

9- The Real Answer and the Ending

Section 9A: The Truth About the Matrix (what everyone has been waiting for… the answer to what the Matrix was…)…/the-matrix-r…/

Section 9B: The Ending and the Final Revelation (the “final revelation” will trigger an “omg” reaction almost instantly; it is what takes this ending from “good” to “wooow!” material… I also hope that some readers can see it coming before it happens ; ) it’s quite possible…)…/the-matrix-r…/

The After-Credits Scene for The Matrix Revelations



100 Soundtracks selected by the author to reflect moments and characters from The Matrix Revelations (the author’s comments from when those were posted are included)

This is a perfect preview for what to expect from the story of The Matrix Revelations. Listen to the soundtracks and read the comments in order. You will see that an epic science-fiction thriller is waiting for you ; )


Music for The Matrix Revelations — Trailer Music #1

This sounds pretty good up to 1:30. I really like the way this sounds for a trailer of this movie, even though the other one I am going to post next sounds like a better fit with what actually happens.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — Trailer Music #2

And here we have it; this is the trailer music that fits best with what does happen:


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #1: Deus Ex’s Theme 1 / “Deus Ex’s Plan”

This fits for the second scene of the movie. The first scene, or the opening scene, is Neo’s final scene from The Matrix Revolutions… and obviously, he makes it—otherwise, there would be no epic story to tell in “Revelations” : p

Deus Ex Machina had a very good reason to keep Neo alive.
You will find out about it in The Matrix Revelations…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #2: The Trinity Squad’s Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #3: The Trinity Squad’s Assault Theme

This music is perfect for the assault on the building, close to the beginning of the movie…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #4: Deus Ex’s Theme 2


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #4: Deus Ex’s Theme 2


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #5: The Trinity Squad’s Personal Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #6: Captain Trin’s Theme / “The Other Trinity”

This may not fit a lot with the first part I will post this weekend, but by the time the story is over (it’s 8 episodes long, close to 3 hours in length as a movie), you will see it does fit with what happens to her. The music I choose often reflects the way the character feels; it isn’t necessarily linked with the events only.
By the way, listen to this one until the end; its best part is in the second half. And yes, I think this fits with “Leida Trinity.”


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #7: Neo’s Theme / “Path of the Sixth Chosen”


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #8: “The One”

I knew I was forgetting one of these the other day. This one should have been #5 after #4, based on the order of the events, but hey, it’s not to far away, so here it is.
I would play this music when Neo stops the sentinels during the Trinity Squad’s assault at the beginning…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #9: The First Base

This is a good theme for the atmosphere present in the first base, which is the first location of the Resistance that Neo sees, after seeing the Trinity Squad’s members without their armors for the first time.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #10: Deus’s Theme / “The Menace Approaches”

Next part introduces the Resistance and a couple of new characters, including Deus. This “Deus” is not Deus Ex Machina from the Matrix, but obviously, there is a reason why they have a similar name. That and more will be revealed later on.…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #11: “The Trap”

This music fits for the scene where Commander Yera talks to Deus.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #12: “Neo’s Realization about Deus”

During the “Deus incident,” Neo figures out something that the others are not seeing. This music fits with that realization.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #13: Yera Williams’s Theme / “Commander Yera”


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #14: The Main Base’s Theme / “General Xenno’s Base”

This is a good initial theme for their arrival at the Main Base, and it also fits as a “theme #1” for Frank Xenno, the general.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #15: Frank Xenno’s personal theme

This isn’t a perfect fit, but I like the way it sounds.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #16: Teen Jack’s theme / “The young inventor”


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #17: The Blue-eyed Girl’s Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — # 18a: The White Sphere’s Message


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #18b: Neo’s determination to find the truth

This is an excellent theme for Neo’s determination to find the truth, after the events that unfold at the main base.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #19: Thomas Anderson’s Message


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #20: Thomas and Aida’s Theme…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #21: Trin begins to believe in Neo / “Believe”


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #22: Trin’s Flashbacks / “The other Trinity”

This is a good music for when Captain Trin begins to remember her past.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #23a: Neo vs. Deus

Forget about the vocals. The first three minutes of this music are ideal for “Neo vs. Deus” at the main base.…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #23 b: Neo vs. Deus

This is another excellent music for the Neo vs. Deus scene at the main base.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #24: Rodner Smith’s Theme #1 / “Meet Mr. Smith”

Neo finally meets Rodner Smith—the old man from Frank Xenno’s world that looks exactly like Agent Smith. He’s also Thomas Anderson’s nemesis. Obviously, this guy is ideally played by the same actor as the original Agent Smith…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #25: Rodner Smith’s Theme #2


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #26: The Others

If you don’t hear this just raise the volume. I think this music sounds a little lower than others. And no, I have no comments on this… you will know what I meant by “the others” when part 5 arrives :p Consider this an “audio preview” 😉


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #27: Beginning of the Chase

The beginning of the chase during which the second major clash with Deus occurs. The second big clash is not with Neo though. It is with… you will see 😉


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #28: Matthew and Dayana’s Theme

It’s time to start posting the “character themes” for the other Trinity Squad members, since, their second moment to shine in this story is in part 5.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #29: Bern’s Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #30: Seraph Cheng’s Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #31: Sheera Williams’s Theme

Considering what happens in part 5, this is a good theme for Sheera Williams, the granddaughter of General Nera Williams, and the daughter of Commander Yera from the first base.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #32: Keifer Gomez’s Theme

Like I said before, I pretty much imagined Keifer as a “Cid lookalike” so it is no surprise that I even feel that Cid’s theme fits perfectly for Keifer.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #33: Yan Morphen’s Theme / “For Neo”


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #34: Rodner Smith’s Past


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #35: Seraph and Sheera vs. Deus


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #36: The Trinity Squad vs. Deus

