The Matrix Revelations (Part 7C)

Part 7: Clash of Wills

PART 7C (3rd of the 4 sections for part 7: From Captain Trin’s entrance into the “clash of wills” to the introduction of Copy Trinity.)


Captain Leida Trinity went all out with the Trifalcon’s hidden arsenal. She used the twin machine guns—one held with each hand—to shower Rodner’s troops with a rain of plasma bullets. It was an “all-guns-blazing” mayhem; and she didn’t stop until the whole area seemed clear to save Neo.

A few of the white-caped robots attempted to protect Rodner Smith, but they failed. What saved him was the special weapon that he had with him. The robots couldn’t do much to counter the assault. Even though they had plasma rifles, the plasma bullets from the machine guns were reaching them faster than the time it took them to shot the rifles. The few that managed to shot back didn’t land their shots on the armored attacker either.

Rodner created a yellow wall above himself using the morphed gun. The gun released a yellow stream of codes that added the wall there and made it real. Then, the wall blocked the bullets, but he still feared that the armored Trinity would launch a missile aimed at him. No wall was going to block that. Therefore, he morphed the gun again by pressing a silver-looking button on its side, where it had several buttons of different colors—one for each of the gun’s abilities. Rodner used the weapon’s “silver mode” to create and use the same teleportation portal as before. Once again, he entered it and it made him appear at a different place nearby. Just like before, it looked like he had escaped unharmed thanks to his device. However, the situation was different this time. He evaded harm, but he had no intentions of escaping from there. He was just a quarter of a mile away from Neo, Trin, and Deus Ex. He could still see everything from his new location. And Deus Ex still had something that he had to get at all costs. Leaving wasn’t an option for Rodner Smith anymore… Besides, he knew that it would take much more than a bunch of surprise missiles to stop a being as powerful as Deus Ex.

The clash was far from over, even after all that mayhem…

Trin stopped the machine guns and used the pilot’s screen that was closest to her to send commands to the Trifalcon’s main computer. Then, the ship fired a thin and strong-looking wire from the bottom. It landed fairly close to Neo and attached itself to the ground.

She made signals to Neo to tell him that he had to grab it. As soon as Neo grabbed the wire, they would be able to escape. She didn’t even have to bring him inside. She could just lift the Trifalcon and leave with him on the wire. It was a perfect plan that was about to work flawlessly.

However, Neo seemed to have another priority over escaping right away.

Instead of grabbing the wire and making his escape with Trin, he walked closer to Deus and prepared himself to free him from the yellow-coded sword.

Neo: “You have always been on our side, so now that you are finally free from your prison, I won’t leave you here. You must come with us. You know more about the Matrix than any of us, and you may be the only one that can help us to end it.”

Neo had recovered, so he could use the full power of his green matrix space again. He summoned the green sphere of codes and held the top of the yellow sword while the green stream engulfed it. He was about to pull it out with all his strength when he heard Trinity’s frustrating call.

Trin [in her armor from the open Trifalcon/ surprised and angry]: “Wait a second, why isn’t he grabbing the… What is he doing??… What!!? Are you kidding me!?! He is the reason why we are here! The reason why everything has gone wrong for the Resistance!! Leave him there and grab the wire!! We don’t have time!! Grab the wire now Neo!!!”

Neo heard her, but he didn’t look back and he still felt that saving Deus was crucial, if they wanted to find the secrets of the Matrix, so that they could end it and save Thomas Anderson’s world. He pushed out with great strength, but even then taking out the yellow sword was very difficult. It felt like the green virtual streams were not helping him at all. It looked like Neo could not control and manipulate the yellow-coded sword with his green codes. They didn’t seem to be very effective to destroy and manipulate the streams of the higher-level Matrix. Regardless, he could feel that the sword was coming out slowly, so he didn’t stop pulling it out.

Neo [to Deus/ while fighting to pull out the sword]: “Come on! You must wake up again! You were tougher and more powerful than this when you fought me!! Help me to save you now!”

Trin couldn’t believe it because she still didn’t see Deus as an ally. After all, she had not seen what happened there before. She had been trapped in the Trifalcon for a while, so she missed the whole battle where Deus and Neo joined forces against Deus-Ex-Bern.

Armored Trin [looking at what Neo was doing/ not as loud as before/ Neo didn’t hear her this time]: “Didn’t he have enough with screwing things up in the Matrix at the City of the Machines and bringing their leader here?! Why does he have to help Deus now!? He’s our most lethal enemy!! I should have blasted the bastard if I had the chance! We have to leave him there and escape!”

Trin began to feel the pressure of the situation because some of the white-caped robots started to stand up slowly and the explosions that covered Deus Ex from all sides began to fade away too.

Finally, Neo managed to pull out the yellow sword and he threw it to the side. Then, the yellow-coded sword began to disappear, as the codes faded away. Deus had no signs of being conscious still, but Neo could feel that he was alive. Neo tried to heal Deus’s bad wound using the green virtual codes of his sphere (which were generated by his personal subspace of the Virtual Matrix). Unfortunately, his green codes were not effective to heal that particular wound either. They worked on himself, but they were not working on Deus.

Neo [not losing hope]: “Come on! I know that you can hear me! You must wake up. You can use your yellow streams to heal yourself, just like I did it for me with my own. Only you can do this!!”

Neo also noticed that several white patrols were about to get up again with their plasma rifles. Time was running out, but Deus wasn’t showing any signals of coming back.

On a final desperate attempt, Neo tried to lift him—thinking he would be able to take him to the Trifalcon and escape with him—but he was far heavier than before. Something strange was happening to him. What was happening, however, wasn’t clear nor visible.

When Neo tried to lift Deus, a silver-looking wave began to surround Deus Ex. The wave was incredibly reminiscent of the malignant-looking silver mass that covered Neo when agent Smith tried to possess him—at the end of The Matrix Revolutions—and when the fifth Neo created the glitch on the building, which ended up teleporting the fifth Trinity (the young Captain Trin) and her helicopter to the City of the Machines. That silver mass had also been seen at the very beginning of the sixth Neo’s path of The One, when Morpheus subjected him to a test that made that same silver mass-like thing spread throughout his body.

This time, the one producing the malevolent-looking silver stream was Deus Ex. It covered the giant face, the hundreds of giant spikes on its back, and the special sentinels that floated around him. It also engulfed and erased all the explosions and all the damage that Captain Trin’s missiles caused on him.

Trin was looking at the outcome in horror when an unexpected yellow beam came from inside the silver cover and went through the Trifalcon’s front deck like a bullet.

The beam didn’t reach Trin—who was at the central deck, where the machine guns were—but the Trifalcon’s main computers were destroyed in an instant and, as a result, she lost complete control of the entire ship. The Trifalcon began to accelerate in the opposite direction from Neo and Deus Ex. Trin couldn’t do anything to stop it and it ended up crashing on the top of a floating building, about half-a-mile from there.

Even with the armor on, Trin was heavily shaken by the new crash, but this time, she wasn’t trapped. It was visible to us how she began to stand up with her yellow-shouldered armor.

Then, she saw it.

Halfway through her slow stand-up motion, she saw that Deus Ex was preparing a massive yellow beam, while he looked in her direction. The thing had large traces of yellow Matrix-coded streams surrounding it, while the previous smaller beams only had minor traces of codes, which were barely noticeable. This was the most powerful energy beam that Deus Ex had created so far, and he was aiming it straight at the Trifalcon. The inevitable outcome was too clear to Trin: after the beam was fired there would be nothing left; the entire spot where it landed would be erased from the Earth. Annihilation at that spot was inevitable, unless…

She didn’t think twice. She stood up in a massive hurry—even though she was still somewhat dizzy from the crash—and she walked as fast as she could, until she left the Trifalcon. Then, she ran towards the edge of the building, which was just meters away, and she jumped out without any hesitation. Just seconds after she began to fall down in her armor, Deus Ex fired the beam and both the Trifalcon and the top of the building were completely destroyed with a massive explosion that even reached the other closest buildings. It was a devastating attack that turning the area around the building into a lethal war zone—due to all the huge pieces of debris and all the pods that began to fall down right after the explosion.

Captain Trin began to use the armor’s booster engines to halt her free fall before reaching the ground, but she waited a little longer than she had to in order to escape the explosion, so her fall was still pretty rough. However, the armor saved her from any injuries.

As soon as she could, she stood up on the ground and began to run away from the debris apocalypse—big metals, rocks, and even broken pods from the building were falling down all over the place. She did not stop running and didn’t look back, until human curiosity inevitably struck her…

When she finally looked back and up to see how bad it really was, a metallic rock hit her extremely hard on her facial armor. She lost her balance and was thrown several meters forward by the rock. We could see how her vision went from fully aware to badly disoriented in the flash of a second. It was practically a miracle that she wasn’t knocked out instantly by the violent hit. However, not everything was right. Desperately, she began to try to open the module of the armor that covered her face. It wasn’t moving, so she had to press various emergency buttons on the back of the armored head gear to trigger an emergency release for the front piece. And once the armor piece that covered her face was shot out, it was revealed that she had blood all over her forehead. Even with the armor on, the metallic rock was like a direct hit because it bent the facial armor slightly and the armor itself was what cut her.

Almost trembling, she began to reach for the small first aid kit that was stored in the back of the left leg in her armor. She was going to deal with her wound right there, even with the whole place falling down in her vicinity. She pulled out the same white pistol-like medical device that Dayana had used to heal Keifer’s big wound quickly, when they had to escape from the white-caped humanoid robots, after the sixth Neo’s rescue from the City of the Machines. It would not work as effectively as real stitches in a real surgery, but it was good enough to remove the handicap that such a wound would represent.

