The Matrix Revelations (Part 7D)

PART 7D (From the end of part 7C till the moment of Deus Maxio’s grand revelation)


When Deus Ex finished summoning the enhanced copy of the sixth Trinity, and while the ships of the Resistance were getting closer to Neo and Trin’s location, a chain of white Matrix-like codes began to appear around Deus’s body.

Slowly, it began to form a sphere and it began to restore him back to his previous state, when he didn’t have the wound that Deus-Ex-Bern had inflicted on him. The white codes were strikingly similar to the ones that had appeared before: they were in the stream that was seen during Thomas and Aida’s transfer of data for Neo (which gave him the power of the green sphere); they were in the white spheres that guided both the fifth and the sixth Neo to the different locations of Thomas Anderson’s hologram; and they were seen in the moment when the fifth Neo disappeared from the ship, after being teleported from the Green Layer of the Matrix to the Yellow Layer by his own glitch…

At the world of the deuses, in the same white-looking lab-like place where Deus was “connected to the Matrix,” the codes around him were also white and they formed a sphere. However, those also began to rearrange themselves to form the same exact shape as the ones that began to appear around his fallen body, in the human world.

Unknown female deus (foreign alien language translated to English in captions) [very similar voice to Dayana’s]: “That… could it be that he is about to break the forbidden rule for the ones that are sent to the Matrix?”

Deus Neo [similar voice as the older Neo]: “This could be bad, but if he is using it, it means that there is no other choice; it must be absolutely necessary.”

Unknown female deus [still worried]: “What is going to happen to him if he breaks the forbidden rule? What will the Council do to him?”

Deus Neo [hopeful]: “Let’s not worry about that now. I… I just hope that my source from the Matrix is with him. Together, they should be able to overcome any obstacle in their way… Thomas, if you are there, I hope you join forces with Deus Maxio… If only you could hear me now…”

The view went back to the location of the clash of wills, where the fifth Neo was mistaking Neo for Deus Ex’s doppelganger and Copy Trinity thought that the armored Trin was agent Smith. Both of them were being fooled by their senses, due to Deus Ex’s manipulation of their entities. They still thought that they were at the City of the Machines; and indeed, that was the world that was in front of their eyes…

Trin [looking at Copy Trinity but talking to herself]: “It is safe to expect that the enhancement of the younger sixth Trinity will outclass me in every way, but that doesn’t mean that I will let her kill me! Neo and the Resistance need me. I have to find a way to beat her… whatever I do, I shouldn’t engage in close combat with her. Without my facial armor, she can still kill me with her ancient guns.”

Copy Trinity was walking towards Trin and suddenly she began to run and shoot both of her handguns. Trin also started to run in the same direction to keep her distance and she continued using her armor to block most of the bullets. Every chance she had, she also shot plasma blasts from her two pistols aimed at the green-looking copy of Trinity. However, the blasts were dodged with ease, just like before. Copy Trinity moved like the agents from the inner Matrix and she was seeing Trin and the two plasma pistols as agent Smith holding two weapons and running away.

Copy Trinity [angry]: “Why do keep on running!? You were always chasing us instead of running away! I won’t let you get away this time Smith! You will pay for what you did to Neo!! I’ll make sure that he gets his vision back after I’m done with you!”

Copy Trinity wasn’t remembering things clearly. She had the impression that she—the original Trinity—had not died helping Neo. She didn’t remember that she had been lethally wounded at the ship either. Her memory of what happened to Trinity at the end of The Matrix Revolutions was very vague at best. Obviously, if Deus Ex was going to use her, he didn’t want her to remember that she was already dead. And the same happened with the fifth Neo: he didn’t remember that he had been turned into a cyber entity by Deus Ex. He thought that he still was at the City of the Machines, facing Deus Ex a second time, after his initial defeat…

Trin [while running away and shooting / puzzled]: “What?? What did you say!?? I am not Smith! Don’t you see me!!?? I look like you!!”

Copy Trinity [even angrier]: “Since when did you become a jokester and a coward?!!”

Trin: “Listen to me!! You are being manipulated by the ruler of the machines from the Matrix. I am not the person that you think I am!! I am your ally!!”

Unfortunately, Trin’s voice was falling on deaf ears… what Copy Trinity was hearing was agent Smith’s voice and there was no way that she was going to trust him, especially since he (Trin) was shooting at her too. Why would she trust someone that was shooting at her?

Meanwhile, Neo was facing a similar scenario with Cyber Neo. Both were using the green spheres, but Neo soon realized that his younger alternate self could break through his sphere because he also had the same power—or the same level of control—over the Green Layer of the Matrix.

Cyber Neo was fast and merciless because he thought that he was dealing with Deus Ex. However, he wasn’t a fool. He could feel that something was wrong this time. The silver Deus Ex doppelganger looked like him, just like before, but he wasn’t even half as fierce and cold-looking as the original one. Furthermore, this doppelganger felt human and the first one felt more like a completely different being.

Cyber Neo began to perceive that something was wrong…

Cyber Neo [concerned at first, confident later]: “Why are you holding back now? Last time you were faster and more powerful. What are you trying to do? Whatever it is, it won’t work. I will destroy you, I will end the curse of the City of the Machines, and I will save Zion!!”

Neo [regaining his breath]: “You are being fooled by Deus Ex. He is using you to get what he wants, which is destroying both of us. I am the sixth Neo. I am the kid that you transferred the white sphere to, the one that you wanted to save but chose not to, because of Thomas Anderson’s plan. Many years have already passed since you fought Deus Ex and his sentinels for the first time. You need to wake up from what he did to you. We should be fighting together against him, not against each other. You are the previous Neo, so you can use the Matrix to get rid of what he did to you.”

Cyber Neo [still in disbelief]: “I am not going to fall for your psychological warfare. I know that you had the chance to see all my memories the first time we fought. You know everything there is to know about me, and you’ll use it to stop me from finishing you and the Matrix! That isn’t going to happen though.”

Cyber Neo clashed against Neo and during their power struggle both of their spheres were shattered at the same time.

Following the rupture of the spheres, the green-coded younger Neo and the older Neo engaged in martial arts combat. Neo seemed to be holding up very well against his younger-self, until Cyber Neo landed several kicks on him, grabbed his right arm, and launched him with great force towards one of the floating buildings.

Without the sphere, this could have been lethal. However, Neo was lucky: he grabbed a pod that was in the way and that lowered his speed considerably. He avoided a lethal crash with a wall when he managed to do that. He ended up on the floor anyways, but he wasn’t injured.

Neo [while lifting himself from the floor]: “Goddammit… I am not as fast as I used to be; he was faster than me at the end; and he doesn’t seem to be getting tired either… How am I going to beat him? Talking didn’t work. There has to be a way though… Wait… the small yellow sphere of codes inside his chest… could it be what changed his perspective? Could it be the reason why he is in denial? I might be able to bring him back if that sphere is gone.”

Neo stood up and recreated his green sphere, but at that exact moment Cyber Neo caught him by surprise from the back and launched him against the other nearest floating building, causing a grand crash there.

A few seconds later, Neo was seen standing on the ground below and Cyber Neo was on the air. Neo was saved by his sphere, but for how long would that be enough and how was he going to get to the yellow sphere in Cyber Neo’s chest? The situation wasn’t looking very good for him…

The view changed from Trinity vs. Trinity and Neo vs. Neo to the new group of ships that were approaching their location.

There were several ships, which were easy to recognize because they were the type of ships that the Resistance had. Some of them even looked similar to the Trifalcon, but they were not yellow and black—like Trin’s personal armor and the Trifalcon itself.

Half of the ships already had their hatches open and armored soldiers from the Resistance were visible inside them.

General Frank Xenno and other soldiers from his ship were using futuristic-looking binoculars to zoom-in and check the area where they got all the signals from. Apparently, everyone was there: Neo, Captain Leida Trinity, Rodner Smith, Deus, the white-caped patrols, and even another entity that had a similar reading to Deus. There was more though—they had not seen the green-looking cyber versions of Neo and Trinity.

Something strange was going on in their side as well. General Frank Xenno and some of the other soldiers had their facial armor open and they didn’t look exactly as we had last seen them. Frank Xenno’s white hair was much longer. It was as if two months had gone by and he had not had a haircut since then [he was shaved though, he always was]. The same could be said for the other soldiers. The ones that had been seen before looked as if they had gone through several battles since we last saw them, which had been just days ago, when Neo and Trin went back to the Matrix inside the Trifalcon with Bern’s help.

Something that we were not aware of yet had happened…

Frank Xenno used the futuristic binoculars and we could see how he zoomed-in—from several miles away—to get a perfect view of the events that were taking place at their destination. The first thing he noticed was that Deus Ex, the “god of the machines” from the Matrix, was present and it looked like Deus had been defeated. An odd stream of white codes was surrounding him, but he was motionless on the ground. There were lots of robots scattered throughout the place as well. Surprisingly, they were not shooting or attacking anyone. It looked like they were searching for something.

Suddenly, Frank Xenno stopped moving completely. He finally saw what was happening with Neo and his “adoptive daughter,” Leida Trinity. They were fighting against a pair of cyber-looking green entities that looked like younger copies of themselves…

At that exact moment, Deus Ex was moving towards Rodner Smith’s location, but he stopped in place, as if he had noticed something else. He turned 45 degrees clockwise and looked at the exact direction and path from where the ships would come—even though they were not very visible from there yet. Deus Ex had no binoculars, but his own eyes zoomed-in his view and he saw all the ships and their general, whom was using the same dark blue and yellow armor that he had on when he rescued the fifth Trinity, 21 years ago…

Deus Ex [with hate and disdain]: “General Frank Xenno and the Resistance… As much as I would like to destroy him, I have no time to spend on insignificant entities. Architect Rodner and the secrets that he knows about the Matrix are far more important now. The robots can take care of the Resistance.”

Deus Ex sent new orders to all the humanoid robots using invisible wireless signals that reached them in just seconds. Suddenly, all the humanoid robots stopped looking for Rodner Smith and they waited, with their rifles ready, to welcome the newcomers.

Rodner Smith noticed that the robots were not looking for him anymore and he also saw that Deus Ex was approaching his location.

Rodner Smith [anticipating victory]: “So he is coming to me instead. Excellent. I won’t waste this opportunity that you are giving me. Your minutes are counted Deus Ex. I will have your powers very soon. Your destiny will be fulfilled.”

Rodner held the white and black buttons of the morph gun simultaneously; and he also flipped two small switches on it. The gun began to charge something sinister. It looked like he had started some sort of “sequence” for the gun to prepare itself for something serious.

Then, the gun opened a space for Rodner’s arm and he introduced his arm in it. It looked like he was wearing some sort of arm armor, but it was his special weapon instead.

What was he planning to do?

Meanwhile, Frank Xenno had seen the new movement going on and he and his soldiers were about to arrive. However, he had not been able to focus since he saw that Trin was in danger. He was concerned from the moment he saw “the green Trinity” chasing her. Therefore, he took that into account for his orders.

The general closed the facial plate of his armor and he looked just as he did when he saved the other Trinity, even though he was much older now. He was using the same dark-blue armor as before and it had not changed one bit. Frank Xenno had aged, but he was still that captain that saved his niece and escaped from Deus Ex, without being an anomaly in the Matrix…

Frank Xenno [communicating with the other ships]: “This is it!! This will be our last battle in this war! Here, it will be decided whether we will all become slaves of the Matrix or whether we will all be freed. If we win, history will change its course and humankind will be saved, but if we fail all of history and humankind itself will be lost in the Matrix! There is no room for fear today!! Everything is at stake!

Our main goals are saving Neo and eliminating the large Deus-like being that has taken over Rodner Smith’s operation. Our other goals are capturing Rodner Smith and his tool of destruction, Deus, and saving Captain Trin. I want everyone to focus on our main goals. I will join and help Captain Trin in her battle.

For further orders during battle, I give complete authority to the captain of each ship. Once we enter the battlefield, I won’t be in charge anymore, I will be another soldier just like any of you. Victory is in the hands of each and every one of us. If there is one day when you are going to make the impossible possible, make it today!! We will arrive at our destination in two minutes. Be ready!!”

Everyone began closing their facial armors and getting ready for their arrival. There were at least twenty-five ships and close to two hundred and thirty adult soldiers with armors. It really seemed like every single one of them was there. It truly was an all-out attack from the last group of the Resistance. However, something felt very odd. There was one of the ships that maintained its hatch closed, unlike all the others. What was waiting inside that ship? And, most importantly, why would the Resistance chose to do such a final attack, where either victory or their true and final demise were the only outcomes? It felt like something else had happened to them, but we didn’t know it yet…

Frank Xenno located Leida Trinity again and prepared himself to join her in her battle with Copy Trinity.

Frank Xenno called two of the soldiers in his ship.

Frank Xenno [orders for male soldier]: “Get me a direct wireless connection with the communications chip in Captain Trin’s armor. I need to tell her what to do.”

The voice of the armored male soldier was the same exact voice of the young man from the couple that talked to Neo at the Main Base, earlier in the film. Therefore, it was clear that it was him even though his face was covered by the armor.

Male soldier: “Sir, I need the full IP address of her armor for that.”

Frank Xenno [said quickly]: “It’s A826YZ41920772892G.”

Male soldier: “I’m sorry sir, can you repeat that?”

Frank Xenno [says it letter by letter]: “A-8-2-6-Y-Z-4-1-9-2-0-7-7-2-8-9-2-G.”

