Introduction or Opening for Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson (A Prelude to Attack on Titan)

Follow the link to read the brief “teaser” for this prelude series:




Introduction or Opening for Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson (A Prelude to Attack on Titan)

Links for The End of The Matrix (sequel to The Matrix Revelations)

All Links for The Matrix Revelations, Volume 1: The Real Matrix (this story is already finished, that’s why I started with the second one)


The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2:



Episode 1: Deus Neo and his Group

Episode 2: The Deusian Council

Episode 3: Arrival of the Villains

Episode 4: The Test Subjects and the Decision

Episode 5: He’s not The One!

Episode 6: Thomas and Aida’s Training

Episode 7: Assault on Deus Neo’s Team

Episode 8: Deus T and Rodner Smith

Episode 9: Thomas and Aida’s Love at Osaria

Episode 10: Thomas and Aida meet Thomas and Aida’s Holograms

Episode 11: Thomas Anderson’s Plan and His Truth

Episode 12: Rodner Omega

Episode 13: Ida’s Training

Episode 14: Assault on the Deusian Council

Episode 15: Dillion vs. Deus T and his Group

Episode 16: Deus Theos (Deus T’s identity revealed!)

Episode 17: Retrieval of The One and his Helpers

Episode 18: Battle and Chase at the Deusian Highway (Thomas and Aida vs. the Giant Deusian Robot)

Episode 19: The Creation of the Masters

Episode 20: Battles with the Incomplete Masters

Episode 21: Thomas and the Sixth Neo vs. King Therion (young Neo and old Neo vs. King)

Episode 22: Master Theos’s Past Revealed

Episode 23: Total Negation

Episode 24: Battle of Revelations (Deus Neo vs. Master Theos)

Episode 25: Mount Z and The One

Episode 26: Path to the Master of the Matrix

Episode 27: The Other Chosen

Episode 28: Neo-Thomas vs. Theos

Episode 29: Thomas and Aida vs. the Master of the Matrix

Episode 30: The Final Neo vs. the Deusian Anomaly

Episode 31: The End of the Matrix

Epilogue: The fulfillment of the Grand Plan

The episodes (what truly happens in each) will be fully revealed when I post them ; )


Links for The End of The Matrix (sequel to The Matrix Revelations)

Links for The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf


(An action-fantasy series by author Pedro Cristobal.)

NOTE: You don’t need to watch the Naruto show to read and enjoy this standalone action-fantasy series, but for those of you who want to know the background stories for some of the characters that make appearances in this story (Kakashi for example), watching the original show would be an obvious recommendation.


SEASON 1: A Hero’s Path (Episodes 1-51)


ARC 1: Maida Uchiha and the Special Sharingans (Episodes 1-12)


Episode 1: A New Path

Episode 2: The Ambush

Episode 3: Vs. Tornado Jounen

Episode 4: Love

Episode 5: Empowerment for All

Episode 6: Ninjas of Catastrophe

Episode 7: The Special Sharingan

Episode 8: Seekers of the Sharingan

Episode 9: Maida’s Sharingans

Episode 10: Jim Namikaze vs. Zet and Su

Episode 11: The Sacrifice

Episode 12: Visions in the Darkness


ARC 2: The Leaf (Episodes 13-21)


Episode 13: Death and The Leaf

Episode 14: The Hokage’s Test

Episode 15: Jim Namikaze vs. Jiraiya

Episode 16: The Mission

Episode 17: The Apprentice

Episode 18: The Summoning

Episode 19: The Secret Uchiha Stone

Episode 20: Ancient Summoning Craft

Episode 21: Naruto and the Departure


ARC 3: The Earth Realm (Episodes 22-31)


Episode 22: Arrival at the Earth Realm of the Monkeys

Episode 23: Team Namikaze

Episode 24: Becoming an Earth Sage

Episode 25: The Escapee

Episode 26: The Sharingan’s True Power

Episode 27: Vs. The Elites

Episode 28: Undercover Assault

Episode 29: Team Namikaze VS. Dormon

Episode 30: Terror of the Earth Realm

Episode 31: The Days Before Everything Changed


ARC 4: The Young Leaf (Episodes 32-43)


Episode 32: Mina Hatake

Episode 33: The Young Leaf

Episode 34: Uncertain Future

Episode 35: Mina’s Battle

Episode 36: Menace from the Future

Episode 37: The Pivotal Decision

Episode 38: Caught!!