Furthermore, the facial plate of her armor was gone (she couldn’t put it back on after this), so now she was more vulnerable. If another one of those rocks hit her face again, she obviously wasn’t going to live to tell the story.

However, she was still there. She had survived Deus Ex’s major attack against all odds…

Deus Ex saw from the distance how his beam broke the Trifalcon in a million pieces and brought a living inferno to the area surrounding the building where it landed.

After the malignant-looking silver stream finished covering him everywhere, he was fully healed and back to normal, as if Trin’s rain of missiles had never fallen on him.

Deus Ex [sounding certain]: “Unlike The One, she is just a human soldier with no true power over the Matrix. This will take care of her.”

Meanwhile, many of Rodner Smith’s humanoid soldiers were back on their feet and pointing their plasma rifles at Neo and the fallen Deus.

Neo used his green sphere to protect himself and Deus, who was laying on the ground, right behind him. Then, the robots began to fire at them.

The plasma blasts became balls of sand that fell straight to the ground, when they came in contact with Neo’s matrix. Neo did the same thing that Deus did during the attack at the first base. Just like the shots of the Resistance’s soldiers did back then, the plasma blasts of the white-caped patrols were reduced to something negligible by the contact with the codes that changed them.

With the rogue attacker out of the way, Deus Ex turned his sight towards Neo. It surprised him to see that Neo was standing again, even though the other Deus had fallen permanently. That was when Deus Ex decided to do something very different to put an end to The One. And he decided to do it before capturing Rodner Smith.

Deus Ex closed his eyes and many streams of yellow codes began to focus around him. Then, he opened his eyes and simultaneously released a yellow shockwave, which carried all those yellow codes as well. The wave wasn’t destructive at all, but it reached every single humanoid robot in the vicinity; and, without a shadow of a doubt, it changed them.

The yellow codes took over the humanoid patrols in the area and they all lowered their weapons and stayed standing still. Even the ones that were attacking Neo stopped their attacks completely. It looked like Deus Ex’s codes had put them all under his control.

Deus Ex [to the humanoid army]: “Bring me Rodner Smith. Shoot him if you have to, but, do not kill him. I need him alive. His knowledge is valuable for me.”

Right after Deus Ex said that, two patrols that were not at Neo and Deus Ex’s location noticed a man that was hiding nearby and they recognized him as Rodner Smith.

The two robots moved—following their new orders.

One of them shot a plasma blast that almost hit Rodner Smith in the legs.

Rodner reacted by jumping out and running away, while pushing the blue button on his morph gun. However, the two robots followed him and they fired more plasma shots aimed at his legs.

Rodner Smith [infuriated]: “Why are you shooting at me, you metal idiots!? I am your general and your boss! I made you!! You wouldn’t even be walking if it wasn’t for me!!”

Then, he stopped running and charged what looked like half of a blue sphere, using his special gun. It seemed to be a shield at first, but it was more than that. The next time that one of the robots sent a plasma shot his way, the blue shield absorbed it completely and sent it back at the robot, almost right away. The counter-blast destroyed the robot, and in no time, the same thing happened to the other white-caped patrol. As soon as Rodner caught one of his shots, it was sent back at him.

There were no more robots close to Rodner Smith, but now he knew that his patrols had a new owner. They weren’t on his side any longer… Rodner Smith looked a little worried, but he was still very determined to accomplish what he wanted. Completing the end of his initial plan for the enhanced deus—Deus Ex—wasn’t going to get any easier. However, the completion of that plan was all that mattered to him at that point.

He knew he had to get to Deus Ex’s location as soon as possible. Otherwise, a larger number of patrols could cause him problems, even with the special weapon he had. Unfortunately, the robots started to spread everywhere—looking for him—so his path to Deus Ex was partially blocked…

Meanwhile, Deus Ex had turned around and moved—through the air—until he was levitating in front of Neo.

From above, he began to release a series of yellow streams that formed a large rectangular-looking shape above his silver face. Soon, the streams began to resemble a huge screen and the events from the forgotten past began to reveal themselves there.

Neo was ready to fight against Deus Ex alone, even if he had been no match for Deus Ex before. However, that wasn’t what Deus Ex wanted. On the contrary, Deus Ex was about to unveil a pot of revelations from the previous version of the Yellow Matrix, before he revealed what he was about to do with Neo. The missing piece of the fifth Trinity’s past and the path of the previous chosen were about to be revealed…

Deus Ex [to Neo]: “When you went back to the City of the Machines, you wanted to know what happened to the previous Neo. I told you that I had no choice but to kill him. However, that wasn’t the truth. I will show you the real answer now. Watch closely, as you see the past of The One, way before you came into the picture.”

Neo was skeptic about Deus Ex’s true intentions, but, he still saw the images that began to appear in the large yellow screen that Deus Ex created.

The images of the fifth Neo’s memories began at the moment when he and the fifth Trinity were about to rescue Captain Xenno—Frank Xenno’s brother, the fifth Trinity’s father, and the captain from Zion that rescued and trained the fifth Neo.

Then, our vision of the events was centered on Deus Ex’s screen of the past and we began to see what happened to the previous Neo, and all the events that he went through…

At first, it seemed like the only different variable in the system was the fact that Captain Xenno was “the Morpheus” of the fifth Neo, but eventually, it was clear that the path of the previous chosen had been very different…

The younger Trinity Leida Xenno [Captain Trin’s original name] and the fifth Neo succeeded at rescuing Captain Xenno from agent Smith, just like the sixth Neo and Trinity did with Morpheus. However, when the time to save Trinity from the helicopter’s crash arrived, the fifth Neo failed at saving her directly—which was something that the sixth Neo could do. Instead, he triggered the creation of an oval-shaped “warp glitch” on the surface of the opposite building. His desire to save Trinity caused an unexpected and unscripted change in the codes of the Matrix, which affected the area where she and the helicopter were about to crash. The fifth Neo managed to “hack” an event that seemed inevitable in the Matrix: Trinity’s death. If the helicopter crashed against the building and exploded, the fifth Trinity would have died, but, thanks to the glitch that Neo triggered, she was teleported to the higher layer of the Matrix instead. Ultimately, her helicopter ended up crashing at the City of the Machines and she survived, but Deus Ex took her as hostage to figure out how that unknown “teleportation glitch” happened. The god of the machines was surprised when he finally found out that he wasn’t the only entity that was capable of “hacking” the Matrix…

The oval area where the fifth Neo’s warp glitch occurred also appeared in the same event for the next Neo; but the sixth Neo managed to save Trinity without the Matrix, so the “warp glitch event” was never completed in his scenario.

In addition, something about the completed warp glitch was very reminiscent of other sights… It had the same exact color and look as the solid silver stream that Deus Ex used to heal himself completely (after Captain Trin sent the battalion of missiles at him). It also looked like the fluid mass that the rogue agent Smith used against the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”—which actually meant that agent Smith had gained that glitch-producing power as well, after he came in contact with the sixth Neo’s anomaly, at the end of “The Matrix.” It seemed like the silver streams were linked to unexpected reactions, changes, or glitches that were not accounted for in the Matrix’s codes…

After Leida Trinity’s teleportation through the silver stream, the whole world fell down for the fifth Neo and for the remaining members of their crew at the ship. Even though he had succeeded tremendously—he saved her—he still believed that she had been lost forever instead. Her original body also disappeared from the ship, leaving the crew members there perplexed. No one understood what was really going on: her position at the next layer of the Matrix changed due to Neo’s glitch and she was replaced in the Yellow Matrix with her virtual copy from the Green Matrix—which happened to be piloting the helicopter that was about to crash.

At that moment, a swarm of octopus sentinels also began to attack Captain Xenno’s ship, where Neo and him were still connected to the Green Layer of the Virtual Matrix. This time, the crew didn’t have “a Cypher” with them, but the fifth Neo’s situation was just as difficult if not worse than what it would be for the sixth Neo. He managed to help disconnect Captain Xenno after running away from Smith and other agents, but Frank Xenno’s brother was shot twice before his disconnection was completed.

In the inner Virtual Matrix, Neo had to face Smith, exactly as before. And in the Yellow Matrix, Captain Xenno was in critical condition after being disconnected, Trinity was gone, and the remaining crew members were facing certain death at the hands of the sentinels that were attacking their ship. Ultimately, Neo’s anomaly revealed itself, just as before, and during their last moments, Captain Xenno and the other remaining crew member saved him. Xenno unplugged him from the inner Matrix before taking his last breath and the other crew member released their ship’s plasma shockwave, before the sentinels reached Neo.

After that, Neo woke up feeling very different and his apparent failure was pushed on him even further… Everyone at the ship was dead and Trinity’s dead body wasn’t even in the ship. Somehow, he had survived, even though agent Smith killed him in the Matrix. Clearly, there was something special about him, even if he didn’t think that he was “The One.” Furthermore, it was obvious that there were secrets about the Matrix that he and the others didn’t know…

The fifth Neo was alive and aware of the fact that everyone was dead. However, he wasn’t feeling well at all. When he tried to stand up from the Matrix-connection station he fell down to the floor and stayed there. He survived the fierce battle with agent Smith, but its consequences weren’t gone yet. Luckily for him, another ship with three soldiers from Zion arrived at his location. They rescued him and went back to Zion in haste, in order to save his life. They planned to go back right away to recover the other bodies and Captain Xenno’s ship…

Meanwhile, a ship from the Resistance was teleported to the Yellow Matrix and it appeared right in front of the ship where Neo’s crew had perished. Captain Frank Xenno (from Thomas Anderson’s world) and his elite squad—the Xenno Squad—left their ship and entered Neo’s ship. The younger Frank expected to find and save his long-lost brother. Finally, he had traced down his brother’s exact location in the Matrix and he was ready to take him out of there once and for all. However, what Frank and his men found was the fact that his brother and the whole crew had been killed by sentinels. It was a bitter moment. Frank’s golden chance was gone and he would never see his brother again, but, he found two pictures in the ship that changed everything for him. His brother had a daughter named Trinity that was not in the ship—meaning she could be alive—and the picture that had their entire crew had someone else that he recognized and that was not there either: Thomas Anderson, the man that started the Resistance. This meant that Thomas’s plan—a big secret of utmost importance that only General Nera Williams, his direct supervisor, knew all the details about—was still in motion, and Neo—the one that was supposed to be Thomas Anderson’s clone—was alive somewhere.