Male soldier [baffled]: “Sir, why would you memorize Captain Trinity’s armor’s address?”

Frank Xenno [to male soldier]: “Soldier, if you have a daughter that is as crazy as you, you would memorize her armor’s address too. Now, please get the connection started and put me in line with her.”

The male soldier began to create the connection between Frank Xenno’s armor and Leida Trinity’s armor.

Frank Xenno [orders to female soldier]: “Bring me a mini-plasma missile launcher. I am going to need it to take out the cyber woman.”

The voice of the armored female soldier was the same exact voice of the young woman from the couple that talked to Neo at the Main Base, earlier in the film. So, it was clear that she and the other guy that helped General Xenno were that couple from before…

Female soldier [in a hurry]: “Yes sir!”

She brought a red-colored futuristic-looking weapon that resembled a small bazooka.

Meanwhile, Frank Xenno checked his equipped weapons and his dark blue armor. He had one plasma rifle, two different types of pistols attached to the armor pieces on the legs, and one plasma-powered blade on his back.

Then, he grabbed the red missile launcher. The weapon had two plasma missiles in it and it was ready to be used.

The connection with Trin’s armor was finished and the ships of the Resistance were already visible from the location of Neo and Trin’s battles.

Leida Trinity was still running away and shooting at Copy Trinity when Frank Xenno contacted her.

Frank Xenno: “Trin, continue what you are doing, keep running in the same direction and listen to me.”

Frank Xenno was holding the missile launcher and he was also using the binoculars to see her clearly. Trin looked surprised at first when she heard Frank talking through her armor, but that also raised her spirit. She knew that their chances of winning and getting out of there alive were much better if they had the Resistance’s backup.

Trin: “Frank!! Where are you?!”

Frank Xenno: “We will be there in less than a minute, but we can take care of your enemy before that. You are less than a quarter of a mile away from a location that has a very steep ledge and a crater just below it. I need you to lead her there to the edge. Then, use your armor’s booster engines to get away from her as soon as she is on the border. I will launch a plasma missile at her spot. I need you to lead her there first and get yourself out of there fast.”

Trin [concerned because Copy Trinity was getting closer]: “Frank, I don’t know if I can do that! She is faster than us and I don’t have my facial armor anymore!”

Frank Xenno: “I have seen you doing much more than that Leida! Get it done and I will take care of the rest. It is an order!!”

Trin wasn’t sure that she would reach the border and the crater before Copy Trinity could catch up to her, but she did her best. She also had not used the tactic of moving horizontally using the armor’s booster engines in years. Lately, they had been used for landings and for moving to higher ground levels only; they also worked for other purposes though…

Copy Trinity finally caught up to her when both of them could see that the steep—almost vertical—edge of the crater was just meters away from them. Trin shoot her plasma pistols at her several times from just two meters away, but her green body (made of codes) moved just like the agents from the Virtual Matrix. She wasn’t hit by any of the plasma shots. Then, she kicked away one of the pistols from Trin’s hands and grabbed the other hand where Trin had the remaining pistol.

Trin realized that if Copy Trinity could use one of her plasma guns against her, she would be in serious danger (plasma shots could damage and break armors, a low percentage of the shot could also penetrate the armor).

Trin moved very fast. She held Copy Trinity’s arm and kicked her on the side of the stomach while she grabbed and threw away her remaining plasma gun with her other free hand. The gun ended up falling down to the crater’s zone. At least, that way she knew that her plasma guns would not be used against her.

Then, Copy Trinity retaliated with a string of kicks and punches and finished it with a fierce kick that threw Trin all the way towards the border. Copy Trinity moved too fast to dodge or counter her attacks.

Trin didn’t fall out, but her head ended up halfway beyond the edge. And the single punch that landed on her face—which had no armor—left her with a bruise close to her mouth.

That was also the moment when Copy Trinity started to feel that something was either wrong or very different. The hand she grabbed and the body she attacked felt robotic, like an armor, and that wasn’t what she was seeing with her eyes. Agents, despite being very tough, had human bodies that felt human. Their arms and bodies didn’t feel like armors if you grabbed them or attacked them. Perhaps, they had received an upgrade, but the whole thing felt very strange to Copy Trinity… Regardless, she was still determined to finish what looked like an agent Smith clone to her.

Frank Xenno and the ships had also arrived at the place and the clash among the last soldiers from the Resistance and the white-caped humanoid robots began.

Frank Xenno was still on the hatch of his ship, much closer to them now. He was looking at Trin’s situation and he had the mini-missile launcher ready and aimed at Copy Trinity.

Frank Xenno: “Trin, do it now!! This is our chance. Lure her to your spot and get out of there!”

Unfortunately, Trin didn’t notice that her other plasma gun—the one that Copy Trinity kicked—was nearby. She just stood up and looked at Copy Trinity, whom used her ancient guns to shoot at her. Trin covered her face with her arm and the armor blocked all the bullets once again.

Copy Trinity: “For some reason, bullets are not working on you, even though you are not dodging them. Could it be that you are a robot? Then, we are going to have to do this the old fashioned way.”

Copy Trinity threw away her handguns and ran towards Trin. She was planning to throw her off the edge. However, Trin activated the booster engines on the back of her elbows and aimed them at Copy Trinity’s face. Then, she caused Copy Trinity to stop right on the edge and she flew back and then up and back towards the ground, making half a circle of hovering around Copy Trinity.

At that point, Copy Trinity was on the perfect spot and Trin raised her boosters to the max to get away from there quickly. She flew away horizontally. Frank Xenno also pressed the fire button on the mini-missile launcher and the two-second countdown to shoot the missile began.

Everything happened too fast.

Copy Trinity grabbed the other plasma pistol from the ground and shot Trin’s armor several times, landing almost all the shots. Trin fell to the ground, not too far from there still. It happened before she could get far enough to be outside of the explosion’s range. Frank Xenno lowered his weapon’s line of aim at the very last moment and the small blue missile was launched, but it didn’t land on where Copy Trinity was standing. It landed eight meters below her, on the cliff-like edge.

The whole border broke apart and Copy Trinity fell down to the crater, but the direct impact of the missile was not on her, it was on the land structure below her. It wasn’t clear if the impact had reached Trin or not, so Frank Xenno ordered his ship’s soldiers to join the others in helping Neo, capturing the fallen Deus, capturing Rodner Smith, and attacking the other deusian menace. Then, he jumped out of the ship using his armor’s booster engines.

On the way down, two humanoid robots landed a shot on him and he had to let go of the missile launcher—which still had one final missile left in it.

From the air, General Xenno grabbed his plasma rifle and took down the two robots with only two shots—one for each. Clearly, he had outstanding aiming.

He landed on the ground, outside of the crater’s zone and not too far from the place where his missile landed. The area looked dusty, but he could determine an approximate location of Trin’s armor, so he began to look for her.

Frank Xenno: “Trin, do you copy me?! What is your situation? I’m on my way to where you are!”

He felt worried because she wasn’t responding, but he soon found her and helped her to stand up again.

She was still dizzy from the explosion and her armor had been damaged, but none of the shots reached her body.

Frank Xenno opened the facial compartment of his dark-blue armor and continued helping her to stay standing, until her dizziness went away.

Frank Xenno: “I need you to leave the battlefield. You have already done enough. We will take care of the rest.”

Leida Trinity [concerned]: “No… [coughs] no, you have to take Neo and get out of here. We are not ready to defeat the god of the machines from the Matrix. He may be even more powerful than Deus. Fighting him with all our forces is suicide. We must take Neo and get out. We have to plan our strategy if we expect to defeat such an enemy.”

Frank Xenno stayed quiet and he didn’t look happy at all.

Leida Trinity began to notice the change in Frank Xenno’s face. His white hair was much longer. It didn’t look like three days had gone by, it definitely looked like weeks or even months had passed.

Leida Trinity [surprised]: “Why did your hair grow so much in a few days? What happened here?!”

Frank Xenno didn’t plan to tell her or Neo until—or, unless—their final mission succeeded, but soon, he had no other choice. The only ship from their squadron that had the hatch and windows closed opened the hatch and Captain Trin could see it from there. The orphans from the Main Base and two other squads of adults were the “soldiers” inside that large ship. All of them, even the small children, had plasma rifles and guns.

It definitely was a very worrisome scenario in every way…

Leida Trinity [with a horrified expression]: “What is this?? How could you do this!? How could you bring the children into battle!!!?? Are you crazy??!! Why did you give the orders to do this!!!?”

Frank Xenno gathered up his inner strength and grabbed Leida’s arms to keep her in place.

Frank Xenno [a little sad but very determined]: “Listen Trin. This is the end. You have the impression that only days went by during your trip to the Matrix, but three whole months went by here in the real world. You, Neo, and the squad that we sent to protect you were moved from your original location and we lost all contact with all of you. Deus must have done it, when he wasn’t capturing the rest of us and destroying all we had left. There are no bases anymore. The Resistance has lost everything. We could just sit down and wait for the last of us to be taken to the Matrix, like everybody else in all the countries of the world, during the last sixty years. Or… we could stand and fight one final battle to determine everything. Whatever the case, it was on my shoulders to make the final decision, and… I didn’t have it in me to give up hope for humankind. If anything will ever be written about this day, I would rather have them say that the last humans fell in battle because they and their leader chose not to surrender. They chose to believe that they could do it.”

Leida was speechless.

Neo had already realized this by intuition—he had figured out that they were not at the original place—but she didn’t realize it until Frank told her.

At that moment, we also got a glimpse of the large group of children with weapons, as they landed with the other soldiers and began to shoot the opposing robots, thinking that they were in some sort of “real life videogame.” We got very brief glimpses of both Jack, the teenage inventor, and the little blue eyed girl that had reached Neo’s heart at the Main Base—when she asked him to bring back her parents in exchange for the only two toys she had. The girl didn’t look as brave as Jack, but we could see that she still had the spoon with her, in addition to a plasma pistol.

The children were backed up by teams of adults, but it was obvious that things could still end in disaster.

Then, the view moved towards the small crater, where a green-looking woman was grabbing a red bazooka-like weapon from the ground.

Trinity’s enhanced copy was still alive and the general’s weapon was in her hands now. It still had one missile in it…

Copy Trinity raised the weapon and began to aim it towards Frank Xenno and Leida Trinity.

Then, Frank Xenno saw her. Even with the dust in the crater’s zone, her green color was still unmistakable, and the same could be said for the red missile-launcher. He had enough time to grab and throw Trin as far away from him as possible, and he also had a chance to close the armor on his face again, but two seconds were not enough for him to do anything else. Luckily for him, Copy Trinity didn’t aim so well and she ended up doing to him exactly what he did to her. (The second missile landed on the edge, rather than on anyone, but the destruction that it caused destroyed that small area and the ground there, so it made Frank Xenno fall down to the crater as well.)

Frank Xenno began to remove all the rubble that fell on his armor. Apparently, he wasn’t harmed. However, a big threat was on his way: Copy Trinity was approaching him.

He grabbed his plasma rifle and aimed it at her.

She stood there, looking fearless.

Copy Trinity: “How did you like that? I had a chance to see you launching a missile at me from your ship, so I thought that I would repay you with the same token.”

Copy Trinity was seeing Frank Xenno as if he was another agent, so, she was still trapped in her cyber illusion.

Frank Xenno shot several rounds of plasma at her and he saw how she dodged all of them moving her body to the sides at an incredible speed that could be compared with a computer’s processing speed.

He threw the rifle to the side. It was clear that it wasn’t going to make any difference against her. He knew that she had to have some weakness though. However, how would he find it?

Frank Xenno: “Tell me, how am I supposed to defeat you if you can dodge bullets?”

Copy Trinity: “I could ask the same thing about you.”

Frank Xenno: “Really? I can’t dodge bullets and I don’t look like a green cyber entity like you. I don’t have what looks like a yellow sphere in my chest either. Are you being controlled or are you on your own? Why did you attack your last target?”

Copy Trinity: “Enough nonsense. I am not here to answer trick questions from agents like you. I am here to eliminate all of you and to save Neo.”

Frank Xenno was obviously way smarter than he looked. Just from talking and asking her a few questions he got her to reveal to him that she, indeed, was being controlled by something or someone because she wasn’t seeing the truth. As the leader of the Resistance, he also knew about the cyber agents of the Matrix and what they could do. The description of their abilities was a perfect fit for Copy Trinity’s abilities. However, there was something else about her…

Frank was very fast at realizing that the yellow sphere in her looked like an “out of place” thing, so, it was very likely that destroying it would be enough to defeat her. Whatever the case, destroying that thing had to do something to her for sure.

Frank grabbed one of the two pistols he had on his legs and the plasma sword from his back. He knew that she was good at dodging, but he only had to get it right once: a plasma shot or a plasma strike on the spot where the yellow sphere was, that was all he needed.

Copy Trinity had no weapons, but she was a force to deal with on her own. She was like a transfer of one of those cyber agents from the Matrix to the real world, with Trinity’s full form and consciousness.

Frank Xenno began to shot at her as soon as she was meters away. He wanted to get her to move in place—by dodging the shots. Then, he rushed towards her ready to land a plasma strike with the sword, while she was dodging. His goal was hitting and destroying the yellow sphere.

However, she was too fast—and incredibly flexible, since this was the sixth Trinity at her best. She ended up dodging the sword too and kicking the pistol away from the armored hand. Frank didn’t stop, he tried to land other sword strikes on the yellow sphere, but he simply wasn’t fast enough.

