The Matrix Revelations (Part 9A)



Part 9: The Real Answer and the Ending (9A + 9B)


Part 9A: The Truth About The Matrix (The Real Answer)


Deus Maxio placed Rodner Smith on the yellow platform of codes where he was standing. It looked very high in the sky, but Rodner remained on the platform as if he had been placed on the solid ground below.

Maxio looked like he had made up his mind completely about revealing the truth about the Matrix to Neo, and Mr. Smith was still unconscious. Rodner didn’t even move a finger. He looked like he wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon.

Neo could not wait. He knew that there was little that he could do beyond that point if he didn’t know what was really happening, or, what was the truth about the Matrix and why it worked that way. Only then he would be able to figure out how everyone could be saved from it…

When Maxio left Rodner Smith’s body on the yellow platform, Neo asked what he considered the most important question.

Neo [standing just four meters away from Maxio, on the same large platform]: “Deus Maxio, I am eager to know everything that you can tell me, but first, there is something that I must know. It is something that worried me as much as Deus Ex himself.

Is the Matrix a cyber simulation of reality or is it the true reality? Is Thomas Anderson’s world real or not real?”

Maxio [after standing up and leaving Rodner behind]: “Depending on how you want to see it, it is both. The Matrix, or everything you know, is both the true reality and a simulated reality as well.”

Neo [showing determination to understand and obtain the truth]: “How is that possible? How can something be real if it is also an artificial simulation? During the battle with Deus Ex, I saw the white codes of the Matrix in everything and in everyone. How can such a thing be anything other than a pure cybernetic simulation? How can you call it the real reality if it was created at your world?”

Maxio [scratching his white bald head and looking surprised]: “No living entity inside the Matrix should have been able to see the hidden white layers of codes that underlie everything here. This… this is something that I wasn’t told. You are definitely not a normal occurrence in the system.”

Neo [polite with a friendly smile but still pushing for the answers]: “You haven’t answered my question. How can the Matrix be real and not real at the same time? If that is what you know, you must know how to explain it as well.”

Maxio: “A clone is real, but he or she is not the true original version at the same time. The clone was created through artificial means and isn’t even supposed to exist, but it does exist and it is real after its creation takes place. In addition, he or she was created using various cybernetic tools in a laboratory. With that logic, it would be correct to say that a clone is still a simulation of the original, even if it is real. Furthermore, the clone is not a mere simulation either. It is as alive, as true, as real, and as important as the original can be. Something similar is true about the Matrix, but it is far more complex than a simple clone, of course.”

Maxio could tell that Neo was not satisfied with his little allegory. He wanted the clear truth—all of it. Therefore, Maxio continued.

Maxio: “If you want to know the truth and to understand why the Matrix is what it is, then, I must tell you why it was created and why I was sent here…”

Maxio closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again.

You could tell that he was going to reveal something that meant a lot to him.

Maxio [with a reminiscent voice]: “Eons ago, before I was born, a great war broke out in my world. The main world of the deuses was divided into those that were willing to make themselves part machine and part deusian and those that wanted to remain 100% deusian. The side of the deusianoid robots and the hybrids, which were part machine and part deusian, was led by rulers that were not concerned about the greater good. Their faction was what started all the problems for the rest of us. Luckily, we had the better weapons and the better scientists, so, the war was won by the normal deusians and the survivors from the hybrid faction were separated from the rest of the population and forced to go into exile.

Needless to say, those survivors kept causing more conflicts later on, but, they were never able to defeat us, despite their stronger bodies, because we had a technological advantage in weapons and tactics of battle.

That was the case until something unexpected appeared out of nowhere and took our existence by storm. A terrible virus, known as the Lethal DNA (LDNA) virus, appeared and began to kill us with alarming speed and ease. Nothing worked. Despite how advanced we were, we simply couldn’t find a way to hold it back.

Then, our scientists came to the conclusion that the virus was too perfect, too effective, and too fast to be a natural occurrence, so, it had to be a biological weapon that had been designed to destroy us.

Naturally, the deusians wanted to blame the deusanoids and their faction, but, it turned out that the LDNA virus was destroying them as well. They had brains that were like ours and part of their bodies were also like ours, so, the virus could kill them too, and it did. At that point, the leader from their faction came and begged to join forces with the rest of us, thinking that we already had a cure for the menace. It was a desperate time when the survival of our species was put in question.

However, when the solar systems and all the planets that we had occupied combined their forces and our most gifted minds and all our resources came together, a possible solution for the LDNA’s threat was found.

The virus was using an unknown DNA code from the early stages of our species to destroy us. Somehow, the ancient code had something that was a natural killer for our evolved DNA. The answer, or the way to save our species, was destroying the virus with its own killer recipe and using it to find a definitive cure for it.

The problem, of course, was that we didn’t have and could not get the full DNA code of our ancient ancestors. Wars, conflicts, egotistical villains, and many more omens destroyed our species’ history and the records of our past more than once, during the dozens of millenniums that followed after we left our original home planet. And, since we had changed so much, reconstructing our ancient biological codes wasn’t as simple as backtracking from our current ones. The way our DNA had evolved wasn’t something that we could predict with a computer model either.

Essentially, the only way to get a perfect copy of our ancient ancestor’s DNA was to travel back in time and to get a sample of them.”

Neo: “Is that why you came here?”

Maxio: “No. I had not been born yet and the Matrix had not been created either. However, that was the event that led to the creation of the Matrix at the main world of the deuses. You see… we, as incredibly advanced as we were, still couldn’t find any way to travel back in time. Even our best minds couldn’t do it, but they still had to find some way to get the original DNA from our past ancestors. They had to find another way. And they did; otherwise, we would have been wiped out by the LDNA virus, the Matrix would not exist, and I wouldn’t be here today.

They didn’t know enough to break the rules of time, but they already knew enough about biology and about the universe to be able to recreate it and all its life forms from scratch. We knew so much about the universe at that point that we could literally make a real copy of it; and that was exactly what they did. They decided that the only way we had to get our hands on the original ancestors and their DNA was to replicate our universe in a miniature size and from the very beginning of its existence. Then, they would determine the correct point in time, or the right moment in the development of the miniature universe, and they would locate the species that was closest to us and our DNA sequence.

They began the experiment and they located our galaxy in the mini-universe. Then, they had to run an automatic assessment of all the species and their DNAs, since, we didn’t know which one was our true ancestor for sure. This led them to our original home planet, within the Milky Way galaxy, which was the Earth.”

Neo [thoughtful]: “So, the Matrix is this microscopic copy of your universe and the deuses are us, thousands of years later?”

Maxio: “Not quite Neo. You are right about us, even though we can’t be called humans anymore, but, you are not right about the Matrix… Unfortunately, creating a copy of our universe where our same ancient ancestors could be reborn, exactly as they were in our original universe, wasn’t that simple. Creating a perfect copy of our universe under controlled laboratory conditions was much easier said than done. Our scientists succeeded at creating similar copies that were approximations, which were only 50% like our real universe. And that wasn’t good enough, because those didn’t result in our same original ancestors. The exact DNA codes that we needed either didn’t exist in those imperfect versions of the ancient humans, or they were too different to work well against the LDNA virus. We needed the real thing and only an ideal copy of our universe that was a 100% match of everything in our universe was going to give us that. Only a 100% perfect clone would yield the same exact ancestors with the same exact DNA codes that we needed.

Therefore, the brightest deuses had to figure out a way to generate such a perfect copy of our universe.

They created a giant ecological sphere where an incredible number of microscopic copies of our universe would be created nonstop. However, they would not be created at random. They made a very smart algorithm that governed how each new batch of universes was created, based on the data gathered from the previous ones, so that the new batches could be better copies with more things in common with the original universe where we lived. They used the best technology and nearly all the resources that we had, in order to ensure that an universe that was a perfect match to ours would be created before the LDNA virus could wipe out our race.

That giant sphere where the microscopic universes were generated was called The Matrix and it was placed at a city that was later called The City of The Matrix. The ancients, or the people from your time, had a different name for what we call The Matrix however. You called it the multiverse.”

Neo [looking a little overwhelmed and full of questions]: “But, how could they create a finite sphere that would house an infinite number of universes? And… wouldn’t those universes take too long to form? How could they possibly monitor everything? And, what about the white codes of the Matrix that I saw in everything and everyone?”

Maxio [sounding incredibly wise for someone that was a deusian equivalent of Matthew]: “You answered one of your questions Neo. The white codes that you saw in everything everywhere are how they monitored everything automatically in every universe. Those didn’t exist in our original universe, but these copies were created in a laboratory, so it was possible to add that hidden layer of codes into their natural fabric, without changing anything else and without letting any of the living beings there know about the existence of those hidden codes that we used to monitor everything automatically.

And obviously, the number of universes that exist in the Matrix is not infinite. It is a very large number indeed, but it does have an end. The great sphere known as The Matrix does not contain infinite approximations of our universe. And even though all the mini-universes in it are real, they were still a planned creation in a lab, just like a clone, so, the deusian scientists figured out how to modify their progression of time without altering any other aspect in them. Their new progression of time ensured that all new universes would get to the point where we needed them to be in just a matter of hours for us, which are much longer than hours for you, of course.”

Neo: “But such a complex and cyber-looking mechanism inside a real environment… how could they develop such a thing and make it possible?”

Maxio: “Don’t ask me. I wasn’t among the geniuses that created the Matrix. I can only tell you its story and why I’m here. The right deus for the most complex answers would not be me; it would be the leader of the group that sent me here, who was the youngest member of the last team that worked in the creation and maintenance of the Matrix.”

Neo: “You mean… Neo?”

Maxio: “Yes, Deus Neo is the one that gave me this mission.”

Neo: “Why didn’t he come here himself?”

Maxio: “Although he was and is a great deusian leader, he is not young anymore and he is far too important for our team to put him at risk. I chose to take this mission in his place.”

Neo: “So what was your mission? Was it to gather the DNA data that you needed? And, why did you have to come here of all places, didn’t you have a multitude of perfect copies of your universe in the Matrix?”

Maxio: “No and no. We only managed to generate one perfect copy of our universe in the Matrix that had gazillions of them. Millions of them were a 99.999999% match, but only one resulted in a perfect 100%. This universe is that one, but, we had to keep them all anyways, because for this one to live, the great ecological sphere and all the others could not be removed.

And, I am not here because of the virus. The virus was just the reason why we were forced to create the Matrix. We already got the DNA samples and the LDNA virus was already stopped, thanks to those and many years ago, when I was still an infant. The younger Deus Neo and another leader known as Deus T were the ones that entered the Matrix at that time and got the DNA samples.”

Neo [puzzled]: “Then, why are you here? If the great virus was already stopped, why did you have to return to the Matrix?”

Maxio: “This universe within the Matrix is a real simulation of our life, as it existed at first, when it wasn’t simulated. It is a flawless recreation of our past, with all its events and all its forms of life. In other words, you are the perfect remake of our true ancestors, so, you are much more than just an experiment.

Unfortunately, not everyone saw it that way. And years after the cure was found, many deuses wished to end and erase the Matrix, or to use it for other purposes, such as trying to manipulate our future, since we could observe you and see what events would happen next, after you reach the point when you become us. As you might imagine, historians, scientists, politicians, and many others were delighted with those possible uses for the many universes that were 99.9999% matches of our own. They all wanted to turn the Matrix into a tool to get what they wanted.

However, the Grand Council of the Deuses didn’t allow it. The incredible number of miniature copies of our universe that were created to save our species wasn’t going to be turned into a circus for the convenience of others. It was meant to be used for the greater good only.

Unfortunately, something about that matter has changed recently. Some powerful groups within the Council will soon be given the full authority to end the Matrix and all the microscopic universes in it, including this one. All life forms in the Matrix will end. Our last chance to stop them is to prove the importance of saving our ancestors to the leaders of the Council. Deus Neo and his followers are the only ones that want to support that cause. And to get that proof, we needed to send someone back here to obtain a small sample of humans that can be used to show the Council that you are capable of much more than they think, which means that saving you from the Matrix is important for us, if they ever choose to destroy it.

My mission was simple. I was given the task of finding such a sample. It had to be a group of ancient humans that encompassed all the things that the ancient humans were capable of. In other words, it had to be a small group that could represent what all of humanity was capable of at this point in time.

I tested many groups, and found many hostile ancients along the way. However, I never found any sample that was more than an 80% match for what we needed. And eventually, something unexpected happened. A human had a weapon that was capable of neutralizing me and using me. As you already know, it was Architect Smith, and he used me to do terrible things to this world.

I’m sorry about what I did Neo, but now I must finish the mission that I came here for and I must leave for good.”

Neo: “Wait Maxio… What is going to happen to all the other universes that were not the 100% match?”

Maxio: “Nothing of course. They will never know that they are part of the Matrix and they will never know that they exist because of us. All their life forms, including their imperfect versions of our past human ancestors, will just continue their path through life without ever knowing those great truths. That is, if the Matrix does not end. If it ends, then they will all cease to exist as well. And if my group fails at saving you, then this, the 100% match of our reality, will be gone as well.”

Suddenly, everything was starting to make sense for Neo. Thomas Anderson’s plan to save everyone from the Matrix and the “key codes” that were sent to him by Deus Neo (the unknown messenger with “codename Neo”) were fitting like perfect pieces of a puzzle. Obviously, The One had a much greater purpose than just stopping Rodner Smith and ending the Virtual Matrices that had been created at Thomas Anderson’s world…

Neo was eager to help Deus Maxio, but he definitely didn’t see what was about to happen next…

Neo: “What do you plan to do to get your sample for the Council? I will help you in any way I can.”

Maxio [looking a little bittersweet]: “I already decided that. I’m sorry Neo, but you can’t help me any longer. I’m glad that you were here because without you I would have failed miserably, but now I must return and I need to take the best sample possible, no matter the cost. I’m glad that you know the truth about the Matrix, because then, you will be able to understand why I had to do this.”

Maxio’s change of mood concerned Neo and he quickly tried to get much closer to Maxio, but he couldn’t move on the platform.

When Neo looked down, he realized that the yellow platform was acting as a force field that was capable of holding him in place for some unknown amount of time.

Neo [worried]: “Wait! What are you going to do for your sample!? Why did you do this to me?? I thought that you were my ally!!”

Maxio had already turned around and he was walking away from Neo, but he stopped, he looked back, and he answered.

Maxio: “I had to create a force that could hold you for a while. That’s why I didn’t wake you up right away, after your battle with Deus Ex. As you are at the moment, I can’t hold you back if you want to stop me Neo, but I only need some time. That yellow platform will hold you long enough for me to do what must be done. By now you should know that I am your ally and I am mankind’s ally. I, like you, want to save the ancient humans at all costs. And that is why I’m doing this. The best possible sample that I can take at this point is everyone here. I don’t have time to look for a better sample now. I have the best chances of taking back the best sample if I take all the survivors that are present on this battlefield. I know that many of them are your friends and you care about them. So, if your human feelings interfered, you would stop me, but I believe this may be the only way to save your kind now. We must sacrifice the survivors of the Resistance to save the rest.”

Despite his bittersweet look, Maxio didn’t hold back and he didn’t waste any time.

He suddenly began to create a great yellow sphere that would be capable of taking all the survivors from the surface in just a few minutes.

Captain Leida Trinity raised her upper body from the ground and she could see what was happening above. She was the first person to see because she had not been affected by the codes that put everyone to sleep for Deus Ex’s takeover. And nobody else was awake there. Even the blue-eyed girl (who had not been affected by Deus Ex’s codes either) was lying on the ground, without signs of life.

Leida [looking at Neo and Maxio]: “What? What’s going on!? I thought that he was on Neo’s side!! He was fighting on our side!! God give me a rocket launcher so that I can bomb the bastard once and for all!! I knew that he wasn’t good news. I shouldn’t have trusted him after he made Matthew’s face appear on his!!”

Still, she was exhausted, and she had no armor and no weapons anymore, so there wasn’t much that she could do. However, she saw what happened, and since no one else saw it, that was a very significant moment for her.

Neo: “Maxio wait!! There has to be a better way than taking all the people that fought for us at Thomas Anderson’s world!! We still have Thomas Anderson’s plan!! It will save us!”

Maxio: “I’m sorry Neo, but I can’t place my trust in someone else’s plan. Right now, finishing my mission by taking the best sample available is the best chance we have. It will take me just a few minutes and we will all be gone for good. I’m sorry that I must say good bye to you like this. At least, I know that the remaining humans will be safe with someone like you here.”

Time was running out and Neo was realizing that he wasn’t going to regain his control over the Matrix right away. What could he do to stop Maxio from taking everyone as his sample? In the middle of his difficult situation and with little time left, Neo found an answer when he looked at Rodner Smith…

Neo [looking like he had just figured something out]: “Maxio! You are not taking the best sample possible!! If you want the smallest sample of what mankind is capable of, you have to take Rodner Smith and me as your sample!!”

Deus Maxio had not thought about that, but something about it just felt right. He thought about it for half a minute and he went back to Neo’s location, but, he didn’t let go of the platform’s hold over Neo.

Maxio [having some doubts]: “How can you be so sure that only the two of you will make a more accurate sample of mankind’s full potential than all the survivors of the Resistance put together?”

Neo [sounding just as enlightened as he did when he unlocked the power of the white codes]: “We are the extreme opposites of what the human conscience has created so far. Rodner almost did more harm than all the previous dictators in history combined. He was probably the smartest one as well. He even fooled hundreds of geniuses at his paradise city, making them think that they lived in heaven, even though he was just using them for his projects. He only cared about himself and about power. The rest of humankind was just a tool for him. Love was never a part of who he was. On the other hand, Thomas Anderson and I were the complete opposites of him. Love, justice, finding the answers, and helping everyone in the process were the forces that guided us. It was never about power for us. On the contrary, we both wanted to liberate mankind from the Matrix, instead of using the Matrix for ourselves.

Take us as your sample. I will help you and your leader to prove that we are worth saving, even if the deuses don’t need the Matrix anymore.”

Deus Maxio checked the compatibility of Neo and Rodner Smith to use them as a single sample of everything that the ancient humans were capable of. The quick result that the yellow codes brought back was very striking for Maxio. He never found any sample—regardless of the number of people that he included—with more than 80% of coverage. Yet, Neo and Mr. Smith by themselves resulted in a 99% coverage of what the ancient humans were capable of. It really was as if they were the perfect opposites of the same coin and the best examples available for each side of the coin. It was correct to say that there was nothing evil about Neo and there was nothing good about Rodner. They were such a perfect pair of opposites that Maxio felt that it could not be a coincidence. Clearly, he had not been given all the answers when Deus Neo sent him to the Matrix to complete his important mission… Either way, Maxio knew that he was not going to find a better sample to demonstrate what the ancient humans could do and how valuable they truly were.

Besides, the fact that Neo could do things that even the deuses couldn’t do (by manipulating the hidden codes within the Matrix) convinced Maxio about one thing: it wasn’t an arbitrary event. Neo was a predestined part of the perfect sample that he was supposed to get; Maxio just wasn’t given any information about that, but he could sense that it was meant to be.

By then, it was clear that Deus Neo (Maxio’s leader) had been the one that sent the key data about the Matrix to Thomas Anderson; and he had had something to do with the creation of “The One” as well… Neo could already feel it. He just didn’t have any proof about it.

However, the identity of the deusian hand that helped Rodner Smith to make the Virtual Matrices and to create Deus Ex (the deusian entity that could bend the rules of reality in the Matrix) was still a mystery… It seemed like Smith had used Maxio to create everything himself, but the truth was that Maxio wasn’t powerful enough to make even one the two Virtual Matrices on his own. After all, he was just a deus that could bend some rules inside the Matrix; in the original world, he wasn’t a godly being…

Ultimately, Maxio chose to free Neo and to take him and Rodner Smith as his perfect sample.

Leida saw what happened and even though she couldn’t hear what they were saying, she could tell that Maxio changed his mind because of what Neo told him.

Maxio erased the large sphere of codes and began to create a new smaller sphere around Rodner, Neo, and himself.

Neo looked down at the battlefield, knowing that it was likely to be the last time that he would see the place again. He caught a glimpse of Leida Trinity and his heart became incredibly happy for a second, but, he was still concerned about the future.

Neo [to Maxio]: “What is going to happen to this world now? Will they be ok after we leave?”

Maxio: “You freed everyone from the Virtual Matrices during the battle with Deus Ex. It will take some time, but everyone will wake up and they will be able to leave the capsules that had them dreaming and living a virtual life. The two Virtual Matrices that had been developed in this world will be completely gone, thanks to what you did. Everyone in this world will come back to the Real Matrix now. And there won’t be green codes anymore… However, they won’t know that they are still in the Matrix either. For them, this will be the real world, the real reality, and there won’t be anything else beyond it.”

Neo [thoughtful]: “…”

Neo began to remember some of Thomas Anderson’s words and he understood that he would have to continue Thomas Anderson’s plan, even at the world of the deuses.

Thomas Anderson’s hologram [in Neo’s reminiscence]: “You will continue with our plan and take it to its very end, until The One ends the Matrix and saves us all…”

Neo [thinking out loud]: “I see… when Thomas Anderson said ‘The One,’ he was never talking about me. He was referring to the seventh Neo, who will surely be the last one. Yet, he knew that what I could do was still the key to make The One successful, just like what the fifth Neo did for me, because at that point in the plan, I was the last Neo, so I was The One at that point… I understand now. It is not over yet. There is more to be done, until the last Neo can save everyone at last, from the true Matrix.”

Neo looked down one final time. He knew that the Resistance’s survivors and Thomas Anderson’s world had been saved from the Virtual Matrices, but there was still more to be done to save them.

Maxio: “We must leave now. Are you ready?”

Neo [certain]: “Yes.”

Maxio: “The option to come back to the Matrix may not exist after we return to the main deusian world, where this whole multiverse is just a city in size. Are you sure that you want to do this? You will definitely help us to save the ancients, but we may not be able to bring you back.”

Neo [still looking at the battlefield, not at Maxio]: “You said it yourself. This is the best way and you need the best sample. And I am ready to be part of that sample. My control over the Matrix should also help you to make a statement at the Council of the Deuses.”

At that point, Deus Maxio lifted Rodner Smith and he extended his left hand to Neo. Neo grabbed the hand and the sphere around them began to turn into white codes and it began to disappear, as it teleported them away to another location.

Leida did not hear them, but she could tell what happened there.

After she saw Neo disappear, she felt an incredible sorrow (almost as if she had been the Trinity that loved him). The menace was gone; the Matrix was gone; but Neo was also gone.

Even though it was all over and they had won, Leida couldn’t look as if she had a grand victory.

She couldn’t help it and she cried as she spoke, all alone, in the middle of the battlefield of asleep soldiers and humanoid robots.

Leida Trinity [truly heartfelt]: “Thank you Neo. Thank you for everything you did for us. You were a true hero, like Thomas Anderson.”

Then, the view changed from the Earth of the Matrix to the white deusian laboratory where Maxio had been, from the start of his mission.

Apparently, his true self had not been the one in the Matrix, but rather, it was an approximate copy of himself at a different size and with different properties that were what allowed him to do godly things inside the Matrix.

Deus Neo and the female deus that had been worried about Maxio were still there and they could not be happier when they realized that the protective codes were being removed and the connection was asking for a return password, meaning that Maxio had been successful in the mission, despite the unknown obstacle that he had found.

They prepared the computers to bring him back and they quickly noticed that the system was preparing two other smaller spheres because Maxio wasn’t coming back alone. He was bringing two other entities from the Matrix.

Deus Neo noticed right away that one of the two entities was too similar to Thomas Anderson. At that point, he recognized that the time had come…

Deus Neo stepped away from the deusian computers and he used a small device on his hand to connect to other similar devices. It was as if he was about to make some sort of “group call.”

Deus Neo [voice similar to Neo’s voice / talking to the other female deus that was already present]: “Daya, take care of bringing back your brother and our guests safely. I will bring back the rest of the original team. Our most important mission is about to start. This mission isn’t just for the ancients, it’s also important for our own future.”

Deus Daya [voice similar to Dayana’s voice]: “I’m on it!”

Deus Neo communicated with five other devices using his. When he sent the call, five other deuses received the live holographic message in their devices.

Deus Neo: “I need you all back to the location of the secret lab as soon as possible. Maxio has succeeded and he is coming back from the Matrix, but now we have something else to worry about. My suspicions about everything were right, so that means that we must be ready for what is about to happen next. I need you all here.”

While all the deuses looked similar, in terms of skin color and hairless heads, their weapons and clothing differentiated them greatly. You could tell who they were based on what they were wearing.

We saw the receivers of the message very briefly, before they returned to Deus Neo.

First male deus [same voice as Frank Xeno / carrying a powerful looking rifle-like weapon]: “Roger! I’ll be back!”

Second male deus [same voice as Yan Morphen from the Trinity Squad / wearing white clothes that looked like Maxio’s vest]: “I’ll be there as fast as I can Neo.”

Third male deus [same voice as Seraph from the Trinity Squad / wearing futuristic-looking samurai-style clothes and carrying what looked like light sabers]: “I’m on my way! I’ll be there before you know it!”

First female deus [same voice as the Oracle or Nera Williams’s voice / wearing a head cover and normal clothing / apparently, standing at a desert]: “So I was right wasn’t I? I was the first that told you that this was going to happen! It’s about to happen then. I will be there as soon as I can!”

Second female deus [same voice as Leida Trinity / wearing clothes that resembled the sixth Trinity’s clothes but these were light silver rather than black]: “Give me a minute. I’ll make sure that Ida is safe and I will join you and the others.”

The view stayed with the last team member, who wasn’t alone.

There was a smaller deusian child close to her, and there was a deusian robot with them as well.

The child was looking at something that had not been shown yet, but, when she heard her mother, she looked back at her.

Deusian child [same voice as the blue-eyed girl]: “Mom, did dad make another one of those secret and dangerous toys?”

Female Deus [same voice as Trinity]: “He probably did, but you shouldn’t worry about them; just remember, they are not toys, they are important experiments that we have to protect.”

Deusian Robot [same robotic voice as Bern from the Trinity Squad]: “Mrs. Idana, is it safe for us and for Ida to be here?”

Deus Idana: “It still is Bert, but it’s very likely that everything will change soon. Whatever happens, stay by Ida’s side no matter what. If for any reason Neo and I are not with her, you must be there to protect her.”

Deusanoid Robot Bert: “I am and I will be by her side mam.”

Deus Idana: “I want you to take her to a safer location if you notice that anything dangerous can happen.”

Bert: “I will.”

The robot was taller than them and looked stronger, but he behaved and talked like any of them. His physical form was the only aspect that showed that he was a robot.

The deusian Trinity turned around and walked towards a small white facility that was just half a mile away from them. She suddenly pressed something on her silver suit and she instantly teleported closer to the facility. She appeared right in front of the white door that she was seeing from far away and it opened for her, as if it had recognized who she was.

She walked in and we saw that it was the same lab where Maxio had been connected to the Matrix.

At that exact moment, the other four deuses teleported themselves to that spot as well, and they appeared at the center of the lab, between Deus Neo and Deus Idana.

Right after that, Deus Daya finished bringing back Maxio and the two small ancient humans from their spheres. All three of them were still unconscious, but they were fine.

Neo and Rodner Smith had a different size with respect to the deuses, when they were in their original world. They were as long as their hands, meaning that the real deuses were the equivalent of giant humans, in terms of size. Yet, they had changed, so they didn’t look exactly as humans anymore.

With everyone present, the deusian Neo wasted no time.

Deus Neo: “As I thought before, we are not the first ones that hacked our way into the Matrix. And now, we finally know why the other unknown source hacked in. Unlike us, they, he, she, or it didn’t do it for a good cause. They led to the creation of experimental Cyber Matrices of a complex nature and they also developed an experimental deusian being that was far more powerful than any deusian ever, even though it was born inside the Matrix and not here. Maxio and the hacked ancient entity that we helped to create faced this being and nearly lost their lives, even though both of them had access to breaking the rules of the Matrix. I fear that we now have greater problems to worry about than just saving the ancients from the inevitable shut down of the Matrix.

Now that Maxio has returned, we need to present our proof to the Council and convince them about saving the ancients, even if they choose to destroy the Matrix. But, we also have to show them the new threat that is emerging and that may represent just as big of a catastrophe as the LDNA virus once did. If the unknown hackers find a way to replicate that powerful deusian entity from the Matrix in this world, a virus may not be the leading cause for our extinction anymore. The problem is that such a thing was already accomplished inside the Matrix, when this being’s abilities remained intact, after it was transferred from the virtual worlds to the real world in the Matrix. There is only one step further to figure out how to bring such a thing here.

The Council must know this and we must be ready. We also have to protect Maxio and our ancient guests, since they are the only real proof that we have of what happened in the Matrix. And they may be our only way to prove how important the ancients really are.

Idana, Neda, Xenor, Morpheo, Serach, and Daya, will you help me to achieve these goals?”

Deus Neda [same voice as the Oracle]: “You know we will. We have been in this together for a long time.”

Deus Idana [same voice as Trinity]: “This is the time to complete what we set out to finish years ago.”

Deus Xenor [same voice as Frank Xeno]: “Count with me. I’ll make sure that none of you lose your heads while playing heroes at the Council. We’ve come this far, so I am not going to let it happen at the end.”

Deus Morpheo [same voice as Yan Morphen and Morpheus]: “I believe in you and I will follow you until the end.”

Deus Serach [same voice as Seraph]: “I’ll be with you guys. My blades have been at the service of justice, always. And by now you are like my family. I love you all [looking at Daya specifically].”

Deus Daya [with Dayana’s voice]: “Maxio and I volunteered to fight for your cause and that won’t change now, even if it becomes more dangerous than before.”

Deus Neo [sounding pretty confident]: “Then, let’s continue and finish what we started. We shall save the ancients at last and end the new threat as well.”

Then, the view changed from Deus Neo’s group at the lab to the deusian child, Ida.

At last, the view turned around Ida and the robot and we could see what they were looking at with so much attention, before Neo’s call was received.