Episode 39: Hiruzen’s Secret

Episode 40: Open to Love

Episode 41: Revelations of the Sage of the Six Paths

Episode 42: The Second Departure

Episode 43: Kagami’s End


ARC 5: Heroes and Villains

Sub-Arc 5A: The Otsutsukis and the Snake King (Episodes 44-51)


Episode 44: A Mighty Oponent

Episode 45: The Essential Training

Episode 46: Saviors of the Future

Episode 47: Hagaromo’s Truth

Episode 48: Arrival of the Snake King

Episode 49: Hagaromo VS. The Snake King

Episode 50: The Otsutsukis VS. The Snake King

Episode 51: The Battle’s Aftermath


SEASON 2: The Past and the Final Clash in the Future (Episodes 52-84)


ARC 5: Heroes and Villains

Sub-Arc 5B: Origins of the Villains (Episodes 52-60)


Episode 52: The Wrong Time

Episode 53: News of the Present

Episode 54: Orochimaru’s Past

Episode 55: The Real Villain

Episode 56: Princess Kaguya and the Ancient Past

Episode 57: Zet Otsutsuki’s Past

Episode 58: Zet and Su VS. Black and Spiral

Episode 59: Jim Namikaze’s Plan

Episode 60: Plans of the Villains



ARC 6 (The Final Arc): Final Battles at the Future Leaf (Episodes 61-84)



Episode 61: Return of the Earth Sage of The Leaf

Episode 62: Sealing Madara Uchiha’s Clone

Episode 63: Grand Battle VS. Zet and Su (Jim and Naruto VS. Zet and Su)

Episode 64: A Final Choice

Episode 65: The End of Zet and Su

Episode 66: Naruto and Sakura VS. Guardian Spiral

Episode 67: The Takeover

Episode 68: Battle with an Old Friend

Episode 69: Battle with ???? (OMITTED TO AVOID MAJOR SPOILERS)

Episode 70: ???? (same name as above, once again, hidden to avoid spoilers, but when the episode is published I will change it and put the actual name here ; )

Episode 71: Sasukemaru

Episode 72: Naruto VS. Sasukemaru

Episode 73: Return of the Snake King

Episode 74: The Will of Fire VS. The Snake King

Episode 75: The Human Sage VS. The Snake King (hint: the human sage is not Jim Namikaze, Jim is the earth sage, so… guess who this guy is… ; )

Episode 76: Team Seven Rises

Episode 77: The Legendary Team Seven VS. The Snake King

Episode 78: Naruto and Sasuke VS. The True Snake King

Episode 79: Hagaromo’s Successor

Episode 80: Hemnosdan’s Past

Episode 81: Sage-of-Six-Paths Naruto VS. Hemnosdan

Episode 82: Final Battle at the Original Dark Realm

Episode 83: Jim Namikaze

Episode 84: The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf



Links for The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf

Author’s Plan for the Stories

General Plan for the Stories:

First, I will prove that I am a good storyteller that doesn’t disappoint. The way I define “a storyteller that doesn’t disappoint” is someone who’s stories start very good, continue being very good all the way through, and finish with an amazing ending. The best way to prove something (anything) is to do it and leave it recorded for others to see. If I wanted to prove I was good at a sport (for example) I would take a video of myself showing that the team is winning because of me and that I am doing an incredibly good (pro level) performance. I would take those videos several times as well, just to show that I wasn’t just having one “lucky day.” The way to do this for stories is writing long and awesome stories that everyone can read. However, both books and series take a long time to plan, write, and edit, so in my case, showing that I am a great storyteller that produces epic stories over and over and over again will only happen with time. It will take me a few years before it is proven without a shadow of a doubt. Then, I will start with my top stories, which are even better than the initial ones, but by that time no one that read any of the previous stories will have a single doubt in their mind about my ability to deliver another epic story…