Copy Trinity grabbed the pistol from the ground and shot four plasma shots at Frank, forcing him to drop the sword and throwing him and his armor to the ground.

It was then that Frank realized that it wasn’t the first time that he had seen something that resembled the yellow sphere. Data spheres that looked like that existed in his world as well. They were not an invention that began in the Virtual Matrix. Those data spheres existed in Thomas Anderson’s world too. Perhaps, the best way to destroy it wasn’t a sword or a gun… The best weapon against those would be a data erasing program that was advanced enough to delete that kind of data.

Frank Xenno [attitude: ready for retaliation]: “I think I have exactly what you need, Cyber Trin.”

Frank grabbed the other pistol he had attached to his other leg and switched it from physical mode to program eraser mode. (It was a special pistol that he had because he wasn’t some random soldier. He was the general of the Resistance after all.) He increased the gun’s frequency to the maximum to ensure that it would cover the largest possible area.

Copy Trinity grabbed his plasma blade from the ground and when she was going to strike him with it, Frank Xenno turned around and shot the eraser pistol aimed at her chest. It sent out a wave that went through her chest and erased almost three-fourths of the yellow sphere, and even some of the green codes that were part of her body in that section.

Copy Trinity began to see three-fourths of the real world where she was at and one-fourth of the City of the Machines—where she thought she was. She looked at Frank Xenno and saw parts of an agent and parts of a dark-blue armored soldier—mostly the later. She felt very puzzled, but the worst part had yet to come…

Frank Xenno began to understand how terrible things really were when he noticed that the remaining one-fourth of the yellow sphere began to recover and regenerate the other parts that had been erased. Basically, the sphere was reconstructing itself. If any part of it remained, it could recover its whole state again.

Copy Trinity began to see more and more from the City of the Machines and the agents, and less and less from the real thing, as her yellow sphere started to go back to its original form.

Frank Xenno felt desperate because the pistol needed to recharge itself to shot another one of those eraser waves. In a desperate attempt to finish her before time ran out, he grabbed the hand where she had his plasma blade and he took it from her. He didn’t let go of her hand though. He held it very tight and tried to strike her chest with the sword, knowing that she couldn’t get away from the sword’s range because he was holding her.

However, she moved the rest of her body too fast and managed to dodge the sword anyways. She soon began to land kicks and punches on him and broke his grip. She continued her offensive without getting hit even once, until he finally dropped the sword, which she grabbed right away. She landed various plasma strikes on his armor with the sword and when he fell on the ground, she impaled his left arm with the sword and left it stuck in the ground. She walked away and grabbed Frank Xenno’s plasma rifle from where he threw it. Then, she came back and aimed it at him. She shot two blasts of plasma on him that visibly damaged his armor.

Was it the end for General Frank Xenno?

When she aimed the rifle at his head, Leida Trinity shot a long-range plasma shot at her with another rifle, from the top of the crater’s edge. This time the plasma shot landed on her. It erased Copy Trinity’s right arm completely. However, as she turned around, it began to regenerate itself too—just like the yellow sphere, which had already recovered 70% of its full size. She began to shot Frank’s rifle at Captain Trin, but she had been severely weakened by losing her other arm temporarily.

Then, Frank Xenno had the golden chance. He prepared his eraser gun, which had finished charging, and aimed it directly at the yellow sphere. Copy Trinity had not moved away from him to shot at Trin, so she was standing on the perfect place for the wave to cover the full sphere; and that was exactly what it did.

When Frank Xenno shot the second eraser wave, Copy Trinity landed her first plasma shot on Trin—whom fell down with the impact—and Copy Trinity was also stopped in that instant. The entire yellow sphere ceased to exist after the second eraser wave. All of it was erased.

Copy Trinity didn’t drop the plasma rifle and her other hand continued regenerating, but, the truth was revealed to her eyes. She stopped seeing the wrong reality and began to see everything there, including the fact that she was a green cyber body of codes from the Matrix.

Copy Trinity felt a mixture of fear and despair. Why was she like this? What had happened to her?

She looked at Frank Xenno, who was in pain from the two plasma blasts that she shot at her.

Then, she looked back at Leida Trinity, who had also fallen because of her shot.

She left Frank and began to move towards Leida. After she climbed back to the top and reached Leida Trinity, she aimed the plasma rifle at her. Then, she pushed her to move her body and see her face. She was alive, but she looked hurt. Also… she looked just like her, but she was older.

Copy Trinity [looking serious and sounding a little demanding]: “So… you were telling me the truth. You do look like me, but older. Now… I need you to tell me what is going on here and what happened to me. Why do I look like a stream of codes and why do you look like me? Tell me everything you know.”

Leida Trinity: “I need you to stop pointing the plasma gun at me first. I’m glad you want to talk at last. We need you now more than ever, Trinity…”

Copy Trinity lowered the rifle and began to listen…

Meanwhile, Deus Ex had arrived at Rodner Smith’s location and had casted a massive yellow shield around them, using streams of codes from the Yellow Matrix.

Rodner was also waiting for him.

It was uncertain at that point whether we should have been more worried about Deus Ex or Rodner Smith. Even though Deus Ex looked like a godly threat, Rodner Smith had been involved with his creation and with the creation of the entire Virtual Matrix, so he obviously wasn’t someone to be taken lightly. Furthermore, Mr. Smith looked too confident for someone who was seeing how Deus Ex created a barrier around the two of them. Clearly, he had a big card in his sleeve and we still didn’t know what it was…

The Resistance also began to face grand frustration at that moment. The teams that went after Deus Ex were completely blocked by the yellow barrier. They couldn’t enter it and their weapons couldn’t break it either. So, they were not making any progress in that main objective…

The other groups that went to help Neo couldn’t even intervene effectively. They were pushed back and their plasma weapons were blocked by Cyber Neo. It was as if Cyber Neo was a green version of Deus, based on what he was capable of.

Finally, the group that tried to capture the fallen Deus couldn’t get pass the white sphere of codes that was forming around him and healing him. One of the soldiers shot at it and the plasma blasts disappeared when they touched the sphere, as if they had never been fired. Another brave one tried to enter his hand in the white sphere of codes and was faced with real horror when his hand turned into a new stream of white codes and left him. That definitely took a psychological toll on the group; they all stayed there, but they didn’t get themselves too close to the white sphere again.

It looked like the teams from the Resistance weren’t making any big progress with their central objectives. They were beating the humanoid robots, but when it came to the other bigger threats, they seemed powerless and ineffective…

Deus Ex was feeling great. It almost looked like his huge silver face was about to smile. He knew that Rodner Smith was the living human that knew the most about the Matrix. By absorbing his memories—like he did with the fifth and the sixth Neo—he would know even more secrets about the Matrix. Most likely, it would speed up his takeover of the whole thing, which was what he really wanted…

Deus Ex [quite certain]: “Now, it is just you and me Rodner Smith. As the human architect, you have classified knowledge about the Matrix that belongs to me. I will take over your world and I will obtain your knowledge as well. Thanks to you, my goal of becoming the master of the Matrix will be accomplished faster. You will also be my servant whether you want it or not.”

Rodner Smith [surprisingly confident, considering the situation that he was in]: “You are not here to do whatever you want Deus Ex. You were developed to be exactly as you are for a reason. You were developed to be here today as well, when you truly were at your best.

Your entity only had two purposes: creating the first enhanced deus and keeping the innermost Matrix safe from intruders. If the most powerful entity in the system’s Yellow Layer had to guard the Green Layer because its life depended on it, then, no one would be able to interfere with the innermost Virtual Matrix, where most of the big experiments would take place, and where our enemies would be imprisoned. That was why you were placed at the center of the City of the Machines. You were the ultimate defense. However, that wasn’t what I truly wanted to get from you. At the end, your most important purpose was testing this grand power that you are going to pass on to me, as I always planned it. The power to change, shape, and control reality itself; the power to become a true master of the Matrix, which is the well-hidden system that controls everything, even luck itself.”

Deus Ex [with a deep and clever voice]: “You are not very good at keeping secrets Rodner Smith. You are still not telling me everything there is to know about my creation, but soon I will know all your secrets anyways. I will also expand my Matrix into your world.”

A bunch of new streams of codes began to come out from Deus Ex. Some were yellow streams and others were silver-looking streams that were very similar to the ones he used when he turned the fifth Neo into a cyber entity—that he could then change and manipulate. Apparently, he was planning to do the same thing with Rodner Smith. It was clear that Deus Ex was also capable of creating certain types of glitches, which were the abnormal events that triggered silver codes, streams, and portals in the Matrix. His color was also that same silver, meaning that it was very likely that he was an anomaly as well. However, he still couldn’t create the same glitches that Neo and the rogue agent Smith (the Smith virus) were capable of. Coincidentally, Neo’s ability to create a teleportation glitch from one layer of the Matrix to another was what Deus Ex really needed, but after failing to recreate it, he chose to find a new way to break free and become the master of the real world, where the Real Matrix had been created…

Rodner Smith watched how the streams that came from Deus Ex began to gather closer and closer to him. Then, he looked at the morph gun, which was now attached to his arm. He was about to do something with the gun and he needed just another minute to do it. So, he began to talk to keep Deus Ex busy.

Rodner: “How do you think that the Yellow Matrix came to be? How do you think that you came into existence?”

Deus Ex: “Not by your hands Rodner Smith, but by the hands of a deus. You are not the true creator of the Matrix and you are not my real creator either. I don’t need your memories to know that. You are just the architect that was used for the project. There is no way that any human could have created me and the Matrix on their own. Even the smartest human genius wouldn’t be able to develop an entity like me. You are not the first creator and that is why you won’t be able to stop me either.

You and everything you know will be a part of me soon.”

Rodner [arrogant and sarcastic, like always]: “My dear godly friend you seem to have some things very wrong. You are the one that is here to join me and not the other way around!! That was how I planned it from the start! After your source code was given to me by another deus, as you said, I modified it to make you more powerful than them and I determined how everything else would play out. I am the main architect of the Yellow Matrix and the one that put you there to begin with! Your final purpose was to give me the powers of a deus that surpassed even the others that came to research us. You are here for me!!”

The codes began to move faster to take over Rodner Smith, but he aimed his weapon at Deus Ex and pressed the black button.

A powerful-looking plasma-like ray came from the morph gun and clashed with Deus Ex’s giant face. It looked like a white and yellow beam and it had several of traces of white Matrix-like codes, like the ones that we had seen before. The continuous beam began to neutralize Deus Ex covering him with some sort of freezing program for his source code.

Deus Ex’s streams of codes stopped and began to fade away. He also seemed to be struggling to overcome the beam that Rodner launched at him.

Meanwhile, Rodner continued aiming the weapon and the neutralizing beam at Deus Ex. He didn’t intend to stop it until it was done.

Rodner Smith [overjoyed]: “Yesss!! I waited so long for this moment, and now it’s going to happen!! The true power of the Matrix, the power to change and control reality itself will be within my grasp!”

Deus Ex had been holding back the beam for a while, but it began to scatter around him, giving the feeling that it was going to take over him.

When that happened the yellow shield went down as well, so both Rodner and Deus Ex were now open to any attacks from the Resistance. There were humanoid robots in the area, but the great shield wasn’t blocking the path to Ex and Smith any longer.

When the beam covered Deus Ex completely, Smith was certain that he had won. The neutralization was complete. All that was left was using another mode of his morph gun to initiate the DNA extraction from the enhanced deus. And a sample of that was all he needed to do the rest. He and his scientists had already figured out how to modify human brain cells to give them properties and abilities of other neurons and cells.

However, Rodner Smith didn’t have the chance to change his weapon to get Deus Ex’s DNA.

Suddenly, Deus Ex began to break out of Smith’s counter program for his original entity. The beam that had covered him began to backtrack, pushed back by an unknown force, and the damage that was done to his face was healed in seconds by a new silver layer of streams that brought him back to the way he was, before being hit by the beam. It was very similar to what happened after Captain Trin’s missiles. He recovered himself, or brought himself back to his previous unharmed state.

Deus Ex proved to be way beyond what Smith had originally programmed and planned for him. Something had not worked as the human architect predicted…

Rodner [concerned, angry, and very confused]: “No, that’s not possible!! Your entity can’t overwrite this process!! I ran this simulation endless times and this never happened. You never recovered after the beam neutralized you completely!! This is not possible, there is no way that your entity could do this!!”

Rodner began to look truly nervous for the first time. It was as if all his cockiness and certainty had just taken a lethal hit and fear was starting to replace them.

Amazingly, Deus Ex had returned back to normal, as if nothing had happened to him.

Deus Ex [sounding in control again]: “Indeed, my original entity and its source code could have never beaten your weapon. It was such a perfect counter-program that even I had difficulty to reverse it. However, I reprogrammed my original entity’s codes in the Matrix, as soon as I could control it. I am not the original Deus Ex anymore. I reprogrammed my entity’s codes in the Matrix to make sure that I would overcome all the flaws and weaknesses that the original creator had included in me. There is nothing in the Matrix that can control me now. Not even you, Rodner Smith.”

In terror, Rodner Smith saw how a few humanoid robots that were nearby began to run towards him. Obviously, Deus Ex had sent them orders to apprehend him. Everything was over for him if he didn’t do something right away. What was he going to do?