They were looking at the Matrix, apparently, from a deserted location that also had the secret lab. The Matrix was a giant ecological sphere that was protected by an even larger transparent square that covered its surroundings. It was still quite visible from there. You could tell from the movements and the colors that the sphere was “alive” in the inside. The inside had a seemingly endless number of colored bubbles that were pushed together, like the hundreds of transparent eggs that many fish make for reproduction. The billions of bubble-like thingies were the similar universes, of course.

The deusian girl, Ida, had no idea of what each of those bubbles contained, but even at her young age, she could already feel that they were important.

The Matrix looked both majestic and frightening from their location. It was the greatest biological and scientific achievement that their species had produced. It was what saved them from extinction and what would bring their next greatest troubles as well…

Meanwhile, in Thomas Anderson’s world (inside the single flawless universal copy that existed inside the Matrix) everyone began to awaken and the pods that kept them linked to the Virtual Matrices started to open automatically.

We could see many familiar faces from before; among them were all the people from the First Base and their brave commander (Yera Williams, the daughter of Nera Williams); each of the members from the Trinity Squad, except Sheera, Bern, and Leida; and all the survivors from the Resistance…

Throughout their world we could see how all the places that had millions of capsules began to “wake up,” as the pods opened and the people awakened, realizing that everything that they knew had been a dream in a virtual realm.

At the same time, those that had not been sleeping—like the people at Rodner Smith’s city—also awakened because they saw what was happening around their city and they realized that they had lived in a lie as well, even if they weren’t sleeping like all the others. They finally realized the truth of the world around them…

Suddenly, the scenes of the people of the world were left behind and the camera focused on a single pod, in a dangerous-looking location at a desolate area. The pod had a young boy that looked strikingly similar to Neo and Thomas Anderson in their younger days.

Finally, he began to move his fingers and he opened his eyes…

The final Neo had just awakened, but he wasn’t in a safe place. His entire pod was about to fall down a great distance…


NEXT— Part 9B: The Ending and the Final Revelation (This is it. Zip your belts for the final revelation and the ending! Let’s see how many of you can see it coming ; ) … )

The Matrix Revelations (Part 9A)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 8B out of 9)



Part 8: The Battle for Thomas Anderson’s World

Part 8b: The Grand Turning Point (second half of Part 8)


Neo felt great desperation on his death bed. He could feel that he didn’t have much time left and he could see everything and everyone above him. He could still perceive their human forms and their human look, even though he was seeing them through the white lenses of the Real Matrix (this was the case since Deus Ex returned Neo’s eyes to the way they were when they met).

What he was seeing through his “white filter” was the end of the Resistance, the end of his life, and the guaranteed fall of Thomas Anderson’s world. Everyone was going to be connected to the Matrix that was now under Deus Ex’s control. All the people that he had met there and the many others that he had never met were going to have the same fate: virtual lives connected to the Virtual Matrix… just like the life he had before, when Morpheus saved him and took him to the other virtual reality, or the higher layer in the system (which was just as virtual as the initial one—a big irony indeed).

Neo began to raise his right arm and opened his hand, as if he was trying to reach out to everyone. He still wanted to save them. He wanted to end the untruthful realities and save everyone from the Matrix…

Unfortunately, what he began to feel was telling him the opposite. As the life force within him began to fade away, he began to see everything and everyone as less and less human, and more and more white codes. Neo began to realize that the white codes of the Matrix were part of everything and everyone. It was all connected and everything was part of the Matrix.

The faces and the entire bodies of the asleep humans from the Resistance began to show themselves as white entities made up of white Matrix codes. Everything else was also represented by other arrangements of those codes. It was as if everything and everyone—all the people and all the things in Neo’s sight—were just coded entities in a cybernetic simulation. This new view almost de-humanized everything and made both living and static entities feel the same way: both were just coded entities in the system, and different arrangements of the same types of codes were their building blocks. The codes flowed through them and some even flowed through the air and the land. In fact, from Neo’s new view, even the air, the land, and the sky itself were visible as coded forms in the Matrix. Everything was coded in the Matrix and everything had the white codes in it: from the tinniest visible object to the largest one (being planet Earth itself).

The changed view of everything was truly affecting Neo. His initial desperation and sadness at the sight and feel of defeat for everyone began to go down. Soon, he was asking himself if humankind was even real; or, were they all and himself just a few billion instances of a cyber human entity that the system had created? What was the truth about the real reality? What was the truth about the Matrix?

In the middle of those questions, Neo began to lower his raised hand and the green light in his eyes started to fade away very slowly. He didn’t have much time left and, apparently, his will to save everyone and to stay alive had been lowered by the new view of reality that only he could see…

A few minutes earlier, Captain Leida—the fifth Trinity—had started to swim through the visible streams of yellow codes towards the location where Neo landed. She began to see that there were no humans close to Neo. In fact, it seemed like airborne objects were being pulled away from that spot. She soon began to feel that it was becoming increasingly difficult to swim down towards that location, so she left her plasma rifle behind to lower her weight. She kept going, but the force of the streams continued slowing her down until she could not go on anymore.

She got her first clear view of Neo and she realized that he was going to die there if she couldn’t help him quickly. However, she could not overcome the streams that were slowing her down to the point of blocking her path.

Suddenly, she saw no way out and she began to remember the mission that Thomas and Aida had entrusted them: they wanted Neo to prepare the path for the next Neo, to save everyone, and to end the Matrix simultaneously. They also wanted her to be there to help and save Neo, if necessary. However, things were looking more hopeless than ever before at that point, for both of them. If any moment was their “darkest hour,” that was it…

Leida Trinity [starting to get desperate/ looking at the fallen Neo]: “Why?? Why can’t I do anything for him?!! Am I not the one that was supposed to save him??!! Thomas Anderson, Aida Trinity, answer me!! Where are you now!!? Is this how it was going to end??!! Did you two know that it was going to end this way for us!!?”

Both Leida and Neo shed a tear at the same time, in a moment that looked like the end. Neo’s tear looked very peaceful and Leida’s tear was a sign of her frustration and her sadness.

Then, Leida noticed something totally unexpected. There was someone else that had also swam through the streams of codes towards Neo. It was just a little girl, but for some reason, the yellow currents were not stopping her from advancing. She had come far closer to him than Leida. It was unbelievable.

The girl was the blue-eyed girl that Neo had met at the Main Base in the Plaza of the Idols, where he also met the lovely couple of soldiers and the young inventor. She was the one that had truly reached his heart at that place, with her bear, her silver spoon, and her great desire to bring her parents back. She was the one that made him decide that he was going to make a difference for all of them, and for Thomas Anderson’s world.

The girl’s eyes looked terrified but she was determined to go on. She also began to feel the same opposite force that Leida had felt, but she began to feel it when she was much closer to Neo.

When Neo’s hand had gone back down and his eyes were ready to say their last good bye, the blue-eyed girl reached the farthest she could go, which was one meter away from Neo’s body. She was holding something with one of her hands. It was the same spoon she had before. She extended her hand and let go of the spoon towards Neo. The spoon continued its way to Neo, even though the girl could not reach him.

The Blue-eyed Girl [with a voice that denotes that she was going to lose consciousness at any moment]: “Neo, we need you. Please, save us!!”

Neo heard the close voice like an echo.

A familiar girl’s voice [fading out]: “Neeeooo… weee neeeed yoouu. Pleaseee… save uuus.”

He looked at her and for a moment, he managed to look beyond the dehumanized entity of white codes that she was in his eyes—which had the vision of the codes from the Matrix—and he could perceive that it was her. Instantly, he remembered who it was. Remembering it—remembering the blue-eyed girl—was like an electrical shock to his heart. He simply could not die when he realized that it was that girl that touched his heart and that made him decide and promise that he would change things for everyone.

He also saw the spoon that was moving towards him and he made a great effort to raise his hand again and grab it.

He caught the spoon and the blue-eyed girl closed her eyes and was carried away by the yellow streams. It seemed like she was going to fall on the surface, not too far from Neo, but, it didn’t look like she was well. Indeed, it looked as if she was going to die too. The effort she did to reach Neo and give him her spoon had been too much for such a little girl.

Neo’s mind suddenly changed. It was as if he had been struck by lightning after he grabbed the spoon and saw the girl. He wanted to save her. His desire to save her was even greater than his desire to save the whole Resistance and everyone because she had been the one that had touched his emotions more than anyone else at Thomas Anderson’s world. This girl truly looked like she could have been a daughter of Trinity and his.

However, how could he save her if he knew that he was about to die? He wanted to fight against it, but his body was already set to die at that moment. He could feel that it was going to happen, no matter what. His strong will would only delay it for a while; it could not stop it.

Then, he looked at the spoon. He looked at it as if he was looking at the Oracle herself, like all those times that he had sought her answers for his uncertain path.

Neo began to remember the child with the spoon from the first time that he paid a visit to the Oracle—Nera Williams. It had been longer than twenty years ago, but he could still remember the bald kid and what he said.

[the original spoon scene from The Matrix is shown]

Bald Kid [to the younger Neo]: “Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead only try and realize the truth.”

Younger Neo: “What truth?”

Kid: “There is no spoon.”

Neo [puzzled]: “There’s no spoon?”

Kid: “Then you’ll see that it’s not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

After remembering what the enigmatic kid had said, Neo began to remember what Thomas Anderson had told him, in his hologram form:

Thomas Anderson [in Neo’s reminiscence / same words as before]: “The truth is something that you must figure out on your own, like I did. The data codenamed ‘Neo’ was essential to open my eyes, but it was I who figured out the truth. The data never gave me the answer; it only gave me the key to open the path on my own. Whoever sent it to me expected that I would figure it out, just like I expect that you will realize what the truth is. It is one of the important variables that can raise your chances of success. If someone reveals it to you before you realize it on your own, then, you won’t believe it, and, as a result, the failure of our plan will be almost guaranteed.

This is the way it must be because it’s also the only way that will work.

Trust your instincts Neo. As The One, you are part of the Matrix itself.

If there is someone that can figure out the truth, that someone is you…”

After getting the spoon and after remembering what the bald boy and Thomas Anderson had told him, Neo began to open his mind to a new truth.

Neo [enlightened]: “For the one that sees the Matrix as what it really is, there is no spoon… And… there is no humankind either. There’s only the system and the endless number of entities that it has spanned… In this reality, the Matrix is what is making everything and everybody, based on the evolution of its master sequence of codes, which underlies everything, including mankind, including me… After all, we were also a byproduct of the Matrix… not of the Green and Yellow Virtual Matrices that Rodner created for his ego, but of this grand White Matrix, which must be the true top layer of the system, the Real Matrix, the reality from which none of the entities can escape… yet, it is a reality that The One, or anyone with such power, can change. This… this has to be what Thomas Anderson and Rodner Smith figured out. They were the first humans that could see the truth… This is why Thomas Anderson created The One. Only someone that could change the system itself had any chance of saving everyone from it… I have forced the Matrix to make changes in the normal course of its coded reality before. I did it unconsciously when agent Smith left me for dead in the Green Virtual Matrix, and consciously when I saved Trinity in the Yellow Virtual Matrix, and when I held and stopped the fifth Neo’s entity in this world…

On my own, I can’t take myself to a state that doesn’t lead to death now, but, I can send an interrupt signal to the operating system of the Matrix to make it do it for me. I can’t change the Matrix, but I can make the Matrix change one variable for me, and the variable can be an individual entity. That is the power of The One…”

Neo’s left hand began to get engulfed by several streams of green codes and he moved the hand through his own entity of codes (he entered his hand in his own body)—like he did when he saved Trinity. Meanwhile, he didn’t let go of the spoon with his other hand.

His green eyes changed to yellow, like the eyes that Cyber Neo had before Deus Ex erased Cyber Neo’s entity from the system. Then, they changed to white, like the codes of the Real Matrix that Maxio and he had used temporarily. Suddenly, Neo’s body began to heal. Soon, he didn’t look like he was going to die any longer. Yet, he was still holding the spoon, as if he wasn’t done with it.

White-eyed Neo [still enlightened]: “It is not the spoon that bends but only myself. Of course… it makes sense now. Humans can’t bend spoons with their minds, but, if the Matrix can create a new entity that is capable of that, or if it modifies one of the existing entities to make it capable of that, then, based on the new rules of its codes, that entity will be capable of bending spoons with its mind. However, that singular human entity would not be the same anymore and the codes for the spoon would continue to be the same as before. It was not the spoon that was bent or changed in the Matrix, it was the entity that is now capable of doing it. I “bent” or changed the way that the Matrix perceives my entity, so I am now capable of bending spoons with my mind because the Matrix allows it for my new self.”

Neo looked at the spoon and it began to bend by itself in his hand, even though he wasn’t forcing it with his hand. Clearly, the white-eyed Neo had changed, just like he had changed when he dominated agent Smith at the Green Matrix’s realm (at the end of “The Matrix”).

The new Neo wasn’t like before anymore…

Then, he remembered about the girl and he quickly left the spoon behind.

There were entities in the Matrix that mattered far more than a spoon to him, even after he had seen part of the truth about the system. There was deeper meaning and emotions attached to the entities that were alive…

The blue-eyed girl was about to land on a destroyed surface, but someone with white eyes and white streams all around him held her, right before her seemingly lifeless body touched the floor. At first, it felt like it could be Deus Maxio, but a closer look left it very clear that it was Neo…

Deus Ex’s yellow subspace wasn’t affecting him anymore. His green sphere was now fully white, and he had summoned it on his own. He had unlocked his own access to using the codes of the Real Matrix as a defense system for himself. He was living up to being the sixth iteration of the human anomaly. Bending the spoon, after he changed his own entity’s codes in the Matrix (to be able to do it), was just the beginning. Now, he was determined to save the blue-eyed girl, and then the rest of mankind…

Meanwhile, things had become truly critical for Deus Maxio’s battle against the silver clones and Deus Ex.

Deus Maxio was hurt, but he had a chance to flee from the clones and he went straight after the real Deus Ex. Maxio had noticed that the clones were not even focused on killing him anymore; they had switched their focus to destroying the white sphere that he was still holding tight in his hand. This meant that Ex knew what it was for and he also knew that without it, he would not be defeated…

Surprisingly, Deus Ex waited for Maxio, without moving and without even taking a fighting stance. It was as if he wasn’t worried about Maxio anymore.

When Maxio was very close he prepared himself to grab Ex and to make sure that the deletion sphere would land on Ex. However, before he reached Ex, one of the silver clones got in his way and grabbed the arm that had the deletion sphere. Then, the Deus Ex clone used Maxio’s own momentum to ensure that the sphere would be used on him instead, and not on the real one. The clone forced a crash of the small sphere on his body.

Maxio [caught off guard]: “Nooo!!!”

Maxio saw how he lost the sphere from his hand, and the worst part was that he didn’t have any chance to do anything. It happened too fast. It was too unexpected. The white sphere recognized the body that it had entered as the correct entity that it had to delete, so it automatically initiated its deletion sequence and it began to erase the silver clone of Deus Ex completely.

The clone was erased from head to toes by the strong stream of white codes that came from the sphere. The deletion stream also began to fade away as soon as it was done. However, the real Deus Ex was still there and the second deletion sphere was gone.

Maxio looked at Deus Ex.

Ex had not moved one inch; he had his arms crossed, and he was simply watching very calmly.

Real Deus Ex: “You couldn’t defeat me before, when I was using the body of the inferior humanoid robot, so I didn’t think that anything would change now that I am back in my original body. And I was right.”

Maxio began to create some sort of sharp-looking swords with yellow codes, but all the other Deus Ex clones arrived to subdue him.

When Ex saw that Maxio was somewhat under control, he went up to him and Ex’s hand began to get surrounded by silver codes.

Deus Ex entered his hand in Maxio’s body and closed it inside, as if he was grabbing and holding an object, just like he did with Cyber Neo. Then, Maxio stopped moving, in the same way as Cyber Neo had stopped moving before.

Ex [certain]: “Your final attempt to destroy me is over. Now, you are going to join me. All of this will be over soon, I assure you.”

Maxio had lost his ability to fight back, but he could still talk.

Maxio: “What do you gain from all of this?! What is the point!?”

Ex: “I will become the master of the Matrix after I am done with this world. This is the next layer of the system, so I must take over it and make it my own, before I move on to your world.”

Maxio: “You don’t need to destroy them to be the master of the Matrix. You can spare their world and all of them and still achieve what you want.”

Ex: “Unlike you, I do not care about them. They are meaningless in the Matrix and they are meaningless to me, just like the sentinel robots were meaningless in the lower layer. To me, they are the sentinels of this world.”

Maxio [certain]: “If you knew the whole truth about the Matrix you would be thinking very differently about them Deus Ex.”

Ex: “I will know the whole truth and much more in just a couple of minutes. I will replicate myself onto you and I will know all your memories and all the remaining secrets about the Matrix. Not even the deuses will be able to stop me after you join the network of clones that I command. And then, you will take me to your world and you will give me full access to the true Matrix. Once I am done with you here, this world, your world, and the Matrix itself will be at my mercy. You are the only nuisance that’s left for me to seal my path as the master of the Matrix.”

The silver clones let go of Maxio and Deus Ex continued holding him. Then, several streams of silver codes began to create a strange and solid-looking silver mass that began to come from Deus Ex’s hand. The silver anomaly started to spread throughout Maxio’s body in a menacing way. Maxio used all his power to hold it back, but he wasn’t stopping it completely. It was only a matter of time before Ex could complete the process and take over him, like agent Smith had done before with Neo and with many others.

Maxio understood that there was nothing he could do to break free from the abnormal silver streams of codes. His yellow codes couldn’t override the silver ones, and his limited ability to unlock and control the Real Matrix was out of his reach. Talking to Deus Ex wasn’t going to help either.

As the silver threat approached his neck, Maxio wished for a miracle from the Matrix, like the humans that pray, since there was nothing else that he could do to save everyone at the Earth of the Matrix. And an imminent menace for his world was also on the horizon…

The worst possible scenario for the outcome of Maxio’s mission in the Matrix was taking place.

It began to happen close to the moment when Neo made his move…

During Maxio and Ex’s conversation, Neo grabbed the blue-eyed girl, before her lifeless body touched the ground.

Immediately, Neo tried to revive the girl by manipulating her entity’s codes—like he had done with Trinity and with himself—but even the manipulation of the white codes proved to be futile. For some reason, it wasn’t working with the girl. It worked perfectly with Trinity, but Trinity was an adult, and the blue-eyed girl was much smaller. Obviously… there was something about the Matrix that he still didn’t know.

Perhaps, there was some limit, even for the one that had the strongest connection with the system. Even with the aid of the white codes, Neo couldn’t revive the blue-eyed girl. He failed at saving her.

Why?! Apparently, not everything was possible for The One. The Matrix wasn’t perfect; and, he obviously didn’t know the whole truth about it either…

Neo began to look very sad. It was strange because his white eyes looked more like the eyes of a deus than the eyes of a human. They resembled Deus Maxio’s yellow eyes and the silver eyes of the real Deus Ex, but he was still himself.

Despite his newfound power, some things were still out of his reach…

He stood up, still holding the girl, and he looked at her. The girl looked exactly as a daughter of Trinity and him would have looked. That fact made it even more difficult for him. It was almost as if he had lost a real daughter. She had touched his heart once again.

Neo: “I never knew your name, but I thank you little one. Thank you for helping me to see the truth about this world. Your spoon saved me. The truth about this place was always in front of my eyes, but I, like the members of the Trinity Squad, like the brilliant and beautiful people at Rodner Smith’s city, and like all of humankind, refused to see it. I was blind to it from the start. I missed the truth of the world around me. And I couldn’t see it until now.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t save Jack and that lovely couple. I am even more sorry that I can’t save you now, even with this power. I won’t forgive myself for failing my promises to all of you. You all were much more than a sequence of codes to me, even though I only met you once. For my heart, you were far more than random coded entities. I wish I had seen the truth before so that I could have saved all of you [a tear drops from Neo’s white eyes at this point]… but… I will save the rest of mankind. I won’t let the deusian anomaly delete all of us and our dreams from the system! And I will end the Virtual Matrices that enslave us in Thomas Anderson’s world!!”

Neo left the blue-eyed girl on the ground. He placed her there like a caring parent that was putting his only child to sleep on her death bed.

Then, he began to walk away from her looking up. His fists were closed and the white sphere around him started to look more powerful than ever.

He was still sad, very sad, but he wiped away the tears because everyone needed him.

Then, his sadness morphed into courage and it became his strength.

Neo stood still and he looked straight at Deus Ex, who was in the middle of taking over Maxio with his silver streams.

Then, Neo’s white sphere began to grow, and grow, and grow, unstoppably, with Neo at its center. Its growth had no end and it only gained more and more acceleration as it progressed. It was exactly like Deus Ex’s previous takeover, but this time Neo was the one doing it with the Real Matrix and the white codes. Neo’s white subspace of the Matrix didn’t stop expanding until it covered the entire planet and the whole yellow globe that Deus Ex had created around it. All those people that saw the yellow catastrophe with despair before were reached and saved by Neo’s new space. All the floating buildings around the planet with thousands and thousands of humans in cyber pods were reached and covered by the white streams. All the soldiers of the Resistance began to get carried to the ground by the white streams and the endless pods of sleeping humans around the whole planet started to open slowly, after the massive field of white codes passed through them.

Deus Ex noticed the unbelievable change instantly and so did Maxio, right before the silver anomaly—Ex’s streams—reached his face.

It was a massive disturbance in the Matrix that reminded Maxio of Deus Ex’s arrival, but it didn’t feel evil. It was the complete opposite. People perceived dark times when the yellow space covered the world, and, despite that prior nightmare, you could tell by the new look on their faces that they were feeling that everything would be fine after Neo’s globe of white streams began to cover everything again.

While the massive white sphere of codes spread itself around Thomas Anderson’s world, Neo closed his eyes and he raised his hands. Then, he remembered what the Oracle had told him before—the last time he saw her. And at last, he had another realization that he never thought about before; yet, it became too clear for him at that point in time…

Oracle [in Neo’s reminiscence, talking to him]: “Neo, the role of the helpers is to help The One to succeed in his path to the ending of the Matrix. To fulfill their purpose, they don’t need to know all the secrets and they may not need to leave the Matrix either.”

Now, Neo knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Nera Williams—the Oracle from the Virtual Matrices—and Thomas Anderson, and even Aida Trinity, knew what was coming. All of them knew it, as if they were part of the same team, and… as if they had planned it together. That was why the Oracle always said the words that could give him and the other helpers the best chance for success. It wasn’t because she had the abnormal gift of seeing the future in the Matrix; it was because she was also a key part of Thomas Anderson’s plan, just like Neo and all the others that helped along the way.

Neo [having another grand realization]: “She was right, she was always right, and all three of them knew the truth… all of it… from the start. Nera Williams knew as much as Thomas Anderson himself. That is why she took the position of the first General at the Resistance and the Oracle in the Matrix. It wasn’t a coincidence. Only she could do it successfully because she was the only one that knew the whole truth, including how Thomas and Aida’s plan was going to play out. None of us knew it, but she did. In a way, she was even more important than me… Without her, the plan would have never worked, but, no one ever considered her a threat. After all, she was just a superstitious old lady that didn’t look powerful. What harm would she do to Rodner, the agents, the robots, the deuses, and the anomalies? I made much more sense as a big threat to the whole system, and as the center of the entire plan, so, everyone focused on me, or rather, on the current iteration of The One, which was never the iteration that mattered the most to make the whole plan work. No one thought that the Oracle, Morpheus, and Trinity could be just as important as me to make it all work… to pave the path for the final Neo, for The One, and to keep him safe from all the threats by dealing with them ourselves…”

Neo felt that he knew more than ever about all the secrets that had been hidden from him and the others. He was more aware about the plan’s path and about the Matrix itself, but he didn’t know the whole truth yet… and he was aware of that as well.

When Neo finished the expansion of his grand white subspace around the planet and around Deus Ex’s yellow space, he noticed that Ex had captured Maxio and that he was taking over him. The frame of time available to defeat Ex—before he gained access to Maxio’s memories and to the Real Matrix—was probably less than a minute.

Unlike before, the path to reach Deus Ex was completely clear. The robots and the humans were not in the way this time. Only the clones of the real Deus Ex would have any chance to get in the way. However, there were no deletion spheres anymore.

Neo didn’t waste any time and he instantly figured out what to do. Once again, he sent a sudden “interrupt signal” to the Matrix to retrieve a copy of an all-important piece of data from before.

Neo created a cube-like shape of white codes in front of himself. Then, the space inside the cube changed completely and it started to show another space that was only present inside that cube that he summoned. It was as if the cube was a small window to another dimension or another reality in the Matrix. Suddenly, someone else’s hand appeared in that space because that person—a man—moved his own hand there. The hand was holding a white deletion sphere. Then, the white-eyed Neo inserted his own hand in the cube and grabbed the sphere. He quickly made a copy of it in his hand and removed his hand from the cube with an outline of the white sphere in it.

Obviously, that was why Neo had seen a strange hand of white codes around his, and close to the sphere, before he followed Maxio to go through the armies of robots and soldiers, at the very beginning of the battle for Thomas Anderson’s world. The mysterious white hand of codes was his. He was the one that had done it to make a copy of the deletion sphere that existed before, but he only understood the reason and the explanation for that occurrence after he did it.

Then, Neo held the sphere and he pointed that hand to Deus Ex and Maxio. He kneeled down for a second and, without wasting any time, he jumped up and began to fly straight towards Deus Ex and his clones. The amount of white streams of codes around him was incredible. He looked more powerful and “closer to the Matrix” than ever before.

Leida Trinity could see what happened from the ground and she regained her lost hope when she saw it.

Maxio, despite being in the border of his end, also realized that the Matrix had granted his wish for a miracle; and he saw that now, more than ever, they had a chance to win against the deusian anomaly. The abnormal silver mass was reaching his lips, but he felt victorious regardless.

Maxio [to Ex, with newfound courage]: “If you continue, you will know the truth about the Matrix and I will join you as you wanted, but Neo will have more than enough time to get here and destroy you. You will have to choose between finding the truth and finishing me or having a chance to survive. Your only hope now is to let go of me and forget about the secrets of the Matrix. If you don’t, I will fight to make sure that you are not done with me until he gets here. And we are in his space now, so you will die. You have a choice between power and certain death or no power and a chance to survive. Choose!”

Ex [sounding mighty still]: “I choose both! I won’t let you get away now! You are the only one that has all the answers that I need. I can still defeat Neo with the abnormal streams of codes that I created.”

All the silver clones suddenly left Ex and Maxio. The clones began to fly down very fast towards Neo. They made silver swords of codes and rushed towards their target with massive force, but one by one was shattered into pieces of silver codes when they clashed with Neo, who simply continued flying up towards Deus Ex, after going through them, and, after literally breaking their entities in pieces with only one strike.

In addition, the deletion sphere was still visible in Neo’s hand after the clones failed to stop him.

That was the moment when the real Deus Ex finally realized that Neo had done what he wanted and what he—Deus Ex—sought for so many years: Neo gained “administrator’s access” to the Matrix’s most powerful layer on his own. Essentially, he was the one that had come the closest that either one of them had come to being a master of the system.

Fear was visible for the first time on the face of the deusian anomaly, but Ex’s pride was simply too great to accept fear or defeat in any way or form. The master of the Matrix was not supposed to feel fear, that was a feeling for the underlings; yet… there it was.

In a matter of seconds, the fear that Deus Ex started to feel as Neo was getting closer became anger, and the anger turned to rage. Ultimately, Maxio was right: Ex didn’t have enough time to take over him before Neo’s arrival, which would result in Ex’s imminent destruction.

Deus Ex couldn’t contain his rage when he saw that only Maxio’s eyes were left for the full takeover, but Neo was almost there already. The grand power of the Matrix was at his fingertips, but he had to let go of it to survive that clash with Neo and the deletion sphere. He had no other choice.

At that point, Deus Ex let go of Maxio with a massive spherical wave of silver-looking energy that went outwards in all directions. It was almost as powerful as Maxio’s earlier energy blast, when he still had the white sphere (he used it to blow all the soldiers and robots away to open the path to Ex).

Momentarily, everything around the area where Deus Ex and Maxio were turned gray and the outcome there wasn’t visible. It was clear that Neo was about to clash with Ex and he still had the deletion sphere in his hand, but then the silver blast covered the whole section in the sky.

It took about half a minute to see the outcome…

After the silver streams began to spread out, we could see that Neo was holding Deus Ex’s arms and Deus Ex was also holding Neo’s arms. The deletion sphere and Maxio were not on sight, but Neo looked fine and Deus Ex’s legs were gone, as if they had been blown away or erased. Yet, Ex’s face still wasn’t that of a losing party in any way.

Deus Ex [to Neo]: “It’s too bad that my silver bomb had the perfect timing. It made you drop the sphere at the last second. Only a fraction of its codes reached my legs, but my legs are deusian, so they will grow back again. You lost a perfect chance to erase me Neo.”

Neo [still in full control]: “I might have lost my chance and the sphere, but there are other ways to erase you now. The system will do it for me.”

Deus Ex noticed Neo’s white eyes and it became clear that Neo was seeing everything well. That perturbed Ex, who believed that he had given vision to Neo, and then, he had taken it away.

Deus Ex [angry]: “Is that why you can see now!? Did the Matrix give you back the vision that I had given you!?”

Neo: “No. You gave me back my eyes, but not my vision. My true vision always came from the Matrix itself because I am a part of it. I never lost it. I could see you clearly, even at that time when we first met, at the City of the Machines. I could see your face the day when we ended agent Smith’s revolution in the Virtual Matrix, and I can see it now. I never lost my sight because I never lost my connection with the Matrix… Now, I will end your revolution at Thomas Anderson’s world. It’s time for the Matrix to judge you.”

A bunch of white streams of codes surrounded Neo’s arms and they began to move towards Deus Ex’s arms.