The initial ones, which I call my “practice phase,” are extensions to some of the most popular stories in the world (at the point of this writing). They are The Matrix Revelations (a fourth movie for The Matrix Saga), The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf (an anime series of 84 episodes, which is an alternate prequel-sequel to the Naruto anime series, focused on Minato’s father), and Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson (my new prequel for Attack on Titan).

For my practice phase, I decided to extend existing and popular stories because the people that experienced those will be able to judge my sequels and extensions against the original ones as well. Therefore, they will be able to judge not just the caliber of the new stand-alone story and my writing, but also how well I continued the previous famous stories and whether I surpassed them or not with my sequels. This is why I chose extensions of famous shows for my practice. It wasn’t a coincidence… After those, I will just focus on my original stories, but I know that even the fanfiction is going to be great.

So far, I finished The Matrix Revelations, but I need to edit it once more, and I plan to do the remaining episodes for the earth sage’s Season 2 (episodes 54-84), the Attack on Titan prelude, and the “End of the Matrix” sequel for The Matrix Revelations… So, I am still in the practice phase, and the best has yet to come… ; )

I do plan to start with the original stories at some point in 2018 though.

I will probably choose to publish a book of 10 short stories first, just to test how the entire publishing process functions. And yes, it will be a book of 10 superb short stories, so don’t think I am not going to write something good because it is a test.

Later, I will do my first original book. I am still deciding whether it will be the adventure-fantasy story or the science-fiction adventure… Both are great. I’ll see which one I do first when I get there… For now, I should complete the fanfiction series and finish my training.


Author’s Plan for the Stories

Author’s Journey (or initiation, but “journey” sounds more epic ^_^ )

Beginning of author’s storytelling journey:

I know several amazing stories, which can be turned into great series, great books, great movies, or even superb videogames (which would cause a lot of talking among their players due to their stories). Since I am no movie director, no master of drawing (like the most popular manga authors), and definitely not a trained game developer, I decided that I only had one medium available to transfer my epic stories to other people… Guess what it was… That medium is writing. I am no master writer either, but I always felt confident about my ability to write my stories in a very interesting and entertaining manner. So, that was what I began doing at the end of 2014. However, I had no training, so I realized that it wasn’t wise to start with my best stories at that point. It was better to start with stories that I considered good and stories that were appropriate “practice materials” to put my writing and storytelling skills to the test—and to improve them as well.  It may surprise you that the stories that I was thinking about were “The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf” and, later on, “The Matrix Revelations.” Fanfiction was clearly the best place to start my training, I thought…

Ultimately (after about 1200 pages of writing, planning, thinking, and doing much more for what were supposed to be just “practice stories”), I realized that I was wrong for thinking that they were mere “fanfiction practice.” They came out FAR better than what I originally expected and they made me realize that I really have what it takes to produce amazing stories…

Who knows, I may be able to revolutionize the sci-fi and adventure genres with what I have in mind with my original stories (in the long-run, obviously; this takes tons of time).




Author’s Journey (or initiation, but “journey” sounds more epic ^_^ )

Author’s Comment #25

I am planning to make a few changes that will improve the stories in this blog, and, the whole blog…

I have improved as a writer in the last few years. The other day I picked up “The Story of the Earth Sage of the Leaf,” which began in this blog 3.5 years ago, and I found several mistakes in episode 2, and at least a couple of grammatical errors in episode 1. I edited those and improved them a little by removing those errors from the writing.

I am planning to do the same for all the other 100 posts in this blog—little by little.

Then, when I finish that, I am going to continue with the earth sage’s story. And I will finish it ( I left it at episode 51 and it has 84 in total; I want to finish it because the ending for that story was really epic ).