The events of this battle are what made me decide on the specific character themes for some of them, including Sheera, Keifer, and Yan Morphen. This battle takes place in part 5.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #37: Neo’s Decision


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #38: The Xenno Squad’s Theme / “Frank Xenno’s Secret”

Music for The Matrix Revelations — #39: Return to the Matrix…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — # 39b: Return to the Matrix theme #2 / Neo’s Theme #2…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #40: Retrieval of the 7th Neo’s Helpers


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #41: Rebirth


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #42: Trainees of the Chosen

This ost fits almost perfectly with what I have in mind…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #42 b: Training with the Sixth Neo

I knew I was going to post this one eventually because it is one of my favorite soundtracks. Finally, it fits with something… Take a guess at who is going to have the “training with the sixth Neo” :p … That and more is found in the upcoming part 6…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #43: The New Morpheus vs. Neo (in training)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #44: Unexpected Outcome

Wait until it goes beyond the 1 minute mark to hear the good part of this soundtrack.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #45: Neo’s Farewell Words

Start at 0:20 and wait for the part I like better at 0:41.
This fits very well to describe Neo’s feelings when he says his “farewell words” in part 6. What are they and why he says them? Wait until I finish part 6 and you will see : p


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #46: Final Visit to the Oracle


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #47: Return to the City of the Machines

I really like how this sounds :p
Perfect theme for what’s coming in The Matrix Revelations…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #48: The Yellow Sphere

In part 6, we are going to find out the purpose of that yellow sphere that Deus Ex implanted in Neo’s hand at the beginning…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #49: Neo and Deus Ex


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #50: Deus Ex freed

When I heard this at the cinema a few weeks ago, my instant reaction was: “I now know a soundtrack that fits with the entire part 7 and, especially, with how it all begins…”
I knew this had to go here since then, and here it is now.
Things are going to get very intense in The Matrix Revelations, so I will hold back posting various soundtracks until part 7 is much closer to the finish line. That way you won’t have any clues of what will happen until it is here. And believe me, a lot will happen pretty fast in part 7. In my opinion, it is the best one out of the first 7 parts, and if you read the other 6, then you can already imagine what that means… The best has yet to come 😉


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #51: Deus vs Deus


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #51.5: Theme of the Other Deuses / “The Unknown Observers”

This should go between #51 and 52, so I will just name it 51.5 and put it here, since I found this music recently.
And yes, the only “deuses” in The Matrix Revelations won’t be Deus and Deus Ex… you’ll see once I post part 7B.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #52: Deus Ex’s Transformation


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #53: Leida Trinity’s Retaliation


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #54: Screen of the Past


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #55: The Fifth Neo’s Theme / “Path of the Previous Chosen”

This would be the part where we will find out what happened before with the other Neo. Remember that the past of the previous Trinity and the previous Neo wasn’t fully revealed yet. That, among other intense scenes, is what the “clash of wills” from part 7 is all about…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #55.1: Path of the Fifth Neo (alternate theme)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #55.2: Attack of the Sentinels…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #55.3: The Fifth Neo’s Revelation / “The Matrix Reloaded”…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #55.4: Prelude to the Fifth Neo’s Battle at the City of the Machines…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #55.5: Neo vs. the Doppelganger Sentinels…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #56: The Fifth Neo vs Deus Ex (flashback)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #57: Cyber Neo (INTRO)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #58: Cyber Neo (BATTLE) / “Neo vs Neo”


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #59: Copy Trinity (INTRO) / Copy Trinity’s Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #60: Copy Trinity (BATTLE)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #61: The Resistance’s Final Attack


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #62: Frank Xenno (Theme #2)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #63: Rodner Smith’s Secret Weapon


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #63.5: Cyber Neo and Copy Trinity (alternate theme for both of them)

This has nothing to do with Rodner Smith’s weapon (I say this in case you are reading all of these without reading the story. Copy Trinity and Cyber Neo are not related to Smith.)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #64: The Unexpected Transformation


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #64.5: Cyber Neo’s Final Answer


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #65: The Final Enemy’s Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — # 65a : First Appearance of the Final Enemy / “The deusian anomaly”

I am going to introduce the final enemy for The Matrix Revelations in Part 7D. Who ends up being the final enemy won’t be clear until you read it though… this is just music, it doesn’t tell us who takes that role at the end, but it tells us what we can expect from that character. Just be ready for plot-twisty stuff coming in the final section of Clash of Wills…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — # 65.5 : “Thomas Anderson’s helpers”

Part 7D will have a very brief flashback of the original Thomas Anderson and his group. This music fits with the way I visualized them in my mind.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #66: Frank Xenno’s Answer

One interesting plot twist and several revelations are in storage for the next scenes in The Matrix Revelations. I’m spoiler-free here so you will find out what those are when I finish and post what comes next. This is just the “background music” that I would pair up with “the moment of truth” for General Frank Xenno, in part 7D.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #67: The Final Enemy’s Takeover

Just to point it out: the character that is called “the deusian anomaly” in the upcoming part 7d is the final enemy in The Matrix Revelations. Also, I do plan to finish and post this part 7d this upcoming weekend, and yes, the scene that I paired with this “oh crap things are going down” music is included in 7d. Part 7d is the best out of the 4 sections of Clash of Wills without a doubt…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #68: Deus Maxio’s Theme


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #69: Maxio’s Retaliation Theme / Maxio’s Revelation / “The Matrix Unlocked”

Not only is Deus Maxio going to return, but a big revelation will also take place when he does… I hope no one thought that the “big Deus” from before was going to be “taken out” so easily : p … obviously, more stuff was going to happen later on with Deus, and “later on” starts with 7d…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #70: The Beginning of the Battle for Thomas Anderson’s World


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #71: Jake Mate

There are going to be some pretty intense moments in part 8…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #72: Neo and Trinity’s Darkest Hour