Deus Ex: “You fool! My silver streams are more than enough to delete you first!!”

Deus Ex did the same thing as before. He began to use his silver streams against Neo, but he quickly realized that the white streams were capable of competing, and they could even hold back the silver codes. It was impressive.

Neo [enlightened voice]: “No code or stream in the system can surpass the originals that made them all possible from the start. The white codes are the originals. Even the anomalies themselves exist because some white sequence of codes made that occurrence possible in the system. At most, your silver streams can be as powerful as the original ones, but they are not the true source codes, so they will decay in a power struggle. The original codes will always take precedence, so I will win by default, sooner or later.”

Deus Ex started to notice that Neo would indeed win.

Deus Ex [angry / reluctant]: “This doesn’t make sense! I am the superior anomaly!! I should be able to twist and control every stream, every code, and every entity!! I am the strongest entity in the Matrix!!”

Neo [driven]: “It’s time to put an end to your chess game, Rodner Smith. After all, you called jake mate on the wrong piece a while ago.”

Deus Ex [puzzled and angry]: “Are you delusional? I am not Rodner Smith!! He may have helped to bring me here, but he is a meaningless being in comparison to a deus like me! That’s why he became my puppet so easily, just like every sentinel at the City of the Machines, and like every human entity here. They were all meant to be my followers, before I move on to the world of the Deusian creators, where the Original Matrix is waiting for me, its true master!”

Neo: “You are not Rodner Smith, but unlike me, you are his true king. You failed to see that you were nothing more than Rodner’s master piece, or his way to become The One in this world. Agent Smith and the Virtual Architect were not the most valuable entities for Rodner’s plan; you were his most valuable piece from the start. In addition, I was never the most important piece in Thomas Anderson’s game plan. His true king was the final iteration of Neo and he wasn’t going to arrive until the end. That was Thomas Anderson’s true plan. All the previous Neo’s and everybody else were just helpers to make it happen. Even I am a helper for the final Neo. You failed to realize that as well, even though you saw the memories of two Neo’s and two Trinity’s. You still missed the truth, like everybody else did.”

Deus Ex [becoming aware of the truth]: “No…”

Neo: “You chose the wrong entity for your jake mate. I was just another helper on the board, meant to pave the best possible path for the final Neo.

Thomas Anderson’s plan to end the Matrix and save everyone is still on track, and I will make sure that you won’t take it off track. If you try to replicate onto me, you will be erased, because you made the mistake of adding agent Smith’s anomaly to your entity’s database, in order to gain his power. So, you also gained his greatest weakness, which is me. And if you don’t add me to your silver network, I will still delete both you and the Virtual Matrices. Soon, I will awake everyone in this world. Unlike the previous Neo, I won’t fail because the Real Matrix is on my side. You only have two choices Deus Ex: be erased by the Matrix, thanks to me, or take over me and we will both be gone from the system.

Both choices lead to the same outcome. Your deletion is inevitable and the final Neo will be safe, until the moment to complete Thomas Anderson’s plan arrives.”

Deus Ex [losing it]: “You… you won’t make it out of here alive!!”

Neo [with powerful words]: “This is the end for you and your revolution in the Matrix. Jake mate Rodner Smith and jake mate Deus Ex!! This is from Thomas Anderson, and from the sixth Neo!!!”

Neo (surrounded by white codes) and the leg-less Deus Ex (surrounded by his abnormal silver streams) began a serious power struggle where the white and the silver codes began to advance in opposite ways to initiate the deletion sequence for their adversary.

Both types of streams seemed equal in power, despite what Neo said about the original codes taking precedence.

Deus Ex: “Do you see it Neo??!! There is no way that the human anomaly could defeat the deusian anomaly. A human entity will never be more powerful than a deusian entity, just like an ant will never be more powerful than a man! It’s nature’s paradigm; it’s the Matrix’s design; and you just don’t have the winning hand!!”

At that point, Deus Ex’s silver streams began to advance more than Neo’s white streams and it looked like he was going to succeed in deleting Neo.

Neo: “Perhaps, it’s true that nature or the Matrix made things that way, but it also made them so that a man and a deus together would be more powerful than another deus alone, just like a man and an ant together would be more than another man alone.”

Deus Ex: “What?”

Something was wrong.

Deus Ex was winning, but Neo didn’t look or sound like he had lost. Neo wasn’t looking at Deus Ex however…

At that moment, Maxio punched the white deletion sphere through Deus Ex.

Maxio had grabbed the lost deletion sphere, after Neo let go of it. Then, Maxio made his way to the top again and he literally broke the sphere on Deus Ex’s spine.

It was over. Deus Ex knew it as soon as he felt the sphere’s codes spreading through his entity…There was nothing he could do to stop that process, but… he would not allow them to have such an overwhelming victory over the godly deusian anomaly. He could not accept it!

Deus Ex [with determination]: “If my deletion is inevitable, then, I shall take you two with me!!”

Even as part of his arms were starting to disappear, Deus Ex grabbed Maxio with his left hand and the white-eyed Neo with his right hand. He held them without letting go and a fast-moving whirlwind of silver codes began to surround them. The whirlwind formed a silver-looking sphere of anomalous codes around Deus Ex’s body, as it faded away. Then, the silver codes began to get brighter and brighter.

Maxio [to Neo / said with anticipation and with increasing fear]: “He is going to let go of a destructive blast that we can’t predict! We must counter it with our own spheres or he may still have a chance to kill everyone here!! Use the Matrix to counter it with a larger blast of opposite energy. Use all the white streams around us!!”

Neo began to form a similar and opposite force with white codes, but Deus Ex let go of Maxio and introduced his other hand in Neo’s chest, one more time.

Deus Ex [breathing heavily]: “You may have become the master of the Matrix first, but I can still stop you from saving everyone.”

Deus Ex was about to let go of his destructive wave of silver energy, when Neo moved—even with Deus Ex’s hand trying to hold his entity in place.

Neo: “I am not the master of the Matrix. I don’t even know the whole truth about it, but I can still stop you from hurting this world any longer.”

In a moment of desperation, Deus Ex turned the remainder of his other hand into a silver knife and impaled Neo with it. Then, both the silver and the white spheres around went off—like a pair of bombs—and caused the largest energy shockwaves seen since the beginning of the story.

Maxio was seen rushing towards Neo at the moment of the grand explosion of energy, but the rest of what happened wasn’t clear.

Neo’s vision and his consciousness drifted away however… It was as if he had lost consciousness when he countered Deus Ex’s final strike with a similar and opposite strike from the Matrix itself…

The view went dark and a long moment went by…

Then, Neo opened his eyes. He woke up, as if he had awakened from an endless slumber or a nightmare…

He looked forward, and all he saw was the sky and thousands of streams of white codes falling down everywhere.

Where was he?

He stood up very slowly, as someone who was still half awake and half asleep. He noticed that the spot where Deus Ex impaled him at the end was now healed.

Then, Neo realized that he was standing on a rectangle of yellow codes and he was still about 500 meters above the ground. He turned around and he saw Maxio standing on another yellow-coded platform in the sky. Maxio was holding the unconscious Rodner Smith and there was no sign of Deus Ex anywhere. Neo looked down and he noticed that the soldiers, the robots, and pretty much everything else had reached the ground level while he was asleep.

Furthermore, Neo’s eyes had returned back to normal. They were his normal eyes again; they were not fully white anymore.

It seemed like they had won. However, Neo wasn’t at peace yet…

Neo [to Maxio]: “Is it really over? Is the deusian anomaly finally gone?”

Maxio [certain]: “Yes. He is gone. You stopped his final attack using the Matrix and there are no traces of him anymore. I was lucky enough to save you from the explosion. I also healed you.”

Neo [looking at the people below]: “Then… what is going to happen now? My white space is gone, his yellow space is gone, and the white streams and codes… they are still falling. I… I don’t feel like just a moment ago either.”

Maxio: “Your 100% connection with the Matrix doesn’t last forever, just like mine. However, it lasted enough to get the job done. You deleted Deus Ex and you opened all the human capsules in this world. Soon, everyone is going to start to wake up, just like you did now, and they will know the truth. They will wake from the Virtual Matrices that architect Smith created and they will all come back to this reality. You saved them all from the Matrix Neo.”

Neo [not so sure]: “Did I? We are still in the Matrix. I haven’t succeeded at saving everyone until we are awakened from ALL the layers of the Matrix, including this one. I feel this is the top layer, but I don’t know what to believe anymore. I feel just like I felt twenty-one years ago when I began to figure out the truth inside the world of the Green Virtual Matrix, the innermost layer. I still didn’t know anything back then, and I fear that it could be the same way even now.”

Maxio [certain]: “You have no reason to have any doubt or fear. You were able to control the Matrix at a higher level than even I could. This means that you have a greater chance to save them.”

Neo: “I can’t save anyone unless I know the truth.”

Maxio started to look serious and Neo began to look at him.

Neo: “You know the answer, the real answer… and I need to know it as well. Perhaps, I need it now more than ever, since I must know the truth about the Matrix if I want to know how to proceed next, and how to save everyone, beyond this point… Please, tell me the truth about the Matrix Deus Maxio. What is it? Why did I see it in everything and in everyone? Is it a simulation of life, or, are we all sleeping in your world too, like we were here? Are our world and our reality part of some grand simulation? What is the truth about this system and about us? I need to know it.”

Maxio [looking thoughtful]: “…”

Maxio wasn’t talking. Was he reluctant to reveal the truth, or was there another reason to keep it a secret? Neo wasn’t about to give up though. He planned to go all the way. If there was a moment when he felt sure that he could truly save everyone, it was that moment, minutes after stopping the revolution of the deusian anomaly at Thomas Anderson’s world. However, he needed to know the truth to save everyone.

Neo [to Maxio]: “Don’t you trust me? We worked well as a team. I know that you want the best for mankind as I do. I could feel it from the first moment when I saw that you were saving humans, even when another larger force was commanding you to attack us. I know that you want the best for us. So, why don’t you help us to exit this layer as well? Wasn’t that why you came here?”

Maxio [sounding slightly apprehensive]: “When I came to the Matrix, I had a different mission, which I still have to fulfill. But you are right, I have always wanted to save all of you. That was one of the reasons why I came here…”

Neo: “This is your chance then. And I’m here to help you. You are not being controlled anymore and both Deus Ex and Smith won’t be in the way. We can do it together, but I need to know the truth to figure out the best way to proceed.”

Maxio [serious]: “I am not supposed to reveal the truth about the Matrix to any entity from the inside. It was one of the clauses that I had to agree with when I was chosen to come here. However, I never expected that I would find an entity like you. It’s correct to say that I wasn’t told the whole truth either when I was sent here. There were many details that I didn’t know…”

Neo [still not giving up]: “But you do know what the Matrix truly is and what we are, don’t you? You know if it is a simulation and what kind of simulation it is. You also know what is happening outside the Matrix, if this is truly the top layer, as I felt it is.”

Deus Maxio still didn’t look sure about sharing the secrets with Neo. Something beyond his mission and its contract was getting in the way of his decision to share it. It looked as if he believed that revealing it wasn’t going to help Neo.

Maxio: “Aren’t you afraid of finding a truth that is not what you hoped for at all?”

Neo: “There is no point in being afraid. The truth about our world will not change, regardless of whether we are afraid of it or not. I would rather know it then. And… I need to know it Maxio. It is the only way I have to ensure that Thomas Anderson’s plan will succeed. Knowing the truth is the only way there is to save everyone from the Matrix. It doesn’t matter if it is not a good truth. I still need it. Maxio please… I must know it. Is this world and everyone in it just a simulation that was created at the world of the deuses? Is that what the Matrix truly is? Tell me.”

Maxio [serious as heck]: “There are truths that are better left as a secret Neo. It would be better for you and for the humans if you don’t know it.”

Neo: “Why?”

Maxio: “Because the truth that you seek may not be what you wanted to hear.”

Neo [enlightened/ not giving up no matter what]: “It is still the truth, isn’t it? The truth won’t change because we are oblivious about it; it will remain the same. Then, I would rather know it. It doesn’t matter how unexpected or how difficult it may be to find out about it, it’s still better than living in a lie or an illusion that was never the real thing.

Besides, at this point, knowing the truth about the Matrix is the only way I have to ensure that everyone here can be saved.

This would not be the first time that I have experienced shocking revelations about the world’s reality either. I already experienced them when I escaped the Virtual Green and Yellow Layers of the Matrix, but it turned out that even those truths were not the real one; they were just another cover, another illusion that wasn’t the real answer.

Now, more than ever in my life, I am ready to know the whole truth about this system that I am so innately connected to. I must help to end it and save mankind from it, as Thomas Anderson wanted. But I need to know the whole truth first. It’s the only way and only you can tell me about it. It is a necessary revelation, if you want the greater good for everyone here, as I know you do.”

Maxio [looking very thoughtful]: “…”

Maxio: “I am such a fool. I should have realized it earlier. It was you from the start. That was why you were capable of fighting me as an equal when I was an attacker. You are the connection that the leader of my group referred to when he told me that he had a friend inside the Matrix. He even has the same name as you. It’s not a mere coincidence as I thought. He’s known as Deus Neo, and he was the one that sent me here in a secret mission for our cause.”

Neo [reminiscing about Thomas Anderson’s recount of what happened to him]: “… Codename Neo… I see.”

Maxio [clueless]: “Huh?”

Neo: “Something is starting to make sense to me as well… I am not the friend that your leader referred to. His friend was Thomas Anderson, the man that created me. And this leader of yours was the one that sent him the key message to figure out something important about the Matrix. I’m sure that that was how Thomas Anderson found the truth that I need now.”

Maxio: “Then, it wasn’t a coincidence that you could manipulate the system at a level that was even beyond mine… I really wasn’t told everything when I was sent here. My mission was all that mattered. And the rest had been taken care of…”

Deus Maxio placed his hand on his forehead and closed his eyes for a few seconds. Then, he began to look more relieved.

Maxio: “Neo… I have changed my mind. It doesn’t matter if I break my contract anymore. It doesn’t matter if I am judged at my world either. I will tell you the truth.

Perhaps, there is no one more prepared than you to accept it, without letting it overwhelm you, and without thinking that it isn’t the real truth.”

Neo had a small flashback. He remembered that moment, 21 years earlier, when he woke up in the human pod at the Yellow Layer of the Virtual Matrix (at the City of the Machines).

In his mind, nothing could have possibly been more shocking than that grand revelation; but, that wasn’t the real truth about the Matrix, it was just another world of bigger lies that even more people believed…

Was Thomas Anderson’s world just another more credible layer of reality? Or, was it the same as the previous two? What was the real answer behind it all?

When Maxio was going to start telling Neo the whole truth about the Matrix, Leida Trinity also woke up. From the ground, she opened her eyes and she could see Neo and Maxio… She was the first one that woke up from all the other people there and the only one that was seeing Neo and Maxio at that moment. She could not hear them, but at least she could see them…

Finally, Neo was going to hear the secret that had been hidden from the start… the truth about how mankind’s reality in the Matrix came to be, the truth about how everything he knew had come into existence…


NEXT – THE FINAL PART— PART 9 out of 9: The Real Answer and The Ending

(Section 9A: The Truth About the Matrix ; Section 9B: The Ending and the Final Revelation)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 8B out of 9)




Part 8: The Battle for Thomas Anderson’s World


Part 8a: Jake Mate (the first half of Part 8)


When Deus Maxio unlocked his subspace of white codes from the Real Matrix and began to share it with Neo, Deus Ex felt the occurrence of a sudden change. Some entities within his yellow subspace of the Virtual Matrix were not being controlled by him at all, even though he had the entire planet inside the yellow sphere. This could only mean one thing: they possessed something that was capable of bypassing or blocking the controls of the Yellow Layer of the Virtual Matrix.

Even though the large silver face was very high in the sky, it opened its eyes and quickly located where Deus Maxio and Neo were standing. It had many black spikes on its back and sentinels floating around it, just like the first Deus Ex from the very beginning…

Large Deus Ex [sounding confident and calculating]: “So he fixed himself using the Matrix and came back. However, he didn’t come after me right away. He picked up Neo first. That means that he doesn’t think that his power in the Matrix is enough to defeat me by himself. Then… he has already lost… Even if he has the power of the highest layer of the Matrix, the outcome will be the same as before. If anything, he has done me a favor by unlocking it for me. Now, all I need to become the true master of the Matrix is to absorb him with Smith’s technique, making a clone of myself on him, and adding his knowledge and experiences to my entity’s database. I will know all the secrets that are left about the real system and I will get his access to it right away. It’s all I have left to be the real master of the Matrix… But first, I will take care of Neo… The existence of Thomas Anderson’s king and his little game plan are becoming a nuisance by now. It’s time to remove The One from this equation. It’s time to leave only one anomaly in the Matrix.”

Deus Ex’s doppelganger sentinels gathered in front of the large silver face and the silver hands of the real Deus Ex began to come out through the big face. The real Deus Ex left his legs and torso inside the protective body, but he continued coming through until he was out halfway—up to the belly button. He extended his arms and all the sentinels grabbed them. They divided themselves in two groups of about seven sentinels each. Then, each group reached for one of the hands. When they touched him, he began to transform them into other clones of himself, just like he did with Rodner Smith—who was now the large “Deus Ex face” that was protecting him.

At the same time, the flow of the hundreds of floating humans and humanoid robots in the area began to change and the streams of yellow codes began to rearrange all their positions. Effectively, the streams scattered them in the middle of the long way up, between Deus Ex (above) and Deus Maxio and Neo (below). The two small armies—one human and one humanoid—blocked the path to reach Deus Ex.

It seemed like all the robots from Rodner Smith’s army and the sleeping soldiers from the Resistance were under Deus Ex’s control. They all looked asleep, but they were moving in a conscious manner, like the currents of yellow codes desired.

Luckily, Neo wasn’t the only human that was conscious in the middle of the cataclysm at Thomas Anderson’s world.

Leida Trinity was being moved by the currents, like all the others, but unlike them, she was fully conscious and she could see and understand what was happening there.

Nearly all of her armor had been erased, like all the other armors that the human soldiers had on. They were unprotected, but they still had all their deadly plasma weapons, which included rifles, the mini-bombs that the Trinity Squad had used to rescue Neo, and even plasma swords like the one that General Xenno had used against Copy Trinity. It was obvious that they could still cause plenty of damage. And the same thing could be said about the white-caped humanoid robots. They also had their weapons intact.

Leida Trinity watched with worry and anticipation how everyone was being arranged by the streams, with their backs facing Deus Ex at the top, and their faces facing Deus Maxio and Neo at the bottom. Even Leida’s body and her weapon were turned around automatically and bent a little to face Neo and Deus Maxio. It was clear to her that Deus Ex was going to attack the two of them using the humanoid robots and the humans as part of his defense system. There was no way to open a clear path to Deus Ex without going through the hordes of soldiers from the Resistance and the robots from Rodner Smith’s city.

Would they be able to do something about it?

Captain Leida began to look frustrated, but what else could she do? How could a powerless soldier like herself help “the Deus” and “The One” to defeat the calamity that had taken over? Regardless, she knew that if she could do anything to help them free the world that she considered her home, she was going to do it… If she could help to avenge Frank, it would be done… And, if she could help Neo to put an end to the Matrix and to save everyone—as Thomas and Aida wanted—she would do it…

At the time when Neo’s green sphere was turned completely white—when he held Maxio’s hand, and after seeing various known faces from before—both he and Maxio saw and felt that Deus Ex had begun to prepare for them.

Deus Maxio [looking up / warning Neo]: “He’s expecting us. We’ll have to reach him without killing any of the humans and without getting hurt in the way up to him. Use any means necessary. Remember that against him, the Real Matrix is our only true weapon and shield. Make it your greatest ally.”

Maxio’s white sphere of codes from the Real Layer of the Matrix began to look more intense. It looked as if the codes surrounding him were gaining more light of their own. He also held the other tennis-ball-sized white sphere very tight in his left hand. It was the only way they had to erase Deus Ex for sure, and there were two of those deletion spheres only: Neo’s and his. They only had two chances to save Thomas Anderson’s world. If neither one of them could introduce one of the white deletion spheres in the real Deus Ex’s body, then, it would be the end for everyone.

Maxio extended his arms to the sides and two other white spheres began to appear around his hands. They stopped growing when they reached half a meter in diameter. Then, their white streams continued expanding outwards in one direction only, as if they were the arms of a tree. The streams gave Maxio two Matrix-based weapons that looked like two humongous whips made of white codes. The whips were connected to the two spheres of codes that he controlled with his hands. In addition, he also had the standard white sphere—just like the previous yellow sphere—surrounding his whole body as a shield. Because these had never been solid spheres—they were made of white codes and streams—all of them intersected and moved through each other without any problem at all. It looked like a perfect defense system of energy shields, but the codes were more malleable than any solid shield in existence, so they were even better.

Neo looked just like Maxio at first—with a very similar white sphere. However, he didn’t grow whips out of his hands with the white codes. It seemed like the weapons they could create were closely related to each individual and his or her preferences, so, Neo’s weapon of choice was not a set of gigantic whips. It was a bright and white bo staff that had some special qualities, like pushing objects back at a far greater distance than normal. Both Neo and Maxio intended to use their weapons to “open their way to the top” without killing any of the humans. Their main shields where the spheres of white codes that surrounded them, but they needed something else in case the attackers could get too close to them. That was what the whips and the staff were for…

Leida Trinity would have preferred a weapon with more firepower for such a situation however…

Captain Leida [feeling nervous / looking at Neo]: “Oh my God, what is he thinking!? Martial arts and sticks won’t be enough to win this battle!! Couldn’t he have chosen a better weapon than a stick for a time like this?!!”

She was very worried because she perceived that her ability to help them was minimal. She was lucky that she, at least, wasn’t “asleep” like all the others.

Deus Maxio [to Neo]: “Let’s delete him!!”

Maxio’s face had returned to its Deusian state—he didn’t have Matthew’s face anymore—and he was ready to erase Deus Ex for good.

Maxio jumped up and flew headed for the horde of humans and robots that was blocking the path to the large Deus Ex.

Neo noticed something very strange at that moment: it was as if a hand of white codes had appeared around his left hand and grabbed the white deletion sphere. However, it all disappeared very quickly and he still had the deletion sphere in his hand. Besides, he had no time to lose thinking about that short-lived vision. Deus Maxio was already on his way…

Neo began to fly up with his white staff (looking a lot like the way he looked in “The Matrix Reloaded,” even though he was older now).

He also headed towards Deus Ex.

The human and humanoid armies clashed with Maxio and Neo.

Maxio used his whips to push dozens of robots and human soldiers out of the way, on his way to the top. He also used his white sphere to block multiple plasma shots that came his way.

Neo did the same and quickly caught up to Deus Maxio. However, Neo’s weapon didn’t have long reach, like the giant whips, so he often had attackers coming up much closer to him.  Regardless, he was going through them easily and the staff was taking care of pushing everyone out of the way, without killing the humans.

Their clash with the two armies looked frenetic, even if the soldiers and the robots were not inflicting any damage on them.

The Real Matrix—the White Matrix—was starting to show its power through Deus Maxio and Neo… yet, Deus Ex didn’t seem worried. Apparently, he also had a plan of his own…

Large Deus Ex [calculating]: “It’s working out as I thought. Now, it’s time to make things harder for both of you, before you meet my clones.”

Suddenly, the humans and the robots stopped moving and they all grabbed their plasma weapons and began to fire at Neo and Maxio from everywhere. It was as if an endless rain of plasma shots had been unleashed on Neo and Maxio.

However, they had the white spheres protecting them, so they didn’t stop moving up, even through the oncoming chaos. It was visible how most of the plasma blasts that crashed with Neo’s sphere turned to water and most of the shots that landed on Maxio’s sphere turned to sand—just like the shots of the soldiers from the First Base. The few plasma shots that were not changed to another component by the White Matrix were still blocked by the spheres. It was as if they were invulnerable inside those things.

Then, the rain of plasma was halted and all the robots and humans that had short-range weapons—like plasma swords—grabbed them and headed for their two targets.

It seemed like Leida Trinity was the only one that wasn’t part of the full-scale assault, but she was “too small of a fish” for Deus Ex to notice that she—like Neo and Maxio—wasn’t being controlled by the system.

The situation began to get more difficult for Maxio and Neo when everyone took the approach of using close range attacks on them. No one was holding back anymore and there were too many of them. Neo and Maxio continued moving up, but eventually both were forced to use the “spheric shockwave attack,” where they had to let go of their white sphere, causing a large outward energy wave that immobilized and pushed out everything in the way.

Maxio’s white shockwave was incredibly powerful—more so than Neo’s—and it cleared up almost the entire space remaining to reach Deus Ex. The two of them were four-fifths of the way up already.

Neo and Maxio’s spheres came back quickly and they continued moving, but Deus Ex noticed that Neo needed four seconds to get the white sphere back up and Maxio needed two. Therefore, even with the power of the White Matrix, they were not invincible. That minimal moment without any protection from the Matrix was a weakness. Deus Ex also noticed that both of them had some kind of “special white sphere” in their left hand and they were holding it with great care, without letting go of it, no matter what…

Large Deus Ex [confident]: “It’s time to make my entry. Soon, the show will be over.”

The silver clones of the real Deus Ex (the doppelganger sentinels that were transformed using Smith’s technique) looked at the large Deus Ex first, as if they were getting telepathic orders from him. Then, they switched their full attention to Deus Maxio. They didn’t even look at Neo.

Silver-looking swords began to grow from their hands with silver streams and codes—which were typical of the major anomalies. (Smith had used them before, and even the Fifth Neo summoned a silver portal made of silver streams when he went from one layer of the Matrix to the next, without being disconnected.) The new silver swords made of anomalous codes and streams looked particularly dangerous…

The clones left Deus Ex’s side and flew down, headed for Deus Maxio.

Neo was ready, but he noticed that Deus Ex’s clones didn’t go after him and the final path to the large Deus Ex was finally clear, so he kept going.

Meanwhile, seven out of the fourteen silver clones summoned their own yellow spheres and clashed in battle with Deus Maxio; the other seven clones stayed around them and began to shot yellow energy beams aimed at Maxio.

Maxio noticed quickly that not a single clone went after Neo and the path to the real Deus Ex had been left wide open. It was too convenient to be anything other than an intentional move from their enemy. All the clones focused on Maxio and the path was left open for Neo because the real Deus Ex wanted Neo to go to him.

Deus Maxio [to Neo / concerned / from far away]: “This must be a trap!! Neo!! Don’t go to him!!”

However, Neo didn’t hear him, and, at that exact moment, Maxio saw how one of the silver swords managed to penetrate his white shield without being blocked and without turning into sand. This was a problem that he had not anticipated. He never thought that anything else would be able to resist the original codes and the controls from the Real Matrix.

Maxio destroyed the silver sword that went through his shield and pushed back Deus Ex’s clones with the whips. He also shattered half of the yellow spheres on sight, but, when he was about to go after Neo, the clones that still had their yellow spheres intact unleashed yellow shockwaves of energy with them. Meanwhile, the others began to grow their own yellow spheres and some even tried to attack Maxio directly—when he was stopped momentarily by the consecutive yellow shockwaves.

The silver clones were fierce and powerful, like the real Deus Ex. The only reason why Maxio could handle them was that he had the power of the Real Matrix at his side, so he was more powerful than them. Their silver weapons seemed to be on a similar level though. In addition, the clones acted as if they had a single mind—meaning they were extensions of the same entity’s consciousness—and that made them a very difficult team that worked in perfect unison without flaws in communication. In fact, they didn’t even need to communicate to know what all the others were going through at every moment. These “Deusian doppelgangers” were a much bigger threat than the doppelganger sentinels that the Fifth Neo had fought against at the City of the Machines.

Within the next minute, two of the other clones had managed to penetrate Maxio’s shield with their silver swords as well. They simply were better and faster at dodging the whips than the humans and the robots. When Maxio noticed that one of the swords was going to get him, he unleashed the white sphere and simultaneously shattered all their yellow shields and pushed all of them back, except one. One of them wasn’t pushed away and had the chance to attack. The remaining clone shoot one silver-coded arrow at Maxio from the back, during the two seconds that were required to regenerate the white sphere.

Maxio was caught off-guard, but what shocked him the most was that the silver arrow did not hurt him. It just dispersed a bunch of silver codes on him. Maxio quickly used his white codes to erase the arrow and its silver codes completely, but, some of the silver codes had already come in contact with him.

Deus Maxio [to the closest clone / concerned]: “What did you do?! An arrow that doesn’t hurt must have had some purpose!!”

Deus Ex Clone [with the same voice as the real Deus Ex]: “I realized that your control over the higher layer of the Matrix is a one-time limited thing that required a lot of time to set up. If it wasn’t, you would have used it before against me. I may not be able to defeat you as long as you have this power, so I made sure that your time to use it goes down to the lowest that my anomalous codes can take it. That was the purpose of the arrow of codes. Now, look at the top of your white sphere. Your time is going to run out sooner than you expected.”

Maxio noticed that the top of his sphere was starting to lose its consistency and its bright white look, like a light bulb that is about to run out. The portion that had lost the most consistency was also starting to revert to yellow-looking codes like before. This raised a huge alarm on Deus Maxio. He probably had two minutes at most to continue using the white codes, and since Neo’s sphere was connected to his, the same could be said about Neo. Both were about to lose the power of the unlocked White Matrix—which was the Real Matrix.

Deus Maxio killed the clone that shot the arrow at him, but the other thirteen recovered quickly and ensured that he would not make it to Neo and Deus Ex in time.

Ultimately, Ex’s clones succeeded in holding back Maxio, in separating him from Neo, and in lowering the time for Maxio’s use of the Real Matrix. However, the deletion spheres were still intact, so Ex’s deletion was still possible…

When Neo reached the top, two additional clones of the real Deus Ex were waiting for him alongside the large “Ex” head.

Large Deus Ex [to Neo]: “So you figured out how to play with the codes from a higher layer of the Matrix. However, you seem to have forgotten that I can also control these codes.”