Frank and the Xenno Squad went back, knowing that their next mission was very likely to be a rescue for the other Thomas Anderson. However, Frank Xenno had a second personal mission of his own: he failed at saving his brother, but he wasn’t going to let his niece have a similar fate. He promised himself that he was going to save her instead…

Captain Xenno and the others were teleported back to their world and disconnected from the pods that took them to the Yellow Matrix. Then, another ship with officials from Zion arrived and they retrieved the crew’s dead bodies…

The fifth Neo recovered very fast and his newly-gained drive changed Zion’s fate…

He started a movement that saved more people from the Virtual Matrix in six months than the number of people that all the captains and all the ships from Zion had saved in dozens of years. He was at the head of the movement because he could do things at the Virtual Matrix that no one else could do (he was just like the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded”).

Ultimately, the rescue mission’s grand failure and the belief that Trinity and the others died for him was what pushed the fifth Neo to break the boundaries that all the previous iterations of The One had not been able to surpass…

Eventually, Zion’s officials found out about the new threat of the machines. They figured out that the sentinels from the City of the Machines were moving towards Zion by making giant underground tunnels. They were ready to launch a massive and lethal invasion on the last human city. From the number of sentinels detected, it was clear that Zion would be totally destroyed and none of its habitants were going to make it. However, Zion’s top officials chose to believe otherwise. They chose to believe that if they prepared all their forces with everything they had, then, they could win and defeat the endless swarms of sentinels.

The fifth Neo—who was now known as “Captain Neo” by many—was the only one among the captains that opposed their decision of fighting the machines without looking for any other solutions. He proposed that there was another way to save Zion and he could find it, not in their world, but in the world of the Matrix. He planned to pay another visit to The Oracle because he was certain that she would know a way, even if no one else did.

Unfortunately, the Zion of the fifth Neo was different from the one that the next Neo knew. There was no sight of Morpheus and both Trinity and Xenno had been erased from the picture. Furthermore, the man that was both the President of Zion’s Council and the General in Chief of Zion’s army was an older man that looked exactly like Commander Lock. And needless to say, General Lock was against Neo’s vision of what was best for everyone—just like the next Lock that opposed Morpheus’s ideals.

Neo asked for a ship and some crew members for a chance to save Zion using “the other alternative,” which involved going back to the Matrix to see the Oracle again. Unlike before with Xenno’s original crew, Neo now was confident in his abilities and he believed that he truly could save everyone. However, General Lock denied his proposal and ordered his incarceration instead. He knew how Neo was thinking and he decided that Neo’s false hope wasn’t going to save them, just like it had not saved the former Captain Xenno and his crew. Therefore, the Council wasn’t going to waste a single ship on it. Despite some opposition from Neo’s new followers, the decisions of the Council were followed to the letter and Neo was put in jail.

There was only one among the Councilors of Zion that strongly opposed what General Lock did, but he had no choice other than to keep it to himself. The young man had just been named Councilor and was the youngest member of that elite group by far. He was Councilor Hamann. However, he looked much younger than the old Hamann that talked to the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded,” and that chose to believe in him during “The Matrix Revolutions.”

Councilor Hamann truly believed that Neo was their only chance if the invasion was as large as they had predicted. Zion’s military force simply wasn’t powerful enough to win, but Neo had done the impossible in the Matrix before, and Hamann knew that “the impossible” was exactly what they needed to save Zion. Only a miracle was going to defeat the endless swarms of sentinels that were coming their way. The Matrix and Neo seemed like their only choice, or the only chance they had for a true miracle…

Four days later, two soldiers that had their faces covered came to Neo’s cell and asked the two guards there to open the cell to give the prisoner a message from General Lock himself. When the guards opened the cell the two soldiers sprayed something on their faces and both guards fell to the floor—as if they had been put to sleep by the strongest anesthesia ever.

Unknown Male soldier [whispering]: “Stay calm Neo, we are going to take you out of here and you will take another trip to the Matrix to see your Oracle.”

Unknown Female soldier [whispering]: “Please put on these clothes and put this mask on your face. We’ll leave this place as fast as possible. Hurry Neo.”

They sounded like they could be trusted, so Neo followed their plan and they left the prison with Neo dressed and looking as a different prisoner, with his face covered.

They went through security because they had a “prisoner retrieval” order from one of the Councilors of last name “Hamann” and another signed order from one of Zion’s chancellors—the retired councilors that worked as respected advisors for the current Council. They continued walking nonstop until they reached and entered a ship.

Inside the ship, other crew members were waiting for them.

When Neo removed his mask, he recognized them as people that had followed him before, during his many trips to save “prisoners from the Matrix.” However, he had not figured out who the other two soldiers were yet, because they still had their faces covered, and he didn’t know who was the elder chancellor that also chose to help him.

The female soldier took the seat of the main pilot and turned on the ship to leave. Apparently, they had all the permissions to leave through one of the alternate paths from one of Zion’s side gates, instead of leaving through the main large gates.

Then, the male soldier finally removed his assault-ready mask and Neo understood half of what had happened as soon as he saw him.

Councilor Hamann: “If there is something that we can do to save Zion, we will do it. It’s good to have you back Neo.”

Neo [thankful but a little skeptical]: “Councilor Hamann? Why are you doing this? You put yourself in danger just to get me out of there.”

Young Hamann: “Isn’t that what you do every day when you save people from the Matrix? I’m prepared to do it too if that is what it takes to save everyone at Zion. And I believe that you can help us do that. I trust actions more than words and your actions have proven that you are The One, even if the Council doesn’t want to believe it. I’m sure that your alternate path will help us more than General Lock’s plan, which will get us all killed. And please, don’t call me Councilor anymore, chances are that I definitely won’t be one after this is over. My name is Jonathan Hamann.”

Jonathan extended his hand to Neo as a sign of friendship.

Neo: “Thank you Jonathan. We have no time to lose then. As soon as we leave Zion, my connection to the Matrix can start.”

Neo walked to the front of the ship and saw that they were about to exit Zion’s protective walls.

Neo [to the female soldier that was the pilot]: “Thank you for freeing me. I will let you and your crew run the operation from here. You can keep all your weapons. I won’t need one. All I need is a connection with the Matrix.”

Then, the pilot removed her assault-mask as well.

She was one of the female captains from Zion and Jonathan Hamann’s wife and friend.

Captain Alissa Hamann: “Do not worry, we trust you. You have proven yourself more than enough in the last six months. No one has ever saved more people than you. No one has given Zion more hope than you. And no one has shown us so many times that miracles are real and that we can make them happen ourselves. We won’t condemn you because of your one and only failure with your original crew. We will support you and take you to this Oracle of yours if necessary. The rest is in your hands Neo. Help us to save Zion.”

Neo [determined]: “I will.”

Other soldiers and General Lock himself found out what happened, but by that time it was too late to stop them and their ship. They had left Zion’s boundary already and sending other ships after them was going to contradict Lock’s orders of keeping all ships, all weapons, and all soldiers in Zion. Therefore, they couldn’t do anything to stop them. However, they quickly figured out who was the chancellor that signed the second order for them because they also escaped in the ship that was that chancellor’s personal property. Therefore, the general paid him a visit.

The old man was looking through an open window when General Lock and various soldiers arrived at his house.

He was Chancellor Yan Morphen, the oldest of the retired councilors. The 80-year-old man looked like Yan Morphen and Morpheus, but he was much older.

General Lock [with antagonistic behavior]: “Old Yan, a man of respect and values, a man that has devoted his life to Zion. And now this… I knew you really liked the new captain that has dedicated himself to saving people from the Matrix and I know that you believed all his rubbish, but I never thought that you would go this far. Now, you must know that you are going to spend the last years of your life in a cell. Tell me, what made this worth it? Why did you give your signature and your ship to that young idiot that I should have never appointed as councilor? Why did you do it!!?? Answer me!!!”

The old man turned around and left his window, while the soldiers came to handcuff him.

He looked straight at General Lock’s eyes when he answered.

Old Yan Morphen: “Because I would never deny Zion another chance at survival, just because you don’t like the man that can provide it. That is not how true leaders act. Neo and Jonathan would make a better general and a better president for our Council than you. That is why I did it.”

Lock felt the burn of the truth in him, but there was no point in doing anything against an old man.

General Lock [to the soldiers]: “Take him away now.”

Then, the general looked out, from the same window where Chancellor Morphen was seen at first.

General Lock [vengeful]: “Jonathan and Alissa Hamann… if the machines don’t get you, I definitely will. You better not come back to Zion. If you do, you will be ruined. I will make sure about it…”

Without a doubt, Zion looked more hostile and less friendly under Lock’s government and military… There were familiar faces and people that chose to believe in Neo again, but the Zion of this iteration of the Yellow Layer of the Matrix was definitely a darker one, because of its different ruler…

After seeing what happened to the “old Morpheus” of this different Zion, we saw how the fifth Neo was connected to the Matrix, while Alissa piloted the ship. The other crew members wanted to take the trip to the Matrix with him, but Neo decided that he had to go alone.

The fifth Neo focused and he located the Oracle in the Matrix. Then, he went flying straight to the park that was seen in “The Matrix Reloaded.”