Rodner dropped himself to the ground and placed the morph weapon under himself, hiding it from Deus Ex’s sight. He had started to sweat—most likely out of fear—but it definitely looked like he still had a last resort option that he could use.

Rodner [looking both afraid and determined]: “This is far too risky. I could die here if he doesn’t like me, but… I don’t like losing, and he may give me another chance to win regardless. The new Deus Ex won’t give me any chances though. I don’t have any other choice now…”

When the robots grabbed Rodner and lifted him up from the floor, he revealed that his weapon had changed, once again, and he shot a green-looking sphere of codes at Deus Ex. When the small sphere landed on Deus Ex, its green codes began to spread all over him, like a wild and deadly virus.

Deus Ex [disturbed]: “What is this? Why isn’t it being overwritten?! Wait, I have felt something like this before. This is… Noo!! This can’t be!!!”

Rodner Smith: “Oh yes, it is. I considered the worst case scenario and came prepared for it. I considered what would happen if I lost to you or to the other Thomas Anderson, so, I kept a full copy of his entity, just in case I needed him.”

Deus Ex [angry but also afraid]: “No, you didn’t!!”

Rodner [starting to feel in control again]: “Of course I did! I am the real human architect and all good architects keep backups to ensure that they will get what they want, even if things go wrong in the system. I am the one that guards the Yellow Virtual Matrix, just like you guarded the Green one. I saw every major event from the Yellow Layer of the Matrix. I also monitored many entities, including you. And I kept a copy of the only other entity that you ever feared. I also know that you feared the agent that became an anomaly in the Matrix because his rare ability to replicate himself on others worked on you as well. That was why you sent Thomas Anderson to fight him, instead of doing it yourself. You feared him because you knew that he could beat you!!”

Deus Ex didn’t talk anymore. The green mass of codes spread through his whole body and turned his color from silver to green—the same green as Cyber Neo and Copy Trinity. The shape and look of his giant face also began to change. It started to look like agent Smith’s face—with the glasses and everything.

At that moment, one of the humanoid robots shot a plasma blast at Rodner Smith and he used the morph gun to cover himself. The gun was torn into pieces by the blast and Rodner fell down to the ground and received some minor wounds.

Rodner Smith [looking desperate]: “You idiot!! What have you done!!? I needed that thing!!”

Humanoid Robot 1: “Rodner Smith will be taken into custody.”

A second robot grabbed Rodner from the ground and held him tight.

Humanoid Robot 2: “Objective completed: Rodner Smith has been captured alive and taken into custody.”

Rodner Smith [angry]: “Do you have any idea of what you just did, you fools!! You should be helping me now, I am your general!!”

One of the robots placed a white patch on Rodner Smith’s mouth to keep him quiet; and then, they began to handcuff him.

Humanoid Soldier 2: “The objective is very noisy, so we have decided to silence it with non-violent methods. This will facilitate the harmonious completion of the mission without violating any protocols.”

Rodner seemed angry and helpless, but he also knew what he had done. He looked back at Deus Ex and saw the union of agent Smith and Deus Ex instead (Agent-Smith-Ex). It was Deus Ex’s floating head with agent Smith’s face and glasses, and with the same green color that Copy Trinity and Cyber Neo had.

Agent-Smith-Ex wasn’t paying any attention to Rodner and the robots.

Agent-Smith-Ex [voice sounds like a blend of agent Smith and Deus Ex’s voices]: “Where am I? Being here… it means that I survived deletion after that time. Mr. Anderson didn’t erase me completely. And… I have a new body now. This body… it feels so much more powerful than the putrid human body I used to have. And this world seems new. This doesn’t look like Zion or the Matrix.”

Agent-Smith-Ex began to look around.

After the official return of the Smith Virus, things weren’t looking any good on that side…

Meanwhile, Captain Trin (Leida Trinity) had been talking to the copy of the sixth Trinity and Frank Xenno was about to get back into the battle…

Copy Trinity: “How many years has it been since I took Neo to the heart of the City of the Machines?”

Trin: “Neo once mentioned that he was kept there by the god of the machines for twenty years, so that must be the time that went by since your original death, which took place there. Deus Ex, the god of the machines, must have recreated you like this since then.”

Copy Trinity looked at the older Neo and at the green-coded Neo—they were fighting not too far from there. Cyber Neo looked just like her Neo looked before, but he was a body of green codes. Leida had already mentioned that her Neo was now older, so he was the other one.

She turned back and looked at Trin’s face.

Copy Trinity: “If my Neo is the older one, then, who is the green one? And, who are you?”

Leida Trinity: “The green one is the fifth Neo and I am the fifth Trinity. We are the iterations that came before you two. There is no time to tell you much more now. We must save the older Neo before it is too late. He is the one that can end the Matrix and set everyone free. I am not ready for battle now, but you still are. Leave me here and go help him. If you don’t, he might die and the curse of the Matrix will never end. If you loved him as much as he loved you, save him, not from agent Smith, but from the other Neo.”

Copy Trinity: “What is the best weapon that you have?”

Leida Trinity: “You already have it. It’s the plasma rifle that you are holding, but chances are that he will be able to dodge its shots, just like you did. We don’t have time for other weapons now. We must use what we have and figure out a way to succeed.”

Copy Trinity left Trin and went after Neo and Cyber Neo.

Meanwhile, Frank Xenno had been recovering from the beating that she gave him.

Frank Xenno [trashed but not defeated]: “God… age hasn’t been very nice to me. Back then I could have dodged all of that and still have spare time to kick her cyber butt. Oh well, I have to work with what I have now. I can still shoot like an eagle. And this metal arm definitely came to the rescue. I’m lucky that she never noticed that I had it. The sword didn’t hurt me one bit because of it, but she still immobilized me for a while. Unfortunately for her, I now know her main weakness and the way to defeat her. If a data eraser attack worked for her core, it will work for her entire being. And, if a plasma shot worked on her body, then, all we need is a data eraser plasma bomb to get this over with.”

Frank Xenno began to pull out the sword from the ground and from his robotic arm using his two legs and his other hand. He stood up slowly and placed the sword on his back again. His armor looked pretty beaten up because of the close and direct plasma blasts from the rifle.

He opened the facial plate of his armor, the arm plate that was covering his metallic arm, and the section that covered his chest and stomach. He found that he had mild wounds on his body from the plasma blasts that Copy Trinity fired at him—apparently a low percentage of it had penetrated the armor. However, he ignored the wounds and proceeded to do what he had in mind: he began to disassemble the front of his metallic arm, revealing that he had a concealed weapon there. The weapon looked like a sniper rifle with an opening to place another weapon inside it. He grabbed the data erasing gun and placed it there. Then, he changed the sniper rifle’s mode to amplify the power of the weapon that had been inserted in it. He also changed it to shoot at the same frequency that the plasma rifles fired their shots.

Frank Xenno looked up. His special rifle was ready to fire an approximation of a data erasing bomb at the same frequency of a plasma shot, but he still had to climb all the way up to get out of the crater’s zone.

Frank Xenno [determined]: “It’s time to erase the rogue programs from the vicinity.”

He wasn’t walking fast, but his objective was clear, and he definitely had the tools to get it done…

Copy Trinity caught up with Neo and Cyber Neo when both of them landed in front of a floating building that was still undamaged. She saw how Cyber Neo threw the older Neo towards the building. Then, he stopped and he turned around slowly. Apparently, he had noticed her.

Surprisingly, Cyber Neo could see Copy Trinity as what she really was—a green cyber entity that looked like Trinity.

She walked closer to him holding the plasma rifle and he didn’t move.

Copy Trinity: “I need you to wake up Neo. You are being used by the leader of the City of the Machines to destroy what you are fighting for. We are not at the City of the Machines any longer. And the man you are fighting is the one you should be helping. He is the next Neo.”

Cyber Neo [distrustful]: “You don’t look human. After what I know, you could be one of Deus Ex’s doppelgangers using Trinity’s physical form. It would be the perfect way to fool me. I’m sorry, but I will finish the silver doppelganger and if you interfere, the same will happen to you.”

Copy Trinity [no patience]: “I’m done talking to you. You are not even my Neo.”

She pointed the plasma rifle at him and began to fire, but, unlike her, Cyber Neo blocked all the shots and transformed them into sand. He didn’t even need to dodge! His control over the Virtual Matrix was enough to allow him to stop or change projectiles.

Copy Trinity [reminiscent]: “Great… I just remembered that guns never worked well with Neo.”

Copy Trinity dropped the rifle and ran towards Cyber Neo.

They engaged in martial arts combat, looking almost at the same level at first. Both moved, dodged, and counterattacked with the same speed and ease. Copy Trinity held her ground almost perfectly at first, but as soon as Cyber Neo began to read and predict her movements in the Matrix, he started to dodge everything she threw at him. Finally, he grabbed her and threw her against a broken vehicle that was nearby. Clearly, his deeper connection to the Matrix—and not his combat skills—was what made him a tougher opponent than Copy Trinity.

Regardless, after he threw her against the vehicle, he did feel as if he had truly thrown the real Trinity. Was he really inside a simulation created by Deus Ex? Were they telling him the truth? Either way, he still felt that the way to end it had to be destroying the silver doppelganger, so his determination to finish Neo had not been subjugated, even if doubts had been planted in him.

At that moment, Neo came out of the building and saw Copy Trinity.

At the same time, Leida Trinity grabbed a rifle from one of the fallen robots and ran after Copy Trinity. She was injured, but she needed to help. She could feel that even the sixth Trinity wasn’t going to be enough to stop the previous Neo—her Neo.

Once Neo laid eyes on Copy Trinity, he knew it instantly. It was her. It was his Trinity… but… how could it be? She had already died, didn’t she?

It didn’t take him long to figure out that Deus Ex had used her in his experiments as well, and he could have created a cyber copy of her, just like he did with Cyber Neo. Deus Ex had used all of them: the fifth Trinity, the fifth Neo, his Trinity, and even him…

Neo chose to fly away towards one of the other buildings to keep Cyber Neo away from the cyber Trinity. That was the moment when Copy Trinity knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that the older Neo was truly the same Neo that she knew. Even though she was just a cyber entity, he still chose to keep her out of harm’s way.

Copy Trinity [heartfelt]: “Twenty years and he still hasn’t forgotten about me. I… I must save him at all costs. I already died, but my one true love still lives and he needs me.”

Copy Trinity ran after them and Captain Leida “Trin” arrived at the area, seeing that she was right about what she thought: Cyber Neo was going to be a bigger threat than Copy Trinity.

Frank Xenno also left the crater’s zone with his special rifle ready, but neither Trin nor Copy Trinity were on sight. He caught a glimpse of Neo and Cyber Neo, however, so he started to go after them too. He knew that if his weapon was deadly for Copy Trinity, it would surely work for Cyber Neo…

Neo finally began to realize that destroying the yellow sphere in Cyber Neo’s chest was probably the only chance he had to “break the spell” and defeat Cyber Neo. So, he began to focus solely on trying to damage Cyber Neo in that spot. Unfortunately, he was already tired, so he was not as effective as before, and Cyber Neo’s effectiveness had not been lowered even one bit. It seemed like the fifth Neo wasn’t getting tired as a cyber entity. This decided the inevitable outcome of their one-on-one battle.

Soon, the older Neo fell down and found it quite difficult to get back up again. Cyber Neo grabbed him by the jacket and by the neck—using both hands—and lifted him in the air many meters. Then, he stayed in the air while holding the older Neo.

Cyber Neo: “It’s over Deus Ex. Release me from the simulated environment where you have me now. I know that there is something wrong here. I can feel it. Do I need to finish you to escape this trap? Mark my words, I will destroy each and every one of your doppelgangers until I reach the real you. I don’t plan to stop until the Matrix is over and Zion is freed.”

Neo [with a little difficulty to breath]: “If you kill me, you will ensure that the Matrix will never end and Zion will be its slave for eternity. Look at my codes in the Matrix. You will feel who I really am. I would thank you for preparing the path for me, but you are making that pretty difficult now. If you keep this going, you will destroy everything that you fought for and all the things that your friends died for as well. If I die, their deaths will be in vain and Thomas Anderson’s plan will have failed. And that is what the real Deus Ex wants.”

Cyber Neo didn’t tighten his grip on Neo’s neck any longer, but he still wasn’t letting go of him either. His feelings about the matter were truly mixed. He feared giving in and believing, because if it was Deus Ex, he would have lost. On the other hand, he was starting to think about the possibility that this doppelganger was truly the other Neo. How was it possible though? He was still seeing the world of the City of the Machines, so how could the next Neo be a grown adult already? Wasn’t he supposed to be in his pod still?

Cyber Neo’s notion of time was definitely out of sync with reality. He wasn’t aware of all the years that went by since he saw that youngster in the pod and inserted the white data sphere in him… It was just like Copy Trinity; her sense of the time that went by had been distorted too…

Frank Xenno arrived at the scene, but he was a quarter of a mile away from them, so they were not aware about his presence at all. He could see them clearly though, from a somewhat far sideways view. So… he began to prepare for a masterful shot.

Copy Trinity and Leida arrived and saw how Cyber Neo was holding the older Neo.

Copy Trinity charged her rifle, ready to begin shooting at Cyber Neo.

Leida Trinity: “Wait! He hasn’t seen us yet. If you begin shooting, you will blow up our chance to land a surprise attack.”