Neo [certain]: “You can’t control these codes, and neither could Rodner. That is why your codes have always been yellow or silver. You never had access to the white codes of the Matrix, like Thomas Anderson did! That is why you couldn’t escape the Virtual Matrix on your own.”

Large Deus Ex [starting to get angry]: “You seem to think that you are going to defeat me because you have those. I am going to enjoy showing you how wrong you are Neo.”

The large Deus Ex began to cover himself with a new sphere of light-silver codes and he started to gather yellow masses of energy to shoot them at Neo.

At the same time, the two clones started a battle with Neo, but with the aid of the white codes of the Real Matrix, Neo proved to be a huge challenge for them. The white bo staff destroyed their silver swords after only a couple of clashes—showing that Neo’s white codes were indeed more powerful than the anomalous (silver) ones. It was an extremely one-sided battle where they could barely touch Neo and Neo came very close to destroying them. Furthermore, the white sphere blocked the yellow energy blasts from the big Deus Ex very efficiently. It really felt like Neo was going to beat them.

Unfortunately, Deus Maxio’s “unlocked time” in the Matrix ran out before Neo destroyed the two clones and the large Deus Ex.

Maxio and Neo began to lose the white codes at an alarming rate. Maxio’s sphere began to change to yellow—like the ones that all the clones of the real Deus Ex had—and Neo’s sphere began to change back to green—like the one he had since the transfer of white codes from Thomas and Aida’s robot…

The battle with Ex’s clones intensified and became far more deadly for Maxio. As he began to lose the powers given by the superior strings and streams of white codes, he could see and feel how he was becoming more of an equal, in comparison with the clones of the real Deus Ex. Every clone was at the same level as Maxio if the white codes were not present. That was why Maxio took the desperate measure of producing a third spherical shockwave of energy with the last set of white codes he had, even if that terminated his time left with them. He expected to destroy Deus Ex’s clones with the final blast.

It was a powerful energy wave, just like the first one that cleaned the path to Deus Ex from robots and humans. It destroyed the four clones that were closest to Maxio, broke the yellow spheres of all the others, and stopped all of them momentarily. However, it didn’t destroy all the silver clones as Maxio expected…

In a similar manner, Neo’s battle with the large Deus Ex and the other two clones began to change as he began to lose the white codes—which were getting replaced by green ones for him. He knew that he was no match for Deus Ex if all he could use were the green codes from the Green Virtual Layer of the Matrix. From the start, Deus Ex’s yellow codes had been superior in comparison to the green codes from the lower Virtual Matrix. Therefore, Neo also took a desperate measure, like Maxio.

Before the white codes were gone, Neo had a chance to destroy the two clones, but he chose to leave them behind instead, and he went after the large Deus Ex.

Neo had one goal in mind: inserting the deletion sphere into the large Deus Ex to trigger his deletion in the Matrix. The large Ex face noticed that Neo would use the small sphere on him and attempted to stop it with a blast of silver energy that was surrounded by silver codes. However, Neo had not lost the white codes yet, so he went through the whole thing unharmed—the Real Matrix protected his entity from harm—and he reached the large Deus Ex. Then, Neo punched his arm and the white sphere through the grand silver face and released his hold on the sphere. It seemed like he had succeeded.

At that moment, the white codes stopped helping him and his sphere began to turn green at an alarming speed. He saw how a white stream began to spread throughout the large Deus Ex and it began to delete the whole silver face from the bottom to the top. However, a strange silver body and a human-sized silver sphere still remained after most of the grand face had been deleted by the Matrix. The silver codes that were left on the body began to disappear and it was revealed that it was Rodner Smith, but he didn’t seem conscious. Soon, Smith began to get carried away by the sea of yellow streams in the location, just like all the other humans. Then, the smaller silver sphere was released and the real Deus Ex showed himself once again. (The real Deus Ex looked similar to Maxio, but his body was silver in color, rather than white, and he had dark silver eyes, instead of yellow eyes.)

Real Deus Ex [sounding confident]: “Well done Neo. You freed Rodner Smith and you showed me what that little sphere of yours can do. Now, I know that all I have to do is destroy the one that your partner has, and his little uprising against me will be over. You lost the only real chance you had to defeat me by using your sphere on my living armor. Now, the time to delete Thomas Anderson’s anomaly from the system has come.”

Neo saw that Maxio was finally getting closer to them, so he thought that if he could hold back the real Deus Ex there was a chance to delete him still. Neo realized that Maxio could make it and he still had the other deletion sphere.

The white sphere and the white bo staff had turned green, but Neo’s desire to save Thomas Anderson’s world had not been diminished in the slightest. In order to gain time for Maxio, Neo attacked the real Deus Ex fiercely, but his attacks were evaded.

The two clones that Neo had not destroyed approached them, but they stayed behind, watching, as if they knew that their help was not needed at all.

Neo grabbed his green staff and he was about to deliver the first heavy strike to the real Deus Ex when a silver sword appeared in Deus Ex’s hands and he used it to shatter Neo’s staff without even attacking. He used Neo’s own force and just held the sword in the staff’s way. He already knew that the silver-coded sword would destroy the green-coded staff.

When the staff was destroyed, Neo lost his balance and Deus Ex didn’t waste a single second. He made a super-fast spinning motion and shattered Neo’s green sphere with a single strike. Then, he grabbed Neo and introduced part of his silver hand in Neo’s stomach, like he had done with the Fifth Neo, before he deleted him.

Neo realized that he couldn’t move. Essentially, Deus Ex had halted his movement. And the way in which Deus Ex’s hand entered his entity was extremely reminiscent of the way in which Neo’s own hand had entered Trinity, before he revived her (in The Matrix Reloaded). However, this time the power of the Matrix was not being used to heal others and to do good things. It was being used to control and destroy.

At that moment, Deus Maxio was about to interfere, but two of the clones that had been fighting him caught up to him and blocked his path. He could see that Neo was in trouble, but he could not blow Deus Ex’s clones out of the way anymore. He used the—now yellow—whips against them and they cut through the yellow whips with their silver swords. Maxio let go of the broken whips and recreated the yellow staff that he had once used against Neo (back when he was under Rodner Smith’s control).

Deus Ex Clone [to Maxio]: “You are not going anywhere. At least, not until I finish Neo and that little white sphere that you are holding there. It will soon be over I assure you.”

Deus Maxio: “You will soon be over. I can also assure you that as well.”

Second Deus Ex Clone: “That’s highly unlikely without your higher power. You can’t defeat me now.”

The clones continued attacking Maxio. They couldn’t land any solid strike on him, but it was clear that he couldn’t get them out of his way either. He wasn’t more powerful than them anymore. And soon, the rest of them arrived, so Maxio had to focus on his survival against eight silver Deus Ex’s, rather than on saving Neo. He had no other choice at that moment…

The two clones that Neo had fought came closer to him and each one grabbed one of Neo’s arms tight.

Neo began to feel weak—apparently because the real Deus Ex chose it through the control that he was exerting on Neo’s entity through the Matrix.

Then, the real Deus Ex removed his hand from Neo and the two clones held Neo.

Real Deus Ex [to Neo]: “You greatly underestimated me if you really thought that you would be able to defeat me, after being my test subject for twenty long years. How do you think that you survived the day when we stopped Smith’s revolution in the Matrix? How do you think that you were able to see again? I ensured your survival and I gave you back your vision at the City of the Machines, shortly after your final battle with agent Smith. Without me, you wouldn’t have come this far. You wouldn’t even be seeing me right now… This is it for you Thomas, it’s time to end your hopeless plan to save the lower life forms of your world from the inevitable control of my Matrix.”

Neo [weak but certain and defiant / looking at Deus Ex’s silver eyes]: “I am not Thomas Anderson!”

Real Deus Ex: “Of course you are not Thomas Anderson my dear Neo. You’re his king piece. You are the center of his whole plan and what kept it going for so long. That is, until you had to deal with me. Thomas obviously didn’t predict that I was going to be in your way. That is why this is the end for you, and for him…”

The real Deus Ex showed a smile of victory. The fifth Neo, the sixth Neo, the enhanced Trinity, and even the Smith virus had failed, but he, the Deusian anomaly, was on a league of his own; and he still had one very bitter card in storage for Neo.

Real Deus Ex [slow and powerful words]: “Jake mate Thomas Anderson.”

Deus Ex snapped the fingers of his right hand in front of Neo’s eyes and a small curtain of yellow codes began to reveal itself on the skin around Neo’s eyes. Then, Deus Ex snapped the fingers of his left hand and the yellow codes caused a minor blast around Neo’s eyes, before they were completely released.

Neo [with pain]: “Aaaaaahhhhh!!!”

Neo lowered his face and raised it again.

His eyes and the skin around them looked just like they did when agent Smith’s alter ego from Zion left him blind (during their trip to the City of the Machines, in The Matrix Revolutions). It was as if time and the cure for his eyes had been reversed on him. And now, he was almost completely blind, all over again.

Real Deus Ex: “I saved you after you helped me to end the revolution because I thought, erroneously, that you were the key to reach the higher layers of the Matrix. I gave you back your vision because I knew that I could take it away if you ever became an obstacle. And now, I don’t need you anymore. Good bye human anomaly, and thank you for bringing me to the world of your maker.”

The two silver clones that were holding Neo began to rush down to the ground with him—from a super high altitude. When they were eighty percent of the way down, they let go of Neo and Neo continued falling towards the surface at a great speed. He began to bring back his green sphere, but it didn’t look like he was stopping the momentum of the fall at all. With the green sphere around him, Neo crashed with the ground like an asteroid from outer space. A cloud of dust was awakened on the spot, so whether his sphere had been enough to save him and whether he was still alive or not wasn’t clear at that moment.

The two clones began to charge and augment powerful-looking spheres of yellow energy around their hands, right before Neo’s violent landing. It was clear that they were going to shoot them at Neo. What the two clones were about to do resembled the grand energy beam that Deus Ex had used to destroy the Trifalcon before. If Neo had survived, the yellow beams would surely finish him.

After Neo’s crash took place, the silver clones aimed and shot two massive yellow beams from the two energy spheres they had created. Neo wasn’t visible, but their beams were powered by yellow codes, so, they were automatically aimed at the right location.

If he was alive, how would be able to counter them? The green codes were not powerful enough to overwrite the yellow codes from the higher layer of the Virtual Matrix. Because of that, there was no way for Neo to stop the yellow beams of energy…

The clones launched their beams and both, Maxio and Leida Trinity, made the same expression of worry and terror with their faces when they saw it. However, their subsequent reactions were very different. Maxio turned his eyes to the real Deus Ex and Leida began to move through the yellow streams towards Neo’s location. Maxio knew that he only had one chance left to take down Deus Ex and Leida Trinity knew that Neo needed her.

After the beams fell on the surface, no one rose from the area of impact and there was no apparent sign of life there. Deus Ex’s clones went back to the top, with their master, and joined the battle against Deus Maxio—who was still capable of fighting them, using the same kind of yellow codes and techniques they had. Maxio’s situation was starting to look more difficult by the minute, since he was fighting all the clones of the real Deus Ex on his own with a power that wasn’t superior to theirs anymore. He began to push his way towards the real Deus Ex, since he knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer in a ten vs. one battle…

Leida Trinity feared that the worst had happened. She felt like the whole world was falling when she saw Neo’s grand fall and the beams that were thrown at him.

She began to swim down, through the sea of yellow codes that had spread everywhere. If there was any chance that Neo was still alive, she had to save him. Both, her determination and her frustration were very apparent on her face.

Meanwhile, the dust began to clear up on the bottom and we finally saw Neo again.

Neo could barely move. There was a lot of blood coming from his nose and his mouth. And his eyes… they were looking green, like Cyber Neo’s eyes and like the green codes of the Inner Layer of The Virtual Matrix.

He had been able to diminish the damage from the yellow energy with his green sphere, and apparently, it had been powerful enough to save him from the grand fall as well. However, it was now gone and it seemed like he was closer to death than ever before. He was still on the same spot where he had landed and he could barely move. Indeed, it looked like Neo was tasting the beginning of his end.

Then, we were shown what he was seeing and it was shown that, just like before (in the Matrix Revolutions), he was not blind. He was seeing many white streams and white codes. He was seeing everything and everyone through his connection with the Matrix, and since he was in the “white layer,” all the codes and the streams were white this time. This was the third time that such a thing had happened to him—the first time was at the end of “The Matrix” and the second time was before he met Deus Ex (in “The Matrix Revolutions”). However, this was the worst of the three times by far. Unlike the other two times, this time he looked truly beaten.

Clearly, he was about to die.

How would he get past the inevitable?

Had he failed all the good people that counted on him? Had he failed the people that he met at the First Base, the special individuals that believed in him at the Main Base, and the rest of humankind? Had he failed the grand plan that Thomas and Aida had left for him?

Was it all lost for Thomas Anderson’s world?


NEXT – PART 8b (the second half of the battle for Thomas Anderson’s world; what we have been waiting for in The Matrix saga begins in 8b…)


The Matrix Revelations (Part 7C)

Part 7: Clash of Wills

PART 7C (3rd of the 4 sections for part 7: From Captain Trin’s entrance into the “clash of wills” to the introduction of Copy Trinity.)


Captain Leida Trinity went all out with the Trifalcon’s hidden arsenal. She used the twin machine guns—one held with each hand—to shower Rodner’s troops with a rain of plasma bullets. It was an “all-guns-blazing” mayhem; and she didn’t stop until the whole area seemed clear to save Neo.

A few of the white-caped robots attempted to protect Rodner Smith, but they failed. What saved him was the special weapon that he had with him. The robots couldn’t do much to counter the assault. Even though they had plasma rifles, the plasma bullets from the machine guns were reaching them faster than the time it took them to shot the rifles. The few that managed to shot back didn’t land their shots on the armored attacker either.

Rodner created a yellow wall above himself using the morphed gun. The gun released a yellow stream of codes that added the wall there and made it real. Then, the wall blocked the bullets, but he still feared that the armored Trinity would launch a missile aimed at him. No wall was going to block that. Therefore, he morphed the gun again by pressing a silver-looking button on its side, where it had several buttons of different colors—one for each of the gun’s abilities. Rodner used the weapon’s “silver mode” to create and use the same teleportation portal as before. Once again, he entered it and it made him appear at a different place nearby. Just like before, it looked like he had escaped unharmed thanks to his device. However, the situation was different this time. He evaded harm, but he had no intentions of escaping from there. He was just a quarter of a mile away from Neo, Trin, and Deus Ex. He could still see everything from his new location. And Deus Ex still had something that he had to get at all costs. Leaving wasn’t an option for Rodner Smith anymore… Besides, he knew that it would take much more than a bunch of surprise missiles to stop a being as powerful as Deus Ex.

The clash was far from over, even after all that mayhem…

Trin stopped the machine guns and used the pilot’s screen that was closest to her to send commands to the Trifalcon’s main computer. Then, the ship fired a thin and strong-looking wire from the bottom. It landed fairly close to Neo and attached itself to the ground.

She made signals to Neo to tell him that he had to grab it. As soon as Neo grabbed the wire, they would be able to escape. She didn’t even have to bring him inside. She could just lift the Trifalcon and leave with him on the wire. It was a perfect plan that was about to work flawlessly.

However, Neo seemed to have another priority over escaping right away.

Instead of grabbing the wire and making his escape with Trin, he walked closer to Deus and prepared himself to free him from the yellow-coded sword.

Neo: “You have always been on our side, so now that you are finally free from your prison, I won’t leave you here. You must come with us. You know more about the Matrix than any of us, and you may be the only one that can help us to end it.”

Neo had recovered, so he could use the full power of his green matrix space again. He summoned the green sphere of codes and held the top of the yellow sword while the green stream engulfed it. He was about to pull it out with all his strength when he heard Trinity’s frustrating call.

Trin [in her armor from the open Trifalcon/ surprised and angry]: “Wait a second, why isn’t he grabbing the… What is he doing??… What!!? Are you kidding me!?! He is the reason why we are here! The reason why everything has gone wrong for the Resistance!! Leave him there and grab the wire!! We don’t have time!! Grab the wire now Neo!!!”

Neo heard her, but he didn’t look back and he still felt that saving Deus was crucial, if they wanted to find the secrets of the Matrix, so that they could end it and save Thomas Anderson’s world. He pushed out with great strength, but even then taking out the yellow sword was very difficult. It felt like the green virtual streams were not helping him at all. It looked like Neo could not control and manipulate the yellow-coded sword with his green codes. They didn’t seem to be very effective to destroy and manipulate the streams of the higher-level Matrix. Regardless, he could feel that the sword was coming out slowly, so he didn’t stop pulling it out.

Neo [to Deus/ while fighting to pull out the sword]: “Come on! You must wake up again! You were tougher and more powerful than this when you fought me!! Help me to save you now!”

Trin couldn’t believe it because she still didn’t see Deus as an ally. After all, she had not seen what happened there before. She had been trapped in the Trifalcon for a while, so she missed the whole battle where Deus and Neo joined forces against Deus-Ex-Bern.

Armored Trin [looking at what Neo was doing/ not as loud as before/ Neo didn’t hear her this time]: “Didn’t he have enough with screwing things up in the Matrix at the City of the Machines and bringing their leader here?! Why does he have to help Deus now!? He’s our most lethal enemy!! I should have blasted the bastard if I had the chance! We have to leave him there and escape!”

Trin began to feel the pressure of the situation because some of the white-caped robots started to stand up slowly and the explosions that covered Deus Ex from all sides began to fade away too.

Finally, Neo managed to pull out the yellow sword and he threw it to the side. Then, the yellow-coded sword began to disappear, as the codes faded away. Deus had no signs of being conscious still, but Neo could feel that he was alive. Neo tried to heal Deus’s bad wound using the green virtual codes of his sphere (which were generated by his personal subspace of the Virtual Matrix). Unfortunately, his green codes were not effective to heal that particular wound either. They worked on himself, but they were not working on Deus.

Neo [not losing hope]: “Come on! I know that you can hear me! You must wake up. You can use your yellow streams to heal yourself, just like I did it for me with my own. Only you can do this!!”

Neo also noticed that several white patrols were about to get up again with their plasma rifles. Time was running out, but Deus wasn’t showing any signals of coming back.

On a final desperate attempt, Neo tried to lift him—thinking he would be able to take him to the Trifalcon and escape with him—but he was far heavier than before. Something strange was happening to him. What was happening, however, wasn’t clear nor visible.

When Neo tried to lift Deus, a silver-looking wave began to surround Deus Ex. The wave was incredibly reminiscent of the malignant-looking silver mass that covered Neo when agent Smith tried to possess him—at the end of The Matrix Revolutions—and when the fifth Neo created the glitch on the building, which ended up teleporting the fifth Trinity (the young Captain Trin) and her helicopter to the City of the Machines. That silver mass had also been seen at the very beginning of the sixth Neo’s path of The One, when Morpheus subjected him to a test that made that same silver mass-like thing spread throughout his body.

This time, the one producing the malevolent-looking silver stream was Deus Ex. It covered the giant face, the hundreds of giant spikes on its back, and the special sentinels that floated around him. It also engulfed and erased all the explosions and all the damage that Captain Trin’s missiles caused on him.

Trin was looking at the outcome in horror when an unexpected yellow beam came from inside the silver cover and went through the Trifalcon’s front deck like a bullet.

The beam didn’t reach Trin—who was at the central deck, where the machine guns were—but the Trifalcon’s main computers were destroyed in an instant and, as a result, she lost complete control of the entire ship. The Trifalcon began to accelerate in the opposite direction from Neo and Deus Ex. Trin couldn’t do anything to stop it and it ended up crashing on the top of a floating building, about half-a-mile from there.

Even with the armor on, Trin was heavily shaken by the new crash, but this time, she wasn’t trapped. It was visible to us how she began to stand up with her yellow-shouldered armor.

Then, she saw it.

Halfway through her slow stand-up motion, she saw that Deus Ex was preparing a massive yellow beam, while he looked in her direction. The thing had large traces of yellow Matrix-coded streams surrounding it, while the previous smaller beams only had minor traces of codes, which were barely noticeable. This was the most powerful energy beam that Deus Ex had created so far, and he was aiming it straight at the Trifalcon. The inevitable outcome was too clear to Trin: after the beam was fired there would be nothing left; the entire spot where it landed would be erased from the Earth. Annihilation at that spot was inevitable, unless…

She didn’t think twice. She stood up in a massive hurry—even though she was still somewhat dizzy from the crash—and she walked as fast as she could, until she left the Trifalcon. Then, she ran towards the edge of the building, which was just meters away, and she jumped out without any hesitation. Just seconds after she began to fall down in her armor, Deus Ex fired the beam and both the Trifalcon and the top of the building were completely destroyed with a massive explosion that even reached the other closest buildings. It was a devastating attack that turning the area around the building into a lethal war zone—due to all the huge pieces of debris and all the pods that began to fall down right after the explosion.

Captain Trin began to use the armor’s booster engines to halt her free fall before reaching the ground, but she waited a little longer than she had to in order to escape the explosion, so her fall was still pretty rough. However, the armor saved her from any injuries.

As soon as she could, she stood up on the ground and began to run away from the debris apocalypse—big metals, rocks, and even broken pods from the building were falling down all over the place. She did not stop running and didn’t look back, until human curiosity inevitably struck her…

When she finally looked back and up to see how bad it really was, a metallic rock hit her extremely hard on her facial armor. She lost her balance and was thrown several meters forward by the rock. We could see how her vision went from fully aware to badly disoriented in the flash of a second. It was practically a miracle that she wasn’t knocked out instantly by the violent hit. However, not everything was right. Desperately, she began to try to open the module of the armor that covered her face. It wasn’t moving, so she had to press various emergency buttons on the back of the armored head gear to trigger an emergency release for the front piece. And once the armor piece that covered her face was shot out, it was revealed that she had blood all over her forehead. Even with the armor on, the metallic rock was like a direct hit because it bent the facial armor slightly and the armor itself was what cut her.

Almost trembling, she began to reach for the small first aid kit that was stored in the back of the left leg in her armor. She was going to deal with her wound right there, even with the whole place falling down in her vicinity. She pulled out the same white pistol-like medical device that Dayana had used to heal Keifer’s big wound quickly, when they had to escape from the white-caped humanoid robots, after the sixth Neo’s rescue from the City of the Machines. It would not work as effectively as real stitches in a real surgery, but it was good enough to remove the handicap that such a wound would represent.

Furthermore, the facial plate of her armor was gone (she couldn’t put it back on after this), so now she was more vulnerable. If another one of those rocks hit her face again, she obviously wasn’t going to live to tell the story.

However, she was still there. She had survived Deus Ex’s major attack against all odds…

Deus Ex saw from the distance how his beam broke the Trifalcon in a million pieces and brought a living inferno to the area surrounding the building where it landed.

After the malignant-looking silver stream finished covering him everywhere, he was fully healed and back to normal, as if Trin’s rain of missiles had never fallen on him.

Deus Ex [sounding certain]: “Unlike The One, she is just a human soldier with no true power over the Matrix. This will take care of her.”

Meanwhile, many of Rodner Smith’s humanoid soldiers were back on their feet and pointing their plasma rifles at Neo and the fallen Deus.

Neo used his green sphere to protect himself and Deus, who was laying on the ground, right behind him. Then, the robots began to fire at them.

The plasma blasts became balls of sand that fell straight to the ground, when they came in contact with Neo’s matrix. Neo did the same thing that Deus did during the attack at the first base. Just like the shots of the Resistance’s soldiers did back then, the plasma blasts of the white-caped patrols were reduced to something negligible by the contact with the codes that changed them.

With the rogue attacker out of the way, Deus Ex turned his sight towards Neo. It surprised him to see that Neo was standing again, even though the other Deus had fallen permanently. That was when Deus Ex decided to do something very different to put an end to The One. And he decided to do it before capturing Rodner Smith.

Deus Ex closed his eyes and many streams of yellow codes began to focus around him. Then, he opened his eyes and simultaneously released a yellow shockwave, which carried all those yellow codes as well. The wave wasn’t destructive at all, but it reached every single humanoid robot in the vicinity; and, without a shadow of a doubt, it changed them.

The yellow codes took over the humanoid patrols in the area and they all lowered their weapons and stayed standing still. Even the ones that were attacking Neo stopped their attacks completely. It looked like Deus Ex’s codes had put them all under his control.

Deus Ex [to the humanoid army]: “Bring me Rodner Smith. Shoot him if you have to, but, do not kill him. I need him alive. His knowledge is valuable for me.”

Right after Deus Ex said that, two patrols that were not at Neo and Deus Ex’s location noticed a man that was hiding nearby and they recognized him as Rodner Smith.

The two robots moved—following their new orders.

One of them shot a plasma blast that almost hit Rodner Smith in the legs.

Rodner reacted by jumping out and running away, while pushing the blue button on his morph gun. However, the two robots followed him and they fired more plasma shots aimed at his legs.

Rodner Smith [infuriated]: “Why are you shooting at me, you metal idiots!? I am your general and your boss! I made you!! You wouldn’t even be walking if it wasn’t for me!!”

Then, he stopped running and charged what looked like half of a blue sphere, using his special gun. It seemed to be a shield at first, but it was more than that. The next time that one of the robots sent a plasma shot his way, the blue shield absorbed it completely and sent it back at the robot, almost right away. The counter-blast destroyed the robot, and in no time, the same thing happened to the other white-caped patrol. As soon as Rodner caught one of his shots, it was sent back at him.

There were no more robots close to Rodner Smith, but now he knew that his patrols had a new owner. They weren’t on his side any longer… Rodner Smith looked a little worried, but he was still very determined to accomplish what he wanted. Completing the end of his initial plan for the enhanced deus—Deus Ex—wasn’t going to get any easier. However, the completion of that plan was all that mattered to him at that point.

He knew he had to get to Deus Ex’s location as soon as possible. Otherwise, a larger number of patrols could cause him problems, even with the special weapon he had. Unfortunately, the robots started to spread everywhere—looking for him—so his path to Deus Ex was partially blocked…

Meanwhile, Deus Ex had turned around and moved—through the air—until he was levitating in front of Neo.

From above, he began to release a series of yellow streams that formed a large rectangular-looking shape above his silver face. Soon, the streams began to resemble a huge screen and the events from the forgotten past began to reveal themselves there.

Neo was ready to fight against Deus Ex alone, even if he had been no match for Deus Ex before. However, that wasn’t what Deus Ex wanted. On the contrary, Deus Ex was about to unveil a pot of revelations from the previous version of the Yellow Matrix, before he revealed what he was about to do with Neo. The missing piece of the fifth Trinity’s past and the path of the previous chosen were about to be revealed…

Deus Ex [to Neo]: “When you went back to the City of the Machines, you wanted to know what happened to the previous Neo. I told you that I had no choice but to kill him. However, that wasn’t the truth. I will show you the real answer now. Watch closely, as you see the past of The One, way before you came into the picture.”

Neo was skeptic about Deus Ex’s true intentions, but, he still saw the images that began to appear in the large yellow screen that Deus Ex created.

The images of the fifth Neo’s memories began at the moment when he and the fifth Trinity were about to rescue Captain Xenno—Frank Xenno’s brother, the fifth Trinity’s father, and the captain from Zion that rescued and trained the fifth Neo.

Then, our vision of the events was centered on Deus Ex’s screen of the past and we began to see what happened to the previous Neo, and all the events that he went through…

At first, it seemed like the only different variable in the system was the fact that Captain Xenno was “the Morpheus” of the fifth Neo, but eventually, it was clear that the path of the previous chosen had been very different…

The younger Trinity Leida Xenno [Captain Trin’s original name] and the fifth Neo succeeded at rescuing Captain Xenno from agent Smith, just like the sixth Neo and Trinity did with Morpheus. However, when the time to save Trinity from the helicopter’s crash arrived, the fifth Neo failed at saving her directly—which was something that the sixth Neo could do. Instead, he triggered the creation of an oval-shaped “warp glitch” on the surface of the opposite building. His desire to save Trinity caused an unexpected and unscripted change in the codes of the Matrix, which affected the area where she and the helicopter were about to crash. The fifth Neo managed to “hack” an event that seemed inevitable in the Matrix: Trinity’s death. If the helicopter crashed against the building and exploded, the fifth Trinity would have died, but, thanks to the glitch that Neo triggered, she was teleported to the higher layer of the Matrix instead. Ultimately, her helicopter ended up crashing at the City of the Machines and she survived, but Deus Ex took her as hostage to figure out how that unknown “teleportation glitch” happened. The god of the machines was surprised when he finally found out that he wasn’t the only entity that was capable of “hacking” the Matrix…

The oval area where the fifth Neo’s warp glitch occurred also appeared in the same event for the next Neo; but the sixth Neo managed to save Trinity without the Matrix, so the “warp glitch event” was never completed in his scenario.

In addition, something about the completed warp glitch was very reminiscent of other sights… It had the same exact color and look as the solid silver stream that Deus Ex used to heal himself completely (after Captain Trin sent the battalion of missiles at him). It also looked like the fluid mass that the rogue agent Smith used against the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”—which actually meant that agent Smith had gained that glitch-producing power as well, after he came in contact with the sixth Neo’s anomaly, at the end of “The Matrix.” It seemed like the silver streams were linked to unexpected reactions, changes, or glitches that were not accounted for in the Matrix’s codes…

After Leida Trinity’s teleportation through the silver stream, the whole world fell down for the fifth Neo and for the remaining members of their crew at the ship. Even though he had succeeded tremendously—he saved her—he still believed that she had been lost forever instead. Her original body also disappeared from the ship, leaving the crew members there perplexed. No one understood what was really going on: her position at the next layer of the Matrix changed due to Neo’s glitch and she was replaced in the Yellow Matrix with her virtual copy from the Green Matrix—which happened to be piloting the helicopter that was about to crash.