There, The Oracle (Neera Williams) was already waiting for him, sitting at a bench.

She looked just like the last version of the Oracle that the sixth Neo had seen; and it didn’t seem like the fifth Neo noticed any difference in her. Did her physical interface depend on the situation? Did it depend on when Neo went to see her? No one knew…

Neo walked up to her, but he didn’t sit down at her side.

Neo [somewhat worried]: “Something terrible is about to happen to Zion. I need your help again.”

The Oracle [sounding carefree]: “Old news. Zion is about to be destroyed by the machines, isn’t it? And, you are here because you want to save it, but you don’t know how, is that right?”

Neo: “How do you know all of this? You were waiting for me here too. Do you know what is going to happen?”

The Oracle: “I wouldn’t be an oracle if I didn’t know what can happen, would I? I knew that this could happen, so now that I see you here, it must be because it did happen, after all.”

Neo: “Then, you must know how to stop it. Please tell me how to save Zion from this invasion. How can I do it for sure?”

The Oracle: “This is not so simple Neo. I can tell you a way that could work, but, whether it works or not will depend on you. My words are not what will save anyone. Only other people’s actions can, and that is, if they play out as I thought they would. I, on my own, have no power to change a man’s destiny, or a city’s destiny, or even the world’s destiny. Only The One can do that. That is what he is here for.”

Neo: “I feel ready now. Unlike before, I can feel the Matrix and I believe that I can save everyone this time. I know I am The One. Please, tell what has to be done, or what must happen, just like you told me that last time. Even if I failed, what you told me turned out to be the truth.”

The Oracle: “You mean when it all went wrong?”

Neo [somewhat uncomfortable]: “Yes.”

The Oracle: “Well… the chances of success are even lower now than that last time. How are you so sure that you will succeed?”

Neo: “I can feel it. I am much closer to the Matrix this time. I can feel it and control it. Please, just tell me what I need to do to save Zion.”

The Oracle: “Well… you sure seem optimistic. Perhaps, you have a chance, so, I will tell you what you can do. There is only one way for you to save Zion now. And that is to open the door that leads to the source of the Matrix and to enter it. Inside you will find a way to save Zion and everyone. However, only the Keymaker has the key that can open the right door to the source, which is at a heavily guarded building that has many doors. And the Keymaker is being held prisoner by the Merovingian, an extremely dangerous man that is also a special program that transcends the Matrix, like I do. Taking the Keymaker from him won’t be easy. And that would be the easy part. Next, you would have to go to the right building, break in, find the right door, and enter it with the key from the Keymaker. And you will have a limited amount of time to do that because of how the buildings security system works. It will disappear with all the doors in less than twenty minutes after an intruder is detected. Finally, after going through the right door, the chance to save Zion will be there, but even that chance might require an extra effort and it is not guaranteed. Do you really think that you can do all of that alone Neo?”

Neo [sounding confident]: “I will do it. Just help me. That’s all I need. Tell me where to find the Merovingian, the Keymaker, and the building with the door to the source.”

The Oracle seemed surprised at first. Then, she looked glad, and she smiled. She chose to help him and she did something that had not been seen from her before. She created two small spheres of codes, one green-coded sphere on her left hand and one white-coded sphere on her right hand. The white sphere was strikingly similar to the one that the sixth Neo had seen before—the one that gave him the pen with the map to find Thomas Anderson’s hologram at the destroyed city.

She grabbed Neo’s hands with her hands and the coded spheres entered Neo’s hands and disappeared from our sight.

Instantly, Neo’s facial expression showed that he now knew where to go to find the Merovingian, the Keymaker, and the special building, where the door to the source of the Yellow Matrix was waiting for him. This was the effect that the small green-coded sphere had in him. However, the small white sphere turned into a small pen that was left on his hand.

Neo [surprised]: “I didn’t know that you could do this.”

Oracle: “Changing my looks and telling the future are not the only things that I can do Neo. Now, if you wish to save Zion, you only have a limited amount of time left, so you should go.”

Neo: “Wait, I still don’t know what this pen is for.”

Oracle: “The pen shall serve its purpose at the right time. For now, all you need to know is that you must keep it in your pocket and you must not lose it, no matter what. If things go wrong, it will help you.”

Neo [looking truly thankful]: “Thank you for your help. I knew I could with you.”

Neo left flying and Nera Williams looked up at the sky with the same look of hope she had before in the film—when we saw her talking with the older sixth Neo for the last time. To her, it really seemed like this Neo could do it. After all, she knew that the fifth iteration was the first one that truly had any chance to succeed. It was possible, even if he wasn’t the seventh Neo—the last possible iteration of The One—who had the best chances of completing Thomas Anderson’s plan…

The fifth Neo was incredible. He showed an impressive control, or mastery, over the Virtual Matrix with what he did. He didn’t have Seraph, Trinity, or Morpheus with him. He didn’t have anyone with him. He was alone, and still, he managed to break into the Merovingian’s manor and to save the Keymaker, despite all the armed ninja monks guarding the place.

In this version of the innermost Matrix, the Keymaker turned out to be a young Japanese boy, instead of an old man—which was the case in the system’s next iteration.

The Merovingian and Persephone were also there, but in this iteration of the Yellow Matrix, they looked older. Regardless, the older Persephone still found the younger Neo sexy as hell. At a point during his escape with the young Keymaker, she blocked his path with doors that he couldn’t open and he had to accept her request again because time was ticking away to reach the right door to the source… It seemed like certain things weren’t going to change in the Matrix, even if Trinity wasn’t there with him… Persephone’s request was a passionate kiss, once again.

Keymaker boy [clueless]: “Why is she asking you for that Mr. Neo? Shouldn’t she ask for something else?”

Neo [to kid]: “Don’t worry. You will understand when you are older. Now, we must get out of here as soon as possible, so I will give her what she wants.”

The older Persephone opened the special doors only after she got what she wanted, which took more than one try, just like it would take in the next iteration.

The fifth Neo flew to the special building carrying the young Keymaker and he got the special key from the boy. However, they were ambushed by agents and the young Keymaker was shot. After escaping from the agents, Neo used the key and opened the correct door. Then, he entered it and he met the virtual architect—just like the sixth Neo would in the next iteration of the Green Matrix.

The white-bearded man had a very similar talk with the fifth Neo and the fifth Neo also asked similar questions, but there were some major differences.

The older Neo noticed that there was just one door available for the previous Neo because Trinity wasn’t in the picture this time. Also, the virtual architect lied to the fifth Neo. He never said that in that iteration both layers of the Virtual Matrix would be reloaded: the green inner layer and the higher yellow layer. He made the fifth Neo believe that going through the new door would reset the invasion of the machines and send both the machines and the Green Matrix backwards, but not Zion. He also told Neo that he would go back to Zion after going through the door and everything would be alright. Moreover, Zion would be saved.

Neo couldn’t help but feel that he wasn’t supposed to trust the architect, but, what other choice did he have to save Zion? The four previous Neo’s had done the same, and it truly felt that he had to follow the same route. It didn’t seem like there was any other available route to save Zion…

Meanwhile, Jonathan Hamann, Captain Alissa, and their crew had landed their ship at a safe-looking place at the Dead Zone, between Zion’s grounds and the City of the Machines.

Two of their crew members had been monitoring Neo from the start and they had seen promising things. First of all, their readings for “The Oracle” were strange and interesting. The codes were not that of a person or a program. She was a different entity—like a hybrid of a program, a person, and a humanoid robot. She was a complex one indeed.

Neo also showed signs of being more than just a person connected to the Matrix. He had some minor characteristics of a hybrid entity, but the navigators didn’t pay too much attention to that.

Unfortunately, they lost all contact with Neo as soon as he entered the source through the special door; and when that happened, a fierce group of sentinels arrived and began to attack their ship with the intention of entering it as soon as possible. This was totally unexpected for the crew because sentinels had not been spotted at the Dead Zone for many years—since the “grand war” between human cities and sentinels happened there.

Jonathan and the others grabbed their plasma rifles—which didn’t look as advanced or powerful as the ones in Thomas Anderson’s world—and they tried to keep the sentinels out of the ship. However, they had lost contact with Neo and they knew that they couldn’t hold off the sentinels forever. It was a difficult situation, but they chose to protect Neo at all costs and to believe in him. After all, his readings in the Matrix had proven that he was really on his way to saving everyone with his alternate route. They had no reason to believe that anything had failed.

After Neo went through the only available door to save Zion, he appeared at the bottom of the special building, many floors underground, and everything was full of green codes and streams everywhere. It looked as if he was inside the true source of the green layer of the Virtual Matrix.

Something seemed wrong though. He was standing on top of a floor of codes and he was still there. He had not been teleported to Zion as the architect promised him.

The Virtual Architect’s voice [without a single bit of remorse in his voice]: “I’m sorry Neo, but I had to lie to you to keep the Matrix running smoothly. The entire system will be reloaded very soon, just like it did with your predecessors. This means that all of Zion will be destroyed for it to be reborn again and all the other human entities, including yourself, will be deleted and recreated for the new version of the Matrix.

You are quite special though, so, to ensure that you won’t be able to escape the reloading process, the door you entered took you to the bottom of this very deep building. Where you are standing right now, an atomic bomb unlike any other in human history is about to explode. Meanwhile, your friends from Zion will be killed by the sentinels, just like your initial crew was. In the incredibly rare case where you manage to escape the bomb, the sentinels from the higher layer of the Matrix will finish you off anyways. The reality is that Zion can’t be saved and neither can you. You two must be sacrificed once again for the system to remain stable. That is how the Matrix works.”