Copy Trinity: “The other Neo will know that we are here whether you want it or not. He seems to have mastered his connection with the Matrix, so he should be able to feel other people’s presence too. Besides, I’m not going to stand still seeing that my Neo is in danger. You can back me up from here if you want.”

Leida’s advice fell on deaf ears, but the worst was yet to come.

Frank Xenno had the sniper rifle ready and he was aiming it at Cyber Neo when he realized that the special rifle was powerful enough to fire two shots—or two small data erasing bombs—one after the other. Then—as if it was a godsend—he also saw that the cyber Trinity was there. Things were working even better than he thought!

Frank Xenno [looking eager to shot]: “Wonderful. I’m going to send both of you cyber bastards to the recycle bin at once. What would Neo and Leida do without me? I hope they can at least help us to deal with the other Deus after this.”

Frank Xenno prepared himself to make the two shots, but he began to aim the first one at Copy Trinity. He also saw Trin and it bothered him that it didn’t seem like she was doing anything to help Neo or to stop Copy Trinity. However, he ignored that important detail and continued his task.

Copy Trinity ran towards Cyber Neo and she aimed her plasma rifle at him and began shooting at him. However, he blocked the blasts just like before, without letting go of the older Neo.

Leida followed Copy Trinity and got much closer to them, but she didn’t shoot. There was no point: she knew that shooting wasn’t going to work against any of the two cyber copies. She could dodge and he could even transform the shots into something else.

Copy Trinity [to Cyber Neo]: “Let go of Neo right now!! If you don’t want to wake up, I’m gonna have to blast that yellow sphere out of you myself!!”

Leida Trinity [to Cyber Neo]: “Neo, it’s me!! Trinity!! You must realize that you are being controlled. The one you are fighting against is the sixth Neo!!”

Cyber Neo [confused]: “Two Trinities, one hostile and the other friendly, one is silver and the other is green… what is happening here??”

Then, Leida Trinity caught a sight of the sniper that was aiming at them from a sideview and she recognized the distinctive color of his armor right away. She then realized that he still saw the cyber entities as enemies, rather than as “confused allies.” Not to mention that Copy Trinity had given him a really bad beating just a while ago, so he obviously wasn’t thinking that she was on their side now.

Captain Trin [loud call full of worry]: “Frank!! Dooooonn’t shoot!!!”

But it was too late…

Frank Xenno [aiming at Copy Trinity]: “Even the fastest enemy can’t dodge if they didn’t see it coming. Here, dodge thiiissss!!!”

Frank Xenno shot the first yellow plasma-like ball for Copy Trinity and he quickly moved the rifle three inches northeast and shot the second one aimed at Cyber Neo.

Copy Trinity didn’t see it coming, so she didn’t have a chance to dodge it, and even if she had she wouldn’t have escaped its radius anyways. When the powerful-looking yellow ball touched her, it spread around her and had some sort of reaction that increased its size to a sphere with a two-meter radius. It then began to shrink slowly, but it also began to erase any and all traces of codes and signals inside it. Her body didn’t have the time to regenerate what was being erased because the erasing procedure was covering all of it at the same time and it wasn’t stopping.

Copy Trinity tried to hurry towards the surface of the sphere to escape it, but she knew that she would not make it in time. Leida was there, very close to her.

Copy Trinity [to Captain Trin]: “He still needs me! Please, help him!! I beg you to help him!!!”

She looked as if she was about to cry, even though she was a cyber entity. Her thoughts and her feelings were just as real as those of a living human. The only real difference was that she looked like a program to the eye and real humans didn’t. She was displaying the same emotions and behavior however.

Leida Trinity reached inside the erasing sphere and grabbed Copy Trinity’s hand in an attempt to pull her out, but it was too late. Her hand’s codes broke apart and began to disappear right when Leida grabbed it. The data erasing bomb continued shrinking and Copy Trinity was completely erased in the process.

This left a very strong emotional impact on Leida Trinity. She remembered when Neo’s first reaction had been to kiss her when he saw her, and his kiss was loving and true. Now, seeing how the cyber version of the sixth Trinity felt because she couldn’t help him, she understood what true love was. And for a second there, she wished that her story had been like theirs; but her story was different, and there was nothing she could do about it. She never experienced that kind of love. The fifth Neo and she were only good mission partners and nothing else. At least, she would be able to honor her last wish and help the sixth Neo…

Several meters above them, the fifth Neo blocked the other erasing bomb, but it still exploded outwards catching him with part of its sphere. The erasing procedure began to erase part of his right hand—he was using the other hand to grab the older Neo—and part of his right leg. He was caught truly off guard for the first time because he wasn’t expecting that. Regardless, it seemed like he was going to overcome it.

That instant was the moment when the sixth Neo did something quite incredible—something he had already done before, to save Trinity. He could still feel that Cyber Neo would not be convinced by anything. He also saw a full opening to reach the yellow sphere of codes in his chest, and he took it.

Neo introduced his hand into Cyber Neo’s chest and grabbed the yellow sphere—just like he had grabbed Trinity’s heart before. Then, he took it out of the cyber body and erased it himself, within his hand. Cyber Neo was completely immobilized and helpless during the seconds when that happened. That moment also proved that Neo (the sixth Neo) could do things in the Matrix that Cyber Neo (the fifth Neo) could not do.

Neo regained control and grabbed Cyber Neo, pulling him away from the erasing sphere. He went back to the ground and placed Cyber Neo there. He also joined Captain Trin, who seemed a little shocked after what happened with Copy Trinity.

Cyber Neo was on his feet again very quickly and he finally saw the truth. The one he had been fighting against was an older-looking Neo and the other woman was an older-looking Trinity. He could also feel that the man was the next Neo and she was his Trinity, although he didn’t understand why yet.

Cyber Neo [to Neo]: “So, you were telling me the truth, and you saved me right now. I don’t know how you did it though. I have never done anything like that.”

Neo was about to answer, but instead he almost collapsed right there.

Cyber Neo grabbed him before he could fall.

Cyber Neo: “I’m sorry, I must have hurt you pretty badly. We will heal you.”

Cyber Neo [to Trin]: “Trinity, I don’t know how this can be true, but I know that it is you. Please, tell me what happened. Why are you and he so much older? How long has it been since I fought Deus Ex at the City of the Machines? Where is this place? Where are we now?”

Leida Trinity: “You lost to Deus Ex twenty-one years ago and I was rescued from the Matrix. What you knew as Zion and the City of the Machines was part of another layer of the Matrix. We are not in that world now; we are in the real world. I continued living here, but you were used as an experiment by Deus Ex, after your defeat. The other Neo grew in the Matrix and became The One, just like you did, but he succeeded in many places where we failed. Ultimately, I rescued him from there and brought him here. However, other calamities have come here as well. Deus Ex is one of them. And he is here now. To destroy us, he summoned you and a cyber copy of the sixth Trinity as well, but her copy was erased, and you made it.”

Cyber Neo [regretful]: “What have I done… I must heal him and help you. We must stop Deus Ex together.”

Then, both the fallen Neo and Cyber Neo looked as if something had hit them all of a sudden. They felt an anomaly—a drastic change—had taken place there. The change, of course, had been that the Agent Smith Virus had taken over Deus Ex’s body…

The soldiers from the Resistance attacked Agent-Smith-Ex with their plasma rifles and some of them even tried some of those data erasing spheres on him, but none of that worked. He unleashed a massive yellow wave of energy and code streams that erased all of that. He was beginning to realize that he had taken over the body of what seemed to be the most powerful entity in the Matrix.

Agent-Smith-Ex: “I can feel the presence of the Matrix much better than before. Was this how Mr. Anderson felt? It’s no wonder why he wasn’t afraid. This must mean that this new body is superior in every way. This should have been the body that I should have had from the start.”

Agent-Smith-Ex also perceived that he wasn’t the only “superior entity” in the vicinity.

Agent-Smith-Ex: “No… Mr. Anderson is also here, isn’t he?! He’s always in my way, but now, with this new body, the final result will be very different.”

Agent-Smith-Ex began to look for Neo. He went past Frank Xenno without even noticing him because he could already see where Neo was.

Frank Xenno [looking at Agent-Smith-Ex]: “The god of the machines from the Matrix… he doesn’t look or feel the same way. He looks green now, like the cyber entities. And his face changed. What the heck happened?”

Frank Xenno stood up in a hurry with his special rifle and he finally began to feel pain in his body, so he had to stay in place. The beating and the direct plasma blast from Copy Trinity were starting to show their effects. He was tough, but he was also old. Clearly, even General Frank Xenno had his limits…

Agent-Smith-Ex arrived at Neo’s location. He looked directly at the older Neo and Trinity, even though Cyber Neo was there as well. It was as if he could tell that the older one was the Neo that he knew…

Agent-Smith-Ex: “Mr. Anderson, how long has it been since you beat me and my army? You look much older now. And Trinity is with you as well, looking older too. Some things never change, but others, like I, do change for the better. Look at the two of you and look at me. I think you can say I have gotten a substantial upgrade and you two have gotten a downgrade. You should already know how things will play out this time.”

A bunch of dangerous-looking streams of green codes began to come from Agent-Smith-Ex and they began to form what looked like giant needles.

He threw the green needles at them, but Cyber Neo generated his green sphere almost instantly and used it to block all of them, saving Neo and Trin. He then grabbed Neo and Leida and flew away from there with them. He placed them on what looked like a safe site.

Cyber Neo: “I want you two to escape. Saving the sixth Neo should be our priority. I will take care of the enemy. It looks like agent Smith has taken over Deus Ex. I have fought both of them before, so I know what to expect. I can handle him. This time I know I will be fighting the real enemy.”

Captain Trin [grabbing Cyber Neo’s hand]: “Neo wait. You were defeated by Deus Ex before. I saw it with my own eyes. He also created this cyber version of you. Going against him alone may be suicide.”

Cyber Neo: “Someone has to do it. Don’t worry Trin, I won’t make the same mistakes twice. At least, I am certain that this time you will be safe.”

Cyber Neo left Leida Trinity thinking. He was also starting to feel much more like the real fifth Neo, just like Copy Trinity felt like the real sixth Trinity at the end…

While Cyber Neo flew towards Agent-Smith-Ex’s location, a group of soldiers from the Resistance ambushed the two robots that captured Rodner Smith and took them down. Then, they took him into custody. They could barely believe it. Had they really captured THE Rodner Smith? It definitely looked like it.

Rodner Smith looked angry as hell at first. He couldn’t even talk because of the patch on his mouth. However, his look began to change from anger to worry in just one minute. The truth was that even he was just a sitting duck without the special morph gun he had created. He knew he could escape and survive, if he was extremely lucky, but winning this battle wasn’t a possibility for him any longer.

Meanwhile, Cyber Neo went face-to-face with the new agent Smith on his own.

He already knew the previous agent Smith, but this agent Smith in particular didn’t know him because this was the one that became a rogue virus and fought against the sixth Neo. This Smith had never met or known any of the previous iterations of Neo.

Agent-Smith-Ex: “So you made a cyber clone of yourself. You must have been taking notes from me Mr. Anderson. You should know better than anyone that no amount of clones will make a difference when the opponent has superior control over the Matrix. And this time, I am the one that has it.”

Cyber Neo: “I am not a clone. I am the previous Neo and I already defeated you before, Smith.”

Agent-Smith-Ex: “I see… the older Neo must have lost his power and now you are their best bet to stop threats like me. You will make a fine practice target at least.”

Cyber Neo: “And you will make an easy target. Your face is huge now. How could I miss?”

The large green face of the hybrid of Deus Ex and agent Smith made the same face gestures that agent Smith made the first time he fought Neo in “The Matrix” at the subway station. It even made big cracking noises with its neck and everything—despite having no actual body beyond the forest of large spikes on the back of its head.

Agent-Smith-Ex: “Mr. Anderson… I am going to enjoy beating you at last.”

Several massive streams of green codes began to appear around Agent-Smith-Ex and clones that looked like doppelganger sentinels appeared in them. However, these doppelgangers took the shape of green agent Smith clones; they didn’t look like the ones Deus Ex used at all.

Cyber Neo also summoned his green sphere of codes—the one he got from Thomas Anderson’s hologram, just like the sixth Neo got his from Thomas and Aida.

Cyber Neo: “It’s time to put an end to Deus Ex. It doesn’t matter if the cover has changed to Smith, it’s still the god of the machines at the core.”

The battle between the fifth Neo and the resurrected agent Smith began and it took the location by storm. Both were using the Matrix to aid them in battle.

Cyber Neo created a green bo staff and began to use it against the flying clones and the larger floating head that was leading the assault against him. In many ways their battle was reminiscent of Neo’s battle with Smith and his clones in “The Matrix Reloaded” at the Oracle’s park. However, this time it was in the air and everyone was flying around.

Cyber Neo didn’t have any problem with the clones, but he still found it very difficult to deal significant damage to the real Smith. And when he finally dealt a severe blow and gave a deep cut to the giant Smith face, Agent-Smith-Ex healed himself using the Matrix’s green codes.

How was he going to beat him? Cyber Neo understood that he needed to land a massive and powerful attack to destroy Agent-Smith-Ex in one shot. Attacks that were not powerful enough to destroy the entire entity in one shot were not going to work to delete him.

Cyber Neo began to prepare a massive clash between him and Agent-Smith-Ex where he would use the full power of his sphere and release it all on Agent-Smith-Ex.

He did it and the final result released an intense light that made it hard to see what the outcome had been.