At that moment, a swarm of octopus sentinels also began to attack Captain Xenno’s ship, where Neo and him were still connected to the Green Layer of the Virtual Matrix. This time, the crew didn’t have “a Cypher” with them, but the fifth Neo’s situation was just as difficult if not worse than what it would be for the sixth Neo. He managed to help disconnect Captain Xenno after running away from Smith and other agents, but Frank Xenno’s brother was shot twice before his disconnection was completed.

In the inner Virtual Matrix, Neo had to face Smith, exactly as before. And in the Yellow Matrix, Captain Xenno was in critical condition after being disconnected, Trinity was gone, and the remaining crew members were facing certain death at the hands of the sentinels that were attacking their ship. Ultimately, Neo’s anomaly revealed itself, just as before, and during their last moments, Captain Xenno and the other remaining crew member saved him. Xenno unplugged him from the inner Matrix before taking his last breath and the other crew member released their ship’s plasma shockwave, before the sentinels reached Neo.

After that, Neo woke up feeling very different and his apparent failure was pushed on him even further… Everyone at the ship was dead and Trinity’s dead body wasn’t even in the ship. Somehow, he had survived, even though agent Smith killed him in the Matrix. Clearly, there was something special about him, even if he didn’t think that he was “The One.” Furthermore, it was obvious that there were secrets about the Matrix that he and the others didn’t know…

The fifth Neo was alive and aware of the fact that everyone was dead. However, he wasn’t feeling well at all. When he tried to stand up from the Matrix-connection station he fell down to the floor and stayed there. He survived the fierce battle with agent Smith, but its consequences weren’t gone yet. Luckily for him, another ship with three soldiers from Zion arrived at his location. They rescued him and went back to Zion in haste, in order to save his life. They planned to go back right away to recover the other bodies and Captain Xenno’s ship…

Meanwhile, a ship from the Resistance was teleported to the Yellow Matrix and it appeared right in front of the ship where Neo’s crew had perished. Captain Frank Xenno (from Thomas Anderson’s world) and his elite squad—the Xenno Squad—left their ship and entered Neo’s ship. The younger Frank expected to find and save his long-lost brother. Finally, he had traced down his brother’s exact location in the Matrix and he was ready to take him out of there once and for all. However, what Frank and his men found was the fact that his brother and the whole crew had been killed by sentinels. It was a bitter moment. Frank’s golden chance was gone and he would never see his brother again, but, he found two pictures in the ship that changed everything for him. His brother had a daughter named Trinity that was not in the ship—meaning she could be alive—and the picture that had their entire crew had someone else that he recognized and that was not there either: Thomas Anderson, the man that started the Resistance. This meant that Thomas’s plan—a big secret of utmost importance that only General Nera Williams, his direct supervisor, knew all the details about—was still in motion, and Neo—the one that was supposed to be Thomas Anderson’s clone—was alive somewhere.

Frank and the Xenno Squad went back, knowing that their next mission was very likely to be a rescue for the other Thomas Anderson. However, Frank Xenno had a second personal mission of his own: he failed at saving his brother, but he wasn’t going to let his niece have a similar fate. He promised himself that he was going to save her instead…

Captain Xenno and the others were teleported back to their world and disconnected from the pods that took them to the Yellow Matrix. Then, another ship with officials from Zion arrived and they retrieved the crew’s dead bodies…

The fifth Neo recovered very fast and his newly-gained drive changed Zion’s fate…

He started a movement that saved more people from the Virtual Matrix in six months than the number of people that all the captains and all the ships from Zion had saved in dozens of years. He was at the head of the movement because he could do things at the Virtual Matrix that no one else could do (he was just like the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded”).

Ultimately, the rescue mission’s grand failure and the belief that Trinity and the others died for him was what pushed the fifth Neo to break the boundaries that all the previous iterations of The One had not been able to surpass…

Eventually, Zion’s officials found out about the new threat of the machines. They figured out that the sentinels from the City of the Machines were moving towards Zion by making giant underground tunnels. They were ready to launch a massive and lethal invasion on the last human city. From the number of sentinels detected, it was clear that Zion would be totally destroyed and none of its habitants were going to make it. However, Zion’s top officials chose to believe otherwise. They chose to believe that if they prepared all their forces with everything they had, then, they could win and defeat the endless swarms of sentinels.

The fifth Neo—who was now known as “Captain Neo” by many—was the only one among the captains that opposed their decision of fighting the machines without looking for any other solutions. He proposed that there was another way to save Zion and he could find it, not in their world, but in the world of the Matrix. He planned to pay another visit to The Oracle because he was certain that she would know a way, even if no one else did.

Unfortunately, the Zion of the fifth Neo was different from the one that the next Neo knew. There was no sight of Morpheus and both Trinity and Xenno had been erased from the picture. Furthermore, the man that was both the President of Zion’s Council and the General in Chief of Zion’s army was an older man that looked exactly like Commander Lock. And needless to say, General Lock was against Neo’s vision of what was best for everyone—just like the next Lock that opposed Morpheus’s ideals.

Neo asked for a ship and some crew members for a chance to save Zion using “the other alternative,” which involved going back to the Matrix to see the Oracle again. Unlike before with Xenno’s original crew, Neo now was confident in his abilities and he believed that he truly could save everyone. However, General Lock denied his proposal and ordered his incarceration instead. He knew how Neo was thinking and he decided that Neo’s false hope wasn’t going to save them, just like it had not saved the former Captain Xenno and his crew. Therefore, the Council wasn’t going to waste a single ship on it. Despite some opposition from Neo’s new followers, the decisions of the Council were followed to the letter and Neo was put in jail.

There was only one among the Councilors of Zion that strongly opposed what General Lock did, but he had no choice other than to keep it to himself. The young man had just been named Councilor and was the youngest member of that elite group by far. He was Councilor Hamann. However, he looked much younger than the old Hamann that talked to the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Reloaded,” and that chose to believe in him during “The Matrix Revolutions.”

Councilor Hamann truly believed that Neo was their only chance if the invasion was as large as they had predicted. Zion’s military force simply wasn’t powerful enough to win, but Neo had done the impossible in the Matrix before, and Hamann knew that “the impossible” was exactly what they needed to save Zion. Only a miracle was going to defeat the endless swarms of sentinels that were coming their way. The Matrix and Neo seemed like their only choice, or the only chance they had for a true miracle…

Four days later, two soldiers that had their faces covered came to Neo’s cell and asked the two guards there to open the cell to give the prisoner a message from General Lock himself. When the guards opened the cell the two soldiers sprayed something on their faces and both guards fell to the floor—as if they had been put to sleep by the strongest anesthesia ever.

Unknown Male soldier [whispering]: “Stay calm Neo, we are going to take you out of here and you will take another trip to the Matrix to see your Oracle.”

Unknown Female soldier [whispering]: “Please put on these clothes and put this mask on your face. We’ll leave this place as fast as possible. Hurry Neo.”

They sounded like they could be trusted, so Neo followed their plan and they left the prison with Neo dressed and looking as a different prisoner, with his face covered.

They went through security because they had a “prisoner retrieval” order from one of the Councilors of last name “Hamann” and another signed order from one of Zion’s chancellors—the retired councilors that worked as respected advisors for the current Council. They continued walking nonstop until they reached and entered a ship.

Inside the ship, other crew members were waiting for them.

When Neo removed his mask, he recognized them as people that had followed him before, during his many trips to save “prisoners from the Matrix.” However, he had not figured out who the other two soldiers were yet, because they still had their faces covered, and he didn’t know who was the elder chancellor that also chose to help him.

The female soldier took the seat of the main pilot and turned on the ship to leave. Apparently, they had all the permissions to leave through one of the alternate paths from one of Zion’s side gates, instead of leaving through the main large gates.

Then, the male soldier finally removed his assault-ready mask and Neo understood half of what had happened as soon as he saw him.

Councilor Hamann: “If there is something that we can do to save Zion, we will do it. It’s good to have you back Neo.”

Neo [thankful but a little skeptical]: “Councilor Hamann? Why are you doing this? You put yourself in danger just to get me out of there.”

Young Hamann: “Isn’t that what you do every day when you save people from the Matrix? I’m prepared to do it too if that is what it takes to save everyone at Zion. And I believe that you can help us do that. I trust actions more than words and your actions have proven that you are The One, even if the Council doesn’t want to believe it. I’m sure that your alternate path will help us more than General Lock’s plan, which will get us all killed. And please, don’t call me Councilor anymore, chances are that I definitely won’t be one after this is over. My name is Jonathan Hamann.”

Jonathan extended his hand to Neo as a sign of friendship.

Neo: “Thank you Jonathan. We have no time to lose then. As soon as we leave Zion, my connection to the Matrix can start.”

Neo walked to the front of the ship and saw that they were about to exit Zion’s protective walls.

Neo [to the female soldier that was the pilot]: “Thank you for freeing me. I will let you and your crew run the operation from here. You can keep all your weapons. I won’t need one. All I need is a connection with the Matrix.”

Then, the pilot removed her assault-mask as well.

She was one of the female captains from Zion and Jonathan Hamann’s wife and friend.

Captain Alissa Hamann: “Do not worry, we trust you. You have proven yourself more than enough in the last six months. No one has ever saved more people than you. No one has given Zion more hope than you. And no one has shown us so many times that miracles are real and that we can make them happen ourselves. We won’t condemn you because of your one and only failure with your original crew. We will support you and take you to this Oracle of yours if necessary. The rest is in your hands Neo. Help us to save Zion.”

Neo [determined]: “I will.”

Other soldiers and General Lock himself found out what happened, but by that time it was too late to stop them and their ship. They had left Zion’s boundary already and sending other ships after them was going to contradict Lock’s orders of keeping all ships, all weapons, and all soldiers in Zion. Therefore, they couldn’t do anything to stop them. However, they quickly figured out who was the chancellor that signed the second order for them because they also escaped in the ship that was that chancellor’s personal property. Therefore, the general paid him a visit.

The old man was looking through an open window when General Lock and various soldiers arrived at his house.

He was Chancellor Yan Morphen, the oldest of the retired councilors. The 80-year-old man looked like Yan Morphen and Morpheus, but he was much older.

General Lock [with antagonistic behavior]: “Old Yan, a man of respect and values, a man that has devoted his life to Zion. And now this… I knew you really liked the new captain that has dedicated himself to saving people from the Matrix and I know that you believed all his rubbish, but I never thought that you would go this far. Now, you must know that you are going to spend the last years of your life in a cell. Tell me, what made this worth it? Why did you give your signature and your ship to that young idiot that I should have never appointed as councilor? Why did you do it!!?? Answer me!!!”

The old man turned around and left his window, while the soldiers came to handcuff him.

He looked straight at General Lock’s eyes when he answered.

Old Yan Morphen: “Because I would never deny Zion another chance at survival, just because you don’t like the man that can provide it. That is not how true leaders act. Neo and Jonathan would make a better general and a better president for our Council than you. That is why I did it.”

Lock felt the burn of the truth in him, but there was no point in doing anything against an old man.

General Lock [to the soldiers]: “Take him away now.”

Then, the general looked out, from the same window where Chancellor Morphen was seen at first.

General Lock [vengeful]: “Jonathan and Alissa Hamann… if the machines don’t get you, I definitely will. You better not come back to Zion. If you do, you will be ruined. I will make sure about it…”

Without a doubt, Zion looked more hostile and less friendly under Lock’s government and military… There were familiar faces and people that chose to believe in Neo again, but the Zion of this iteration of the Yellow Layer of the Matrix was definitely a darker one, because of its different ruler…

After seeing what happened to the “old Morpheus” of this different Zion, we saw how the fifth Neo was connected to the Matrix, while Alissa piloted the ship. The other crew members wanted to take the trip to the Matrix with him, but Neo decided that he had to go alone.

The fifth Neo focused and he located the Oracle in the Matrix. Then, he went flying straight to the park that was seen in “The Matrix Reloaded.”

There, The Oracle (Neera Williams) was already waiting for him, sitting at a bench.

She looked just like the last version of the Oracle that the sixth Neo had seen; and it didn’t seem like the fifth Neo noticed any difference in her. Did her physical interface depend on the situation? Did it depend on when Neo went to see her? No one knew…

Neo walked up to her, but he didn’t sit down at her side.

Neo [somewhat worried]: “Something terrible is about to happen to Zion. I need your help again.”

The Oracle [sounding carefree]: “Old news. Zion is about to be destroyed by the machines, isn’t it? And, you are here because you want to save it, but you don’t know how, is that right?”

Neo: “How do you know all of this? You were waiting for me here too. Do you know what is going to happen?”

The Oracle: “I wouldn’t be an oracle if I didn’t know what can happen, would I? I knew that this could happen, so now that I see you here, it must be because it did happen, after all.”

Neo: “Then, you must know how to stop it. Please tell me how to save Zion from this invasion. How can I do it for sure?”

The Oracle: “This is not so simple Neo. I can tell you a way that could work, but, whether it works or not will depend on you. My words are not what will save anyone. Only other people’s actions can, and that is, if they play out as I thought they would. I, on my own, have no power to change a man’s destiny, or a city’s destiny, or even the world’s destiny. Only The One can do that. That is what he is here for.”

Neo: “I feel ready now. Unlike before, I can feel the Matrix and I believe that I can save everyone this time. I know I am The One. Please, tell what has to be done, or what must happen, just like you told me that last time. Even if I failed, what you told me turned out to be the truth.”

The Oracle: “You mean when it all went wrong?”

Neo [somewhat uncomfortable]: “Yes.”

The Oracle: “Well… the chances of success are even lower now than that last time. How are you so sure that you will succeed?”

Neo: “I can feel it. I am much closer to the Matrix this time. I can feel it and control it. Please, just tell me what I need to do to save Zion.”

The Oracle: “Well… you sure seem optimistic. Perhaps, you have a chance, so, I will tell you what you can do. There is only one way for you to save Zion now. And that is to open the door that leads to the source of the Matrix and to enter it. Inside you will find a way to save Zion and everyone. However, only the Keymaker has the key that can open the right door to the source, which is at a heavily guarded building that has many doors. And the Keymaker is being held prisoner by the Merovingian, an extremely dangerous man that is also a special program that transcends the Matrix, like I do. Taking the Keymaker from him won’t be easy. And that would be the easy part. Next, you would have to go to the right building, break in, find the right door, and enter it with the key from the Keymaker. And you will have a limited amount of time to do that because of how the buildings security system works. It will disappear with all the doors in less than twenty minutes after an intruder is detected. Finally, after going through the right door, the chance to save Zion will be there, but even that chance might require an extra effort and it is not guaranteed. Do you really think that you can do all of that alone Neo?”

Neo [sounding confident]: “I will do it. Just help me. That’s all I need. Tell me where to find the Merovingian, the Keymaker, and the building with the door to the source.”

The Oracle seemed surprised at first. Then, she looked glad, and she smiled. She chose to help him and she did something that had not been seen from her before. She created two small spheres of codes, one green-coded sphere on her left hand and one white-coded sphere on her right hand. The white sphere was strikingly similar to the one that the sixth Neo had seen before—the one that gave him the pen with the map to find Thomas Anderson’s hologram at the destroyed city.

She grabbed Neo’s hands with her hands and the coded spheres entered Neo’s hands and disappeared from our sight.

Instantly, Neo’s facial expression showed that he now knew where to go to find the Merovingian, the Keymaker, and the special building, where the door to the source of the Yellow Matrix was waiting for him. This was the effect that the small green-coded sphere had in him. However, the small white sphere turned into a small pen that was left on his hand.

Neo [surprised]: “I didn’t know that you could do this.”

Oracle: “Changing my looks and telling the future are not the only things that I can do Neo. Now, if you wish to save Zion, you only have a limited amount of time left, so you should go.”

Neo: “Wait, I still don’t know what this pen is for.”

Oracle: “The pen shall serve its purpose at the right time. For now, all you need to know is that you must keep it in your pocket and you must not lose it, no matter what. If things go wrong, it will help you.”

Neo [looking truly thankful]: “Thank you for your help. I knew I could with you.”

Neo left flying and Nera Williams looked up at the sky with the same look of hope she had before in the film—when we saw her talking with the older sixth Neo for the last time. To her, it really seemed like this Neo could do it. After all, she knew that the fifth iteration was the first one that truly had any chance to succeed. It was possible, even if he wasn’t the seventh Neo—the last possible iteration of The One—who had the best chances of completing Thomas Anderson’s plan…

The fifth Neo was incredible. He showed an impressive control, or mastery, over the Virtual Matrix with what he did. He didn’t have Seraph, Trinity, or Morpheus with him. He didn’t have anyone with him. He was alone, and still, he managed to break into the Merovingian’s manor and to save the Keymaker, despite all the armed ninja monks guarding the place.

In this version of the innermost Matrix, the Keymaker turned out to be a young Japanese boy, instead of an old man—which was the case in the system’s next iteration.

The Merovingian and Persephone were also there, but in this iteration of the Yellow Matrix, they looked older. Regardless, the older Persephone still found the younger Neo sexy as hell. At a point during his escape with the young Keymaker, she blocked his path with doors that he couldn’t open and he had to accept her request again because time was ticking away to reach the right door to the source… It seemed like certain things weren’t going to change in the Matrix, even if Trinity wasn’t there with him… Persephone’s request was a passionate kiss, once again.

Keymaker boy [clueless]: “Why is she asking you for that Mr. Neo? Shouldn’t she ask for something else?”

Neo [to kid]: “Don’t worry. You will understand when you are older. Now, we must get out of here as soon as possible, so I will give her what she wants.”

The older Persephone opened the special doors only after she got what she wanted, which took more than one try, just like it would take in the next iteration.

The fifth Neo flew to the special building carrying the young Keymaker and he got the special key from the boy. However, they were ambushed by agents and the young Keymaker was shot. After escaping from the agents, Neo used the key and opened the correct door. Then, he entered it and he met the virtual architect—just like the sixth Neo would in the next iteration of the Green Matrix.

The white-bearded man had a very similar talk with the fifth Neo and the fifth Neo also asked similar questions, but there were some major differences.

The older Neo noticed that there was just one door available for the previous Neo because Trinity wasn’t in the picture this time. Also, the virtual architect lied to the fifth Neo. He never said that in that iteration both layers of the Virtual Matrix would be reloaded: the green inner layer and the higher yellow layer. He made the fifth Neo believe that going through the new door would reset the invasion of the machines and send both the machines and the Green Matrix backwards, but not Zion. He also told Neo that he would go back to Zion after going through the door and everything would be alright. Moreover, Zion would be saved.

Neo couldn’t help but feel that he wasn’t supposed to trust the architect, but, what other choice did he have to save Zion? The four previous Neo’s had done the same, and it truly felt that he had to follow the same route. It didn’t seem like there was any other available route to save Zion…

Meanwhile, Jonathan Hamann, Captain Alissa, and their crew had landed their ship at a safe-looking place at the Dead Zone, between Zion’s grounds and the City of the Machines.

Two of their crew members had been monitoring Neo from the start and they had seen promising things. First of all, their readings for “The Oracle” were strange and interesting. The codes were not that of a person or a program. She was a different entity—like a hybrid of a program, a person, and a humanoid robot. She was a complex one indeed.

Neo also showed signs of being more than just a person connected to the Matrix. He had some minor characteristics of a hybrid entity, but the navigators didn’t pay too much attention to that.

Unfortunately, they lost all contact with Neo as soon as he entered the source through the special door; and when that happened, a fierce group of sentinels arrived and began to attack their ship with the intention of entering it as soon as possible. This was totally unexpected for the crew because sentinels had not been spotted at the Dead Zone for many years—since the “grand war” between human cities and sentinels happened there.

Jonathan and the others grabbed their plasma rifles—which didn’t look as advanced or powerful as the ones in Thomas Anderson’s world—and they tried to keep the sentinels out of the ship. However, they had lost contact with Neo and they knew that they couldn’t hold off the sentinels forever. It was a difficult situation, but they chose to protect Neo at all costs and to believe in him. After all, his readings in the Matrix had proven that he was really on his way to saving everyone with his alternate route. They had no reason to believe that anything had failed.

After Neo went through the only available door to save Zion, he appeared at the bottom of the special building, many floors underground, and everything was full of green codes and streams everywhere. It looked as if he was inside the true source of the green layer of the Virtual Matrix.

Something seemed wrong though. He was standing on top of a floor of codes and he was still there. He had not been teleported to Zion as the architect promised him.

The Virtual Architect’s voice [without a single bit of remorse in his voice]: “I’m sorry Neo, but I had to lie to you to keep the Matrix running smoothly. The entire system will be reloaded very soon, just like it did with your predecessors. This means that all of Zion will be destroyed for it to be reborn again and all the other human entities, including yourself, will be deleted and recreated for the new version of the Matrix.

You are quite special though, so, to ensure that you won’t be able to escape the reloading process, the door you entered took you to the bottom of this very deep building. Where you are standing right now, an atomic bomb unlike any other in human history is about to explode. Meanwhile, your friends from Zion will be killed by the sentinels, just like your initial crew was. In the incredibly rare case where you manage to escape the bomb, the sentinels from the higher layer of the Matrix will finish you off anyways. The reality is that Zion can’t be saved and neither can you. You two must be sacrificed once again for the system to remain stable. That is how the Matrix works.”

The fifth Neo was shocked, but he didn’t waste any time. He began flying upwards as fast as he could to escape. Then, the nuclear reaction began and the bomb’s massive explosion began to spread out, taking everything in its path. At the same time, the sentinels broke into the ship where Neo was connected to the green layer of the Matrix from a connection station. The crew held them back with their plasma weapons, but soon they began to fall one by one. The metallic sentinels were too strong for them.

Neo made it to the surface and he continued flying up. He could see the truth about the Green Layer of the Virtual Matrix as it was about to be erased and reloaded: there were streams of green codes everywhere, in the people, in the objects, in the buildings, in the animals, and even in the sky itself. However, no one could see them. He was the only human entity that was aware of it. Meanwhile, the explosion began to get closer and closer to him. It was clear that he wasn’t fast enough to escape it for much longer…

In the ship, the sentinels killed most of the crew, including the ones that were ready to turn on the ship’s hyper-plasma wave to take them all out in one shot. There was no hope to stop the attack of the sentinels anymore. Regardless, Jonathan and Alissa stood by each side of Neo’s station and protected him putting their own lives on the line. Soon, it became clear that the true goal of the sentinels was killing Neo, since their focus at all times was reaching him. That was all they cared about.

In the green layer of the Matrix, Neo began to remember how Captain Xenno rescued him and trained him, how the captain and his daughter Trinity died in the failed mission (the fifth Neo didn’t know that Trin was alive), and how he had helped to save more people than anyone else from the Matrix. He remembered what Jonathan Hamann and the others were willing to do for him, as the radius of the bomb’s blast began to get closer and closer to him.

It was then that he began to trigger the same glitch that happened before. A silver portal began to form a couple of miles away from him and it started to grow.

Neo intended to go straight through it, just like Trinity and the helicopter did before, but it wasn’t clear if he was going to make it in time before the blast reached him.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Alissa were pushed out of the way by the sentinels and one of the sentinels jumped on top of Neo’s station. A lethal-looking drill-like weapon began to come out from one of its tentacles and the sentinel aimed it at Neo’s head.

Alissa killed the sentinel before it could use the weapon on Neo, but one of the other sentinels shot a laser at her that went straight through her chest. She fell down and stopped moving completely. She died almost right away.

Jonathan Hamann let go of a wild scream.

Jonathan: “Nooo!!!”

Then, he grabbed Alissa’s plasma rifle and ran towards Neo’s station.

He began to shot all the sentinels around the place and managed to hold them back for a few more seconds… until one of them aimed and shot the same laser at him.

Jonathan Hamann fell down, just like Captain Alissa Hamman before him.

Then, the sentinels grouped themselves around Neo and one of them jumped on the station again and revealed the same drill-like weapon.

In the innermost layer of the Matrix, Neo was about to reach the silver oval that represented the new glitch he triggered. And he could already feel the burning on his feet as the expanding atomic mayhem was catching up to him. When he was very close, the sentinel raised the drill-weapon aiming it at his head. Then, a plasma shot blasted the sentinel’s arm away.

There was one last survivor in the ship that the sentinels had missed altogether.

Unknown crew member: “For Zion!!!”

The man was quickly subdued, but that last resistance against the attack of the sentinels made all the difference.

When the same sentinel that got its arm blown off raised another tentacle with a new drill to finish the job and rushed it against Neo’s head, the inexplicable happened… Neo became a stream of white codes on the station and he disappeared from there completely. The sentinel’s weapon went through the white codes and hit the station’s surface. It never reached Neo.

That happened at the same moment when Neo entered the silver portal, which was then destroyed by the explosion that had just caught up to him.

Jonathan Hamann saw what happened with Neo in the station before dying.

Jonathan [last words]: “We made it. We protected him until the end. I’m glad…”

He died knowing that Zion and everyone could be saved.

The group of sentinels left the ship looking somewhat puzzled.

Everyone in the ship was dead…

The fifth Neo appeared at the Dead Zone, in the Yellow Layer of the Virtual Matrix (Zion’s world). He had reached such speed that he kept flying forward with the momentum.

Then, he stopped moving and he looked around. He noticed that something very similar was taking place at Zion’s world. There was no bomb, but the whole place had streams of yellow codes floating everywhere. He had never felt it or seen it before, but now, the truth was too clear to him: Zion and the other places in its world were still part of the Matrix. However, Zion’s Matrix was different… it and its yellow codes felt more important than the green ones.

That was when Neo saw how a gigantic yellow screen of codes was approaching his location. It was covering everything from the surface to the sky and it didn’t seem to have an end: it was going all the way to the horizons on the left and right too. Despite its incredible size it was moving forward with great speed and it was changing everything in its path. Somehow, the yellow wall of codes was working as a reloading agent for everything at the yellow layer of the Virtual Matrix (the Yellow Virtual Matrix).

Neo felt concerned when it approached him, but after it moved past him, he was still there unharmed, and everything else went back to the way it used to be years ago—the last time that the whole virtual system was reloaded. Apparently, Neo wasn’t even supposed to be there, so the system wasn’t even prepared to detect his presence. The Virtual Matrix had no instructions to deal with such an anomaly. Therefore, the process ignored him altogether. From the system’s perspective, the fifth Neo wasn’t even there. The system believed that he had been taken and deleted with the rest of the innermost layer.

Ultimately, everything was deleted and reborn in a new version, except for Neo, the anomaly… The sixth Neo was born in the City of the Machines without the previous deletion of the fifth Neo. The virtual system thought that the previous Neo had been deleted, but in reality, the glitch had saved him and one of the few flaws in the Matrix had been exploited…

When the fifth Neo saw what was happening, he realized that the yellow wall of codes was headed for Zion. Then, he tried to get to Zion first in order to warn the people there. And when he arrived, he saw that Zion was in the middle of a war with the army of sentinels and most of Zion had been destroyed already. He had arrived too late!

The fifth Neo felt desperate. Then, the wall passed through Zion and he saw how the entire city was taken back to what it once was. It was clear that it had changed though. The people were not exactly the same as the ones he knew. Furthermore, it was obvious that the reloading process was not a solution to the problem. The same thing was going to happen again eventually. It was an endless loop where Zion’s end by total destruction was the same thing as its beginning, but, true justice was never obtained, and no one was aware of what was happening for real—except some “special entities” like the Oracle, the virtual architect, and Deus Ex (and now Neo as well).

The fifth Neo landed outside of Zion, at a place where no one could see him, and he almost fell down to the floor. He sat down, and then, he laid down. He was the only one among “the common people” that was aware of the truth about the Green Matrix and the Yellow Matrix.

Neo [tired/concerned]: “What am I going to do now? My natural connection with the Matrix is not strong enough to change this process, but, there must be something I can do. I have to find a way out, a way to change this spiral of doom. I need a way to stop the curse of the Matrix.”

He closed his eyes. It seemed like there was no answer…

Then, his hand touched one of the pockets on his black vest and he felt that there was something there. He reached for it and it turned out to be the pen that the Oracle gave him. He remembered that she told him that it would help him.

Neo opened the pen and pressed a button on it. Immediately, it displayed a map that had one white dot and one green dot. Soon, he noticed that he was the green dot, but what or who the white dot was wasn’t known to him.

The sixth Neo was perplexed when he saw that moment, on the screen of the past that Deus Ex was showing him. He already knew what that pen was for and he also knew who the fifth Neo was about to meet…

The white dot was located outside of a forgotten ship at the Dead Zone, where the fifth Neo landed at first, after the glitch that teleported him.

The fifth Neo went flying towards the right location. Unlike before, he could now fly in the yellow layer as well. Perhaps, it was because he was transferred from the green layer to the yellow one (by the glitch) as if he had never been disconnected, so he kept all his abilities intact in the higher layer. That was why he began to see the Yellow Matrix as what it really was: another layer in the Matrix. His eyes were not blind to the truth anymore…

Neo used the pen at the right location and it sent a signal that went underground.

Then, the same driller robot that had shown the holograms to Neo and Trin appeared and a very similar chain of events took place there, at the Dead Zone. Soon, the fifth Neo met the older-looking Thomas Anderson in hologram form. Thomas asked the same questions, but when he figured out that this was the fifth Neo and he had made it this far without Trinity, the rest of the conversation changed to fit the scenario that really happened.

Aida Trinity’s hologram never appeared in their conversation—surely, because Trinity wasn’t there.

Thomas Anderson explained to the fifth Neo that his plan was the only way to save everyone from the Matrix and to end it as well, but he couldn’t reveal all the details about the plan to him. Nonetheless, if it was going to succeed, he needed the fifth Neo to do several things for him.

The robot printed a picture of the younger Trinity, a picture of Morpheus (looking a lot like Yan Morphen), and a picture of a map from the City of the Machines with one location marked on it.