I will also organize the main link at the top of this page (the one with the wordpress “W” symbol). That link takes you to the post where I have the links for everything I have done so far in an organized manner. So, if you want get to, say, episode 3 of “The End of the Matrix,” or Part 5 of “The Matrix Revelations,” or episode 34 of “The Story of the Earth Sage of the Leaf,” you would NOT have to scroll down like crazy to try and find them among the hundreds of posts here; you can just go to that top link and look for the section that has the links for the specific story and the particular chapter or episode that you want. It will be very easy and straightforward.

In order to accomplish that level of organization in a single link above, I am going to have to create a few new posts here just for that purpose. Later, I can come back to those and edit them by adding a new link to a new chapter or episode. However, you would have access to everything nicely, easily, and very quickly at the top of the page. And the best part is that a change I make here to these posts makes the change everywhere else too (for example, if I post one of these at facebook and I edit it here months later, the facebook users get the updates automatically, without doing or editing anything in facebook).

I am also planning to write the fanfiction series in parallel. What I mean by this is that I will do one episode for “The End of the Matrix,” then one episode for “Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson,” and last, one episode for “The Story of the Earth Sage of the Leaf.” After that, I would repeat the process; so I would be advancing all the series at once, instead of leaving two of them in the dust, until the other is done. (That’s basically what happened with the earth sage’s story. I left it on a long hiatus after I focused on The Matrix Revelations.)

So, do not worry when I post the first episode for the AoT (Attack on Titan) prelude next. I plan to continue with another episode for the last Matrix story right after that. I will switch among the 3 fanfiction series (1 episode for each), until they are done. I plan to do all three of them.

After that I will start with the original series, which I plan to publish. So for those, I would share a few of the beginning chapters and sell the complete series as a book. Also, I plan to post those in a new blog that will be dedicated to original stories only. This blog right here is going to be the blog for practice and high-quality fanfiction. And don’t be fooled by the word fanfiction; my “fanfiction” for these existing series shows the same quality of storytelling that I plan to continue improving upon as I go on.

By the way, if anyone has some interesting question for me, or even some question about the stories, you can go to the Youtube link above and send me a message there or you can message me at

If you send me a good question I might even answer it with a Youtube video ^_^

I’m very serious about letting the fans see how I think and what I have done from the start. I’m also fine with critiques and any opinions. I am very open-minded when it comes to storytelling. The final goal however is to deliver experiences that are wonderful, in terms of plot, characters, beginnings, endings, life lessons, and entertainment in general.

But to get there a lot has to be done in the way. What comes now in that path is organizing this place, so I am going to have to post some entries next that are ONLY meant to help me with that overall organization, which will be available here after I’m done:


Author’s Comment #25

The End of the Matrix, EPISODE 3: Arrival of the Villains


(The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2)

The End of the Matrix


(Sequel for “The Matrix Revelations” and a fifth and final movie for the whole saga.)


Episode 3: Arrival of the Villains


The Grand Chancellor had to intercede because he knew that his guards at the entrance were not going to stop doing their duty, even if an intimidating leader of another country was the one that threatened them at the door.

Dillion: “It’s ok officers! We are running out of time here, so let King Therion and Deus T come in now. You can check them later!”

A tall-looking deus that seemed very different from all the others walked into the chamber. Every single one of his steps was heard as if he was walking with a grand body armor on. However, it wasn’t a body armor; it was his true body. He was a robot. This deus had the same physical shape as the others, but his skin was golden and looked tough like metal. His eyes, unlike all the others, were deep and blue in color. He obviously had some sort of enhancement done on his eyes.

The deusanoid leader walked with an aura of superiority and power that made it feel like he was, indeed, the most powerful individual present at the chamber. His commanding voice also sounded like a normal deusian voice that had been mixed with a cold machine’s voice.