The fifth Neo was shocked, but he didn’t waste any time. He began flying upwards as fast as he could to escape. Then, the nuclear reaction began and the bomb’s massive explosion began to spread out, taking everything in its path. At the same time, the sentinels broke into the ship where Neo was connected to the green layer of the Matrix from a connection station. The crew held them back with their plasma weapons, but soon they began to fall one by one. The metallic sentinels were too strong for them.

Neo made it to the surface and he continued flying up. He could see the truth about the Green Layer of the Virtual Matrix as it was about to be erased and reloaded: there were streams of green codes everywhere, in the people, in the objects, in the buildings, in the animals, and even in the sky itself. However, no one could see them. He was the only human entity that was aware of it. Meanwhile, the explosion began to get closer and closer to him. It was clear that he wasn’t fast enough to escape it for much longer…

In the ship, the sentinels killed most of the crew, including the ones that were ready to turn on the ship’s hyper-plasma wave to take them all out in one shot. There was no hope to stop the attack of the sentinels anymore. Regardless, Jonathan and Alissa stood by each side of Neo’s station and protected him putting their own lives on the line. Soon, it became clear that the true goal of the sentinels was killing Neo, since their focus at all times was reaching him. That was all they cared about.

In the green layer of the Matrix, Neo began to remember how Captain Xenno rescued him and trained him, how the captain and his daughter Trinity died in the failed mission (the fifth Neo didn’t know that Trin was alive), and how he had helped to save more people than anyone else from the Matrix. He remembered what Jonathan Hamann and the others were willing to do for him, as the radius of the bomb’s blast began to get closer and closer to him.

It was then that he began to trigger the same glitch that happened before. A silver portal began to form a couple of miles away from him and it started to grow.

Neo intended to go straight through it, just like Trinity and the helicopter did before, but it wasn’t clear if he was going to make it in time before the blast reached him.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Alissa were pushed out of the way by the sentinels and one of the sentinels jumped on top of Neo’s station. A lethal-looking drill-like weapon began to come out from one of its tentacles and the sentinel aimed it at Neo’s head.

Alissa killed the sentinel before it could use the weapon on Neo, but one of the other sentinels shot a laser at her that went straight through her chest. She fell down and stopped moving completely. She died almost right away.

Jonathan Hamann let go of a wild scream.

Jonathan: “Nooo!!!”

Then, he grabbed Alissa’s plasma rifle and ran towards Neo’s station.

He began to shot all the sentinels around the place and managed to hold them back for a few more seconds… until one of them aimed and shot the same laser at him.

Jonathan Hamann fell down, just like Captain Alissa Hamman before him.

Then, the sentinels grouped themselves around Neo and one of them jumped on the station again and revealed the same drill-like weapon.

In the innermost layer of the Matrix, Neo was about to reach the silver oval that represented the new glitch he triggered. And he could already feel the burning on his feet as the expanding atomic mayhem was catching up to him. When he was very close, the sentinel raised the drill-weapon aiming it at his head. Then, a plasma shot blasted the sentinel’s arm away.

There was one last survivor in the ship that the sentinels had missed altogether.

Unknown crew member: “For Zion!!!”

The man was quickly subdued, but that last resistance against the attack of the sentinels made all the difference.

When the same sentinel that got its arm blown off raised another tentacle with a new drill to finish the job and rushed it against Neo’s head, the inexplicable happened… Neo became a stream of white codes on the station and he disappeared from there completely. The sentinel’s weapon went through the white codes and hit the station’s surface. It never reached Neo.

That happened at the same moment when Neo entered the silver portal, which was then destroyed by the explosion that had just caught up to him.

Jonathan Hamann saw what happened with Neo in the station before dying.

Jonathan [last words]: “We made it. We protected him until the end. I’m glad…”

He died knowing that Zion and everyone could be saved.

The group of sentinels left the ship looking somewhat puzzled.

Everyone in the ship was dead…

The fifth Neo appeared at the Dead Zone, in the Yellow Layer of the Virtual Matrix (Zion’s world). He had reached such speed that he kept flying forward with the momentum.

Then, he stopped moving and he looked around. He noticed that something very similar was taking place at Zion’s world. There was no bomb, but the whole place had streams of yellow codes floating everywhere. He had never felt it or seen it before, but now, the truth was too clear to him: Zion and the other places in its world were still part of the Matrix. However, Zion’s Matrix was different… it and its yellow codes felt more important than the green ones.

That was when Neo saw how a gigantic yellow screen of codes was approaching his location. It was covering everything from the surface to the sky and it didn’t seem to have an end: it was going all the way to the horizons on the left and right too. Despite its incredible size it was moving forward with great speed and it was changing everything in its path. Somehow, the yellow wall of codes was working as a reloading agent for everything at the yellow layer of the Virtual Matrix (the Yellow Virtual Matrix).

Neo felt concerned when it approached him, but after it moved past him, he was still there unharmed, and everything else went back to the way it used to be years ago—the last time that the whole virtual system was reloaded. Apparently, Neo wasn’t even supposed to be there, so the system wasn’t even prepared to detect his presence. The Virtual Matrix had no instructions to deal with such an anomaly. Therefore, the process ignored him altogether. From the system’s perspective, the fifth Neo wasn’t even there. The system believed that he had been taken and deleted with the rest of the innermost layer.

Ultimately, everything was deleted and reborn in a new version, except for Neo, the anomaly… The sixth Neo was born in the City of the Machines without the previous deletion of the fifth Neo. The virtual system thought that the previous Neo had been deleted, but in reality, the glitch had saved him and one of the few flaws in the Matrix had been exploited…

When the fifth Neo saw what was happening, he realized that the yellow wall of codes was headed for Zion. Then, he tried to get to Zion first in order to warn the people there. And when he arrived, he saw that Zion was in the middle of a war with the army of sentinels and most of Zion had been destroyed already. He had arrived too late!

The fifth Neo felt desperate. Then, the wall passed through Zion and he saw how the entire city was taken back to what it once was. It was clear that it had changed though. The people were not exactly the same as the ones he knew. Furthermore, it was obvious that the reloading process was not a solution to the problem. The same thing was going to happen again eventually. It was an endless loop where Zion’s end by total destruction was the same thing as its beginning, but, true justice was never obtained, and no one was aware of what was happening for real—except some “special entities” like the Oracle, the virtual architect, and Deus Ex (and now Neo as well).

The fifth Neo landed outside of Zion, at a place where no one could see him, and he almost fell down to the floor. He sat down, and then, he laid down. He was the only one among “the common people” that was aware of the truth about the Green Matrix and the Yellow Matrix.

Neo [tired/concerned]: “What am I going to do now? My natural connection with the Matrix is not strong enough to change this process, but, there must be something I can do. I have to find a way out, a way to change this spiral of doom. I need a way to stop the curse of the Matrix.”

He closed his eyes. It seemed like there was no answer…

Then, his hand touched one of the pockets on his black vest and he felt that there was something there. He reached for it and it turned out to be the pen that the Oracle gave him. He remembered that she told him that it would help him.

Neo opened the pen and pressed a button on it. Immediately, it displayed a map that had one white dot and one green dot. Soon, he noticed that he was the green dot, but what or who the white dot was wasn’t known to him.

The sixth Neo was perplexed when he saw that moment, on the screen of the past that Deus Ex was showing him. He already knew what that pen was for and he also knew who the fifth Neo was about to meet…

The white dot was located outside of a forgotten ship at the Dead Zone, where the fifth Neo landed at first, after the glitch that teleported him.

The fifth Neo went flying towards the right location. Unlike before, he could now fly in the yellow layer as well. Perhaps, it was because he was transferred from the green layer to the yellow one (by the glitch) as if he had never been disconnected, so he kept all his abilities intact in the higher layer. That was why he began to see the Yellow Matrix as what it really was: another layer in the Matrix. His eyes were not blind to the truth anymore…

Neo used the pen at the right location and it sent a signal that went underground.

Then, the same driller robot that had shown the holograms to Neo and Trin appeared and a very similar chain of events took place there, at the Dead Zone. Soon, the fifth Neo met the older-looking Thomas Anderson in hologram form. Thomas asked the same questions, but when he figured out that this was the fifth Neo and he had made it this far without Trinity, the rest of the conversation changed to fit the scenario that really happened.

Aida Trinity’s hologram never appeared in their conversation—surely, because Trinity wasn’t there.

Thomas Anderson explained to the fifth Neo that his plan was the only way to save everyone from the Matrix and to end it as well, but he couldn’t reveal all the details about the plan to him. Nonetheless, if it was going to succeed, he needed the fifth Neo to do several things for him.

The robot printed a picture of the younger Trinity, a picture of Morpheus (looking a lot like Yan Morphen), and a picture of a map from the City of the Machines with one location marked on it.

Thomas Anderson [hologram]: “In order to raise the chances of success for the plan that can end the Matrix and save everyone, there are several things that I need you to do for me Neo. I need you to free and train the man that is a hostage of the Matrix’s innermost layer at this location [he pointed at the location on the map]. You will find him at a pod there, hostage to the Matrix’s innermost system at the City of the Machines. Free him. Then, call him Morpheus and show him how to free others from the Matrix. Train him, just like you were trained by one of the many people that will help Neo’s different iterations. However, don’t tell him the truth about this layer of the Virtual Matrix. That would alter the plan and raise our chances for failure. He has to believe that this yellow world is the real world. After that, you must leave him the mission of rescuing others from the Matrix, including this lady here in this picture. He must train her and name her Trinity. He must save the next Neo as well. He will look exactly like you look now when the best time to free him arrives. This will be essential to increase the possible success rate for the sixth Neo.

In addition, I want you to give something to the sixth Neo, without freeing him from the Matrix. His time hasn’t arrived yet, but he will need this. Morpheus, the man that you will save, is the one that will free him from the Matrix.