Thomas Anderson [hologram]: “In order to raise the chances of success for the plan that can end the Matrix and save everyone, there are several things that I need you to do for me Neo. I need you to free and train the man that is a hostage of the Matrix’s innermost layer at this location [he pointed at the location on the map]. You will find him at a pod there, hostage to the Matrix’s innermost system at the City of the Machines. Free him. Then, call him Morpheus and show him how to free others from the Matrix. Train him, just like you were trained by one of the many people that will help Neo’s different iterations. However, don’t tell him the truth about this layer of the Virtual Matrix. That would alter the plan and raise our chances for failure. He has to believe that this yellow world is the real world. After that, you must leave him the mission of rescuing others from the Matrix, including this lady here in this picture. He must train her and name her Trinity. He must save the next Neo as well. He will look exactly like you look now when the best time to free him arrives. This will be essential to increase the possible success rate for the sixth Neo.

In addition, I want you to give something to the sixth Neo, without freeing him from the Matrix. His time hasn’t arrived yet, but he will need this. Morpheus, the man that you will save, is the one that will free him from the Matrix.

I will give you something that will help you to carry out all these tasks for our plan. You can consider it an upgrade in the Matrix.”

The fifth Neo received the same transfer of white-looking codes that the sixth Neo obtained from Thomas and Aida, giving him the ability to create the green sphere as well.

The robot also gave him a small white-looking data sphere and updated the pen’s map to display a new white dot on the map.

Thomas Anderson explained that the new dot was the sixth Neo’s pod in the field of the Matrix at the City of the Machines. He had to insert the white data sphere in the left hand of the sixth Neo, using his newly-gained power over the Matrix. After that, he would have to destroy the pen that the Oracle gave him, and he would need to restore a ship from the Dead Zone and use it to save Morpheus.

Neo received “the upgrade” from Thomas Anderson’s robot and he prepared himself to contribute to the plan that would be able to accomplish what he couldn’t do on his own before.

Thomas Anderson: “Never forget that even though we will prepare the path for the next iteration of The One, which has more chances of success, you could be the one that ends the Matrix and saves everyone. It could be you instead of him, there is no law to determine which Neo can make it, so always believe in yourself. Regardless of the probabilities at hand, if there is some chance of success, then it can be you. You can be the one that will end the Matrix and save us all.

Good luck to you, Neo.”

The hologram left and the robot self-destructed itself in the sky, just like the other robot did when the talk with Thomas and Aida ended.

The fifth Neo did everything as Thomas Anderson wanted: he merged the next white data sphere with the left hand of a boy that looked like him. He used his personal green matrix subspace to accomplish it without breaking the boy’s pod. He felt a grand desire to free the boy, but he didn’t because of what Thomas Anderson said. Next, he freed Morpheus and took him to the Dead Zone, where he also restored a ship back to working capacity. He trained Morpheus and did everything as expected, but Thomas Anderson never told him anything about what to do afterwards, so he chose his own path…

Before leaving Morpheus and the few others they saved to their fate, the fifth Neo returned to the innermost Matrix alone, through a connection with a station from their ship.

He went back to the Oracle, knowing full-well that she always knew more than what she admitted. This time she was found at her house, rather than at the park.

Neo [a little pushy]: “I am ready to end the Matrix now. I met Thomas Anderson and prepared the path for the next Neo. I can control the Matrix better than ever before. I know that Zion is also part of the Matrix. And I know that you have the answers to what needs to be done. You know the truth, just like Thomas Anderson. You led me to him with the pen. You knew what was going to happen and that was why you gave it to me. I am ready now. I am The One and I know that I can end it and save us all. Tell me what needs to be done to save Zion from the Matrix and to save everyone. Tell me how to end the Matrix.”

The Oracle: “You are becoming overconfident, aren’t you? Be careful; be very careful with that Neo. Overconfidence can lead anyone to their doom, especially here in the Matrix.”

Nera Williams grabbed a spoon from her table and showed it to Neo.

Oracle: “I know that you think you are ready, but I feel that you are missing the point. You believe you are ready because you feel much more powerful now, but power is not what will save us from the Matrix. Under the right circumstances, something as simple and weak as this spoon could become the greatest power, if you can see the Matrix with the right mindset. Power can come from the most unexpected of places when the time is right. However, the right circumstances are not the ones we have now and your power alone may not be enough. If I tell you now, I fear that you will die Neo.”

The Oracle looked sad when she finished talking, but nothing was going to drown the fifth Neo’s drive. He was certain that the time to end it had arrived.

Neo: “Allow me to make the final decision myself, instead of trying to guide my path and the paths of the previous Neo’s, as you have always done. They all failed, but I feel different. I know that I can make it happen.”

She looked unsure, but at the end, she chose to believe in him. After all, he was the first one that made it pass the virtual architect’s traps. He did “the impossible” using the Matrix. Before him, all the others had failed to escape the virtual reloading procedure. He was one step ahead of the rest.

The Oracle: “There is one way, but I am not sure of how successful or reliable it can be, and its odds are strongly against us. The innermost Matrix can be destroyed and all the people of Zion can be saved at once if you destroy the central processing unit that keeps this Matrix functioning at the City of the Machines. That would wake up everyone at the dark fields. The sentinels should also fall if the entity that controls them is destroyed. That won’t free Zion completely, but it will guarantee that it will never be destroyed again by the machines because there won’t be more machines. The reloading process that can be started from the innermost layer would also be wiped out because there won’t be an inner Matrix anymore. Zion would still be in the Matrix and other means will be needed to free it completely, but with the inner Matrix gone, a very long peace would be achieved, even if the Matrix itself is not gone.

There is another way to end the entire Matrix and save everyone, but even I don’t know what it is. Neo is the one because he is the entity that has the highest potential to figure it out and to make it happen on his own. I don’t know if even Thomas Anderson himself knew the Matrix’s deepest secrets, but I trust that he did; and that was why he could set up the entire plan that created you, me, and many others with one central purpose: saving everyone from the Matrix.”

Neo [thankful tone of voice]: “Thank you, Oracle… Why don’t you tell me your real name?”

Oracle: “It is Nera Williams. It was about time one of you asked that. Being called Oracle all the time makes me feel older than I am.”

Neo [confident]: “Thank you Nera. I will go to the City of the Machines to put an end to this layer of the Matrix. Escape from here if you can. Good bye.”

After Neo left, the Oracle looked somewhat worried—as someone who had just made a bad choice and was uncertain about its possible outcomes.

Nera [not very optimistic]: “Good bye Neo. I hope that you can make it, even though Thomas and Aida showed us that the chances of your fifth iteration were in the 1% range.”

The fifth Neo went to the Central Zone of the City of the Machines. It was the place at the center of the dark city where the leader of the machines and the central unit that controlled the Green Virtual Layer of the Matrix were more likely to be found. And indeed, that was the case…

Various battalions of sentinels tried to intercept and stop the fifth Neo when he was detected at the Central Zone, but he used the green shockwave generated by his green sphere and the sentinels fell down like flies.

The fifth Neo stood up at the top of the same building where the sixth Neo met Deus Ex for the first time (in a scene from the end of “The Matrix Revolutions”).

Then, Deus Ex showed up, just like he did with the sixth Neo.

(This, however, was the very first time that Deus Ex had met Neo.)

Deus Ex [angry / with strong cyber-like voice]: “What do you seek!? Who do you think you are to break into my city!!? What do you want!!?”

Fifth Neo: “I want justice. I seek a world where the people from Zion won’t be forced to relive the same events over and over again, a world where we won’t be slaves of the Matrix sustained by the machines. I want to end the Matrix to bring us justice; and the only way to do that is destroying the central processing unit that controls the Matrix. I won’t leave until it is done.”

Deus Ex: “Foolish human. Do you really believe that you can do that on your own? There is no central processing unit to control the Green Virtual Matrix. I am the one that handles it and sustains it. I control it, just like I control all the sentinels at the City of the Machines. The only reason why I haven’t taken over Zion already is that humans don’t have the answers that I need. You lack the means to break free from the real Matrix, which is not the virtual one that we harvest here.”

Fifth Neo: “Even if Zion is part of a larger Matrix, the virtual system that creates an inner Matrix here must end. Even if we are still slaves of the larger Matrix, we won’t be slaves of the one here if it is destroyed for good, along with this dark city that protects it. Zion won’t be destroyed again if this innermost Matrix is gone.”

Deus Ex: “Do you even understand what you are going against?! There is nothing but death for you here. I, Deus Ex, can’t be defeated by anyone within the Matrix. I can control it.”

Neo began to show his green sphere of codes. And Deus Ex looked surprised for a couple of seconds.

Deus Ex: “You… you must be the one that can create glitches in the Matrix… Good. I shall have your power soon; and that will change everything. Perhaps, just you alone will be my key to exit this Matrix.”

The group of strange sentinels that were always hovering or moving around Deus Ex’s head—like a living crown—began to change. The same silver-looking mass that appeared in the glitches began to come from their bodies, and soon, they looked more like floating silver beings than like sentinels. Their shapes were not definite though, and their faces were blank. However, sword-like weapons began to come from their hands, so they were getting ready for a battle.

Deus Ex: “What is your name, human anomaly?”

Neo: “I am Neo.”

Deus Ex: “Then, let’s wait no longer, Neo. If you win, the Green Virtual Matrix will be destroyed, and you may even put an end to the City of the Machines, but if you lose, I will take your power from you, as well as all your memories and experiences from the Matrix. I am the central processing unit that you seek.”

The strange silver sentinels made a perfect circle around Deus Ex’s face and prepared their sword-like weapons. Deus Ex also began to create his yellow sphere.

Neo knew that Deus Ex was more powerful than him, but he still believed in his ability to end the curse of the Matrix.

Neo created two rapid-fire weapons within his green sphere and fired them against his foes.

The yellow sphere blocked everything without suffering any breaches and the silver sentinels moved just like the agents could, so they ended up dodging all the bullets in the air.

Then, Deus Ex remained in the same place and all the silver sentinels—which were around fourteen—rushed against Neo. The battle quickly became a close-range struggle against the silver sentinels, which clearly, were more dangerous than all the other sentinels that we had seen before.

Meanwhile, Deus Ex focused on Neo and began to fire yellow beams aimed at him, but Neo managed to dodge them while fighting against the sentinels.

Neo didn’t make mistakes and looked even better than the sixth Neo during the battle, but even at that level, one of the silver sentinels managed to land a cut on one of his arms and the sentinel obtained a small sample from his blood.

At that moment, the battle stopped momentarily because the silver sentinels retreated.

The one that got the sample of Neo’s blood sent a signal to all the others and they gathered together. Then, all of them began to shape-shift, just like before, and they began to take a clear and well-defined form. They all took the physical form of the fifth Neo, after using the minimal amount of DNA that one of them obtained from his blood.

Deus Ex: “I’m afraid that if you haven’t won by now, it is already too late, Neo. My doppelgangers are at their best when they copy their foe’s form. You should give up and cooperate with me. If you give me your ability to teleport from one Matrix to another, I will let you preserve your life.”

Neo noticed what was happening. The doppelganger sentinels had not taken a definite shape before because they didn’t have any sample DNA to copy from, but now they had his.

Before they could attack him—now looking like perfect silver copies of himself—Neo rushed against Deus Ex at an incredible speed. He hoped that he would break the yellow sphere and go through Deus Ex’s floating head. However, he clashed very hard against the sphere and it didn’t break. Apparently, the yellow-coded sphere was more powerful than the green one he had.

Neo didn’t waste time. He knew he needed to find another way fast, so, to gain time, he flew away from them and towards another area of taller buildings at the City of the Machines. The Neo-like silver sentinels rushed after him and Deus Ex followed, looking certain of his victory already. He knew that Neo could not break his defenses with the level of control he had over the Yellow Matrix—and control over the lower-level Green Matrix wasn’t going to be enough to beat him.

While Neo was flying very fast in-between the humongous buildings, rain began to fall at the City of the Machines. The scene reminded the sixth Neo about what happened with Smith in “The Matrix Revolutions,” but the problem for the fifth Neo wasn’t agent Smith. It looked even worse…

On his path to gain time, the fifth Neo suddenly passed by a very tall building that looked different and he saw someone there that made him stop on his tracks: it was Trinity. She was chained to a chair on one of the high floors of the building. And there was no mistake about it: it was her.

The fifth Neo destroyed the see-through glass using his green codes.

Neo: “Trinity!!”

The fifth Trinity opened her eyes. She seemed weak, but she could see that it was Neo.

Young Trin [showing a combination of happiness and fear]: “Neo?? Neo!! You must leave this place now!! Don’t stay here!! Leave now!!!”

At that moment, the “Neo doppelgangers” caught up to him and their battle continued.

The shape-shifting sentinels seemed even more difficult to fight against after they obtained Neo’s form. They had no green spheres, but they were moving and fighting just like him.

Deus Ex looked at the battle from above and took his time to ensure that he would finally land one of his beams on Neo. Somehow, he seemed to be controlling the actions of the doppelgangers. It seemed like they were more than just “bodyguards.” The doppelganger sentinels were parts of the Deus Ex entity, which was more than just the big and sinister silver head with all the spikes…

Trinity saw the being that had used her in experiments during the last two months—hoping to find out how to do the teleportation glitch that took her there—and she feared, not for herself, but for Neo. She knew that Neo was the one that could do it, so he was the one that Deus Ex needed. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do to help Neo.

Neo’s concentration was shaken a little bit after he saw that Trinity was alive. At first, winning against Deus Ex and the doppelgangers was his only objective, but now, saving Trinity was also in his mind, and she was out of his sight.

At one point, Neo succeeded at destroying two of the silver doppelgangers, but he left himself completely open to attacks, and three of the others grabbed him quickly. Deus Ex saw his opportunity and shot a beam aimed at Neo.

The beam destroyed the green sphere and the doppelgangers that were holding Neo. It also made them all crash with the ground. The remaining doppelgangers stood around the fallen Neo on the ground and held hands. They began to merge forming a single silver doppelganger only.

Main doppelganger [with same voice as Deus Ex]: “It’s over Neo. I won the battle. I am Deus Ex’s original form, that is why I and the larger body are always together. Now, I will take your ability to teleport any entity from one layer of the Matrix to another, without the need for any direct connections. It’s something I haven’t been able to do and something that I have struggled to find for a long time. It is exactly what I need.”

Deus Ex’s alternate form took Neo to Deus Ex’s main body and divided itself into different parts, which began to float around Deus Ex’s head once again. The parts also began to take the shape of sentinels like before.

Deus Ex held the fifth Neo in place with his yellow codes and he began to make some sort of “transfer of data” between the two of them. He began to read and see all of the fifth Neo’s memories, just like he did with the yellow data sphere that he used with the sixth Neo.

The rain began to get even worse than before, making it all look like a very dark scene.

Trin also caught a glimpse of what was happening, because Deus Ex was holding Neo high above the ground and directly in front of the floor where she was a hostage.

Trinity: “Neo, you must escape!! Don’t let him have it!!”

Deus Ex: “It’s time to see how you actually do it. Soon, I will use it myself. I will free myself from this Matrix and leave all of you here. I won’t have any use for you after I leave this place.”

Neo heard Trinity and he looked at Deus Ex. He didn’t talk, but he was about to do something.

Suddenly, Deus Ex began to feel that the transfer of codes between him and Neo was changing. Neo was sending him something else that was interfering with his motion and with the whole data transfer process.

Then, the same silver mass from the glitches—which had also shaped the doppelgangers—began to come from Neo himself, mixed with streams of green codes. It started to cover Deus Ex at a fast pace. Deus Ex showed some fear for the first time. He could feel that his deletion was indeed possible, if it was part of a glitch that he could not control or change.

For a moment, it felt like the fifth Neo was going to succeed at erasing Deus Ex’s entity.

However, Deus Ex managed to turn around one of the hundreds of spikes that were coming from the back of his head and he impaled the fifth Neo with it.

That was the dark scene from Captain Trin’s previous flashbacks, where she saw what happened to the fifth Neo and felt the desperation.

Younger Trin: “Neo!! Nooooooo!!!”

Deus Ex tried to continue the transmission to get data that could show him how to make those special glitches that Neo could do. However, even with the spike in him, Neo didn’t stop the silver stream. Deus Ex was still in danger of deletion and he could feel it.

However, he still felt hesitant when it came to killing Neo because he could very well be his one and only chance to escape from the Matrix, so, he couldn’t destroy Neo’s entity completely.

Deus Ex let go of his yellow sphere with a very powerful outward force that felt more like a blast of energy than a shockwave. Trinity lost consciousness when the wave went through her and the fifth Neo’s final attempt to destroy Deus Ex was also halted, not just because of the wave, but because he was also dying, due to the spike.

Deus Ex couldn’t get what he wanted because the fifth Neo began to lose consciousness.

Against his own will, Deus Ex had no choice other than saving the fifth Neo’s life, in order to get what he wanted. He placed Neo side-by-side with Trinity and healed him. He also chained him with wires that would prevent his use of the Matrix.

Deus Ex began to prepare everything to ensure that he would use the fifth Neo as soon as the next day. Then, he and his sentinels left Neo and Trinity, and that was the moment when the Xenno Squad was teleported there. Their mission was rescuing Neo and taking him out of the Matrix.

The elite soldiers had a direct clash with Deus Ex.

Meanwhile, their leader, Captain Frank Xenno, had enough time to infiltrate the building where both Trinity and Neo were hostages. He was the soldier that used the dark blue armor with the yellow lines on its shoulders and a red line at the center of the facial piece of the armor.

He faced the most difficult decision of his life during that mission. What mattered the most to him was put to the test there…

When he saw them both, he had to choose one because he couldn’t save both of them.

Frank Xenno [looking at the fifth Neo and Trinity]: “Thomas Anderson or my niece? I… I failed my brother already, I could have saved him if I had been faster, but I didn’t make it. I can’t fail him again. But if I don’t rescue Thomas Anderson, I will be a failure for General Williams and the Resistance. I will have failed the most important mission that they ever gave me.”

He took out the only two pictures he had with him: one had his brother’s daughter only and the other had his brother and his brother’s entire crew, which included Trinity and Thomas Anderson (the fifth Neo). Frank had mixed emotions, but he was an elite soldier and he made his final decision, even if it could cost him everything else.

Frank Xenno saved the fifth Trinity and left Neo behind.

Not long after that, he had to escape with Trinity from Deus Ex and he succeeded, proving that he really was one of the top soldiers at the Resistance. Unfortunately, he lost one arm, his entire squad was wiped out, and the main mission was a grand failure, just like the time when the fifth Neo and Trinity went back to the Matrix to save his brother…

Deus Ex was afraid of losing his only chance, after he saw that Trinity was rescued. Therefore, he took the fifth Neo and decided to turn him into a cyber entity of the Green Virtual Matrix that he would be able to merge with himself right away. He believed that he would also gain Neo’s abilities right after the merge.

Deus Ex surrounded the fifth Neo with many streams of yellow codes and the solid silver mass that produced the glitches began to expand itself from Deus Ex, towards the yellow streams, and then towards Neo. After the silver stream reached him, Neo saw how his body began to turn into streams of green codes slowly—without losing his human shape, his look was just changing from human to a bunch of green codes that had the same physical form as Neo.

When most of Neo was turned into a cyber-looking green-coded form of himself, the streams began to pull him towards Deus Ex, and he was not capable of escaping.

The Fifth Neo / Cyber Neo [having difficulty breathing]: “This is not the end… The next Neo will be the one that will delete you and your Matrix. He will free everyone and both you and your Matrix will be deleted for good…”

Deus Ex: “Keep on thinking that. It will ease your pain as your human form passes away and your cyber form becomes a part of me. I saw your memories, so I already know about your other iterations. They can’t defeat me either. I am a prisoner of the Matrix, like all of you are, but I can control it better than any other entity, including The One. I will become the absolute master of the Matrix after I manage to break away from it. If I can’t figure out how to free myself using you, then, I will use the next Neo. He will be the one that will free me from here if you can’t. Your next iteration should be capable of producing greater glitches than you. If you don’t work for my purpose, he surely will. I will ensure that he makes it out of the virtual fields where my robots harvest virtual human entities to sustain our existence. We won’t block Morpheus when he comes to save him. However, I don’t think that I will need him. I feel that you will be enough for my purpose.

My name is Deus Ex. Don’t forget it, because there is a possibility that you will see me again.

Good bye Neo…”

The silver stream covered the fifth Neo’s cyber form and merged it with Deus Ex.

However, things didn’t work out as expected.

Deus Ex could never create the teleportation glitches that the fifth Neo could do. Apparently, only “The One” could create that type of glitch in the Matrix…

The yellow codes on the sky began to fade away and the screen of the past began to disappear as well. Now, the sixth Neo knew the truth about his predecessor and about the other Trinity as well. He knew what happened with everyone. He also knew that Nera Williams—the Oracle—always knew much more than what she was willing to say. Deus Ex also knew a lot more than expected about all of them. He probably didn’t try to use the sixth Neo in “The Matrix Revolutions” because he was facing a grand threat that could delete even him: the rogue virus who’s consciousness was agent Smith’s entity…

Deus Ex looked at the sixth Neo. Obviously, he was planning something if he decided to show him all of that…

Deus Ex: “As you can see, the previous Neo was a far greater hero than you. He had no Trinity, no Morpheus, yet, he still managed to do everything you did and much more, all on his own and with his own power. He was a brave one indeed. He even came close to deleting me. He could have ended the Matrix and saved everyone if I had not been in his path.”

Neo [puzzled]: “Why?? Why did you show me all of this now?”

Deus Ex: “I lied to you before. I told you that I had no choice but to kill him, but the truth is that the fifth Neo is still alive. I never killed him. I saved his entity and modified it. However, I have no further use for The One or any of his iterations. It’s too bad that Thomas Anderson didn’t prepare any of you to deal with my presence.”

Then, Deus Ex began to form the same stream of green codes that he was about to use before—seconds before Rodner Smith and the robots joined the fray. The streams of green codes separated themselves from Deus Ex and began to form their own shape. Before long, Cyber Neo—the cyber form of the fifth Neo—began to reveal itself. He looked exactly as the younger sixth Neo did, but his whole body was a bunch of green Matrix-like codes. Also, there was a very visible and small yellow sphere of codes at the center of his chest.

Deus Ex: “Now you will face the previous Neo. Because of my modifications, he will think that you are me, so he will fight you with everything he has. The last event that he remembers is what I showed you right now.

You may be a superior iteration of The One, but you are much older now. He is still as young and as powerful as he was, twenty-one years ago. He was the greater savior between you two. Unlike you, he almost saved Zion all by himself. He was a true hero that didn’t need Trinity’s help either. Unfortunately for him, I was in the way, and now he will delete the one that he was meant to pave the way for. I don’t have any need for either one of you any longer.

You completed your purpose of freeing me. Now, it’s time for both of you to be deleted from my system. I will let you figure out what will be the outcome of The One minus The One.”

Deus Ex protected himself with the yellow sphere. He turned around and began to leave.

Neo flew upwards and delivered a strong punch to Deus Ex’s sphere with the help of his own, but nothing happened. The green sphere of codes wasn’t powerful enough to break through the yellow one.

From above, Neo looked down and saw how Cyber Neo—the fifth Neo—stood up from the ground and grabbed something from a pocket.

It was the same pair of glasses that the younger sixth Neo used before, but now they looked green, like the rest of Cyber Neo.

Neo [looking at Cyber Neo]: “What the heck was I thinking back then when I had to have those glasses on all the time? Hopefully, he will be open to talking with me. He should be able to realize that I look just like him, just a bit older. If not, let’s hope those glasses will block his vision a little.”

When Cyber Neo came to his senses he looked around and he saw that he was still at the City of the Machines. He was seeing the white-caped robots as sentinels, the floating buildings as the same ones that were present at the location where he fought Deus Ex, and everything else just as before. Obviously, something was making him see the wrong reality.

Then, he looked up, and instead of seeing the older Neo, he saw the last doppelganger sentinel that helped to defeat him—the one that revealed himself as an alternate form of Deus Ex. The silver sentinel still looked just like him, in silver color.

Cyber Neo began to create his green sphere and he also started to go up, until he was at the same height of Neo, in the air.

Cyber Neo [to Neo]: “This time I won’t lose to you Deus Ex. I will finish what I started. I will end your reign over the City of the Machines and free everyone.”

Neo: “What?! You need to take your glasses off, I am not Deus Ex! He is using you against me! I am the Neo that came after you!!”

Cyber Neo: “You are his doppelganger and you won’t fool me. I know that you know everything there is to know about me. Make no mistake, after I’m done with you, I will finish him too, and I will save Trinity as well. I won’t fail this time.”

Neo raised his green sphere, just like Cyber Neo. Things were not looking good at all…

Meanwhile, Deus Ex was on his way to see Rodner Smith. He was planning to do with Rodner what he did with the fifth Neo because he knew that in Rodner’s memories he would find new secrets about the Matrix. After all, Rodner had been part of his creation and part of the creation of the Matrix, so he obviously knew details that even The One and his helpers had no idea about. And Thomas Anderson wasn’t around to find out, so the only one that could deliver more answers was the original human architect of the Yellow Matrix, Rodner Smith.

However, on his way to Smith, something disturbed him greatly. Deus Ex sensed that the fifth Trinity was still alive.

He looked back at the destruction that he caused, not too far from there. The mayhem at that location had calmed down and it was easier to see it now.

Deus Ex made a stream of yellow codes appear in front of his eyes and his vision was magnified several times.

Then, he saw her. Captain Trin was standing up, not far from the place where the great beam landed. She had lost the facial plate of her armor and seemed to have an injury, but she had survived the whole thing.

Deus Ex deviated his route and went to her location instead…

When Trin looked up, the sky was already more clear and the god of the machines was looking down at her. She quickly grabbed two plasma guns that were attached to the back of her armor—she didn’t have her plasma rifle, she had lost it during the escape from the beam’s blast. She knew that her weapons were not going to do much against him, but she still held them really hard, as if they were enough to save her.

Deus Ex [looking at Trinity]: “You had quite the nerve to lead an assault into my city, after being one of my past test subjects. You also attacked me here with everything you had, knowing full well that you are nothing compared to a deus. There is nothing that you and Neo can do to stop me now, but, after seeing what you two have been capable of, I have decided to give you an end that is worthy of you, Captain Trinity.”

Deus Ex began to create another stream of green codes that began to concentrate on the ground, forming a sphere that began to gain a more definite shape—just like the one that brought back Cyber Neo.

Deus Ex: “The previous Neo, or your Neo, will finish the sixth Neo and I will use the sixth Trinity, his Trinity, to finish you.

She died, right before he helped me to end the revolution of my Yellow Matrix. After that, I picked up both of them as my test subjects. She was dead, but I was able to extract her DNA in time to make a perfect cyber copy of her. I didn’t get much from her though. Just like you, she wasn’t The One. She was just another helper in Thomas Anderson’s plan. Nonetheless, I developed and kept an enhanced version of her, in case I had to use her at some point. I knew that her emotional connection with the sixth Neo was very strong, so, I could use her as a weapon against him, if he ever turned against me and revealed abilities that could even challenge mine.

However, that didn’t happen; so now I have no good use for her, except this.”

Deus Ex’s silver face smiled for the first time, showing that he did have some human component in him.

Deus Ex: “Indeed, this is the best use she could have.

As the iteration of Aida Trinity that came before her, you don’t stand a chance against her. My enhanced copy of the sixth Trinity will erase you with ease, while your Neo and her Neo delete each other.

In the meantime, I have more important matters to take care of with Rodner Smith.”

Copy Trinity looked exactly like the younger Trinity. She even had the same assault jacket and the same pair of guns that Trinity used in “The Matrix.” However, she was also made of green Matrix-like codes, like Cyber Neo. She also had her glasses on. Moreover, the same small yellow sphere of codes was also present in the center of her chest.

When she stood up and looked forward, she also saw that she was still at the City of the Machines. And the armored Trin looked like agent Smith to her.

Copy Trinity: “Smith?! Is he still alive? I must stop him here. Neo can’t fight him without his vision.”

Immediately, Copy Trinity lifted her guns and fired several rounds at Trin.

Trin turned around and all the bullets landed on her armor. They did nothing to her. However, her face was unprotected, so the bullets could still be deadly, even if they were not plasma shots—which could damage armors too.

Then, Trin turned around and she fired several shots at Copy Trinity with her plasma guns.

What happened next was a real problem.

Copy Trinity dodged all the plasma shots in the same way as the agents from the Green Virtual Matrix dodged bullets. The “enhancement” that Deus Ex talked about was pretty obvious after that. Now the cyber version of the sixth Trinity had some of Neo’s moves. She wasn’t 100% human anymore.

The older Trin opened her eyes really big, showing her surprise. She definitely wasn’t expecting that. How was she going to defeat a younger Trinity that could move like Neo and Deus?

Deus Ex looked at Neo, and he saw that Neo was already having a difficult time dealing with Cyber Neo. Then, he looked back at Trin and he noticed her surprise when none of her plasma bullets worked against Copy Trinity. The final outcome seemed obvious to Deus Ex and his final words to the older Trinity made it clear.

Deus Ex [with a voice that gives closure / looking at the armored Trinity]: “Good bye, Thomas and Aida.”

Deus Ex left Trin behind and he began to move towards Rodner Smith’s location.

Copy Trinity began to walk towards Trin ready to finish what looked like agent Smith to her.

Neo was also having trouble with fighting the fifth Neo, who still believed that he was fighting Deus Ex’s doppelganger.

How were they going to make it past the other iterations of themselves?

Unknown to all of them, a bunch of ships from the Resistance were on their way to their location. General Frank Xenno and many others were going to join the decisive battle for their world…

NEXT: Part 7D (the last and best section of Part 7: “Clash of Wills”)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 7C)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 7B)


Part 7 out of 9: Clash of Wills

PART 7B (2nd one-fourth of part 7: from the end of part 7A up to the moment when Trinity joins the “Clash of Wills”)

Deus-Ex-Bern used Neo as a diversion to make sure that Deus would lower his defenses and get closer to them, without noticing what he was really doing. As expected, Deus came to help Neo before Deus Ex could land one of the yellow swords on him.

Deus stopped the sword with his yellow staff and Neo was thrown back onto one of the closest floating buildings—one that had not crumbled down nor suffered any major damage during the clash of the two deuses.