King Therion: “Grand Chancillor, may I remind you that Therion is not the name by which my people know me. All the robots and the hybrids of the Deusanoid Faction know me as King. And King is my real name. Please, use it by itself to address me next time.”

He stopped at the center of the chamber just to say those pompous words, and then, he kept walking until he reached Deus Neo, who happened to be in his path.

King Therion: “Excuse me Deus Neo. FREE the path for me.”

Deus Neo moved to the left, but Therion still pushed him a bit more with a powerful horizontal swing of his arm that even moved the sixth Neo’s white board. It was clear that if Deus Neo had not moved—as he did—Therion’s swing would have thrown him out of the way.

Deus Xenor felt as if the disrespect had been directed at him. He didn’t shout, but you could tell that he was angry.

Xenor: “That robotic bastard, who does he think he is? He’s used to doing whatever he wants at his country, but it can’t be the same here.”

Xenor started to reach for one of his weapons, since, he had just seen an attack directed towards Deus Neo, but he was stopped by his teammates.

Morpheo: “Hey, easy Xen, easy. This is not the time for that.”

Morpheo grabbed Xenor’s right arm and Seracheng grabbed Xenor’s left arm from the other side.

Seracheng: “The last thing we need right now is getting our use of weapons suspended as they got it.”

Deus Idana turned around from the row in front and looked at Xenor, whom she considered a father figure in many ways—despite his temper.

Idana: “Don’t forget that we are not like them Xenor.”

Xenor: “Of course we are not, but someone has to teach those fake leaders some manners, sooner or later.”

Maxio: “Just let them bring their own doom. I’m surprised that they didn’t do that already while I was gone.”

Daya: “If they continue like this, they will be the ones that will break the peace treaty between The City of the Matrix and the Deusanoid Faction.”

As usual, Maxio and his sister Daya sounded like the young yet wise ones; Idana sounded like a clear-headed and confident captain, just like Leida Trinity; Xenor sounded like a hot-headed veteran that could go “all-guns-blazing” if needed; and Seracheng seemed calm but self-assured, like the ninja Seraph. In many ways, they were the Trinity Squad in deusian shoes…

And then, there was Deus Neda, the one that was reminiscent of Nera Williams (the Oracle). She didn’t talk much, but you could tell that she had analyzed all the situations there with more depth than anybody else in that room. Perhaps, she was the wisest one, but she kept it to herself.

The young Ida was there as well, sitting alongside her mother, but she didn’t understand much about the problems that they were facing.

Ida: “Mom, are we going to get in trouble again because of dad’s inventions?”

Idana smiled. She seemed very optimistic.

Idana: “I don’t think so dear. I think that this time things will work out fine for your dad, and hopefully, for us as well.”

Ida: “Where’s our robot Bert?”

Idana: “Your robot? Don’t worry, he’s taking care of our lab. You’ll see him soon. He’s not going anywhere.”

The deusian girl—daughter of Deus Neo—seemed strikingly similar to the blue-eyed girl that would be the final Trinity from the Matrix. The last version of Trinity and Deus Ida had similarities that could not be a mere coincidence… Clearly, Deus Neo had not revealed everything about his plan and Thomas Anderson’s plan to the older Neo…

At that moment, the other representative of the Deusianoid Land of Robots and Hybrids went into the chamber with his three bodyguards walking behind him. He was the second representative of their country at the Grand Council of the Deuses.

Unlike most members of their faction, this guy was not a robot or a hybrid of a deus and a robot, he was a normal deus like Maxio, Neo, and the others. However, he was also dressed in a different way from the rest.

Deus T was the only one wearing a white cape in the whole room. The cape had a large and silver T symbol—which looked similar to a cross with a diamond-shaped blank space at its center. He also had some sort of thin and golden body armor on his shoulders, with the same color of King Therion’s body.

He—like Therion before him—stopped at the center of the chamber, and so did his three followers. And he addressed everyone there, even though he had not reached his seat and no one had given him permission to speak. He did it as if he had called them for that session himself.