I will give you something that will help you to carry out all these tasks for our plan. You can consider it an upgrade in the Matrix.”

The fifth Neo received the same transfer of white-looking codes that the sixth Neo obtained from Thomas and Aida, giving him the ability to create the green sphere as well.

The robot also gave him a small white-looking data sphere and updated the pen’s map to display a new white dot on the map.

Thomas Anderson explained that the new dot was the sixth Neo’s pod in the field of the Matrix at the City of the Machines. He had to insert the white data sphere in the left hand of the sixth Neo, using his newly-gained power over the Matrix. After that, he would have to destroy the pen that the Oracle gave him, and he would need to restore a ship from the Dead Zone and use it to save Morpheus.

Neo received “the upgrade” from Thomas Anderson’s robot and he prepared himself to contribute to the plan that would be able to accomplish what he couldn’t do on his own before.

Thomas Anderson: “Never forget that even though we will prepare the path for the next iteration of The One, which has more chances of success, you could be the one that ends the Matrix and saves everyone. It could be you instead of him, there is no law to determine which Neo can make it, so always believe in yourself. Regardless of the probabilities at hand, if there is some chance of success, then it can be you. You can be the one that will end the Matrix and save us all.

Good luck to you, Neo.”

The hologram left and the robot self-destructed itself in the sky, just like the other robot did when the talk with Thomas and Aida ended.

The fifth Neo did everything as Thomas Anderson wanted: he merged the next white data sphere with the left hand of a boy that looked like him. He used his personal green matrix subspace to accomplish it without breaking the boy’s pod. He felt a grand desire to free the boy, but he didn’t because of what Thomas Anderson said. Next, he freed Morpheus and took him to the Dead Zone, where he also restored a ship back to working capacity. He trained Morpheus and did everything as expected, but Thomas Anderson never told him anything about what to do afterwards, so he chose his own path…

Before leaving Morpheus and the few others they saved to their fate, the fifth Neo returned to the innermost Matrix alone, through a connection with a station from their ship.

He went back to the Oracle, knowing full-well that she always knew more than what she admitted. This time she was found at her house, rather than at the park.

Neo [a little pushy]: “I am ready to end the Matrix now. I met Thomas Anderson and prepared the path for the next Neo. I can control the Matrix better than ever before. I know that Zion is also part of the Matrix. And I know that you have the answers to what needs to be done. You know the truth, just like Thomas Anderson. You led me to him with the pen. You knew what was going to happen and that was why you gave it to me. I am ready now. I am The One and I know that I can end it and save us all. Tell me what needs to be done to save Zion from the Matrix and to save everyone. Tell me how to end the Matrix.”

The Oracle: “You are becoming overconfident, aren’t you? Be careful; be very careful with that Neo. Overconfidence can lead anyone to their doom, especially here in the Matrix.”

Nera Williams grabbed a spoon from her table and showed it to Neo.

Oracle: “I know that you think you are ready, but I feel that you are missing the point. You believe you are ready because you feel much more powerful now, but power is not what will save us from the Matrix. Under the right circumstances, something as simple and weak as this spoon could become the greatest power, if you can see the Matrix with the right mindset. Power can come from the most unexpected of places when the time is right. However, the right circumstances are not the ones we have now and your power alone may not be enough. If I tell you now, I fear that you will die Neo.”

The Oracle looked sad when she finished talking, but nothing was going to drown the fifth Neo’s drive. He was certain that the time to end it had arrived.

Neo: “Allow me to make the final decision myself, instead of trying to guide my path and the paths of the previous Neo’s, as you have always done. They all failed, but I feel different. I know that I can make it happen.”

She looked unsure, but at the end, she chose to believe in him. After all, he was the first one that made it pass the virtual architect’s traps. He did “the impossible” using the Matrix. Before him, all the others had failed to escape the virtual reloading procedure. He was one step ahead of the rest.

The Oracle: “There is one way, but I am not sure of how successful or reliable it can be, and its odds are strongly against us. The innermost Matrix can be destroyed and all the people of Zion can be saved at once if you destroy the central processing unit that keeps this Matrix functioning at the City of the Machines. That would wake up everyone at the dark fields. The sentinels should also fall if the entity that controls them is destroyed. That won’t free Zion completely, but it will guarantee that it will never be destroyed again by the machines because there won’t be more machines. The reloading process that can be started from the innermost layer would also be wiped out because there won’t be an inner Matrix anymore. Zion would still be in the Matrix and other means will be needed to free it completely, but with the inner Matrix gone, a very long peace would be achieved, even if the Matrix itself is not gone.

There is another way to end the entire Matrix and save everyone, but even I don’t know what it is. Neo is the one because he is the entity that has the highest potential to figure it out and to make it happen on his own. I don’t know if even Thomas Anderson himself knew the Matrix’s deepest secrets, but I trust that he did; and that was why he could set up the entire plan that created you, me, and many others with one central purpose: saving everyone from the Matrix.”

Neo [thankful tone of voice]: “Thank you, Oracle… Why don’t you tell me your real name?”

Oracle: “It is Nera Williams. It was about time one of you asked that. Being called Oracle all the time makes me feel older than I am.”

Neo [confident]: “Thank you Nera. I will go to the City of the Machines to put an end to this layer of the Matrix. Escape from here if you can. Good bye.”

After Neo left, the Oracle looked somewhat worried—as someone who had just made a bad choice and was uncertain about its possible outcomes.

Nera [not very optimistic]: “Good bye Neo. I hope that you can make it, even though Thomas and Aida showed us that the chances of your fifth iteration were in the 1% range.”

The fifth Neo went to the Central Zone of the City of the Machines. It was the place at the center of the dark city where the leader of the machines and the central unit that controlled the Green Virtual Layer of the Matrix were more likely to be found. And indeed, that was the case…

Various battalions of sentinels tried to intercept and stop the fifth Neo when he was detected at the Central Zone, but he used the green shockwave generated by his green sphere and the sentinels fell down like flies.

The fifth Neo stood up at the top of the same building where the sixth Neo met Deus Ex for the first time (in a scene from the end of “The Matrix Revolutions”).

Then, Deus Ex showed up, just like he did with the sixth Neo.

(This, however, was the very first time that Deus Ex had met Neo.)

Deus Ex [angry / with strong cyber-like voice]: “What do you seek!? Who do you think you are to break into my city!!? What do you want!!?”

Fifth Neo: “I want justice. I seek a world where the people from Zion won’t be forced to relive the same events over and over again, a world where we won’t be slaves of the Matrix sustained by the machines. I want to end the Matrix to bring us justice; and the only way to do that is destroying the central processing unit that controls the Matrix. I won’t leave until it is done.”

Deus Ex: “Foolish human. Do you really believe that you can do that on your own? There is no central processing unit to control the Green Virtual Matrix. I am the one that handles it and sustains it. I control it, just like I control all the sentinels at the City of the Machines. The only reason why I haven’t taken over Zion already is that humans don’t have the answers that I need. You lack the means to break free from the real Matrix, which is not the virtual one that we harvest here.”

Fifth Neo: “Even if Zion is part of a larger Matrix, the virtual system that creates an inner Matrix here must end. Even if we are still slaves of the larger Matrix, we won’t be slaves of the one here if it is destroyed for good, along with this dark city that protects it. Zion won’t be destroyed again if this innermost Matrix is gone.”

Deus Ex: “Do you even understand what you are going against?! There is nothing but death for you here. I, Deus Ex, can’t be defeated by anyone within the Matrix. I can control it.”

Neo began to show his green sphere of codes. And Deus Ex looked surprised for a couple of seconds.

Deus Ex: “You… you must be the one that can create glitches in the Matrix… Good. I shall have your power soon; and that will change everything. Perhaps, just you alone will be my key to exit this Matrix.”

The group of strange sentinels that were always hovering or moving around Deus Ex’s head—like a living crown—began to change. The same silver-looking mass that appeared in the glitches began to come from their bodies, and soon, they looked more like floating silver beings than like sentinels. Their shapes were not definite though, and their faces were blank. However, sword-like weapons began to come from their hands, so they were getting ready for a battle.

Deus Ex: “What is your name, human anomaly?”

Neo: “I am Neo.”

Deus Ex: “Then, let’s wait no longer, Neo. If you win, the Green Virtual Matrix will be destroyed, and you may even put an end to the City of the Machines, but if you lose, I will take your power from you, as well as all your memories and experiences from the Matrix. I am the central processing unit that you seek.”

The strange silver sentinels made a perfect circle around Deus Ex’s face and prepared their sword-like weapons. Deus Ex also began to create his yellow sphere.

Neo knew that Deus Ex was more powerful than him, but he still believed in his ability to end the curse of the Matrix.

Neo created two rapid-fire weapons within his green sphere and fired them against his foes.

The yellow sphere blocked everything without suffering any breaches and the silver sentinels moved just like the agents could, so they ended up dodging all the bullets in the air.

Then, Deus Ex remained in the same place and all the silver sentinels—which were around fourteen—rushed against Neo. The battle quickly became a close-range struggle against the silver sentinels, which clearly, were more dangerous than all the other sentinels that we had seen before.

Meanwhile, Deus Ex focused on Neo and began to fire yellow beams aimed at him, but Neo managed to dodge them while fighting against the sentinels.

Neo didn’t make mistakes and looked even better than the sixth Neo during the battle, but even at that level, one of the silver sentinels managed to land a cut on one of his arms and the sentinel obtained a small sample from his blood.

At that moment, the battle stopped momentarily because the silver sentinels retreated.

The one that got the sample of Neo’s blood sent a signal to all the others and they gathered together. Then, all of them began to shape-shift, just like before, and they began to take a clear and well-defined form. They all took the physical form of the fifth Neo, after using the minimal amount of DNA that one of them obtained from his blood.