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #73: The Grand Revelation

This starts slow and escalates to epic proportions… it is perfect for this kind of epic scene ; )


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #73.5: The grand turning point / “Bending the Spoon”

I find it really funny that this was the first song that popped into my mind when I thought of music to pair up with “the second scene with the spoon,” which is going to take place in the next section that I am going to post. I found it funny because the Pirates and Jack Sparrow don’t have anything to do with this, but I guess this song calls out to be put as background cover for epic stuff lol… it’s great music without a doubt.
So, the title for part 8a was “Jake Mate” and the title for part 8b is going to be “The Grand Turning Point”… I am feeling very good about what I have written so far, so I can say confidently that the best of “The Matrix Revelations” begins with part 8b. And, that is not just because of “the spoon scene”… there is a lot going on in this second half of “The Battle for Thomas Anderson’s World”… You will see… it all starts to fall into place at last, just like I planned it since the beginning… ^_ ^ : p


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #74: The Sixth Neo’s Answer

You can tell that something awesome and inspiring is going to happen when you hear this ; )


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #75: Neo’s Awakening after the Battle for Thomas Anderson’s World

This is going to be good music for the last scene in Part 8b (what is coming next). So 8b not only finishes the grand battle but also shows you what happens with Neo right after that. I imagine that anyone who reads it all up to that point is going to be reeeeally impatient to find out what the final part will bring after that… i would be really impatient too. And obviously, I plan to deliver with a really great ending that will leave everyone (including myself) very satisfied. That’s just the way I like it ; p (because I love planning awesome stories and I love delivering at the end, instead of dropping the ball with a bad ending, like so many stories I have seen before in anime and games, and even in movies and books as well… I will do it differently. At the end, it’s all about crafting a great and valuable experience. That is what matters in life and in stories…)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #76: The Truth about The Matrix

Interstellar’s main theme has to be the perfect music to pair up with “the truth about the Matrix”… it’s excellent music for mystical sci-fi stuff… so yeah, this is part of what’s coming in part 9A… Oh I can’t wait ^_^ I finally reached the best parts of the first book-length story that I will finish. It’s time for the revelations of the Matrix to be unveiled…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #77: The End of Maxio’s Mission

Please ignore the pictures attached to the soundtracks. When I post a soundtrack, only the music itself fits with some section or scene for the current story that I am doing (the original picture that had been associated with the soundtrack is from another story that has nothing to do with the one I’m doing, but when the music fits, I grab it anyways : p)

Music for The Matrix Revelations — #78: The Original Team


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #79: The First View of the Matrix (from the outside)


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #80: The End of the Virtual Matrices / Return of the People from the Virtual Matrices


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #81: The Trinity Squad’s Regret

Before the great “final revelation” in Part 9b, some emotional scenes with past characters from the story will take place and this music fits beautifully with all of those.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #82: The Final Neo

Perfect music for the scene that will introduce the final Neo…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #83: Nera Williams’s Theme / The Oracle’s theme for her scene at the end


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #84: The Final Revelation

What happens at the end ; ) … as usual, I have a strong tendency to save something special for last, in order to finish stories with a great note (and with happy readers that will be glad they had that experience)…

By the way, 100 thanks to the gifted composer of this music, Thomas Bergersen… This one definitely inspired me for the scene that I call “the final revelation” in The Matrix Revelations.


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #85: The Credits screen for The Matrix Revelations

To make it even more epic and memorable, I would show mini-flashbacks from events in the movie during the credits (as they roll on the left or right side of the screen, the flashbacks can be shown on the other side). That way, the viewers will be reminded of how great it truly was, right after they finish watching it. That would ensure that it becomes a movie-experience that they won’t forget anytime soon. It would probably become one of their all-time favorite sci-fi thrillers, right after they finish watching it.
Naturally, such a movie for “The Matrix Revelations” is not available, but the book is and you can read it here. So the experience already exists here. It just isn’t on a big screen. It is on the pages ; )
Have fun with the unofficial “Matrix 4”
I will repost all the links soon…


Music for The Matrix Revelations — #86: The Extra Scene after the Credits for The Matrix Revelations

You would think that an extra scene after the credits won’t add much after all the epicness went by, but in the case of this story, it will… ; )









The Matrix Revelations (COMPLETE Story + Extras, a truly epic sequel for The Matrix Revolutions)

ALL-in-1 Post (Author Pedro Cristobal)

(Continue reading this big post to find “teaser trailers,” information on what to expect from my first epic stories, and the links to their chapters, so that you can start to experience them now. You will also find how to befriend me in my personal facebook profile at the very end of this entry.)

The sites: (youtube channel) (focused on stories) (more personal)


General Plan for the Stories:


First, I will prove that I am a good storyteller that doesn’t disappoint. The way I define “a storyteller that doesn’t disappoint” is someone who’s stories start very good, continue being very good all the way through, and finish with an amazing ending. The best way to prove something (anything) is to do it and leave it recorded for others to see. If I wanted to prove I was good at a sport (for example) I would take a video of myself showing that the team is winning because of me and that I am doing an incredibly good (pro level) performance. I would take those videos several times as well, just to show that I wasn’t just having one “lucky day.” The way to do this for stories is writing long and awesome stories that everyone can read. However, both books and series take a long time to plan, write, and edit, so in my case, showing that I am a great storyteller that produces epic stories over and over and over again will only happen with time. It will take me a few years before it is proven without a shadow of a doubt. Then, I will start with my top stories, which are even better than the initial ones, but by that time no one that read any of the previous stories will have a single doubt in their mind about my ability to deliver another epic story…

The initial ones, which I call my “practice phase,” are extensions to some of the most popular stories in the world (at the point of this writing). They are The Matrix Revelations (a fourth movie for The Matrix Saga), The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf (an anime series of 84 episodes, which is an alternate prequel-sequel to the Naruto anime series), and Heroes of the Survey Corps (my prequel for Attack on Titan).