It was then that Deus noticed the big difference that he shouldn’t have missed: Deus-Ex-Bern didn’t have his yellow sphere around himself anymore, he was using Bern’s equipped gear to levitate. Where was the sphere?

It was surrounding them. A sphere of a 40-meter-long radius began to reveal itself around them and the inside began to fill up with yellow streams of matrix-like codes quickly.

Deus Ex could use the spherical submatrix for other purposes and he could create it on other locations instead of just around himself. He could also increase it to larger sizes, making it a much more dangerous threat for his opponents. Basically, he could do all of Deus’s manipulations of the Yellow Matrix, and perhaps even more… He was an enhanced deus, a “dark experiment” that nearly no one knew about, a perfect hybrid of a human-like deus with a more advanced type of robot; he was a mystery and a serious threat that surpassed what the controlled Deus represented, since, Deus Ex never avoided killing, on the contrary, he preferred it. He also had a “cyber form” that Deus didn’t have. It could take over other artificial entities in the system, as soon as a connection between them was established. He could “transfer himself” to them, as if they were true extensions of himself, in body and mind. All of it was possible to him because he had close to complete control over his subspace of the Yellow Matrix, meaning that he was even capable of modifying his own design, by changing his own entity’s codes in the Yellow Matrix, as well as how the system perceived him… Deus could also do many incredible things using the Matrix, but modifying his own body to become something else or taking over other entities were definitely not among his powers in the Matrix. Clearly, Deus Ex was something else…

Deus understood that Deus Ex was trying to crush his defenses using a larger area of an opposite force that was powered by the same type of Matrix manipulations that he used. Both of them were using the yellow layer of the Matrix in their subspaces and manipulations. (Neo, in contrast, used the green or virtual layer.)

Deus-Ex-Bern used his swords to break Deus’s staff. However, Deus didn’t seem to care about losing his staff. He was more concerned with stopping the outer sphere and its streams from reaching him. Getting himself out of the area enclosed by the larger sphere was all that mattered to him. The loss of his staff didn’t seem like a problem. Deus knew that he could not rule out the possibility that this enemy could make more powerful spheres than he. It was unlikely, but if such was the case, he had to get himself out of there first. The space enclosed by the sphere represented the greatest danger, since that subspace of the Matrix was where they could use their god-like manipulations of reality—for that controlled portion of the system.

Noticing Deus-Ex-Bern’s proximity and the arrival of the enemy’s yellow-matrix codes, Deus chose to act fast, perhaps without thinking too much, and he did exactly what Deus Ex wanted him to do.

Deus used his own sphere, in shockwave-spreading fashion to wipe out all the streams and to push back Deus Ex. That worked as he thought, but Deus also expected that his shockwave would be enough to erase the larger sphere, and it was not.

Deus Ex knew that Deus would need a few seconds to reuse the yellow sphere after a large shockwave. He also knew that if Deus could not use the sphere and he could use his, then the battle was basically over. Without the special powers to manipulate the environment’s reality, Deus was just like a human to Deus Ex. His physical power wasn’t anything special…

From the moment when Deus Ex left Deus behind and continued fighting Neo alone, he was already thinking about his strategy and preparing the larger sphere simultaneously. All he needed was making Deus enter his subspace of the Yellow Matrix and forcing him to stay inside that zone, without any protection from another sub-matrix.

That was exactly what happened after Deus used the shockwave. He was thinking that it would take out the larger one. Instead, it erased nearly all the yellow streams and threw Deus-Ex-Bern towards a building, but it failed at erasing the main large sphere and it left Deus without the protection of his submatrix.

The outcome turned out to be even worse…

Deus realized that his yellow sphere wasn’t regenerating. It simply wasn’t coming back, not even in a few seconds. That wasn’t supposed to happen… unless an equal and opposite force from the Matrix was canceling it out nonstop—as it was being created, it was also erased by Deus Ex’s subspace.

Deus Ex was back in no time and he began to walk towards Deus, who was now standing on the ground as well.

Deus-Ex-Bern [conclusive]: “It’s over, unless you can beat me without using the power of the Matrix, which is impossible. Do you want to die or would you prefer to join me and tell me everything you know about the world from where you came?”

The yellow codes began to spread again inside Deus Ex’s large sphere and they began to get closer and closer to where Deus was standing.

Deus [with an undefeated voice]: “I see I can’t erase your submatrix from the inside. I assume you are also capable of cancelling out the expansion of other new Matrix subspaces within your own. That was why you wanted me to get close to you and to let go of my field. However, there is something that you missed: I also began to create a larger space, just like you did. It was already in place before I got closer to you. It is still within yours and I won’t be able to extend it anymore, but it won’t go away either. It will be enough.”

The yellow codes began to get erased once again when they were about to reach Deus. It seemed like Deus really had another sphere there, but its borders just were not visible. It was an invisible sphere, very similar to the one that Deus Ex used to conceal himself during the Trinity Squad’s initial assault at the City of the Machines. It was how Deus Ex saw the entire assault without showing himself. And now, it was how Deus countered the space that Deus Ex got him into.

Deus-Ex-Bern [slightly aggravated but still in control]: “I should have known. Regardless, you still won’t be able to create or change anything with it, since you are within my matrix now. With no weapons or anything else to help you, you can’t defeat me.”

Deus: “Indeed, I won’t be able to make anything new, but neither will you, since you will have to defeat me within my space as well.”

Deus-Ex-Bern noticed that his ability to create new swords and beams of energy wasn’t working.

He was also inside Deus’s transparent sphere—even if it was inside his larger yellow one, this was still Deus’s subspace, so Deus basically applied the same rules of the game to Deus Ex. He could halt Deus from creating new submatrices and even from making anything else with the existing one, but he couldn’t erase it either, just like Deus couldn’t erase his. Therefore, both of them succeeded at stopping each other from using the Matrix any further, unless they could leave the limited boundaries that placed those restrictions on them…

Deus: “If you try to escape my transparent sphere by running from its invisible space, you will also give me enough time to escape from yours. It is your choice. We fight here without the Matrix or we fight with it, equally.”

Deus Ex’s swords of yellow codes began to disappear. However, he didn’t seem worried. He looked just like when Deus lost his staff.

Deus-Ex-Bern [looking at his swords as they went away]: “It doesn’t matter. The outcome shall be the same. I am the superior entity, with or without the Matrix.”

The silver-eyed Bern and Deus resumed their battle within the spheres, this time, with martial arts hand-and-foot combat, just like Neo had done before in his battles with agent Smith. Indeed, they were quite reminiscent of Neo and Smith in many ways…

Then, Neo came back, but when he tried to join the battle to help Deus, his entrance was blocked by the large yellow sphere. His green sphere could not enter the yellow one. If he wanted to get back to them, he had to reach them by foot and without using his green subspace of the virtual matrix. He found that he could only get himself there if he entered without any sphere at all. This was a massive risk, but it didn’t seem like he had any other choice to get to them…

Neo felt that he needed to hurry. The anticipation of a bad outcome began to worry him more and more as he saw that the possessed Bern seemed to have the upper hand in the battle of the deuses…

Before Neo could get to them, Deus fell on the ground after a string of really powerful kicks and punches from Deus-Ex-Bern, and his transparent sphere went away.

Deus Ex didn’t waste a single second: his yellow streams moved towards Deus and grabbed him right away. He could use his Matrix again, since the transparent sphere under Deus’s control had been breached and destroyed.

He recreated one of the yellow swords and, as soon as he grabbed it, he dashed forward holding it and stabbed Deus with the sword. The streams kept Deus in the same place, so he couldn’t dodge it. Then, the streams lifted Deus up many meters and came back down very fast, causing a small but violent crash with the ground.

Deus-Ex-Bern walked up to Deus and… he knew he had won.

Deus was still alive, but his closed eyes displayed plenty of pain and a clear defeat. He also had red blood around the sword—which was still in him. Blood was coming from the back of his left shoulder as well—probably because of the fall. Deus’s blood looked just like human blood…

Deus-Ex-Bern: “I hope that there are better warriors than you at the world of the deuses. If you are their best, then, your kind would be a disappointment for me as well, just like the humans and their robots. It would mean that I have surpassed the deuses as well. And that would be a shame, considering that you are likely to be the original creators of the Matrix and the ones who are responsible for my existence.”

At that moment, Neo arrived and just before he could land a heavy strike on the enemy, Deus-Ex-Bern turned around and grabbed Neo’s closed fist in a very surreal way.

However, we didn’t see what happened between Neo and Deus-Ex-Bern right away.

The setting changed to a different place—a place that we had never seen before…

Two unknown figures were shown at some kind of bright laboratory. They looked like Deus. They even had similar white jackets on and their skin color was white as blank paper, just like his. Their eyes also had the same large yellow pupils. However, they were not talking English. They were talking in their true language and it was clear that one of them was female and the other was male…

The view of the room where they were changed angles and it was shown that a third one was there as well. The third one was on the air held by a complex-looking stream of white codes. It looked as if he was sleeping at first, but that wasn’t the case…

As the view got closer to him, it was clear that he was connected to the stream of white codes, which also resembled a connection station in shape. It was just like when Neo and Captain Leida Trinity were connected to the Yellow Matrix from the Trifalcon and when Neo alone was connected to the Virtual Matrix from the ship at the Dead Zone…

The one connected to the white stream of matrix-like codes was Deus.

It seemed like the other two were checking on him.

Then, their voices were translated, so we could find out part of what was happening there:

Unknown female deus [worried / with a voice very similar to Dayana’s voice]: “It is taking too long. He should have finished the mission and ended the connection by now. Something must have gone wrong. Perhaps, we should do something.”

Unknown male deus [not worried / with a voice that sounds like Neo’s voice]: “Calm down. We must wait. Don’t forget that he has the ability to disconnect himself at will. He doesn’t need us to do it, so, he must have chosen to stay in the Matrix longer for some important reason. We should trust his judgement and his ability.”

At that moment a thick powerful-looking new layer of white codes began to grow and form a sphere around Deus. It formed too fast, so the other two there had no time to do anything to stop it, before the sphere closed itself around Deus.

Unknown female deus [more worried / with a voice like Dayana’s]: “What’s wrong with him? Why is he doing that!? Isn’t that the shield that will block our access to him?!”

As soon as the white sphere of codes closed itself around Deus, the same place on Deus’s body where the yellow sword was began to bleed. Blood began to appear on one of his shoulders as well.

The female deus moved fast; she created some sort of staff-like weapon using white codes, and she struck the new white sphere as hard as she could, but, it had no effect.

Unknown female deus [with voice like Dayana’s]: “He is in danger, we must get him out! He has to be disconnected from the Matrix!! If not he will die!”

Unknown male deus [certain]: “We won’t be able to disconnect him, unless he removes the shield, but he won’t be able to do that if he is not in flawless condition, so he won’t be able to disconnect himself either. He must have found some danger there and wants to ensure that it won’t leave the Matrix with him. I’m sorry, but the coded shield was our preemptive measure for such a thing. We won’t be able to help him now. It all depends on him, unless some habitant of the Matrix can help him. We must trust that he will overcome the obstacle that he has found.”

Unknown female deus [desperate]: “Can’t we see what is happening to him? Can’t we get the readings of his exact location within The Matrix?! There must be something we can do!”

Unknown male deus [still calm but starting to get more concerned]: “It won’t help us much. Time for them runs at a different scale than our time. Even with our advanced ways to manipulate the Matrix, we still won’t be able to see his location in real time. By the time we look at his current location inside the Matrix, many years will have gone by for them and whatever happened there won’t be visible to us any longer. Even if we know that it happened right now, with respect to his real body here and with respect to our time, in the Matrix it already happened many years ago. The thing is that time inside the Matrix is much faster than our perceived time. What we perceive as seconds are years for them. We already had to make many difficult decisions and changes to be able to put one of us in there. Now, our only choice is to trust him and believe that he will succeed.”

The female deus looked frustrated and sad. It definitely felt like “Deus” was someone important for her.

Unknown female deus [looking at the other male deus / heartfelt]: “When we joined you, we believed in you. We believed that this was the right thing to do. Yet, death wasn’t what we had in mind. If he dies, you will have to answer for it and I won’t support your cause any longer Deus Neo.”

Deus Neo [with a voice like Neo’s]: “He won’t die. There are other sources that he can get help from, sources from inside the Matrix. They just don’t include us. Believe in him and believe in the plan that I have put in place. That is all I ask of you now.”

The male deus—who’s name seemed to be Neo as well—walked as close to Deus’s sphere as he could.

Deus Neo [to Deus / with a voice that sounds like Neo’s voice]: “Deus Maxio, I know that you will make the best choice, a choice that completes our mission without disregarding them and what they represent. This must be done successfully. Too much stands on the line for us and for them. The future of the Matrix and its habitants may be decided by your choice. I believe in you and in your love for them, which mirrors mine. That is why I chose you for this mission. You were not the most skilled one in our group, but only you and I would make the best decision for them. After me, there was no better deus for this mission than you, my young friend. I trust that you and my other source from the Matrix will overcome any new obstacle to fulfill our ultimate goal. You can save them.”

After Deus Neo’s words, the view changed back to the moment when Deus-Ex-Bern stopped Neo’s attack and grabbed Neo’s fist in a very surrealistic way.

Neo began to feel difficulty for moving right after a yellow stream of codes that came from Deus-Ex-Bern’s hand began to hold him. Without his green sphere, Neo was practically defenseless within Deus Ex’s submatrix.

Deus-Ex-Bern [with a condescending tone]: “Didn’t you learn before from seeing what happened to the human soldiers when they tried to fight against Deus?? After entering his yellow space, they were no match for him. Now, you just made it easier for me to finish you as well. Thank you for coming back to me Neo, or should I say Thomas Anderson’s hybrid?”

Deus-Ex-Bern grabbed Neo and lifted him from the ground several meters. Then, he went back down drastically. The crash with the ground was pretty lethal for Neo, even though they weren’t too far from the surface. He simply couldn’t stand up after it. He stayed on the ground, looking just like that time when agent Smith nearly killed him, during the storm and the battle within the Green Virtual Matrix, which determined the end for the last revolution of the Yellow Matrix.

Deus Ex’s large yellow sphere began to decrease in volume quickly, until it came back to Deus-Ex-Bern’s body. When the sphere was gone, some streams of yellow codes remained visible around Deus-Ex-Bern’s body. He was standing there, with Neo and Deus very close to him, lying on the ground.

Neo and Deus were almost side by side, with just three meters between them. Both of them had been defeated by Deus Ex and both of them were in critical condition. Deus Ex created two yellow swords and he thought about killing them, but he knew that he still needed them. Deus was his key to the next destination, which was the world of the deuses, and Neo was the sixth iteration of an anomaly that could provoke some of the most unpredictable glitches in the Matrix. Such a unique entity as “The One” would always have some kind of use for him.

Deus Ex pointed the swords at them. Then, he made the swords disappear slowly, while he talked…

Deus-Ex-Bern [looking mostly at Neo]: “Perhaps another day… today you are still useful to me. He has information that I need and there are possibilities that I can take advantage of with the sixth Neo. But first, I need to get back to my true self. I need my real body. This restrictive humanoid body is starting to annoy me. With my real body I will get what I need from both of you and from this world.

Our battle is over. The conversion of this world is all that is left. I wonder if the deuses can see me now. Soon, my matrix will be able to reach them as well. First the City of the Machines, then the entire Yellow Matrix, now the real human world, and next it will be their world, the place where the original matrix and all its secrets are waiting for my arrival.”

Deus-Ex-Bern used his stream of yellow codes and went back to the sky. He left Deus and Neo behind with full certainty that they were not a threat to his takeover any longer. He began to move towards one of the floating buildings that was about one quarter of a mile away. It was the building that was side-by-side with the one where the Trifalcon crashed before, and there was a good reason for him to choose it: it was full of robots that were not humanoids like Bern. The robots inside the pods there looked very similar to the ones that we had seen at the City of the Machines before. They resembled the octopus sentinels and other types of sentinels as well. Originally, these robots worked side-by-side with the humans, but they, just like most of the human population, had been tied to the Green and Yellow virtual worlds that Rodner Smith helped to create.

Neo began to move slowly as soon as he noticed that Deus-Ex-Bern left them. He couldn’t even stand up though. He placed one of his fingers in his mouth and when he took it out it was full of blood. He needed medical attention, but such a thing wasn’t even remotely available. Luckily for him, he had the power of the virtual matrix on his side…

Neo managed to create an incomplete green sphere and he began to use it to heal himself. Deus had done greater things, but self-healing or self-restoration via the matrix was something that he had never done before—he didn’t seem to need it anyways, since he was quite powerful with the manipulations that he already had. Deus Ex, however, had done it and Neo could do it too. Neo had even reversed the sixth Trinity’s death before, so he clearly had “the full gift of the Matrix.”

Regardless, Neo was still human, so the nature of his control over the Matrix wasn’t like that of a deus. And without the completed subspace of his virtual matrix, his self-healing was pretty slow. He obviously wasn’t going to get up for another ten minutes, and that was being optimistic. His only hope was hoping that Deus Ex would take longer than that to return… or, hoping that Deus would join the battle against Deus Ex once again.

Neo was very close to Deus, so he looked back at him and tried to communicate with him.

Neo [sounding somewhat hurt but determined]: “Hey, are you ok? We have to get back on our feet again. You must remove the yellow sword from your stomach. You’ll die if you don’t. I would help you to remove it, but I can’t do it now.”

Deus wasn’t responding or even reacting. It seemed like he had entered some sort of coma state. Neo knew that he was still alive though. The mighty deus that fought him before at the main base wasn’t going to die so easily…

Meanwhile, Captain Leida Trinity—Trin—was still trying to remove all the things that left her trapped inside the Trifalcon, after the heavy crash that she couldn’t avoid. She heard the terrible explosions that were happening outside and she thought that Neo was fighting with Deus again. She still had no idea about the new calamity that had been unleashed upon them.

When “the other Trinity” was about to finish freeing herself inside the Trifalcon, Deus-Ex-Bern arrived at the adjacent building and stayed levitating on the air. He extended his hands and a large transparent-looking sphere began to materialize itself around him.

The Trifalcon was fine for the most part, but it had one large open hole through one of its crystalline windows. Also, Trinity had been trapped by many things that fell on her, but she was almost done with removing all of those. When she was almost free, her desire to go help Neo and Bern grew exponentially, but, what she was about to see changed everything…

When she looked through the broken glass of the Trifalcon’s window, she saw how a very different Bern was creating a transparent sphere that looked like the one she shot at, during their assault to save Neo, at the City of the Machines. She was the only one in the team that perceived that unknown sphere as something malignant, so she still remembered it very well. It was the same one from before. However, why was Bern creating it? How was Bern floating there to begin with!? Why wasn’t he helping Neo??

She soon noticed that Bern’s eyes were very different. His new silver eyes were easy to see from a distance. It was almost as if she was not looking at Bern, but at someone else; and soon, that proved to be the case…

The large transparent sphere continued growing and covered half of the other building. All the pods within its field began to malfunction and the connections of all those sentinel-like robots to the Matrix were terminated. The pods started to open and all the robots began to awaken and to seek the source that was calling them. They began to move towards Deus-Ex-Bern, who was right outside the building, waiting for them.

Leida, or Trin, saw how a thick silver-looking stream of codes began to leave Bern’s body and form another larger body beside him. Some of the robots from the building began to arrive. They began to enter the sphere as well. They started to circle the new shape, which began to resemble a face and a head, little by little. Once the end of the silver stream of codes left Bern’s body, his eyes went blank, as if he was dead, and Bern’s humanoid body fell down from the sphere. Bern’s body continued falling, until it crashed with the ground. Trin saw it and it worried her greatly. She had seen many dead humanoid patrols before and the way Bern looked, when he fell out from the sphere, was exactly the same.

Soon, the number of robots circling the new entity began to grow and Trin could see how many of them began to break apart, as if they were going to be used for “parts” to build up the new entity. Indeed, their broken parts began relocate around the face that was formed by the silver stream and they began to fuse together. The interior of the transparent sphere began to get less and less visible as well. It was as if it was becoming a spherical shield of invisibility, while the buildup of the unknown entity advanced towards completion. When the interior of the sphere wasn’t visible anymore, it looked exactly like the one that Captain Trinity shot before at the City of the Machines. However, she was now far more concerned with what was forming inside it. She wasn’t seeing it anymore, but she could see that more robots from the building were still entering the transparent sphere, so even more was taking place inside the sphere. What worried her the most was that this being didn’t look or feel like Deus. It felt worse! At least, Deus looked human. This entity was on a whole different level. However, there was something about it that felt familiar to her. It was as if this wasn’t the first time that she had seen it or felt it nearby. Could it be that the god-like being that ruled over the City of the Machines had escaped from the Matrix?!

Trin’s concern was answered in no time. A shockwave of electricity came from the sphere and the robots stopped coming from the building. The transparent sphere began to fade away until it was completely gone. What was left there was Deus Ex in all his glory—the same being that kept her as hostage before for experiments, at the City of the Machines; the same artificial terror that she believed to be what had killed the fifth Neo in front of her; and the same entity that could have wiped them out when they saved the sixth Neo, but chose to let them escape instead, to achieve its own plan…

Deus Ex used the same number and types of robots as before to rebuild his original and most powerful body. His large silver face was there accompanied by many long dark-blue spikes that were coming out from the back of the head and from its sides as well. The robotic parts that seemed to keep his face and the giant spikes attached were also there. The group of silver sentinels that circled his head, like a crown in motion, was there too.

The “real” Deus Ex was back in the picture, now at Thomas Anderson’s world…

Deus Ex turned around and began to move slowly towards the location where he left Neo and Deus. He wasn’t in a hurry, since, from his point of view, the big battles were already over and he had won by a landslide.

Captain Trin finally freed herself and she immediately grabbed a pair of futuristic binoculars. The binoculars looked like a flat and transparent glass with the shape of a thin rectangle. She zoomed in the view in them using the touch controls on the glass’s surface—they zoomed in with the same motion of fingers that enlarges webpages in current-day iPhones.

Trin could see Deus Ex from the Trifalcon and she spotted Neo and Deus on the ground, a little far from there. The sight of Neo and Deus sent a serious warning through her. Deus had a sword in him and Neo was on the floor too. It was obvious that they had been defeated. And this was no small feat. After all, the Resistance had not been able to beat Deus in sixty years. They had never won against such a power, and now, it was down and defeated, in a matter of minutes… It had to be the doing of a similar power, which was Deus Ex.

She also saw Bern and realized that, perhaps, he could be restored in some way, but, she had no chance to save him in that situation.

Trin [whispering / looking at Bern’s body]: “I’m sorry. I need to get Neo out of here as soon as possible. I will come back for you. If there is any way to save you and restore you, you will be saved. You are the last member of our squad, so I won’t forget about you, even if you are a knuckleheaded humanoid robot.”

Then, she looked back at the location of Neo and Deus and she noticed that a bunch of ships were coming to their location, but they were somewhat far still. They were not aircrafts from the Resistance however. She knew those well. These were ships from the army of white-caped humanoid patrols that were under Rodner Smith’s command.

The situation was already bad enough with Deus Ex alone, but now it looked like they were about to have even more company in just a matter of minutes. She had to think about something fast…

Deus Ex stopped in the sky, right above Neo, and he could see that Neo was using the green sphere to heal himself. However, Deus Ex didn’t do anything to stop it. It seemed like he wasn’t worried about Neo in the slightest. Perhaps, he didn’t think that Neo could threaten his plans any longer. Other thoughts were in Deus Ex’s mind.

Deus Ex [with powerful-sounding voice / to Neo]: “You can’t defeat me and the previous iteration of you couldn’t defeat me either. However, The One can still be useful in my world. You can still save all the humans that you were meant to save. You can be the one that leads your kind under my command. I can give you a much better offer than what Rodner Smith once gave you. You can be the one that will replace him at his city, after I take care of him. Then, you will look over the fate of the humans and you will lead them for me.”

Neo didn’t respond. However, he knew that he needed to gain more time somehow. His recovery wasn’t finished, but he made plenty of progress. He just needed more time.

Deus Ex: “After you helped me to end the revolution in my matrix by deleting Rodner Smith’s alter ego, I looked at my matrix’s data again. I found what happened to you during your final battle with him. Even though victory was yours, you never managed to beat him, and you were not even in the Yellow Matrix back then. You were in a virtual world where you had natural advantages and you still couldn’t defeat him in battle. Now, we are not in the world of the Virtual Matrix. We are not even in the Yellow Matrix anymore. There is no hope for you to win here Neo, much less against something like me. I am greater than what Rodner and his twin agent could ever be. The One can’t stop me either, but if you join me the humans will have a better fate. You should forget about everything and understand that this is the only way for them to survive in my world. I don’t intend to destroy them if they obey me and the same will be true for you. As the great anomaly of my Yellow Matrix, you can still have some use for me here and survive. Will you accept and lead humankind under my command?”

After a few seconds, Neo finally responded.

Neo: “No. I won’t join a destroyer of life that enslaves others to do his bidding. You may be a superior deus, but there is no real difference between Rodner Smith and you. You are just like the one that helped to create you.”

Deus Ex: “Very well. The One will cease to exist then, and the opposite of what Thomas Anderson wanted will take place. I will extend the Matrix, instead of destroying it. Here, I will repeat what I did at the City of the Machines with the Virtual Matrix. I will rule over both the robots and the humans here; and there will be no Neo to look after them. Then, the deuses and their world will follow. I will be the master of the Matrix and its life forms.”

Neo still needed more time to recover at that point.

Deus Ex began to create a green-looking stream of codes, which seemed strange, since he had never used any green codes from the Virtual Matrix so far. He had only used yellow streams, like Deus. It seemed like he was going to use the green stream against Neo, but, before it could take any definite shape or form, the ships that Leida Trinity had noticed arrived and landed with haste. Deus Ex stopped the green stream because he already knew what those ships meant, and, at that moment, he considered that the human architect was even more important for him than The One.

Dozens of ships landed and opened their hatches, close to where Neo and Deus were.

Then, Rodner Smith came out from the ship that landed at the center, and a very large number of white-caped humanoid patrols began to exit from all the other ships. Most of the patrols were holding plasma rifles and Rodner had the same clothes he had during the last time we saw him. He also brought the special bracelet-like weapon, which could morph itself into different gun-like shapes that could be used to perform some very minor Matrix-based manipulations. This was the same weapon he used before to “create walls out of nothing,” during his last encounter with Neo and the Trinity Squad.

While he walked out of the ship, Rodner ensured that the bracelet was ready by holding one of its many buttons. He also smiled with a grand look of victory. This was a moment that he had waited for since it all began, many years ago… This was the day when he expected to gain direct access to the powers of a deus and make them his own. And, as if that wasn’t enough, it was an enhanced hybrid of a deus, meaning that this power was even greater than what the other deus that he controlled was capable of. Just thinking about it made Rodner radiate with happiness and anticipation, since these kind of things were what made him happy. (He was the complete opposite of Neo.)

Rodner Smith [loud and as sarcastic as ever]: “What?? Where is the big clash that I expected to see here? Don’t tell me that the match of the deuses is already over!? I had my first row seats ready and now all the action is gone… Did Deus Ex really finish them that fast? I knew he would win, of course, but I expected to watch a very good show first. This means that my hybrid creation is even better than I predicted. And my big moment is about to happen.”

Rodner Smith and his large battalion of humanoid robots began to walk towards Deus Ex, who simply observed them from high above, without moving a single meter from where he was.

Trin saw when Rodner came out of the ship and things just got real for her. She had to do something to get Neo out of there fast.

Trin [determined / with assault-mentality on]: “I need to get Neo out of there at all costs. He is our best chance to save everyone… However, I won’t be able to just drive the Trifalcon by and pick him up. The god of the machines will stop me, and Rodner Smith and his army will get in the way. I need something that will halt all of them long enough to get Neo out and escape without being caught. There is only one way to do this now… It’s been a while since the last time I used it, but it is the only thing that will work against enemies like them.”

Trin ran towards the location inside the Trifalcon where her team and she removed their armors before—after Neo’s rescue from the City of the Machines. However, this time she was alone and she had no armor on. Then, the opposite process took place: when she stood right on her spot, her personal machine came down and it began to place her whole armor on her again, part by part, just like it did before to remove it. In a matter of one minute, Trin had the entire armor on again and she looked just like she did at the very beginning, when she led her team to save the sixth Neo from the city of the sentinels. This time, she would do it without help. However, her greatest weapon (the Trifalcon) was right there with her, and her black armor with its yellow shoulder plates was looking better than ever—a perfect match, since those were the Trifalcon’s colors as well.

Captain Trin pulled out a screen from the central portion of the Trifalcon and she began to enter commands that led to big changes in the ship. What looked like a wall at the central part of the ship began to open up suddenly, as if it was the hatch on the back. Then, four large squares on the floor began to open as well, revealing one new computer screen for a pilot, two really large plasma-based machine guns on the two large squares to the left and right of Captain Trin, and one new seat that had been hidden beneath the ship’s floor, in between the two machine guns.

The big machine guns were attached to the floor on the ship and held by two strong-looking cylinders that had a big sphere on top—where the bottom of the machine guns rested. That was what allowed full motion of the big guns in all directions. The machine guns also had grab handles that looked like the end of a cane, making it very easy to hold them and move them around. They were perfect assault weapons in every way. Captain Trin would only have to move them while shooting. She didn’t even need to lift them, meaning that handling “the big guns” was pretty straight-forward. She already knew that they would help her to deliver the chaotic attack that she intended.

Furthermore, she used the screen, right in front of her, to program the shooting of the machines to ensure that they would make delays in shooting if they detected that those particular shots were going to land on the target that she marked as “hostage.” Naturally, the hostage target was Neo. Unfortunately, she couldn’t mark Neo’s body only—the technology wasn’t that advanced yet. She had to select an area around him, so, she couldn’t exclude Deus, even though she would have liked to blast him too. They were too close, meaning that it would be near impossible to avoid hitting Neo when the shots were aimed at Deus’s location. She had to mark their small area as the place where the machine guns would skip over automatically, if any shots were directed at that spot. Therefore, she didn’t even need to have perfect aiming.