Deus Ex: “I’m afraid that if you haven’t won by now, it is already too late, Neo. My doppelgangers are at their best when they copy their foe’s form. You should give up and cooperate with me. If you give me your ability to teleport from one Matrix to another, I will let you preserve your life.”

Neo noticed what was happening. The doppelganger sentinels had not taken a definite shape before because they didn’t have any sample DNA to copy from, but now they had his.

Before they could attack him—now looking like perfect silver copies of himself—Neo rushed against Deus Ex at an incredible speed. He hoped that he would break the yellow sphere and go through Deus Ex’s floating head. However, he clashed very hard against the sphere and it didn’t break. Apparently, the yellow-coded sphere was more powerful than the green one he had.

Neo didn’t waste time. He knew he needed to find another way fast, so, to gain time, he flew away from them and towards another area of taller buildings at the City of the Machines. The Neo-like silver sentinels rushed after him and Deus Ex followed, looking certain of his victory already. He knew that Neo could not break his defenses with the level of control he had over the Yellow Matrix—and control over the lower-level Green Matrix wasn’t going to be enough to beat him.

While Neo was flying very fast in-between the humongous buildings, rain began to fall at the City of the Machines. The scene reminded the sixth Neo about what happened with Smith in “The Matrix Revolutions,” but the problem for the fifth Neo wasn’t agent Smith. It looked even worse…

On his path to gain time, the fifth Neo suddenly passed by a very tall building that looked different and he saw someone there that made him stop on his tracks: it was Trinity. She was chained to a chair on one of the high floors of the building. And there was no mistake about it: it was her.

The fifth Neo destroyed the see-through glass using his green codes.

Neo: “Trinity!!”

The fifth Trinity opened her eyes. She seemed weak, but she could see that it was Neo.

Young Trin [showing a combination of happiness and fear]: “Neo?? Neo!! You must leave this place now!! Don’t stay here!! Leave now!!!”

At that moment, the “Neo doppelgangers” caught up to him and their battle continued.

The shape-shifting sentinels seemed even more difficult to fight against after they obtained Neo’s form. They had no green spheres, but they were moving and fighting just like him.

Deus Ex looked at the battle from above and took his time to ensure that he would finally land one of his beams on Neo. Somehow, he seemed to be controlling the actions of the doppelgangers. It seemed like they were more than just “bodyguards.” The doppelganger sentinels were parts of the Deus Ex entity, which was more than just the big and sinister silver head with all the spikes…

Trinity saw the being that had used her in experiments during the last two months—hoping to find out how to do the teleportation glitch that took her there—and she feared, not for herself, but for Neo. She knew that Neo was the one that could do it, so he was the one that Deus Ex needed. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do to help Neo.

Neo’s concentration was shaken a little bit after he saw that Trinity was alive. At first, winning against Deus Ex and the doppelgangers was his only objective, but now, saving Trinity was also in his mind, and she was out of his sight.

At one point, Neo succeeded at destroying two of the silver doppelgangers, but he left himself completely open to attacks, and three of the others grabbed him quickly. Deus Ex saw his opportunity and shot a beam aimed at Neo.

The beam destroyed the green sphere and the doppelgangers that were holding Neo. It also made them all crash with the ground. The remaining doppelgangers stood around the fallen Neo on the ground and held hands. They began to merge forming a single silver doppelganger only.

Main doppelganger [with same voice as Deus Ex]: “It’s over Neo. I won the battle. I am Deus Ex’s original form, that is why I and the larger body are always together. Now, I will take your ability to teleport any entity from one layer of the Matrix to another, without the need for any direct connections. It’s something I haven’t been able to do and something that I have struggled to find for a long time. It is exactly what I need.”

Deus Ex’s alternate form took Neo to Deus Ex’s main body and divided itself into different parts, which began to float around Deus Ex’s head once again. The parts also began to take the shape of sentinels like before.

Deus Ex held the fifth Neo in place with his yellow codes and he began to make some sort of “transfer of data” between the two of them. He began to read and see all of the fifth Neo’s memories, just like he did with the yellow data sphere that he used with the sixth Neo.

The rain began to get even worse than before, making it all look like a very dark scene.

Trin also caught a glimpse of what was happening, because Deus Ex was holding Neo high above the ground and directly in front of the floor where she was a hostage.

Trinity: “Neo, you must escape!! Don’t let him have it!!”

Deus Ex: “It’s time to see how you actually do it. Soon, I will use it myself. I will free myself from this Matrix and leave all of you here. I won’t have any use for you after I leave this place.”

Neo heard Trinity and he looked at Deus Ex. He didn’t talk, but he was about to do something.

Suddenly, Deus Ex began to feel that the transfer of codes between him and Neo was changing. Neo was sending him something else that was interfering with his motion and with the whole data transfer process.

Then, the same silver mass from the glitches—which had also shaped the doppelgangers—began to come from Neo himself, mixed with streams of green codes. It started to cover Deus Ex at a fast pace. Deus Ex showed some fear for the first time. He could feel that his deletion was indeed possible, if it was part of a glitch that he could not control or change.

For a moment, it felt like the fifth Neo was going to succeed at erasing Deus Ex’s entity.

However, Deus Ex managed to turn around one of the hundreds of spikes that were coming from the back of his head and he impaled the fifth Neo with it.

That was the dark scene from Captain Trin’s previous flashbacks, where she saw what happened to the fifth Neo and felt the desperation.

Younger Trin: “Neo!! Nooooooo!!!”

Deus Ex tried to continue the transmission to get data that could show him how to make those special glitches that Neo could do. However, even with the spike in him, Neo didn’t stop the silver stream. Deus Ex was still in danger of deletion and he could feel it.

However, he still felt hesitant when it came to killing Neo because he could very well be his one and only chance to escape from the Matrix, so, he couldn’t destroy Neo’s entity completely.

Deus Ex let go of his yellow sphere with a very powerful outward force that felt more like a blast of energy than a shockwave. Trinity lost consciousness when the wave went through her and the fifth Neo’s final attempt to destroy Deus Ex was also halted, not just because of the wave, but because he was also dying, due to the spike.

Deus Ex couldn’t get what he wanted because the fifth Neo began to lose consciousness.

Against his own will, Deus Ex had no choice other than saving the fifth Neo’s life, in order to get what he wanted. He placed Neo side-by-side with Trinity and healed him. He also chained him with wires that would prevent his use of the Matrix.

Deus Ex began to prepare everything to ensure that he would use the fifth Neo as soon as the next day. Then, he and his sentinels left Neo and Trinity, and that was the moment when the Xenno Squad was teleported there. Their mission was rescuing Neo and taking him out of the Matrix.

The elite soldiers had a direct clash with Deus Ex.

Meanwhile, their leader, Captain Frank Xenno, had enough time to infiltrate the building where both Trinity and Neo were hostages. He was the soldier that used the dark blue armor with the yellow lines on its shoulders and a red line at the center of the facial piece of the armor.

He faced the most difficult decision of his life during that mission. What mattered the most to him was put to the test there…

When he saw them both, he had to choose one because he couldn’t save both of them.

Frank Xenno [looking at the fifth Neo and Trinity]: “Thomas Anderson or my niece? I… I failed my brother already, I could have saved him if I had been faster, but I didn’t make it. I can’t fail him again. But if I don’t rescue Thomas Anderson, I will be a failure for General Williams and the Resistance. I will have failed the most important mission that they ever gave me.”

He took out the only two pictures he had with him: one had his brother’s daughter only and the other had his brother and his brother’s entire crew, which included Trinity and Thomas Anderson (the fifth Neo). Frank had mixed emotions, but he was an elite soldier and he made his final decision, even if it could cost him everything else.

Frank Xenno saved the fifth Trinity and left Neo behind.

Not long after that, he had to escape with Trinity from Deus Ex and he succeeded, proving that he really was one of the top soldiers at the Resistance. Unfortunately, he lost one arm, his entire squad was wiped out, and the main mission was a grand failure, just like the time when the fifth Neo and Trinity went back to the Matrix to save his brother…

Deus Ex was afraid of losing his only chance, after he saw that Trinity was rescued. Therefore, he took the fifth Neo and decided to turn him into a cyber entity of the Green Virtual Matrix that he would be able to merge with himself right away. He believed that he would also gain Neo’s abilities right after the merge.

Deus Ex surrounded the fifth Neo with many streams of yellow codes and the solid silver mass that produced the glitches began to expand itself from Deus Ex, towards the yellow streams, and then towards Neo. After the silver stream reached him, Neo saw how his body began to turn into streams of green codes slowly—without losing his human shape, his look was just changing from human to a bunch of green codes that had the same physical form as Neo.

When most of Neo was turned into a cyber-looking green-coded form of himself, the streams began to pull him towards Deus Ex, and he was not capable of escaping.

The Fifth Neo / Cyber Neo [having difficulty breathing]: “This is not the end… The next Neo will be the one that will delete you and your Matrix. He will free everyone and both you and your Matrix will be deleted for good…”

Deus Ex: “Keep on thinking that. It will ease your pain as your human form passes away and your cyber form becomes a part of me. I saw your memories, so I already know about your other iterations. They can’t defeat me either. I am a prisoner of the Matrix, like all of you are, but I can control it better than any other entity, including The One. I will become the absolute master of the Matrix after I manage to break away from it. If I can’t figure out how to free myself using you, then, I will use the next Neo. He will be the one that will free me from here if you can’t. Your next iteration should be capable of producing greater glitches than you. If you don’t work for my purpose, he surely will. I will ensure that he makes it out of the virtual fields where my robots harvest virtual human entities to sustain our existence. We won’t block Morpheus when he comes to save him. However, I don’t think that I will need him. I feel that you will be enough for my purpose.