For my practice phase, I decided to extend existing and popular stories because the people that experienced those will be able to judge my sequels and extensions against the original ones as well. Therefore, they will be able to judge not just the caliber of the new stand-alone story, but also how well it continues the previous one and whether it surpasses the previous one or not. This is why I chose extensions for my practice. After that, I will just focus on my original stories.

So far, I am going to finish The Matrix Revelations soon, and I plan to do the remaining episodes for the earth sage’s Season 2 (episodes 54-84) and the episodes for the Attack on Titan prelude in brief format. Then, I will start with my original series and stories… So, I am still in the practice phase, and the best has yet to come… ; )


Beginning of author’s storytelling journey:


I know several amazing stories, which can be turned into great series, great books, great movies, or even superb videogames (which would cause a lot of talking among their players due to their stories). Since I am no movie director, no master of drawing (like the most popular manga authors), and definitely not a trained game developer, I decided that I only had one medium available to transfer my epic stories to many other people… guess what it was… That medium is writing. I am no master writer either, but I always felt confident about my ability to write my stories in a very interesting and entertaining manner. So, that was what I began doing at the end of 2014. However, I had no training, so I realized that it wasn’t wise to start with my best at that point. It was better to start with stories that I considered good and stories that were appropriate “practice material” to put my writing and storytelling skills to the test—and to improve them as well, of course. It may surprise you that the stories that I was thinking about were “The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf” and, later on, “The Matrix Revelations.”

Ultimately (after about 1500 pages of writing, planning, thinking, and doing more for what were supposed to be just “practice stories”), I realized that I was wrong for thinking that they were mere practice. They came out FAR better than what I originally expected and they made me realize that I really have what it takes to produce amazing stories… Who knows, I may be able to revolutionize the sci-fi and adventure genres with what I have in mind (in the long-run, of course; this takes tons of time).


Overview for the Initial Series and Stories/ Intro to this Page:


It’s time to organize everything at the top of the page for everyone—specially for anyone who is new because they would get lost finding things among the hundreds of posts. Here you have overviews, trailers, and links for all the things that I’ve posted up to now in one place. I will pin this post to the top of the page…


I consider this soundtrack a “theme song” that I like for my repertoire of stories as a whole:


It’s a great soundtrack that fits adventure, epic events, inspiring characters, and great stories that reach the heart…

Enjoy the music and the epic stories that I will share here and in some of the sites above 😉


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Trailers and general info for what I have written so far:

(these are the stories that I like to call my “practice phase” before I start with my originals, which are the best material I can deliver)


TEASER TRAILER FOR “The Matrix Revelations”

(The 4th Matrix Film that I imagined in 2016, after seeing the whole trilogy a second time.)

(very long and good movie script, which may be considered a full sci-fi book as well)

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy Action-Thriller


The Matrix meets Inception… and more…

(^ this falls on the screen and low-volume epic music starts playing)


Narrator’s voice [with epic tone]: “We thought that we already knew the secrets of the Matrix, but the secrets of the real Matrix had not been revealed to us yet… Are you ready to find out the truth? You can always stay with what you know and believe that ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ was where it all ended. Or… if you want to know THE truth, you can see ‘The Matrix Revelations.’ The choice is all yours. Just remember that ‘Revelations’ is the real red pill. The previous red pill was the virtual one. You were still inside the Matrix after that…”


(The screen changes and shows a human woman with a thin machine-like armor, which covers most of her body and her face—so you can’t see who she really is yet. A team of armored soldiers surrounds her and in the center we see a familiar face. It’s Neo [Keanu Reeves], but he looks 20 years older now…)


Woman with Trinity’s voice: “After you see the truth, you will know it forever; but you must pick your truth first. What do you believe? Are Zion and these dark fields of the machines the real world, or are they part of the Matrix too? If you pick the yellow pill, you believe this is the real world and you stay in it, forever. You may return to Zion, as a savior, and forget about us. If you pick the red pill, you believe that this is still the Matrix. Choose wisely, because this decision cannot be restored to a prior state, like a computer, or like the Matrix itself. There is no going back and no way to take a different route after it’s done… Choose your path Neo.”


Older Neo: “My path is still the same as before. It hasn’t changed. I still need to know the truth… all of it.”


Neo picks the red pill again and swallows it with the water that one of the armored soldiers hands him in a small bottle.


Older Neo: “I knew it since I began to see the yellow rivers that resembled the green currents of code from the inner Matrix. I knew that this was a higher layer in the simulation…”


Woman with Trinity’s voice: “It’s time for you to see the real world… Only one person has ever been freed before you…”


(“The Matrix Revelations” falls on screen—the trailer ends…)


Length and divisions for The Matrix Revelations:

9 parts, which are like 9 long chapters pretty much; each one covers various scenes, so every part has some new revelation that will keep viewers, or readers, hooked until the very end of the final part. This is waaay longer than my “Star Wars 8” script and I consider it much better as well, in terms of story, characters, and plot-twists. Sequel-wise, this “Matrix revival” blows the Star Wars revival out of the water. You will see… just after reading part 1, you can already tell that “The Matrix Revelations” is going to be some seriously epic stuff.




LINKS to all the parts and the extras for the story:


^ I will also post many soundtracks that I would use as “character themes” and “scene themes” for this 4th Matrix movie. All the great soundtracks will be posted here, in the Facebook page.