When it was visible, the green agent Smith clones had been destroyed and we could see that Agent-Smith-Ex had used his spikes to cover himself. The spikes had been blown apart with the impact and part of the giant face had been distorted by Cyber Neo’s grand slam of energy. However, Agent-Smith-Ex survived and he also managed to catch and hold Cyber Neo, who had just lost his protective sphere.

Agent-Smith-Ex: “This is it for you. This time I won’t make the mistake of replicating myself onto you. This time I won’t add you to my network, I will erase you from it. Good bye Mr. Anderson, and good bye to the older Trinity and the older you as well. I’ll send them your way very soon.”

Cyber Neo had lost his glasses and his deep green eyes were visible for the first time.

Agent-Smith-Ex’s codes began to surround him and cover his body. However, Cyber Neo had a profound counter-reaction that triggered something in the Matrix. His eyes changed from green to yellow and the codes in his cyber body began to turn yellow as well. Soon, the takeover of Neo by Agent-Smith-Ex’s green codes was reversed, and Cyber Neo’s new yellow streams began to take over Agent-Smith-Ex instead. They began a power struggle, like the one the fifth Neo had with Deus Ex, when he lost. However, this time Cyber Neo was the clear victor. Somehow, he was using the more powerful streams of codes from the Yellow Layer of the Virtual Matrix, which could overcome the green streams from the Green Layer. So far, only Deus and Deus Ex had been able to use those yellow streams. No one else had been able to use them.

Agent-Smith-Ex’s distorted face slowly began to show fear when Cyber Neo’s newly acquired yellow codes were covering it everywhere. Its green codes were not capable of overpowering the yellow ones. It was imminent that agent Smith was going to be deleted for good by the fifth Neo (Cyber Neo), who had also acquired a yellow-looking color. And since Deus Ex was agent Smith’s new body, both were about to have the same fate: deletion from the system.

That was the moment when a hidden truth was fully revealed: the truth about who the real Deus Ex was…

Cyber Neo: “Good bye Smith and good bye Deus Ex. Neither one of you will be coming back anymore. I’ll make sure about it.”

When Cyber Neo’s yellow codes were about to start deleting agent Smith and the body—which was a giant green face with spikes on its back instead of hair—something very unexpected happened. A long silver-looking sword-like thing came from inside Agent-Smith-Ex and went straight through Cyber Neo’s chest. Then, another one just like the first made a huge cut and opened a hole on Agent-Smith-Ex’s right cheek. Clearly, this was not agent Smith’s doing and it was done from the inside.

Both sword-like things had the same silver color as the previous Deus Ex, so that gave Cyber Neo a hint of what was happening. However, the two blade-like arms were exerting some kind of force on Cyber Neo and agent Smith, so they couldn’t do anything. They were being held in place by something that was more powerful than them.

Then, the main Deus Ex doppelganger that had fought against the fifth Neo came out from the open cheek of the giant green face. Cyber Neo recognized him right away. This was what that enemy from before felt like. This was the real Deus Ex.

The silver being didn’t copy anyone’s physical form this time. He began to take his true original form, while holding both Cyber Neo and Agent-Smith-Ex in place, with its long silver arms. He had left the large body and was in the air, between Cyber Neo and agent Smith.

His form maintained its silver color, but he soon began to resemble a deusian being that looked just like Deus. However, his vest and his whole skin were still silver, like all the grand glitches in the Matrix. He didn’t look white, like the other deuses that we had seen before. His face didn’t look exactly as Deus’s face either. There were some differences, just like there are differences between two different human males, even if they have the same body type and similar looks.

The two long silver arms started to come back to their original shape and size. They pulled Cyber Neo and the giant agent-Smith face closer to the real Deus Ex. Then, the arms began to take the shape of normal arms. However, even when they went back to their original shape, the new Deus Ex still kept one hand inside Cyber Neo’s chest and the other inside agent-Smith-Ex’s face. He was holding them just like Neo held Trinity when he revived her in The Matrix Reloaded. This seemed abnormal or even impossible, but for a true master of the Matrix reality itself could be bent, without causing death or drastic changes in other entities.

The Real Deus Ex [same voice as before, smaller body, but looking and sounding even mightier]: “You are right Neo, it’s time to say good bye to agent Smith, the cyber anomaly, and good bye to you, the previous human anomaly, but definitely not good bye to Deus Ex, the one and only deusian anomaly in the system. All of you will be long gone before I can be deleted.”

At that moment, the older Neo felt an incredible disturbance in the Matrix. It was worse than what he felt when he had to fight Deus at the Main Base, and when he sensed agent Smith’s return to the battlefield. Some new entity was causing it and it definitely wasn’t agent Smith or Cyber Neo. Neo began to think that Deus Ex was back, even though he had not even seen him yet.

Leida Trinity: “What is happening Neo? You look worried, even though we just got saved by my Neo. What is wrong?”

Neo: “We need to get out of here and get ready. Deus Ex is back and he feels different now. I don’t know if the fifth Neo will be able to stop him. We must hurry.”

Neo walked a few steps and had to stop. He was still hurting from the battle with Cyber Neo.

Leida helped him.

Leida Trinity: “Let’s go. I will help you.”

Neo [sounding worried]: “I need to recover as fast as possible. I… I don’t think we’ll have enough time to leave. I must do it here.”

Neo began to recreate his green sphere of codes and he began to use it to heal his body, once again. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do it quickly. Would he have enough time before the deusian anomaly attacked them?

The real Deus Ex sent a silver-looking stream from his hand to agent-Smith-Ex’s body. He was planning to absorb the cyber anomaly, which had taken over his secondary body.

Agent-Smith-Ex: “You… Who are you!? How can you do this!?”

Real Deus Ex: “I am the one that helped Neo to delete you and your little rogue network from my Matrix. I connected him and sent him to fight you in my place. I also learned how to erase you and ensured that all traces of your virus were gone from the Green Layer. But, we are not in the Matrix now, are we? I couldn’t erase this copy of you that was kept here, but I plan to do so now, after I get your virus’s abilities from my former body.”

Agent-Smith-Ex: “No! Nooo! Stop!!!”

The Agent-Smith-Ex face and its spikes were reduced to a chunk of green coded streams by the silver mass and Deus Ex began to absorb part of those streams, while the others began to fade away and disappear.

Soon, Agent-Smith-Ex was gone and only the yellow Cyber Neo was left.

Real Deus Ex [to Cyber Neo / in a dark but humorous tone]: “You should be happy. There is no more agent Smith now and no one will call you Mr. Anderson again. Obtaining his self-replication ability from my old body was easier than I thought. I could never copy your ability to teleport from one layer to another, and I tried to do it with you and the next Neo, but all my attempts failed. The One must be a copy-protected entity in the Matrix, don’t you think?”

Deus Ex had his hand closed inside Cyber Neo’s chest, as if he was holding him from the inside of his being. Cyber Neo could barely move, but he could talk and the way he felt was clear on his face. He was extremely concerned at first, but, there was something that made him feel calm later. He realized that this wasn’t the first time that he had felt just like that: captive, put in pause, immobilized, without having the ability to escape or attack. The first time was when the sixth Neo introduced his hand in his chest and erased the yellow sphere that was making him see a simulated reality. In other words, Cyber Neo knew that the sixth Neo was capable of doing such things, even though he (the fifth one) could never do such a thing. And it was true that the fifth Neo had been a “braver Neo” in many ways (he did many things alone), but, the connection of his next iteration with the Matrix was even stronger. Even if the sixth Neo’s initial path of The One was a less difficult road—thanks to Trinity and Morpheus—he was still better prepared than the fifth Neo to control the Matrix…

Real Deus Ex [to Cyber Neo]: “There are many secrets of the Matrix that I still need to discover. It’s too bad that I will be the only one that will uncover them because you will be gone. Tell me, how does it feel to know that you will be deleted soon? How does it feel to know that you have lost, despite everything you did to make a difference in the Matrix? How does it feel to know that Thomas Anderson’s plan is doomed? You were the bravest of the Neo’s that I met, so now, I want your final answer, before your entity fades away forever.”

The codes in Cyber Neo’s body began to disappear, as if he was fading away. It looked like Deus Ex was deleting him.

However, Cyber Neo knew that they could still win because he knew that the sixth Neo could do greater things than he in the Matrix.

Cyber Neo [absurdly confident for someone that was about to die]: “Thomas Anderson’s plan will succeed. The others will take care of you. As for me, my job is done; even if go away now, I already did my part in the plan. I may not be the one that will defeat you and complete the original plan, but I have not lost either because I helped along the way to make things happen, in and out of the Matrix. Your time is counted Deus Ex, just like mine.”

Real Deus Ex: “Really? You sound sure, even though there is no one in this battlefield that can do anything to stop me anymore. I like your final answer, but conviction and bravery are not going to be enough to stop the true master of the Matrix… Good bye, Cyber Neo.”

Cyber Neo’s body was fully erased by Deus Ex. Then, Deus Ex landed on the ground and began to walk headed towards the team of soldiers from the Resistance that had Rodner Smith. As he walked, other soldiers of the Resistance shot at him, but he made most of the plasma blasts fall down to the ground and some were reversed in direction and went back to the soldiers. The real Deus Ex seemed absolutely worry-free. It looked as if he already knew that he had everything under control.

Frank Xenno got a good view of what happened there, but Neo and Leida Trinity didn’t. They were about half a mile apart from Frank because Cyber Neo moved them from the previous location. Frank Xenno was the one that was much closer to where the real Deus Ex was.

Frank Xenno: “Goddammit, how worse are things going to get??! We couldn’t beat the other one in 60 years, and now, we have a tougher-looking silver one and we have to figure out a way to beat him in less than 60 minutes. It’s moments like this that make me wish I had learned how to pray like a nun… but all I know is fighting, and shooting, and some mechanical engineering, and more shooting. We need a miracle to win now. Did you hear that Jesus? I won’t give up hope!! If we win here, we can end the curse of the Matrix once and for all!”

The real Deus Ex reached the group that had Rodner Smith hostage and created a large yellow sphere of codes that encapsulated them. The weapons of the soldiers suddenly stopped working and their armors felt much heavier than normal. They could barely move.

Real Deus Ex [to soldiers]: “I will be taking your hostage. If you move I will take your lives too.”

Rodner Smith attempted to escape desperately, but Deus Ex grabbed him by the jacket and flew out of the yellow sphere with him. He landed not far from there with Rodner and made a snapping motion with his fingers. Then, the yellow sphere went away, but its streams of codes went through the soldiers before disappearing. All the soldiers there fell to the ground afterwards. Deus Ex didn’t spare their lives, even though he had said he would do it.

Rodner Smith was nervous as hell. His normally arrogant and cocky attitude was sent on a vacation after he lost the morph gun. Besides, he truly feared what the deusian anomaly would do to him.

Deus Ex placed his hands on Rodner’s shoulders and kept his mouth shut with the patch. Then, the same silver streams from before—the ones he used on Agent-Smith-Ex—began to cover Rodner’s body everywhere, beginning from the shoulders. Rodner began to signal “no” moving his head side to side. Even with the patch on his mouth, it was possible to hear him trying to say “wa-it!” several times. He seemed truly desperate.

Real Deus Ex [with anticipative voice]: “It’s time Rodner Smith. I will know what truly happened when I was created and what secrets about the Matrix you are still hiding. I will also test agent Smith’s ability on you. After you are one with me I will know everything you know.”

Rodner had never looked this desperate since we met him… indeed, there was nothing he could do to stop Deus Ex now…

When the silver stream took over him, it merged with him and took the same shape and form as the real Deus Ex. It was a perfect clone, just like the agent Smith clones from The Matrix Revolutions.

Main Deus Ex [sounding enlightened]: “I see… so that was what really happened back then. I knew it. Rodner may be a great human genius, but he was still a fraud. He was just the architect that they used. The true creator was the deus that gave him the source code to make the two Virtual Matrices. And… knowing the truth about the Matrix changes everything. I must hurry and finish my task in this world as fast as possible. I should also destroy the sixth Neo. Only another anomaly can cause me any problems now, and The One is the only other anomaly in the Matrix. His sixth iteration was even weaker than the fifth though, but I shouldn’t take any chances.”

Cloned Deus Ex: “I am not sensing his location. Could he have escaped while I erased the fifth Neo and agent Smith?”

Main Deus Ex [certain]: “No, he is still here. I know him. He wouldn’t leave his people behind. He is the polar opposite of Rodner Smith.”

Cloned Deus Ex: “Then, why am I not sensing him?”

Main Deus Ex: “He must be hiding using his power over the Green Layer of the Virtual Matrix. He can’t hide forever though. We’ll bring him out. Destroy the ships from the Resistance, in case any of them is trying to escape with him. I will look for him in plain sight. I will find him despite any barrier he might be using.”

The perfect clone of the real Deus Ex rose in the sky and began targeting the ships from the Resistance with his yellow energy beams. Missiles were fired at him, but he turned them into dust using a yellow sphere of codes, like the one Deus had used before.

The main Deus Ex also rose in the sky and he began scanning the areas not too far from him. He was feeling that Neo wasn’t too far from him.

Neo and Leida Trinity were inside a green sphere of codes that Neo had summoned. He was using it to conceal themselves from plain sight and to heal himself, but the healing process was very slow for him and keeping both tasks going simultaneously was proving to be exhausting. He obviously wasn’t ready to stop Deus Ex and he wouldn’t be able to stay hidden for much longer either.