My name is Deus Ex. Don’t forget it, because there is a possibility that you will see me again.

Good bye Neo…”

The silver stream covered the fifth Neo’s cyber form and merged it with Deus Ex.

However, things didn’t work out as expected.

Deus Ex could never create the teleportation glitches that the fifth Neo could do. Apparently, only “The One” could create that type of glitch in the Matrix…

The yellow codes on the sky began to fade away and the screen of the past began to disappear as well. Now, the sixth Neo knew the truth about his predecessor and about the other Trinity as well. He knew what happened with everyone. He also knew that Nera Williams—the Oracle—always knew much more than what she was willing to say. Deus Ex also knew a lot more than expected about all of them. He probably didn’t try to use the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Revolutions” because he was facing a grand threat that could delete even him: the rogue virus who’s consciousness was agent Smith’s entity…

Deus Ex looked at the sixth Neo. Obviously, he was planning something if he decided to show him all of that…

Deus Ex: “As you can see, the previous Neo was a far greater hero than you. He had no Trinity, no Morpheus, yet, he still managed to do everything you did and much more, all on his own and with his own power. He was a brave one indeed. He even came close to deleting me. He could have ended the Matrix and saved everyone if I had not been in his path.”

Neo [puzzled]: “Why?? Why did you show me all of this now?”

Deus Ex: “I lied to you before. I told you that I had no choice but to kill him, but the truth is that the fifth Neo is still alive. I never killed him. I saved his entity and modified it. However, I have no further use for The One or any of his iterations. It’s too bad that Thomas Anderson didn’t prepare any of you to deal with my presence.”

Then, Deus Ex began to form the same stream of green codes that he was about to use before—seconds before Rodner Smith and the robots joined the fray. The streams of green codes separated themselves from Deus Ex and began to form their own shape. Before long, Cyber Neo—the cyber form of the fifth Neo—began to reveal itself. He looked exactly as the younger sixth Neo did, but his whole body was a bunch of green Matrix-like codes. Also, there was a very visible and small yellow sphere of codes at the center of his chest.

Deus Ex: “Now you will face the previous Neo. Because of my modifications, he will think that you are me, so he will fight you with everything he has. The last event that he remembers is what I showed you right now.

You may be a superior iteration of The One, but you are much older now. He is still as young and as powerful as he was, twenty-one years ago. He was the greater savior between you two. Unlike you, he almost saved Zion all by himself. He was a true hero that didn’t need Trinity’s help either. Unfortunately for him, I was in the way, and now he will delete the one that he was meant to pave the way for. I don’t have any need for either one of you any longer.

You completed your purpose of freeing me. Now, it’s time for both of you to be deleted from my system. I will let you figure out what will be the outcome of The One minus The One.”

Deus Ex protected himself with the yellow sphere. He turned around and began to leave.

Neo flew upwards and delivered a strong punch to Deus Ex’s sphere with the help of his own, but nothing happened. The green sphere of codes wasn’t powerful enough to break through the yellow one.

From above, Neo looked down and saw how Cyber Neo—the fifth Neo—stood up from the ground and grabbed something from a pocket.

It was the same pair of glasses that the younger sixth Neo used before, but now they looked green, like the rest of Cyber Neo.

Neo [looking at Cyber Neo]: “What the heck was I thinking back then when I had to have those glasses on all the time? Hopefully, he will be open to talking with me. He should be able to realize that I look just like him, just a bit older. If not, let’s hope those glasses will block his vision a little.”

When Cyber Neo came to his senses he looked around and he saw that he was still at the City of the Machines. He was seeing the white-caped robots as sentinels, the floating buildings as the same ones that were present at the location where he fought Deus Ex, and everything else just as before. Obviously, something was making him see the wrong reality.

Then, he looked up, and instead of seeing the older Neo, he saw the last doppelganger sentinel that helped to defeat him—the one that revealed himself as an alternate form of Deus Ex. The silver sentinel still looked just like him, in silver color.

Cyber Neo began to create his green sphere and he also started to go up, until he was at the same height of Neo, in the air.

Cyber Neo [to Neo]: “This time I won’t lose to you Deus Ex. I will finish what I started. I will end your reign over the City of the Machines and free everyone.”

Neo: “What?! You need to take your glasses off, I am not Deus Ex! He is using you against me! I am the Neo that came after you!!”

Cyber Neo: “You are his doppelganger and you won’t fool me. I know that you know everything there is to know about me. Make no mistake, after I’m done with you, I will finish him too, and I will save Trinity as well. I won’t fail this time.”

Neo raised his green sphere, just like Cyber Neo. Things were not looking good at all…

Meanwhile, Deus Ex was on his way to see Rodner Smith. He was planning to do with Rodner what he did with the fifth Neo because he knew that in Rodner’s memories he would find new secrets about the Matrix. After all, Rodner had been part of his creation and part of the creation of the Matrix, so he obviously knew details that even The One and his helpers had no idea about. And Thomas Anderson wasn’t around to find out, so the only one that could deliver more answers was the original human architect of the Yellow Matrix, Rodner Smith.

However, on his way to Smith, something disturbed him greatly. Deus Ex sensed that the fifth Trinity was still alive.

He looked back at the destruction that he caused, not too far from there. The mayhem at that location had calmed down and it was easier to see it now.

Deus Ex made a stream of yellow codes appear in front of his eyes and his vision was magnified several times.

Then, he saw her. Captain Trin was standing up, not far from the place where the great beam landed. She had lost the facial plate of her armor and seemed to have an injury, but she had survived the whole thing.

Deus Ex deviated his route and went to her location instead…

When Trin looked up, the sky was already more clear and the god of the machines was looking down at her. She quickly grabbed two plasma guns that were attached to the back of her armor—she didn’t have her plasma rifle, she had lost it during the escape from the beam’s blast. She knew that her weapons were not going to do much against him, but she still held them really hard, as if they were enough to save her.

Deus Ex [looking at Trinity]: “You had quite the nerve to lead an assault into my city, after being one of my past test subjects. You also attacked me here with everything you had, knowing full well that you are nothing compared to a deus. There is nothing that you and Neo can do to stop me now, but, after seeing what you two have been capable of, I have decided to give you an end that is worthy of you, Captain Trinity.”

Deus Ex began to create another stream of green codes that began to concentrate on the ground, forming a sphere that began to gain a more definite shape—just like the one that brought back Cyber Neo.

Deus Ex: “The previous Neo, or your Neo, will finish the sixth Neo and I will use the sixth Trinity, his Trinity, to finish you.

She died, right before he helped me to end the revolution of my Yellow Matrix. After that, I picked up both of them as my test subjects. She was dead, but I was able to extract her DNA in time to make a perfect cyber copy of her. I didn’t get much from her though. Just like you, she wasn’t The One. She was just another helper in Thomas Anderson’s plan. Nonetheless, I developed and kept an enhanced version of her, in case I had to use her at some point. I knew that her emotional connection with the sixth Neo was very strong, so, I could use her as a weapon against him, if he ever turned against me and revealed abilities that could even challenge mine.

However, that didn’t happen; so now I have no good use for her, except this.”

Deus Ex’s silver face smiled for the first time, showing that he did have some human component in him.

Deus Ex: “Indeed, this is the best use she could have.

As the iteration of Aida Trinity that came before her, you don’t stand a chance against her. My enhanced copy of the sixth Trinity will erase you with ease, while your Neo and her Neo delete each other.

In the meantime, I have more important matters to take care of with Rodner Smith.”

Copy Trinity looked exactly like the younger Trinity. She even had the same assault jacket and the same pair of guns that Trinity used in “The Matrix.” However, she was also made of green Matrix-like codes, like Cyber Neo. She also had her glasses on. Moreover, the same small yellow sphere of codes was also present in the center of her chest.

When she stood up and looked forward, she also saw that she was still at the City of the Machines. And the armored Trin looked like agent Smith to her.

Copy Trinity: “Smith?! Is he still alive? I must stop him here. Neo can’t fight him without his vision.”

Immediately, Copy Trinity lifted her guns and fired several rounds at Trin.

Trin turned around and all the bullets landed on her armor. They did nothing to her. However, her face was unprotected, so the bullets could still be deadly, even if they were not plasma shots—which could damage armors too.

Then, Trin turned around and she fired several shots at Copy Trinity with her plasma guns.

What happened next was a real problem.

Copy Trinity dodged all the plasma shots in the same way as the agents from the Green Virtual Matrix dodged bullets. The “enhancement” that Deus Ex talked about was pretty obvious after that. Now the cyber version of the sixth Trinity had some of Neo’s moves. She wasn’t 100% human anymore.

The older Trin opened her eyes really big, showing her surprise. She definitely wasn’t expecting that. How was she going to defeat a younger Trinity that could move like Neo and Deus?

Deus Ex looked at Neo, and he saw that Neo was already having a difficult time dealing with Cyber Neo. Then, he looked back at Trin and he noticed her surprise when none of her plasma bullets worked against Copy Trinity. The final outcome seemed obvious to Deus Ex and his final words to the older Trinity made it clear.

Deus Ex [with a voice that gives closure / looking at the armored Trinity]: “Good bye, Thomas and Aida.”

Deus Ex left Trin behind and he began to move towards Rodner Smith’s location.

Copy Trinity began to walk towards Trin ready to finish what looked like agent Smith to her.

Neo was also having trouble with fighting the fifth Neo, who still believed that he was fighting Deus Ex’s doppelganger.

How were they going to make it past the other iterations of themselves?

Unknown to all of them, a bunch of ships from the Resistance were on their way to their location. General Frank Xenno and many others were going to join the decisive battle for their world…

NEXT: Part 7D (the last and best section of Part 7: “Clash of Wills”)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 7C)

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