The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix

Long story short, as great as “The Matrix Revelations” was, I realized that I still had enough content at the end to make a 5th and final story for the saga—one that was as good as the 1st Matrix Revelations story but still a true sequel. Then, I decided to conclude my “Matrix works” with the “epic end” that such a series deserved from the start. It was practice for my sci-fi storytelling skills, but what an epic practice it was ^_^

Here, I leave you the links to the teaser trailer for “The End of the Matrix” and the first episode in the story. You can get to the later episodes by following the links at the bottom right, after you finish with episode 1 and the trailer.

REMEMBER THAT YOU NEED TO READ THE MATRIX REVELATIONS 1 FIRST. Check out the link above to read the 1st volume of ‘Revelations.’ This is its sequel:


Episode 1:


The River and the Mountain

(short story #3 / original story #1)


This is an original short story that I thought about in 2014. You won’t find action, science-fiction, or love stories in this one, but this is still quite interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring. It’s also very short, so I won’t include “teaser info”… Read it and you will see what happens ; ) The story is much more interesting than its title:


OVERVIEW FOR “The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf”

(my 1st full-length anime show / 1st ‘book series’)

Genre: Fantasy Action-Adventure


The earth-style ninja Pedro Namikaze chooses to leave his war-thirsty clan to join the clan of The Leaf, without knowing that his choice will change The Leaf, his world, the past, and the future forever… Read the epic story of the hero from The Leaf who was not one of its well-known leaders, known as Hokages, but who was a deep influence and a central character behind the entire saga… Learn about what happened in the past (a great prequel to Naruto) and see what will happen in the future (an awesome sequel, after “Boruto The Movie”)… Find out who is the true villain behind the whole saga (a new character)… Experience an all-new show that extends the Naruto universe on one hand and is a great standalone story on the other. Previous plot holes will be answered; new villains and heroes will be revealed; the other realms (the worlds of the summoned animals) will be visited; and the ancient past of Naruto’s Human Realm will be uncovered in “The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf”…


Length and divisions for The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf:

84 episodes or chapters;

6 arcs with approximately 12 episodes for each of the first five and 24 episodes for the final arc, which is the best one;

2 seasons, one 51 episodes long and the other one 33 episodes long. This is in “show terms.” In “book terms” it has the length of three books (between 1,000 and 2,000 pages).

I started to write this as if it was a book-sequel to the whole Naruto series, and as my very first “practice book.” This is where it all began for me…

I imagined it as a full-length TV anime series, so my chapters are the episodes that I already “saw.”


Naruto fan or not, this is a great fantasy-adventure with plenty of ninjas and action.


LINK to chapter 1 (it continues from there, so you can read the rest too)


Pedro Cristobal’s Version of Star Wars Episode VIII

(short story #1 / movie script #1)

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy + Action-Adventure Drama


Teaser Trailer, or just the opening Star Wars scrolling stuff by itself:


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…





After the destruction of the First Order’s fearsome planetary weapon and the failures at obtaining Luke Skywalker’s location, the supreme leader, Snoke, gathered his armies and ordered an all-out attack against the Resistance’s planet. He brought back Kann, his other dark apprentice, and sent him and Kylo Ren to the war zone. Their intention was destroying the Resistance completely. Their true mission was finding Skywalker’s location, which was in the hands of the Resistance’s leaders.

Bent on finding their former master and destroying the ones that threaten the First Order, Kylo Ren and Darth Kann lead the final attack on the Resistance. In fear of the worst, General Leia sends Finn in advance to Luke’s location, while she prepares herself and others to escape as well. Their defeat seems imminent…

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker had begun to train a young jedi apprentice at the forgotten island where she found him…


“Star Wars Episode VIII: The New Jedis”

LINK to the full movie script’s first draft:


TEASER FOR “Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson”


Narrator with epic voice:


” Before Erwin Smith and Levi Ackerman, we had Alex Emmerson and Jonan Christopher…

They and their heroic companions also made a positive difference for their world…

Their sacrifices, their sense of justice, and their concern for the greater good won’t be forgotten…

Therefore, I shall tell you their stories, so that we can be inspired by them too. We shall remember that Alex and Jonan made a difference before Erwin and Levi could.

These are the untold stories of the previous generation of heroes that came from the towns that were within the three walls.

This is the story of the previous members of the Survey Corps, and the story

of their commander, Alex Emmerson… ”


Episode 1 – Alex Emmerson and Keith Shadis (as kids)

Episode 2 – The Event that Changed Their Lives


Length and divisions for  “Heroes of the Survey Corps”

This is basically a full prelude season for Attack on Titan. I will do it in book form, but I imagined it as a real anime series. It will be 38 episodes long. What happens in each episode would fit in 20 minutes if it was animated. Furthermore, it fits with the whole series and ends right before the beginning of Season 1’s episode 1. It is a true prequel—in the same way that The Matrix Revelations is a true sequel. It even has kid Erwin as one of the secondary characters.


TEASER TRAILER FOR “Jack Sparrow and the Cursed Crown”

(short story #2 / movie script #2)

Genre: Action-Comedy


After meeting an interesting lady at a new town, Captain Jack (Funny) Sparrow ends up causing a big ruckus with other pirates… To escape, he and the lady get into a disguised pirate ship that was about to depart. They had no idea of what would happen next… Captain Julio Reaper’s ambition—the legendary crown of the infamous Pirate King—was going to end up causing Jack several changes of underwear… Will Captain Sparrow save the day?


Divisions for Captain Sparrow’s funny thriller:

6 Acts, as if it was a play, but I imagined it as a movie (I was tired of watching Pirates of the Caribbean films that didn’t make me laugh, when Jack Sparrow is supposed to be a living bag of epic laughs, so I came up with something to make me laugh with this character for real. This action-comedy was the result.)


LINK to Act I of “Jack Sparrow and the Cursed Crown”


And many more awesome stories 😉 !!!