Leida Trinity [while looking at the main Deus ex]: “Neo, can you still fly? Fly away from here and escape. Don’t worry about us. Don’t worry about me. You may be our only hope to defeat this menace. You must make it no matter what.”

Neo: “I can’t do that. I won’t leave you all behind if I can do anything about it.”

At that moment, there was a lapse in the sphere and the whole green sphere went down. Neo simply couldn’t keep doing both things at once.

Captain Trin grabbed Neo’s hand and held it tight and with confidence, as if she wanted to give him her strength. Deus Ex had not noticed them yet.

Neo had a strong memory of the sixth Trinity; Captain Leida’s hand felt just like hers, and like his Trinity, she had been by his side helping him.

Neo stood up with Leida and his spirit began to look much more uplifted than just a minute earlier.

Neo: “We will find a way out. We will end the menace of the Matrix together.”

Frank Xenno witnessed what was happening. It seemed like the two Deus Ex’s were looking for someone. Obviously, they were looking for Neo and they wanted to finish him. One of them was laying waste to their ships and the other—the one that looked like the true leader—was right there, even closer to Frank than to Neo and Trinity. Frank could see him perfectly from his location and he knew Deus Ex was looking for them.

Then, Frank saw Neo and Leida and he saw how they stood up and how they looked during that moment, when they looked up at the sky, confident about their future, even though it seemed so difficult and uncertain. Their facial expressions showed that they had the key: somehow, they looked like they could make it against all odds.

Frank Xenno had a very strong epiphany at that exact moment. He remembered the first and only time when he saw the original Thomas Anderson and Aida Trinity, before they were taken away by Deus. He was a kid in a group of refugees from another city that had been taken over by Deus. He had lost his beloved brother and many others to the menace of the Matrix. He had also heard about Thomas Anderson before, but he had never seen him in person.

The way Neo and Leida stood up and looked up, holding hands, was exactly the same as before; it was like Thomas and Aida were there. For Frank, it felt as if he was seeing them all over again. It was as if Thomas Anderson and Aida Trinity had never left them…

Back then, Frank looked up to them, but soon after he found out that they had failed, he saw them as failures instead. They were taken away and the menace continued, just like before. It was Nera Williams who rose up and brought back the Resistance. In Frank’s young eyes, it was Nera who was the true hero and Thomas Anderson was just a failure that showed promise at one point.

When he saw them again, now as an old general, he realized that, perhaps, he had it all wrong… Perhaps, Thomas Anderson was the true hero that had never left them. Perhaps, his “Aida-lookalike” niece didn’t just look like Thomas Anderson’s wife because of a coincidence. Perhaps, Neo and many other people and outcomes had been considered by Thomas Anderson before. And, quite possibly, the moment that he saw as one of the greatest failures of his life as a soldier had been his greatest accomplishment. Frank Xenno remembered how he chose to save Leida over Neo, and realized that later it was her who saved the next Neo. Could it all be a coincidence? Was it destiny? Or, was it the doing of Thomas and Aida?

Frank Xenno couldn’t help but feel that it was all connected. He couldn’t help but feel that only Thomas and Aida, or now, Neo and Leida could end the crisis…

At that moment, we were taken from General Frank Xenno’s epiphany of the truth to a moment in the past, days before Thomas, Aida, and the original Yan “Morpheus” left the initial Resistance and were captured by Deus and Rodner Smith.

Thomas Anderson and Aida looked just like the older Neo and the older Trinity back then. Yan Morpheus looked a lot like the old chancellor of Zion that helped the fifth Neo and the others to escape Zion. They were about to leave in a ship, but, before leaving, Thomas went back on his own to say a final good bye to a young woman and an old man in a wheelchair.

The woman looked a lot like the Oracle, but she was about thirty years old. She was definitely the youngest in their group. The old man in the wheelchair looked a lot like Frank Xenno, but he seemed much more “beaten up,” in terms of age and physical look.

Thomas Anderson: “It’s the moment to begin our plan. The day is finally here… I won’t forget what you have done for me, Nera, Frank… I must go now. Frank, please, I want you to take care of Nera.”

The other Frank / Wheelchair Frank: “Nera? Nera is a third degree black belt in her late twenties and, according to you, she’s going to be the first great general of the Resistance force. Me? I am a disabled 80-year-old guy on a wheelchair. I probably only have 2 or 3 more years to live if I’m lucky. I think she’s gonna have to take care of me instead.”

Thomas, Nera, and the other Frank smiled together, but their smiles were short-lived and went away quickly.

The other Frank [serious voice]: “Seriously… do you and my daughter Aida really have to sacrifice yourselves for this? We still have time to take another route. It is not too late.”

Young Nera Williams [looking somewhat sad]: “Thomas, are you sure that there is no other way?”

Thomas Anderson: “There might be a different way, but we were not capable of finding it. This is truly the best that we can possibly do now, and the truth is that even this way doesn’t have guaranteed success; but we made sure that failure won’t come easily for us either. This is the best that we could do, after getting the original source code of the Matrix. There is no better plan at the moment. And by the time something better comes along, it will be too late for everyone. This is our best chance and most likely our last chance to save everyone. Our world and the Matrix are running out of time. Waiting would only ensure our failure.

I’m very sorry that I’m putting you through all of this, but we must do it for everyone. It is necessary… At least, Neo will have the iterations of all of us helping him along the way. With our help, he will save everyone from the Matrix before it is too late.”

He gave a heartfelt hug to Frank and Nera, and with sad but unbreakable conviction, he began to walk back to the ship.

The other Frank and the younger Nera Williams were in the border of tears.

The other Frank: “Hey!! If this is how it is going to be you promised me that I was going to be a gun-carrying badass soldier in my next iteration!! You better make that happen Thomas!! And you better take care of Aida too!!”

Young Nera [looking emotional]: “We will make it!! I will take care of everything else from now on!! Good bye Thomas!”

From the ship, Aida, Yan, and Thomas waved good bye.

Thomas [to the others]: “I know you will!! And we will make it too!! Neo couldn’t have a better team!!”

The ship left and both Frank and Nera looked as if they were in a funeral, but, they quickly regained their drive.

The other Frank: “Oh well, I just hope that we can truly help him and he doesn’t end up having to do all the hard work himself.”

Young Nera Williams: “Don’t worry Frank, we will all play a role in this plan. Everyone matters and each one of us will be crucial at some point. Making the opposing forces think that only Thomas and Neo matter is part of the original plan. At the end of it all, every single one of us will have made a difference to make it happen. Neo will never make it without each and every one of us. Trinity and he won’t be alone, even if it looks like it. I will do my part and your other iteration will do his part too.”

Frank: “Well, let’s hope the next me can kick more butt, because with the way I am now, there is no butt kicking to be done. There’s just talking and hoping that it all works out in the end.”

The younger Nera left with the other Frank and we were shown an event from months later…

The young kid named Frank Xenno saw how a woman named Nera Williams rose from the crowd and gave one of the most motivational speeches he had heard. She made it clear that she would bring back the Resistance and fight to regain what they had lost. The young Frank had also heard that she had just buried “her father who was in a wheelchair” not long ago, so seeing how she could do all of that despite all her burdens made her his true hero (the hero that Thomas Anderson wasn’t, according to how the young Frank Xenno was seeing the events back then). The kid definitely looked up to her. He admired her. And his admiration and desire to follow her footsteps only grew when she was the one that finally named him a soldier of the Resistance…

We were brought back to the current Frank Xenno and the sight of Neo and Leida Trinity standing and looking up, just like Thomas and Aida.

Frank Xenno didn’t know the truth, but he could feel it. He knew that Neo and Trinity were essential, and he knew that he had to help them. He also felt for the first time that his life-defining choice of leaving the other Neo and saving Trinity instead had been the right one from the start.

Frank began to prepare his special rifle. He understood that Neo and his beloved Leida could find a way to save everyone, but they needed more time. They were not ready yet, so he had to buy them some time somehow.

After “standing tall” in the sight of impossible odds, Neo regained the strength to summon his spherical subspace of the Green Matrix once again. This time he stopped using it to heal himself and he only used it to conceal himself and Leida Trinity. Despite his conviction, the truth was that he still had not figured out how to defeat Deus Ex. He believed that his power over the Matrix wasn’t at Deus Ex’s level. Ironically, he had already done things that were at a deusian level, when he revived Trinity and when he stopped Cyber Neo and erased the yellow sphere that Deus Ex had created in him…

Frank Xenno synchronized his beaten armor’s wireless communication channel and gave his brother’s daughter a final message.

Frank Xenno [to Captain Leida]: “Listen Trin; I am going to buy you and Neo some time. I have no doubts now that you two are the ones that can find a way to end the crisis and to kill that monster, so I will back you up. Before I do it, I want you to know something about me. I always resented the day when I failed my mission and saved you. I believed that saving Neo was the right choice and I allowed my emotions to take over the goals of the mission, so I ended up saving my niece instead of him. That day I lost my team, I lost my arm, and I became unfertile because of the injuries I endured to save both of us from the god of the machines. However, I now know that that day wasn’t a failure; it was the day when I gained the most. I gained a daughter that I would have never had, a daughter that is truly like me. I also saved the one that later brought us the other Neo. I made it possible for you two to end the crisis. And now, I will give you my final help. I’m glad that I will be able to help you and him one more time. Save the Resistance for me will you…”

Frank Xenno disconnected their communication from his armor and began to prepare his rifle to fire the strongest plasma beam that it was capable of firing. He started to charge it to the limit.

Leida noticed that their communication had been shut off.

Leida Trinity [very alarmed]: “Frank! Frank!! What do you think you are doing?! Whatever it is, don’t! Answer me!! You and everyone must escape from here!! We must retreat!! We don’t have the answers to defeat this deus!! Even Neo isn’t ready! Frank!!!”

When the rifle reached its maximum charge, Frank Xenno took the most comfortable position for the shot and aimed it directly at the main Deus Ex.

Deus Ex was already sensing the correct location for Neo and the other Trinity, even though he had not seen them with his eyes yet. He pointed his right hand at where they were and was about to start generating a yellow beam of energy, which he planned to shot straight at them right away. However, before he fired the energy beam, Frank Xenno fired his plasma beam at him. The beam was aimed perfectly. It went directly towards Deus Ex’s face and forced Deus Ex to turn around and use his yellow energy to block it. It was a very sudden reaction…

Deus Ex saw Frank Xenno and his mind immediately remembered that face. How could he forget? Suddenly, he placed finding Neo in second place and focused his attention on Frank Xenno.

Main Deus Ex [looking down at Frank’s location on the ground / with menacing tone]: “Captain Frank Xenno, the only inferior entity that managed to challenge me and escape alive, even without the power of the Matrix. It’s been a long time, but I still remember it. I’m sure that you haven’t forgotten that day either, general…”

Frank Xenno: “How could I forget?! Your silver, giant, and butthurt face gave me endless nightmares!!!”

Deus Ex began to feel angry, but he knew what was happening there.

Regardless, he couldn’t ignore his pride, so he focused on Frank Xenno first, instead of continuing his search for Neo.

Main Deus Ex: “I see what you are doing. You are putting your life on the line to help Neo and the fifth Trinity, but it will backfire on you. Nothing can save any of you anymore. Indeed, this is the beginning of the end for all of you. And what better way is there to crush the Resistance than to start with their respected leader. I should thank you Frank, you made this easy for me by bringing them all here. Now look around yourself, watch how all your ships fall, and know full-well that the rest of the Resistance will be destroyed right after you. At the end, you were nothing and your efforts made no difference. Good bye General Xenno.”

Despite how threatening Deus Ex sounded, Frank Xenno wasn’t intimidated. He knew full-well that death would be at the door if he did this. However, some of Deus Ex’s words surprised him. After all, only Neo, the Oracle (the hybrid copy of Nera Williams), and Leida Trinity knew about Thomas Anderson’s plan. Frank Xenno suspected that there was such a thing, and Deus Ex’s words confirmed it for him.

Frank Xenno [whispering]: “The fifth Trinity? So… Leida truly had a connection with Aida Trinity. It wasn’t a coincidence. It means that whatever those two did back then is still working today. Their plan to help us was more elaborate and more long-term than what any of us could think of. Then… I was right for leaving it all in their hands.”

Frank Xenno looked around and he saw how the clone of the real Deus Ex was laying waste to the ships that remained and shooting energy beams at the soldiers on foot. He also saw how the main Deus Ex began to enlarge a sphere of yellow codes, until it touched him, at the ground level.

As soon as Frank was within the yellow subspace of codes, he couldn’t move his armor at all. He saw how the main Deus Ex began to charge an energy beam aimed at him, and he knew that his time had come. Yet, he also knew that he had not lost and it was not the end. He contributed to their cause, just like Nera Williams and many others did…

In a moment where the seconds felt like minutes, Deus Ex shot a thin and powerful yellow beam at Frank Xenno. What remained of the dark blue armor was shattered in hundreds of pieces and the light of the beam covered and destroyed everything else in its path, including Frank.

Neo teleported his green sphere to another safer location—something he had not done before—but both he and Trin still saw what happened to Frank Xenno from there. It was pretty tough to watch what happened.

Leida Trinity [atomic]: “Noooo!!! Frank!!! I.. I will blast him into oblivion!!!”

Neo had to use every bit of strength he had to stop Captain Trin from leaving the hidden sphere and shooting at Deus Ex like crazy. She was out of control.