Deus T: “I am glad that we’ll finally take on the matter of ending the Matrix again. It should be done this time, like it should have been done back then. We have taken far too long to deal with the Matrix.”

Then, he whispered an order to his bodyguards.

Deus T: “Nova, Orion, Neabula, go to your seats and keep an eye on Neo’s group.”

Deus T went to his spherical seat, among the leaders in the front, and his three powerful-looking followers went to their seats, at the last row among the other members.

At that point, the views of Deus T and Deus Neabula showed that they were the two deuses that were talking at the other hidden laboratory, in the after-the-credits scene of The Matrix Revelations. They were the ones that were there when the true Deus Ex vanished. In other words, they knew about the Virtual Matrices and about the project to create a godly deus…

Deus Nova and Deus Neabula were hybrids—part deus and part robot. Nova’s arms and his legs were robotic and strong-looking, but the rest of his body was normal. He was the only one in the room with an orange armored headband on his forehead. It looked like a crown of sorts. Neabula had one normal arm and one robotic arm, one normal leg and one robotic leg, and a silver eye patch covering her right eye—most likely to conceal another robotic modification of her body. She looked as if half of her was a deusian female and the other half was a living weapon waiting to be used. She was also the only one in the entire chamber that was wearing a somewhat open and revealing garment. All the other females were using the same clothing as the males.

Deus Orion looked like a powerful guard. It wasn’t clear whether he was a robot, a hybrid, or even a normal deus, because he was using full body armor that covered even his face. The armor was thin however. That’s why it was also clear that he was the only one worried about weight lifting among all the members of the chamber. His arms looked naturally strong, even inside the silver armored cover.

As soon as Deus T rested on his seat, he looked at Deus Neo.

Deus T: “I see you finally brought us the proof Neo. I can’t wait to see what you and your team found inside the Matrix. And most importantly, what these ancient human specimens that you defend so much are capable of. I assume it must be something far more interesting than what we have seen so far.”

Deus Neo smiled, thinking about the tests he had prepared to show everyone there.

Deus Neo: “You will see soon. You won’t be disappointed.”

Deus T was sitting on the other white ball, to the left of King Therion, and both of them had a perfect view of the sixth Neo and Rodner Smith, alongside Dissa and Dillion.

Dissa looked at them as if she wished for a bomb to drop on her side, but she tried to pretend she didn’t feel that way—and failed miserably.

King Therion and Deus T didn’t care about the other leaders though. They were only concerned about their rogue faction and their personal agendas.

As soon as Deus T addressed Deus Neo, he focused his eyes on Rodner Smith and only on Rodner Smith, as if he was conjuring a death stare for the bearded guy. It was obvious—and strange—that he had so much more interest on Rodner than on the sixth Neo. He didn’t even look at Neo more than once. He was fully concentrated on Smith, as if he wanted him to know that he was seeing him.

It began to feel like this cape-wearing deusian leader had seen Rodner Smith before…

Then, Neo noticed something that was completely unexpected. He saw that Rodner Smith’s right hand began to shake as the caped deus stared at him. Rodner had to put his right hand inside a pocket of the white vest he had, and he quickly used his left hand to hold it in place, to stop the sudden shaking. This wasn’t a normal occurrence at all. Neo knew better than anyone that Rodner Smith was many things, but he wasn’t a coward or a weak man. Indeed, he had never seen Rodner displaying that level of fear before. It was clear that Smith feared the caped deus that was staring at him, even more than what he could ever fear Thomas Anderson, Neo, and even Deus Maxio… could it be that he had recognized someone in that deus, just like Neo had recognized others in Deus Neo’s teammates?

A sudden realization landed on Neo like a thunder strike: Could it be possible that there was someone that he had to worry more about than Rodner Smith? Could there be someone that was even more dangerous?

After seeing that, it seemed like it…


NEXT—- Episode 4: The Test Subjects and the Decision

The End of the Matrix, EPISODE 3: Arrival of the Villains