I’m still in my training phase, so my best stories have not been revealed yet, but the potential behind them will become more and more evident with every new chapter that I post, and with every new story that I start…

I will publish my true best (my originals) and share the rest (my fanfiction) with everyone. “The rest” is amazing fanfiction that would work wonderfully to make real shows, great movies, or epic games out of it. So don’t ever think that I will share bad stuff; I am going to share awesome stuff here ; ). There’s plenty more to see—or rather, to read—from me.


Fans of movies, anime, and entertainment that like adventure, action-thrillers, action-dramas, great thought-provoking sci-fi, some fantasy elements, and epicness in general will enjoy what I do here. Cheers to all !!!




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ALL-in-1 Post (Author Pedro Cristobal)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 9B)—The Ending


Part 9: The Real Answer and the Ending (9A + 9B)

Part 9B: The Ending and the Final Revelation (The Ending)


Before we could see what was about to happen with the boy that looked like Neo and Thomas Anderson, the view went back to show us what was happening with those that we knew from before. We had already forgotten about most of them, but just a glimpse at their faces brought back all the memories that we had of them, before they were taken to the Virtual Matrices at Thomas Anderson’s world… Soon, it struck us like it struck them: they were back. All of them returned…

The people from the First Base were unbelievably happy. They could still remember what happened at their base, before “Deus” arrived and they were taken to the fields of the Matrix. They remembered how they had asked Neo to save them, since they all thought that he was a reincarnation of Thomas Anderson, the hero that created The Resistance that fought against the great threat from the start. And, because of the legends and stories that even their own commander had spread, they all believed that Neo would save them. Therefore, their awakening and the confirmation of their salvation brought the greatest happiness that they had felt in their whole lives. You could see how many of them looked at the sky and thanked Neo for saving them, even though they had not seen what happened with him. Only Leida Trinity truly knew what had happened there…

The commander of the First Base was also deeply moved.

Yera Williams [looking at the sky]: “You were right mom, everything you said about him was true. He was truly a hero and a wonderful person. He didn’t give the impression of being that great when I met him, but I could feel that what you told me about Thomas Anderson was true, and, I trusted that he would be able to help us. And now, I see why you talked that way about him… We are all back because of him… Thank you… Thank you so much Neo…”

The view left the people from the First Base and switched to two men and one woman that had opened and left their pods at the same exact time. They were Seraph, Matthew, and Dayana, three of the members from the Trinity Squad.

Apparently, they were located at a different place that was at another field of pods—which were scattered all around their world.

Everyone was wearing white shirts and white underwear. And they came out pretty clean and neat from their pods, which were not dark and full of glue-like liquids, like the ones that the sixth Neo had seen inside “The Virtual Matrix.” The fields of pods at Thomas Anderson’s world looked much more like fields of endless hibernation stations in floating buildings than like fields of dark cocoons.

Most of the floating buildings had landed on the ground, but the pods were still the same and most of them actually protected the dormant humans inside them.

Matthew, Dayana, and Seraph were shocked at first because they suddenly remembered all the details clearly. Their real lives from Thomas Anderson’s world had been left as far and cloudy memories that looked more like dreams than like the real deal. However, when they returned, they realized that it was the other way around: their cloudy memories from before were the real ones and the ones from the times they had spent at Zion were mere virtual memories of a reality that wasn’t true, even if everyone was connected to it and interacting and living in it with everybody else.

At first, their faces looked thunderstruck, as if they had made a great discovery, but soon, their faces began to change, and the change was deep and sad, as is the change of any amnesiac that remembers something terrible about themselves…

Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew looked around themselves and saw the great happiness in the other people that awakened, but they looked and felt different… They looked at each other and we could see that they were feeling regretful about something, after their memories came back to them…

Matthew: “Master Neo… he was right…”

Seraph: “But…”

Dayana [sounding sadder than the other two]: “We didn’t believe him… and we choose to leave him and stay in the lie when he gave us the choice of coming back to this world with him…”

Seraph: “I should have chosen the pill when he offered it to me, but, I don’t know… I… I just couldn’t believe it back then…”

Matthew: “Why couldn’t we believe that he was right about this as well…”

Dayana: “We were still inside the Matrix, but it felt so real…”

Seraph [finally losing the sad mood]: “Matthew, where is Yan? We have to find him!”

Matthew: “You mean Morpheus? He stopped going by the name Yan ever since he met that old guy at Zion that looked a lot like him. I hope we find him soon.”

Dayana [hopeful]: “There’s a lot that we have to find after the wrong choice that we made. If he is still here and well, we need to find master Neo and apologize to him. But, let’s look for Yan first.”

Seraph: “Let’s go. Let’s find both of them, Neo and Yan… I know that they are alive. I can feel it…”

While Seraph, Matthew, and Dayana began to walk away from the pods, together, and determined to find their former master, Neo, and their teammate, Yan Morphen, the view left them and took us to another location with many other pods and people that had awakened…

The other location was at the top floor of one of the many floating buildings.

The view centered on a single pod, which was the one where Yan Morphen was sleeping.

When he woken up and left the pod in his white t-shirt and underwear, he looked as thunderstruck as the others had looked… but… as the memories came back to him, we could tell that his regret was far greater. He, out of all of them, had been the one that always believed the most in Neo, from the start and until the very end. Yet, even he chose to stay behind with the others at the Zion of the Virtual Matrix.

Yan began to grab his own face with his left hand, covering his eyes, while he closed them and pressed them together strongly.

Yan Morphen (the final Morpheus): “What did I do? I, I was so close to choosing the right pill and coming back here with Neo, but I didn’t do it. I left him behind. We all did… after everything he did for us… he trained us… No… he enlightened all of us, and we turned our back on him at the end.”

Yan walked up to the border of the floating building and he finally remembered every single bit of his real past memories, as he saw a place of Thomas Anderson’s world that he had seen before, as a soldier of the Resistance.

