Author’s Comment #24

I am going to share this here as well. You will see what was going through my mind in 6/11/17 when I wrote that lol… Boring books just put me to sleep, end of the story : p. I really need entertaining stuff to stay engaged when it comes to reading. And most important of all, no disappointing endings are allowed : p. It’s terrible to reach the end of a very long story or series just to see that it was given a very mediocre ending (in some cases, no ending at all was given, they leave it “to the reader’s interpretation,” which is probably the worst possible way to end a series—if you ask me). That’s not my style. I love it when the stories are great and the endings are better (yes, even better). And by “better,” I don’t necessarily mean very happy, what I mean is very satisfying, which means that those who liked it so far will not get slapped on the face at the end (that’s how terrible endings make me feel). On the contrary, they will feel that they gained a great experience, like when you visit a place you liked, or when you meet a great new person, or when you beat a game that becomes one of your top favorites on the spot… Such is the power of the experience delivered by a truly great story. It is on the same level as any other big experience, yet, it also gets into realms, minds, and outcomes, which, perhaps, no other experience had ventured into yet… It can turn out to be a truly marvelous thing…

Author’s Comment #24

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