Neo: “Calm down!!! Think clearly!! Our weapons won’t have any effect on him and we will be exposed as soon as you pull that trigger! We can’t let our emotions overpower us now!!”

Captain Trin’s frustration was so great and unquenchable that she began to cry… The man that had been a great leader and a late father figure to her had suffered a terrible end; and she couldn’t do anything to retaliate because that could put everything else at risk. It was an incredibly difficult moment for her and Neo… They had to watch without fighting back because the enemy was too powerful…

Right after he finished with the general, Deus Ex noticed that Neo’s location had changed again, yet, he was still hiding, instead of facing him. It was obvious that Neo didn’t represent a threat to him in the slightest. He even had to hide and run away. And before, he had been no match at all. The sixth Neo had not been able to do anything to Deus Ex. On the contrary, he was even used by the former Deus Ex to enter Thomas Anderson’s world. How could such an entity be a danger for the real Deus Ex now?

After what he found out about the Matrix—from Rodner Smith—Deus Ex knew that any other anomaly could represent a serious problem, but he already felt too good about himself, too sure about his victory, and too close to becoming a master of the Matrix… Thinking that Neo had one chance in a million to stop him was just ridiculous. Also, he knew that he could run out of time at any moment, so reaching the world of the deuses had to be his true priority. Then… he stopped looking for Neo and he decided to speed up everything, so that he could move even closer to his final goal right away…

The cloned Deus Ex stopped his assault on the Resistance and came back to where the main Deus Ex was.

Main Deus Ex: “After learning the truth about the Matrix, all I know is that I can’t afford to waste much time in this world. I must finish it quickly…”

Clone of Deus Ex: “Then, it is time to use the power of the Matrix. It will be done before they can even understand what is taking place here. Should I start it?”

Main Deus Ex: “Yes. Even Neo himself won’t last for long after it’s done. There is no point in delaying my takeover any further.”

The clone of the real Deus Ex started to recreate the secondary Deus Ex body—the silver head with the giant face and the spikes—from himself. Then, the real Deus Ex entered it and kept himself well-protected in there, just like before. Even the floating sentinels around his forehead came back. It was like Deus Ex had returned in all his glory, but now we knew that the real one was inside. The giant face was just a shell, or a protection, for the real deusian anomaly.

Deus Ex began to rise in the sky without paying attention to the battlefield below anymore.

Neo saw this as the sign of a really bad omen…

Deus Ex began to create a yellow Matrix subspace—a yellow sphere of codes—with him at its center, in the middle of the sky. The sphere began to grow, like many others we had seen so far, but this one didn’t stop growing and it gained more and more acceleration with every second that went by. The entire place was covered by it very quickly, but it didn’t stop there…

The yellow sphere of codes from Deus Ex’s Matrix continued spreading at an alarming rate, covering absolutely everything in its path. Soon, we saw how it went over the remainders of the Main Base and the First Base; we saw how it covered the ruins of Thomas Anderson’s original city; we saw it reaching and taking over Rodner Smith’s utopian city of brilliant slaves; we saw how it went through places where some scattered people still lived… Everywhere, the people saw it coming and there was nothing they could do. All they knew is that it didn’t feel good and it made them feel sleepy, right after they entered the yellow space. It slowly began to put everyone in a similar state as the people that “dreamed” in the fields of the Matrix, in endless pods…

The view changed to the outside of the planet, and we could see how the yellow calamity started at a spot and spread throughout the entire living ball in space, until it gained a larger size than the planet itself. Then, it stopped growing, because there was no need for Deus Ex to make the space any larger. The entire planet was all he needed to take over the humans and the robots…

Neo and Leida Trinity were not affected because they were inside Neo’s green sphere, but they began to see how the humanoid robots and the human soldiers from the Resistance were lifted from the ground, as if they were floating in some sort of space-like environment. It was clear that the people were starting to fall asleep as well. The armors of the human soldiers were starting to fade away too, as if they were being “erased” by the streams.

The yellow sphere was affecting everything and everyone… It was effectively creating a new reality for everyone…

Neo and Trinity looked safe, until they noticed that Neo’s green sphere was slowly losing its streams of codes along the borders. In other words, the yellow codes were erasing it slowly. It was only a matter of time before Neo and Trinity could be reached by Deus Ex’s space as well.

The situation had never looked this bad at Thomas Anderson’s world.

And that was the moment when Deus opened his eyes again. The soldiers that were around him had been lifted from the ground already, but he and his white sphere of codes were still there; and unlike Neo’s sphere, the white one wasn’t being erased. Obviously, it had not even been detected by Deus Ex. It was safe to say that Deus Ex didn’t know that the other deus was back now…

Deus stood up again, looking just like he did before his prior clash with Deus-Ex-Bern.

The white sphere was making him look more powerful though. He was completely unaffected by what was happening with Deus Ex’s yellow space.

Deus [looking at the new mayhem around him, and looking at Deus Ex in the sky]: “When the Matrix was created, it was agreed that this would never be done. However, I am not one of the creators of the Matrix and neither is he. I am one of the few deuses that wants to save the humans from the Matrix and he wants to erase them… I’m glad I’m here now… This must be why Deus Neo chose me. He knew that only I would go this far for them. We are the only ones that would be willing to break the rules, not for ourselves, but for them, and for a good cause… However, will my limited power for unlocking the Matrix be enough? Even if Deus Ex can’t unlock the Matrix yet and access the original codes, the scale of his control over the system surpasses mine. I might not be powerful enough to erase him from this plane even if I unlock and use the Matrix’s source code. My chances may still be slim, unless… Unless there is someone else by my side that can do the same. The human that can use the Matrix, I am going to need him again. Together we have a good chance to delete Deus Ex.”

Deus moved through the sea of yellow codes and floating robots and soldiers with great ease, thanks to the white sphere. He located Neo on the ground and moved towards him.

Neo and Trinity were having a hard time at that moment because the green sphere wasn’t going to stay in place for much longer. It was quite a desperate time.

And then, all of a sudden, Deus landed in front of them with his new white sphere of Matrix-like codes.

Leida “Trin” almost had a nervous attack when she saw him.

Trin [aiming her plasma gun at Deus]: “You!? Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t shoot a blast at your head right now!! It’s because of you that the Resistance has suffered so much!! It’s because of you that it all came down to this!!”

Then, one of the most shocking revelations yet took place.

Deus Maxio didn’t talk, but he grabbed a stream of white codes from the sphere and placed them on his face. He kept his hand there and his deusian face transformed—or changed—to a human face. When he removed the hand, Neo couldn’t keep his mouth completely closed—even he was in awe—and Leida got even worse. She just couldn’t understand it. Neo and her definitely weren’t expecting to see that.

Deus’s human face looked just like Matthew Hemsworth’s face (Matthew was Dayana’s brother from the Trinity Squad that saved the sixth Neo).

Trin [hysterical]: “What the hell is this!!? Why do you have Matthew’s face??!! What kind of sick game are you playing with us!?”

Deus Maxio [sounding incredibly calm for someone that had a plasma gun pointed at his face]: “My name is Deus Maxio. I’m here because I need your help. I thought that showing you facial features that were like yours would make you much more cooperative towards me, because it is natural for living beings to want to cooperate with those who look like them. However, I see it doesn’t work in every case.

I have unlocked the true power of the Matrix for a limited amount of time. Many impossible things become possible with this power. One of them is shaping your own DNA code in the Matrix to look like any other code of any other type of living organism. Once I did that for my face and for the human code from the Matrix, this is what I look like. This is what my real face would be if I truly was a human and not a deus.”

Trin wasn’t lowering her weapon. Perhaps, she was a little perplexed.

Neo walked forward and placed his hand on top of Trin’s plasma rifle.

Neo: “Lower your weapon Trin. He is not our enemy now. Rodner Smith has been the reason why everything went wrong. He was our true enemy from the start. Deus Maxio is on our side; he was being controlled by Smith before, but now he’s not.”

Deus Maxio [looking at Trin]: “I tried to appeal to your biology by talking to you with a human face, but it seems like I will have to appeal to your common sense instead. Right now, I may be your world’s last hope of survival. If you shoot me now everything will be over for your world. However, as things stand, even I can’t erase the enhanced deus alone. He is far more powerful than I thought. I need your partner’s help. He can fight manipulating the Matrix like I can. Together, we stand a chance. We can erase this false god if we join forces.”

Trin finally lowered her weapon. Then, Maxio covered them with the white sphere, ensuring their safety.

Deus Maxio [to Neo]: “I’m sorry, but I need you to let go of her. You won’t be able to protect her and fight with me at the same time. She must stay outside of your sphere.”

Neo: “I can’t do that Maxio. Trinity must stay with me until the end. It will raise our chances of winning. It is necessary to end the Matrix.”

Deus Maxio—who still had Matthew’s face—began to look thoughtful. He was a little surprised because the human seemed to know too much about the Matrix, but this wasn’t the time to discuss that. Maxio knew that she couldn’t stay with them. It simply wasn’t an option.

Deus Maxio: “We cannot fight againt Deus Ex using the Matrix if you are protecting her too. She has to stay behind. It is the only choice we have.”

Neo was about to reiterate that he wasn’t going to leave her, but Trin herself stopped him.

Trin: “Neo, wake up! Look at what is happening!! The world is about to end. We don’t have any other choice now. I will be with you, even if I am not by your side. Don’t worry about Thomas Anderson’s plan and our chances of success. Right now, if you don’t help him, our chances are zero.”

Then, Trin began to walk out of the white sphere that was protecting them.

Neo: “Wait Trin! Don’t do that.”

Trin: “I saved you enough times. Now, I need you to save us, just like Thomas and Aida wanted it to happen. I need you to save us from the Matrix. There is no other way. You are The One.”

Neo understood her, but letting her go was painful for him. She still looked like Trinity, even if she wasn’t his Trinity…

The sea of yellow codes quickly lifted her up when she left the white sphere’s space and she began to get separated from them. She had difficulty moving inside the stream, so there was nothing she could do to avoid being carried away from them, very slowly…

Deus Maxio created two small white spheres on his hand and he gave one to Neo. They were white-colored streams of codes with a spherical shape.

Neo: “What is the meaning of this? What are you doing?”

Maxio: “There is no time for explanations Neo, we must delete him in the following minutes if we are going to succeed. I won’t be able to keep the Matrix’s source unlocked for much longer. To erase him, we will have to introduce one of these spheres in his body. Then, he will be deleted by the Matrix itself and he will cease to exist. We just need to introduce one of these through his silver surface, and victory will be on our side. I suspect he won’t let us get to him so easily though, so be ready to do whatever you have to do to get to him. Putting this white stream in him is the only way we have to ensure his defeat. It will erase his entity automatically. If we fail, however, we will be deleted by him and this whole world will follow. We must succeed no matter what happens. Are you ready? Take my hand and I will share my access to the power of the White Matrix with you.”

Neo was about to grab Maxio’s hand, while he held the white sphere with his other hand, but first, he looked up and he saw faces that he still remembered well.

Among the smaller bodies of children that were floating above—carried by the yellow streams— he saw Jack, the cheerful boy that shared his inventions with him. Was this how the boy’s life was going to end?

Neo also saw two soldiers who’s armors were still fading away—half of their armors were gone and the other half had been erased already. Even though they were asleep, their hands were still holding each other very tightly. They were reluctant to letting go of each other, even at the end. When Neo noticed their faces, he remembered that they were the lovely couple that he met at the Main Base—the same ones that asked him to save them from the menace, so that their love could continue endlessly.

Neo saw the moment when their hands finally let go of each other and he couldn’t help but feel that the end was truly at hand.

The truth was clear: humankind and the robots had already fallen.

It was just him and Deus Maxio now.

Neo didn’t have to think much more about it. Seeing Jack and the couple triggered his response. A deep fire awakened in him; it was a fire that we had not seen in him since the time when he saved Trinity against all odds.

Without thinking much more about it, he grabbed Deus Maxio’s hand like the world depended on it and he gave him his answer:

Neo: “I am ready!!!!”

Maxio’s white sphere covered Neo’s green sphere and turned it white as well.

Neo began to feel as if the real Matrix had been uncovered and revealed to him. The feeling he had was one of revelation, rather than pure power. He truly felt that the Matrix was on his side when his sphere was the same as Maxio’s.

Deus Maxio: “Using this power was forbidden even for me, but I chose to break my world’s rules to stop him from destroying your world. I will share my access to the unlocked Matrix with you Neo. It may affect both of us in unpredictable ways, but it is our only reliable weapon against another high-end user of the Matrix. It will last for just a few minutes due to the limits of my power. That is all the time we have to delete him. I expect that he will see me as the greater threat, so he will focus more of his forces on me. If that happens, you will have the better chance of reaching him with the white sphere. If such a chance comes up, take it and erase him. Don’t look back, even if that means leaving me behind. The White Matrix will be our ally. We must not lose this time Neo.”

Neo: “We won’t! It’s time to end the curse of the Matrix and free everyone from it once and for all! This is the moment that Thomas Anderson warned me about, the moment where I had to find my own answers and end the crisis. Let’s finish this Deus Maxio!!”

Deus Maxio changed his face back to normal and looked up at Deus Ex, in the sky.

And the battle for Thomas Anderson’s world began…


NEXT – Part 8 out of 9: The Battle for Thomas Anderson’s World

The Matrix Revelations (Part 7D)

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