Yan Morphen: “I am sorry Neo, but I will make it up to you. If you are here I will find you. You must know how sorry I really feel about my past choice…”

Yan Morphen’s regret was serious. Unlike the others, he almost dropped a tear. However, he began to move instead. He began to find his path to the lower floors of the fallen building. He had to find out what had happened with Neo and the others… He was alone, but he knew that all the others had to be there, in other locations…

Then, the view left Yan Morphen and went to someone that we had not seen in a while…

It was Keifer Gomez and he had awakened at the special lab of pods that was inside a secluded part of Rodner Smith’s city…

Keifer wasted no time. He quickly left his pod and ran to the outside of the city. He could barely believe it, since he had missed most of what happened, but he wasn’t a fool. If the menace of “Deus” and the Matrix had been stopped and everyone was free again, it meant that Neo and the other members of the Trinity Squad had been successful. Somehow, Neo, the Resistance, and his great teammates had found a way to win, despite their near-impossible odds.

Unlike the others, Keifer’s happiness began to increase and increase. He was feeling like most of the people that were freed. He was overjoyed. A big dream of his had come true… Since the day when he lost his wife and his newborn son, all he cared about was stopping the menace that took them and ending the threat of the Matrix. Nothing else mattered to him…

Keifer [while running towards the exit of Rodner Smith’s city and seeing what was going on everywhere]: “That ancient clone of that ancient bastard that started it all! He really did it!! I didn’t believe in him… I never even thought that he could really do it! But, I can feel it now. This must have been his doing! Neo and the others… they figured out a way to win!!! The menace was defeated!!! You guys!! I must find all of you!!! You need to know how happy I am for our victory!!”

Keifer was never seen that happy, but, the best news for him had not happened yet…

Shortly after he left the city and came close to one of the fields of pods that had been scattered on the ground, there was a woman that caught his attention and made him stop cold on his tracks.

She was wearing clothes that were very familiar to him, so she was very easy to notice among the hundreds of people. The woman was wearing the same clothes that his wife was using the day that he last saw her and she was helping a young man to exit his pod, after 26 years of sleeping in the Virtual Matrix. The young man looked a lot like Keifer.

Keifer could barely believe it when he saw it. In his mind, he had already lost them. It had been years since the possibility of seeing them again had left him, even in dreams…

This was something that he wasn’t prepared for.

The woman turned around and stayed still as soon as she saw him.

He overcame his initial shock and ran towards them.

He hugged her and the young man—who was most likely his newborn son from 26 years before. He didn’t know what to say but he hugged them both desperately, as if he was afraid of losing them again.

Keifer Gomez, the toughest looking soldier from the original Trinity Squad, broke into tears and yelled, as he looked at the sky.

Keifer: “Thank you Neo!!! Thank you! Thank you so much!!! I will find a way to repay you for bringing them back!! I’m sorry I didn’t believe it was possible!! I was a fool!! I should have believed in you!!”

The people around them were also moved by what happened, and so were we…

After Keifer’s incredibly moving scene, the view left that location and showed us a couple of soldiers with no remainders of their armors and a boy. The survivors of the Resistance had regained their consciousness and were awakened, but the view was centered on those three in particular.

They were the couple and the young inventor that Neo met at the Main Base. He had promised them that he would do everything he could to get rid of the menace at their world, and he kept his word…

The young Jack and the couple were looking at the sky, overjoyed at the realization of what had happened. The hero that looked like the guy in the statue at the Temple of the Idols had kept his word. He managed to do it.

Jack pulled one of the mini trackers from his pocket and he remembered how he gave one of those to Neo at the beginning. He, like many others, felt the need to thank him.

Jack [looking up at the sky, as if Neo was there]: “Thank you Neo. I knew you were The One.”

With the sight of the happy boy, the view changed locations once more.

Finally, it went back to the boy that looked like Neo and Thomas Anderson…

He was at a different place from everybody else and his location looked like the most dangerous one by far. The pods there were falling down and breaking apart, from the twentieth floor of the building and all the way down to the rocky ground at the bottom. Strangely, the pods were all empty, except for one of them. The boy’s pod was the only one that was occupied. It definitely looked as if it had been moved from somewhere else and placed there…

When he woke up, he quickly noticed that he was in danger—even before he could see any sign of it. He knew that a fall was possible, even before he opened his pod.

And, although he didn’t say it, the way he moved and how careful and strategic he was showed that he could feel the upcoming dangers.

Therefore, he avoided them all.

The boy left the pod and jumped to a safer spot just a couple of seconds before his pod fell down and broke in pieces at the bottom. He slowly made his way down from the twentieth floor of a broken building of pods that was falling apart. Along the way, he didn’t step on places that ended up falling very soon after, and he took a route that was not hammered by other pods that were falling down.

The surprising thing was that he never even looked up to see what to expect. He knew which route was the safer one by instinct. He avoided danger so many times on the way down that it was clear that the boy could feel it, even if he wasn’t seeing it. He had some sort of “sixth sense” of perception and anticipation…

When he reached the ground, safely, he saw a green lizard that was trying to escape as well. Then, all of a sudden, he jumped down, grabbed the lizard with one hand, and threw himself out of there. A second after, the spot where the lizard was standing was totally destroyed by a pod that fell there.

It was unbelievable.

The boy let go of the lizard and the lizard looked back at him for a while, as if it knew that the boy had saved him.

Young boy: “You are welcome. Now you can go your way and I will have to find my way out of this place. Unfortunately, I am not so clear about what route to take next.”

The lizard left and the view showed us that the location was, in fact, surrounded by a huge desert!!

The boy walked to a safe location, far from the pods and close to the beginning of the desert.

He saw that a stranger was approaching him. The stranger was wearing a brown cloak that kept his or her identity hidden.

We couldn’t see who it was until the person talked, a couple of minutes before reaching the final Neo.

Nera Williams [behind the brown hood and the cloak]: “It’s been a long time and I have met all the Neo’s, but… I never met him as a young boy. My dear Thomas, I can’t wait to see what you were like at that age, and I can’t wait to finally finish the grand plan that we put in motion that day… Finally, we are getting to the end.”

The woman behind the cloak smiled as she approached the boy.

The boy, on the other hand, didn’t look like he trusted the individual that was getting closer and closer to him.

The Oracle removed the hood from the cloak and revealed herself.

Nera Williams [looking cheerful]: “Hello there my boy. What is your name?”

Young boy [uneasy]: “My name is Thomas. Thomas Anderson.”

Nera: “Why are you here all alone? Where is your family?”

Thomas: “I… I don’t remember anything.”

Nera: “But you do remember your name, don’t you? That’s a good place to start.”

Thomas: “Who are you and why are you here?”

Nera: “I came to rescue any survivor from this place, but it looks like you are the only one. I am going to take you to the closest town, which is a much safer place than this. Let’s go. Follow me.”

Thomas: “I shouldn’t go with unknown old ladies.”

Nera Williams [smiling]: “Really?? Who told you that?”

Thomas [sounding too wise for a ten-year-old]: “My common sense.”

Nera Williams [still smiling]: “What a smart young boy… well, you can follow me from far away to a shelter with food and people that can help you, or, you can stay here in this empty and dangerous place with no food and with plenty of hazards. Ask your common sense about that one… And look around. You won’t survive here for too long.”

Kid Thomas [quiet]: “…”

The young Thomas looked around and he could see that the place was quite dangerous indeed. He could not stay there.

The old lady didn’t say anything else and she smiled one more time—as if she already knew him from before.

Then, she turned around and began to walk towards another location.

Thomas thought about it, but, he eventually decided that it really was best for him to follow her. And so, he did follow her, as she intended…

When they left that place and began to walk in the desert, the view left them and it went back to Captain Leida Trinity, at the location where the grand clash between Neo, Maxio, and Deus Ex had taken place.

Leida noticed that the blue-eyed girl that had helped to save Neo (when she herself couldn’t) was waking up too. It seemed like the girl was dead before, but apparently, she was still alive.

Leida walked towards the girl and helped her to stand up from the ground.

Leida [worried]: “Are you alright??”

Blue-eyed girl [sounding a little weak]: “I think so…”

Leida: “What you did was very brave. It must have given Neo the strength to save us.”

The blue-eyed girl coughed badly. She clearly wasn’t well, but at least she was alive.

Leida: “What is your name?”

The girl coughed and then she answered.

The Blue-eyed Girl: “My name is Aida. Aida Trinity.”

Suddenly, the look on Captain Leida’s face changed drastically.

She looked at the girl and it was clear that this girl looked a lot like her.

Could it be possible that this little girl was the seventh Trinity?

Indeed, it wasn’t just possible. It made perfect sense.

For any other person, that name wouldn’t have made any difference. But Leida, like Neo, had received the message from Thomas Anderson and the original Aida Trinity, so she knew that there were other Neo’s and other Trinity’s, in addition to herself.

Leida remembered the words of Aida’s hologram and Thomas Anderson’s words. They had warned them about the future: Neo would need Trinity’s help to succeed. However, they never specified if they were talking about Leida or about another Trinity. Leida and Neo simply supposed that the fifth Trinity was the only one available to help him, because the sixth was already dead. No one ever thought that the final Trinity was already in the picture from a very early stage…

Leida felt a grand and deep emotion. She looked around and she could see the happiness in other people that were waking up, but she was looking overwhelmed rather than happy. The answer was too clear for her: if the blue-eyed girl was the next Trinity, then, Thomas Anderson’s plan was still in motion and that could only mean that they were still in the Matrix. Then, humankind had not been saved yet, and Neo’s path to the end of the Matrix wasn’t over… All the people there believed that the Matrix had finally ended, but Leida knew that they were still in it…

Leida was almost about to cry when the girl held her hand tight.

Aida: “Are you ok mam? I feel a little better now, but you don’t seem well.”

Leida [calming down]: “Don’t worry. I’ve had a very long day and too many battles. I need to rest.”

Leida [thoughtful]: “Had you met him before?”

Aida: “Mr. Neo? Yes, we talked at the Plaza of the Idols and he promised that he would bring back my parents and end the menace.”

Leida: “Did you tell him your name?”

Aida: “No, but he didn’t ask.”

Leida stayed quiet.

Aida [referring to Neo]: “He saved us, didn’t he?”

Leida: “Yes. He saved us.”

Aida: “Will we see him again?”

Leida breathed in and out slowly, as she closed and opened her yes; and then, she answered with great certainty.

Leida: “I’m sure that we will see him again… but, he may be different.”

Aida [puzzled]: “How so?”

Leida: “He will be someone else, someone new, yet very similar. He may be young, like you are.”

Aida: “Will the young Neo help us like the old one did?”

Leida Trinity: “Yes… that is what he always does… but first, we will have to find him…”

Aida held Captain Trinity’s hand once again.

Leida [reinvigorated]: “It’s been a long day for me, but, I have finally found my way…

Come with me Aida… We will find him again, together, and we will finish what he started…”

The view showed Captain Leida Trinity and the blue-eyed girl leaving together as the Sun began to set in the horizon…

Then, the view changed and we saw the young Thomas and the Oracle (Nera Williams) arriving at a new camp where many people were building houses. We also got a glimpse of other people that were arriving at the same location from the opposite direction.

They were Leida and Aida Trinity…

The screen split in half, showing the young Trinity in one half and the young Thomas Anderson in the other.

The revelations of the Matrix were not over and the path to its true end had just begun…


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The Matrix Revelations (Part 9B)—The Ending