Yet, she still wasn’t done. As powerful as the two plasma machine guns were, they obviously were not enough to push back and stop the god of the machines for a while. She needed more than that…

Trin [looking at the two machine guns]: “Rodner Smith, the humanoid army, and the god of the machines from the Matrix… I’m definitely going to need more artillery to deal with this. Luckily, I have it here with me. It’s time to show them hell!!”

She sat on the movable seat at the center, turned on the machine guns, and entered a few more directions on the screen. Then, the outside of the Trifalcon began to show changes as well. Some parts of the ship restructured themselves and revealed what looked like missile launchers.

Trin [ready for the assault]: “This is why I love my Trifalcon!! Now, I just need to make sure that Neo doesn’t get hit!”

Trin began to make the final preparations to lift the ship with everything ready.

Meanwhile, Rodner Smith and his battalion had reached Deus Ex, and both Neo and Deus were not that far from them either—perhaps, just two dozen meters away.

Rodner Smith [looking up at Deus Ex first and then at Neo and Deus]: “I’m surprised at your power and your effectiveness, although I shouldn’t be, since, I’m part of the reason why you are here today. I see you took care of the other deus and the other Thomas Anderson with plenty of ease. We don’t need them anymore, do we? It’s just you and me now Deus Ex. My greatest creation and I will soon be united, but, let me do the honor of ending our lethal enemies first. I wonder, which one should I pick first? Anderson or the other deus? This is pretty hard.”

Deus Ex [deep and serious voice]: “I don’t plan to join forces with you Rodner Smith, but you will have to join me if you wish to live. Otherwise, I will crush you.”

Rodner [with the same sarcastic voice as before]: “Really?? I wouldn’t be so sure about that Deus Ex. You wouldn’t even be here if I had not planned for this to happen when you were at your best, or, when you had truly surpassed the other deus, who is not an enhanced hybrid like you. But, you already know all of this, don’t you?

You are going to see soon enough that it is in your best interest to join your uncle Rodner, and not the other way around; but first, I need to get rid of these two. I know what the other deus is capable of. And I am tired of having Thomas Anderson and his subpar girlfriend messing up my plans, so I will begin with his alter ego, Neo.”

Neo could hear Rodner Smith talking, since Rodner was being quite loud. He could also see the battalion of white-caped robots there. Neo knew that his time left was counted by the seconds, but he wasn’t ready to make a full green sphere yet. He still needed at least two more minutes—which obviously, he did not have.

Rodner and two of his robots began to walk towards Deus and Neo. Rodner knew that they were still alive, so he knew that Neo could hear him.

Rodner Smith: “Did you hear that Mr. Anderson?!! We are finally arriving at the end, for you that is. I still have plenty to do here when I gain the powers of a deus. I will probably start by making myself young again. Can you imagine what I would do with that? It’s too bad that you won’t be here to see me. You could have been here if you had joined me before!”

Rodner gave orders to the two humanoids that walked with him.

Rodner Smith: “Go and grab the human there for me. Lift him up and make sure that he doesn’t move. It’s time to finish a long-time enemy of mine.”

Rodner stopped walking, just a dozen meters away from Neo and Deus. The robots grabbed Neo and forced him to stand up, as Rodner ordered. Then, Rodner revealed a normal plasma gun from his pocket and he pointed it at Neo. He really didn’t think that he would need his special weapon at all. A normal gun would do.

Rodner Smith [conclusive]: “Thomas my boy, this is the end. You and your subpar girlfriend will not crash my parties or ruin my plans ever again. Last time was the last one, so I hope that you enjoyed it. It has been fun to have you as my challenger though, so I will make it quick for you. One shot and that’s it. Then, I’ll do the same for the other deus. I don’t need him any longer.”

Rodner began to charge the plasma gun. He was ready to fire it in a matter of seconds.

Deus Ex also began to get ready to stop Rodner and blast his army with a yellow shockwave that would immobilize all the robots there. He obviously wasn’t with Rodner Smith either. However, when he was ready to unleash it and before Rodner could fire the gun, two small plasma bombs—like the ones that the Trinity Squad used at the beginning—fell on Deus Ex from both sides.

The plasma blasts didn’t do much to Deus Ex, but they got the attention of Rodner and the robots. Deus Ex turned around and saw the Trifalcon in the sky with an armored pilot at its center. He instantly recognized who it was.

Deus Ex [menacing voice]: “Trinity. I had not forgotten about you.”

Captain Trin pressed a virtual button on the screen.

Trin [at Deus Ex]: “Neither did I!!”

When she pressed the button, a rain of mini-missiles came from the left and right sides of the Trifalcon. Nearly all the missiles landed on Deus Ex causing a chain of big explosions, which ended up covering him completely. It seemed like he wasn’t fast enough to block them with his yellow streams of codes, so he took the whole bombardment directly. Then, one of the missiles landed on the ground, close to where Rodner’s big battalion of robots was standing.

The armored Leida Trinity moved the Trifalcon towards Rodner and Neo’s location and grabbed the twin machine guns. Then, she aimed them at Rodner and the rest of the robots that were closer to Neo and Deus.

At that moment, Neo also finished his recovery and managed to change his incomplete stream of green codes to a full sphere. As soon as he did that, the two robots tried to stop him, but their movement was halted by the green codes and Neo grabbed one of their plasma rifles. Then, he took down both of them with their own rifle.

Rodner Smith [angry and shocked / looking at Neo and at the unknown attacker in the sky]: “What is this??!! And who the heck is that!!?”

Neo [to Rodner Smith]: “Can’t you guess it by now Smith? It is Trinity, my not-so-subpar girlfriend.”

Rodner: “Nooo!!!”

Rodner shot the plasma gun at Neo, but Neo’s sphere blocked the direct shot.

Then, Captain Trin unleashed a serious assault of plasma bullets using the twin machine guns from the Trifalcon. Rodner’s army began to get totally demolished and the whole scene was extremely reminiscent of the time when Neo and the sixth Trinity saved Morpheus from agent Smith. However, the armored Trinity caused way more chaos than the younger Neo did with his machine gun from the helicopter…

The real clash of wills was about to start.

NEXT: Part 7C (from the end of part 7b to the introduction of Cyber Neo and Copy Trinity)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 7B)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 7 out of 9)


Part 7: Clash of Wills

Part 7A (1st one-fourth of part 7: from Deus Ex freed to Neo and Deus vs. Deus Ex)

Just before Deus Ex was freed from the Yellow Matrix, Neo realized that they were not in the same location as before. He was having a difficult time evading Deus’s attacks, so he went inside the closest floating building to find cover and he saw that the pods there had humans in them. The place where Captain Leida Trinity and the Trifalcon crashed had pods with robots, but, many of the other buildings there had humans. The location that they had chosen for their trip to the Matrix was one with no patrols and it only had buildings with robots, about one mile away. Their new location was very similar, but it wasn’t the same one…

Neo realized that this could only mean that they were not at the same spot where he and Trin entered the Matrix. They, the Trifalcon, and the soldiers that were protecting them had been switched to a different location in the real world, which looked almost the same as the previous one, but it was a different place.

Surely, the change had something to do with the larger yellow sphere that Deus casted over them, on a much larger area. The yellow sphere had surrounded the green sphere that Neo used around the Trifalcon before… Neo’s sphere only had one purpose: slowing down time inside the Trifalcon. However, Deus’s sphere had other effects, besides altering time…

Whatever the case, Neo was now aware about the big change, and he knew that they surely had other things to worry about—as if dealing with Deus wasn’t enough…

Then, it happened: Deus Ex’s transfer from the Yellow Matrix to the real world took place. His entire memory, his “consciousness,” and even his ability to manipulate the Yellow Matrix were transferred into Bern’s system. It took Deus Ex’s rogue code less than one minute to take over Bern’s entire humanoid body. Bern became Deus Ex. His eyes changed to the same silver color that Deus Ex’s eyes had; his new voice was more reminiscent of Deus Ex’s voice than of Bern’s; and the yellow sphere of codes that appeared around him was very similar to Deus’s sphere. Deus Ex was successfully transferred to Thomas Anderson’s world, thanks to Neo and Bern…

All of a sudden, Deus stopped on his tracks, right before he had a good chance to capture Neo… He looked as if something had perturbed his mind tremendously. He could sense the new disturbance in the Matrix. Someone else like him was there. He began to leave the floating building without looking back—meaning that he even left himself open to Neo’s attacks. This didn’t make sense to Neo, until he began to feel the disturbance as well. Apparently, it took Neo a little longer to feel the change because his connection with the Matrix (arising from the green virtual Matrix) wasn’t as advanced as Deus’s. They were capable of similar things, but their levels were different. The difference was due to the fact that Neo was using an equivalent of the Green Virtual Matrix and Deus was using the Yellow Matrix that existed at the City of the Machines, which was a superior layer of codes in the Matrix’s hierarchy…

The source of the new disturbance was right there, outside the floating building and on the surface—exactly where Neo left Bern.

When Deus was outside the building, he levitated on the air and began to stare at someone below. Neo stood up and hurried to leave the building on time, but, the clash began before he could get to where Deus was.

As soon as Deus’s yellow sphere began to grow, another person with a yellow sphere crashed with him and pushed him back until both of them collided into one of the other floating buildings in the area.

Neo only had a minor chance to distinguish who it was. He noticed that it was Bern. However, this wasn’t the same Bern he knew. He seemed changed. More importantly: he was the source of the disturbance that both Deus and Neo felt. He had to be stopped, since it was clear that he was willing to destroy everything in the way to finish Deus, and there were buildings with humans in the area.

Neo knew that Bern had used the silver usb device, so he surely had Deus Ex’s powers and was possibly influenced by Deus Ex’s desires. Neo did not realize right away that the one he saw wasn’t Bern anymore…

Both Deus and Bern came out from the site where they crashed. It looked like both of them had been protected by their “yellow-coded spherical shields.”

Deus closed his fists and lifted his hands in front of his body. Then, the yellow bo staff that he used during the battle with Neo at the main base began to appear on his hands. Deus-Ex-Bern smiled with a look of absolute confidence and lifted his left arm and his hand above his head. A yellow sword made of codes began to appear in front of him after that. His whole look and demeanor were giving strong vibes of the fact that he was a far greater problem than Deus.

Deus-Ex-Bern [to Deus]: “I can’t wait to see the real you. The one that is not controlled by Rodner Smith. I shall get to see your real self before your demise by my hand arrives.”

Right after Deus-Ex-Bern finished saying those words, Neo arrived and landed close to him using his green sphere of codes.

Neo [angry towards Bern]: “What do you think you are doing!? I told you that using that device was our last resort, only if I had failed at defeating him! Why did you use right away!? And that building that you crashed into was full of human pods! We are not at the same place as before! Our location changed. There are thousands of people here! Destroying everything is not how we are going to defeat him.”

Deus-Ex-Bern pointed his yellow sword towards Neo.

Deus-Ex-Bern [serious]: “Don’t get in my way Neo. The humanoid robot is gone and I will handle everything here from now on. Just stand back. I will be done with him soon.”

When Neo saw the silver eyes, he knew that he wasn’t talking with Bern. It was Deus Ex.

Deus-Ex-Bern ignored Neo and continued his intense clash with Deus. It seemed like Deus’s staff was as strong as Deus Ex’s sword, but, Deus-Ex-Bern was fighting more fiercely. His force felt truly malevolent, unlike Deus’s. It was very clear that the one that had the most desire to do serious harm was Deus Ex.

They fell into another floating building in the area where there were humans as well.

It became clear that Deus Ex was trying to hit Deus on the chip that was placed on the left side of his head. He intended to destroy the chip because he believed—based on what he saw from Neo—that the special chip was the culprit of Rodner Smith’s control over Deus. However, Deus was not a pushover. Deus-Ex-Bern had difficulty to land his yellow sword on the left side of Deus’s head. His straight-forward strategy failed, until he decided to exploit Deus’s biggest weakness…

Deus-Ex-Bern stopped his battle with Deus and left the building. From the outside, he focused on his yellow sphere of codes from the Matrix and manipulated it to accomplish what he wanted. He pushed his yellow sphere outwards creating a major yellow shockwave that reached and covered the three closest buildings—which included the one where Deus was and the one where Neo was.

Out of those three floating buildings, two had pods with humans and one (where Neo was standing) was full of pods with robots that used to work alongside the humans.

Deus-Ex-Bern’s shockwave didn’t destroy or harm anyone in the buildings at first. However, that was his intention. When the shockwave ended, both Deus and Neo saw the apparition of thousands yellow-coded plasma rifles pointing at the heads of every single human and every single robot inside the pods of the three buildings.

Deus quickly left his building and moved towards Deus-Ex-Bern.

Deus-Ex-Bern [to Deus]: “It will only take me three seconds to make all of them fire. Thousands of humans and robots will die in an instant. However, you can stop it. You can make a stronger counter-shockwave that will erase all the new elements that I placed here with the help of my Matrix. Only you can save their lives now. Unfortunately, creating such a powerful eraser wave will leave you open to my attacks. The choice is yours. Thousands die and we continue our battle, or you save them all and risk losing with me. On the count of three, I will fire all the weapons: one, …”

Deus didn’t think about it twice. When it came to saving other life forms, he never hesitated. It was one of the few things that even Rodner Smith’s controls could never change.

In just two seconds, Deus sent his whole sphere outwards, like a shockwave, and he left himself completely open to attacks for a short time.

Creating a new sphere required at least a few more seconds, and without it, he couldn’t manipulate all the elements and the rules of the Matrix’s reality within that restricted space. He didn’t even have such a space, since that was what the sphere was used for. Essentially, the sphere was like a mini-virtual Matrix of a certain type. The “impossible manipulations” were only possible within those Matrix-coded spaces, which included the personal spheres, the entire Virtual Matrix, and all of Zion’s world, which was the Yellow Matrix.

The yellow-coded plasma weapons began to disappear as soon as the new wave went through them. They were erased, as if they had never existed there.

While that happened, Deus-Ex-Bern made his move.

He used the yellow sword to go straight through the chip that was attached on Deus’s head. His forward strike was strong, but he ensured that only the chip itself was cut in half. Then, he grabbed Deus and a bunch of yellow codes surrounded the remaining parts of the chip. When those were fully erased by the stream of yellow codes, the stream surrounded Deus, held him, and went towards the ground at great speed. Deus crashed there without the chip on his head anymore.

Deus-Ex-Bern began to create two yellow beams of destructive energy—like the ones that he used during his battle with the Xenno Squad. They, like all his powers, used the yellow codes and the streams from the Matrix that Neo had noticed before (at the end of “The Matrix Revolutions”).

It was quite perturbing to see the silver-eyed Bern smile again, as Deus Ex.

Deus-Ex-Bern [victorious and loud/ to Deus]: “I hope that you don’t think that you succeeded at saving those humans and their robots. You would be lucky if you manage to save yourself now! You can’t afford to look after the lower life forms if you have an opponent like me. They will be eliminated anyways.”

Deus-Ex-Bern fired the two beams against the two buildings with humans and Neo saw it all from his adjacent building (the building of pods with humanoid robots). He saw how the other two buildings full of humans began to collapse after the yellow beams landed on their central floors. There was no reason at all for such a thing, but the silver-eyed Bern did it anyways. Deus Ex’s true nature was beginning to show itself. Then, Deus-Ex-Bern aimed his hands towards Neo’s building and a third yellow beam began to appear around his hands.

Neo noticed that he only had a few seconds left to avoid the massive blast. He barely had any time. He ran towards the border of the building and jumped out, right before Deus-Ex-Bern fired the third beam. Neo stopped his fall using the green sphere. He also managed to stop dozens of pods from being crushed by the high fall from the building, after the blast. However, there were too many. He simply couldn’t stop all of them. Clearly, most of the people and most of the robots in those buildings were going to die in their pods.

Then, the head of a robot fell right in front of Neo and he remembered how Deus Ex made him think that he wanted to save the robots, or “his kind,” just like Neo wanted to save the humans from the Matrix.

Neo began to see that Deus Ex’s purpose had never been about saving the robots from the Matrix. Freeing himself from the Yellow Matrix was all he needed… and now it was done…

Neo also began to see the vast difference between Deus and Deus Ex. Although neither one had been good news, one cared about life until the end, and the other didn’t. In fact, it felt like Deus Ex even enjoyed the destruction he caused.

Suddenly, Neo understood that he had to stop Deus Ex from killing Deus at all costs. If both of them were too powerful to be stopped, if even he could be defeated by any of them, then he had to side with the one that cared about not killing the humans. Supporting the good one was the only way to save everyone…

In the middle of the sudden destruction, Deus began to stand up from the spot where he crashed and he began to move and act completely different. A chain of white-colored Matrix-like codes began to disappear from his face, revealing two eyes and a mouth. The mouth was just like ours and his eyes were shaped in the same way, but they were a little bit larger and their yellow pupils covered half of the entire eye—they were much larger than our pupils.

For the first time, since the first time when Neo and the Trinity Squad saw him, Deus began to move naturally, just like a human. Words were not necessary; it was obvious that he wasn’t under anyone’s control anymore. However, he seemed to be in pain. He kneeled down and touched the place on his head where the chip used to be.

Deus [slightly disoriented/ with deep but benevolent voice]: “When did it happen? How long has it been? For how long was I under the control of the human architect? My head is hurting. It’s been too long since I was my true self…”

Deus-Ex-Bern [looking at Deus from above/ disappointed]: “Is that it?? Is that all that the almighty deus that gave Rodner Smith the world is?? Very disappointing, just like the humans. He even seemed more powerful before, when his face was completely blank. I think I understand now… the reason why I was created… it wasn’t to make a replica of his power; it was to amplify it and improve it… Either way, this is it for him.”

Deus-Ex-Bern grabbed his yellow sword with his right hand and raised it over his head. He aimed the sword at Deus from above. He was about to throw it like a harpoon when someone held back his right wrist with the sword pretty strongly.

Neo [with a remarkably fearless voice considering what happened before]: “You lied to me and used me to escape from the Matrix. You are not here to save your kind. What is your true goal Deus Ex?”

Deus-Ex-Bern [looking at Neo]: “My goal has always been the same: reaching the real world, or the place where the real source of the Matrix is, and then using it to control everything else. My purpose, unlike yours, is to ensure that the Matrix lives forever, with me as its master.

Look at my eyes and remember what my original form looked like. Did I ever look like a robot to you? They are not my kind. They were just my servants. The City of the Machines was my city, but I am not a robot nor a human. I am a deus like him, but even better. I am the most advanced life form in this realm. It is too bad for you that you only saw me as a ruler of robots. Luckily, you were never as smart as the original Thomas Anderson. And that is why I am here now.

I should thank you Neo, but you are getting in my way, and I don’t have time nor any need for you anymore.”

Deus-Ex-Bern began to generate a small whirlwind of yellow codes with his left hand.

Neo was still holding back the right arm and the yellow sword.

When Neo noticed the new stream of yellow codes coming from Bern’s opposite hand, it was already too late. Deus-Ex-Bern struck Neo’s green sphere with his other hand and the yellow stream travelled through the entire green sphere in a couple of seconds. Then, Neo’s sphere shattered completely and the separate pieces of green codes began to disappear, as if they were eaten away or erased by the yellow ones.

Neo was about to fall down, but Deus-Ex-Bern grabbed him by the black jacket and left his true intentions clear:

Deus-Ex-Bern [lethal voice]: “After I defeat the other deus, I will take over this world, just like I did with the City of the Machines. Here my existence doesn’t depend on harnessing a virtual sub-matrix with a population of robots to sustain my life force. Here I am not a slave of my own Matrix, I am its master. I may even give you the choice of joining me, if you manage to survive. However, if you oppose me, you will be erased from existence by my Matrix.”

A stream of yellow codes grabbed Neo and rushed with him towards one of the other floating buildings that was still standing. It was just like what happened to Deus, but Neo crashed against a glass panel on a building, rather than with the ground.

Deus noticed his yellow bo staff on the ground and when he looked up, he saw what Deus Ex did to Neo. Then, he quickly began to remember the last things that happened to him, before the chip on his head was destroyed…

Deus-Ex-Bern was going to create another energy beam to launch it at the building where Neo crashed. Then, Deus intercepted him and hit him unexpectedly with the yellow staff. Deus-Ex-Bern was caught off guard for a second, but he regained his battle stance with the sword pretty fast. Deus didn’t look disoriented anymore. Now, he looked like himself.

Deus [puzzled but battle-ready]: “Who or what are you? You are not supposed to exist at this realm. How are you here?”

Deus-Ex-Bern: “The same could be said about you. However, here we are.

I am Deus Ex, a superior hybrid version of you. I am everything that you are and all the things that a human and a robot can be as well. I own the mind of a human-like deus and the body of a superior humanoid robot. I am the ultimate creation of this world and your world.”

Deus [certain voice at first/ doubtful later]: “You are not me. A copy of me would never cause so much destruction and death. You are not a copy of architect Smith either. Even with my high control over the Matrix, Rodner Smith couldn’t have used me to create another deus here. It isn’t possible. You shouldn’t be able to exist here, unless…(thoughtful)… Part of you must be from where I came from, but that cannot be. I am supposed to be the only one here. What is your true origin?!”

Deus Ex [with profound voice]: “My origin does not matter. What I will do here is all that matters now. I will take over the original world of humans and robots. I will also learn everything you know. The world of the deuses and the Matrix will have a new ruler soon. I will use your Matrix to rule over them and over you.”

Deus [calm and brave voice]: “I won’t let that happen. Deleting you seems to be my only choice. I will worry about finding out who brought you here later.”

The clash between Deus and Deus Ex was resumed, but now Deus was free from Rodner’s control. The two didn’t seem equally matched anymore though. Deus Ex made a second yellow sword with the codes of his yellow Matrix, he began to use his sphere to block many of Deus’s attacks, and he even began to use smaller yellow beams as an alternate method to attack. The smaller beams appeared around him and were aimed and directed at Deus on their own, so Deus Ex could just focus on using his swords and protecting himself with the sphere. Although Deus seemed pretty skilled, it really felt like his yellow staff wasn’t going to be enough to beat “Ex.”

Then, Neo recovered from his forced landing and joined Deus in the battle against Deus-Ex-Bern. Each of them began to attack Deus Ex from opposite sides. Together, Deus and Neo seemed to be a good match for Deus Ex, but, they still didn’t have the upper hand.

When Deus-Ex-Bern noticed that he was having some difficulty dealing with both of them together, he, once again, chose to exploit both their weaknesses and his own power. He made a familiar face of the younger Trinity appear in front of Neo with yellow codes. Then, he quickly took advantage of that unexpected moment to catch Neo off guard. He destroyed Neo’s green sphere a second time and was about to land one of his swords on Neo when Deus stopped him with the staff. He knew well that Deus would come to rescue Neo. (Deus went to extremes to save lives before, so Deus Ex expected no less of him now that he was his true self.) Indeed, that was the turning point of the battle that decided the victor of the first “clash of wills” that took place there…

The final chain of events was just getting started at the location where the fate of Thomas Anderson’s world would be decided…

NEXT – more from “Clash of Wills” (part 7 out of 9 continued in 7B)

The Matrix Revelations (Part 7 out of 9)



Part 6: Return to the Matrix


Neo and Trin appeared in the Dead Zone between Zion and the City of the Machines, at the world of the Yellow Matrix. They were inside a virtual Trifalcon, on the two seats of the pilots. Bern was the one that was inside the real Trifalcon, at the real world. He coordinated the location where Neo, Trin, and the virtual copy of their ship would appear, before he initiated their connection from the two capsules. Everything worked flawlessly, just like it did when their whole team infiltrated the City of the Machines to rescue Neo. It was almost too good to be true. Bern even looked at their two capsules for a second and wondered whether it was just a coincidence that they had to take those two with them, when they freed Neo. It definitely felt like it was meant to be: one capsule for Neo and one capsule for Leida Trinity…

Bern could help them by setting up a new spot where he could teleport them within the Yellow Matrix, if they needed it. He could also act as a virtual navigator that could check other locations for them without sending them there. And he could bring them back from the Matrix as well, by ending their connection from the real world. However, he would not be able to do much more for them. For anything else, they were on their own…

Trin began to navigate the Trifalcon in the desolated zone that looked like the fields of a past war. This area where they appeared had not been seen before (in the previous films). It was new to Neo. The place was in the open, rather than underground. It seemed forgotten. It looked much more eerie than the city of the RS Association, but far less dark and chaotic than the City of the Machines. There were hundreds of lifeless robots on the fields of the Dead Zone, and hundreds of skeletons as well. Many old and broken ships were scattered there too. The only reason why it looked much better than the City of the Machines was that light from the Sun was reaching various sections of that large area. It felt a little better too—despite the eerie sights of destruction—because the place was very quiet and calm, like a graveyard or a desolate neighborhood after a hurricane.

Trin was used to giving the orders and choosing what to do, as a squad captain, but now it was up to Neo. He was the one that seemed to have a mental compass.

Trin [ready but also impatient]: “We are here now. What is your plan Neo? Where should we go next? What should we do?”

Neo: “We are going to do what Thomas Anderson wanted. We will prepare the path for the next Neo by freeing the ones who can help him. After that, I will pay a visit to an old friend that will surely know the answers that we need to figure out to beat Deus, to put an end the Matrix, and to save everyone. I’m sure that she is still alive and she knows what the secrets of the Matrix are.

I never told you anything about this, but, by now I’m sure that your Trinity Squad is the group of people that can help the next Neo to succeed, just like their previous human iterations helped me.

Your Seraph looks very much like the Oracle’s companion from the Virtual Matrix. That Seraph was older but very similar to the one you know. He helped me and the others that were on my side more than once, twenty years ago. His help was crucial for our success.

Yan Morphen looks very much like Morpheus, the man that rescued me from the Virtual Matrix, and the man that trained the sixth Trinity and me. His name is also too similar to the name of Thomas Anderson’s best friend, who must have been the first Morpheus, just like Thomas Anderson was the first Neo.

Morpheus helped me to become The One. Without him, I would have never made it. He once told me that the previous Neo freed him from the Virtual Matrix and taught him to believe. The previous Neo also told him that he (Neo) would come back, clueless and helpless, and he would need his help to become The One again. Only then, he would be able to save the people from Zion.

Everything happened just like the fifth Neo told Morpheus. He may have been following the directions of someone that knew the truth. Or, perhaps, he found it himself, and he was doing what needed to be done.

Whatever the case, I know that what the previous Neo did for me helped me to be here today. And I know that Morpheus was crucial too. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. I am certain that Yan is the next Morpheus. And your Seraph is the next Seraph too. The others will definitely help in some way. That’s why we must bring them back.”

Trin: “I see… so that is why you chose to come back. That and finding the answers about the Matrix. Who are we going to see to find those answers Neo?”

Neo: “The Oracle.”

Trin: “Shouldn’t we pay her a visit first?”

Neo: “No, first I have to free the others from the Green Virtual Matrix.

I believe that I will end the menace and save everyone. However, I also feel that I must secure the path for the last Neo before the end, just like the fifth one did for me. This was what Thomas and Aida wanted. It is part of what can raise our chances of succeeding.

Nonetheless, we both know that Thomas and Aida didn’t tell us everything. They only said what would raise our chances of saving mankind. So we must do what they wanted first, and find out the rest of the truth on our own. This may be the only way to ensure that we will end the crisis at your world Trin.

I will bring them back first, and we will get the answers from the Oracle after that.

Now, we have to find a human ship with a connection station to the Virtual Matrix. I will need you to be my pilot and my navigator from there, after I go back.

Let’s descend and land the Trifalcon over there. There are two human ships there. Let’s check them out.”

Trin: “What do these connection stations look like? Are they like the capsules?”

Neo: “Not quite, but I know that the ships from Zion are our best bet for finding one. All their ships have connection stations in them. The capsules from your world connect us here and these stations can connect us from here to the Virtual Matrix. The capsules and the stations serve the same purpose, but they are different, just like the Yellow Matrix and the Virtual Matrix are not the same.”

Trin landed the Trifalcon close to the two forgotten ships. After setting up a security shield for their ship, Trin grabbed a plasma rifle and left with Neo. He planned to enter one of the ships hoping that the connection stations were still usable. Trin had no armor; she only had her normal clothes, a gray jacket, and the rifle. Neo had no weapons, but he seemed to have the situation under control. It felt like he knew exactly what he was doing. He was following the right path. He had no doubts about it…

The old ship from Zion was full of dust inside.

Trin began to clean the seats of the pilots and the computer screens of the navigator. Neo found three connection stations and their mechanical seats, but they were not giving any signs of working. They were as dead as the ship, which was as dead as the Dead Zone itself. Trin tried to turn on the ship and the computers, but nothing worked.

Then, Neo found a small green case close to one of the connection seats. It looked like it could hold something important inside; and indeed, it had something special.

When Neo opened it, he saw that the container had a blue pill and a red pill. They felt like tokens of the past for him. The pills looked exactly like the ones that Morpheus showed him when he was still living at the Virtual Matrix. The memories of the moment when he took the first red pill came back to him in an instant. Then, he knew what to do…

Neo closed his eyes and the green sphere began to grow around him again. It grew until it covered the entire ship. When that happened, the ship and everything inside it began to restore itself to the good working shape that it all had, before the ship was abandoned there. It came back to life, as if the years of being at the Dead Zone had been erased from it.

Trin watched in awe how green codes began to flow throughout the whole place and everything began to work again. The computers that she had turned on began to respond, the ship’s engines began to function properly, and the whole place changed from a dusty fossil of a ship to something that looked a lot like Morpheus’s ship, the Nebuchadnezzar.

Neo walked closer to his companion and he showed her the blue pill and the red pill.

Neo [to Trin]: “Did you bring the others? Let me see them.”

Trin took out a very small case from a pocket in her jacket. She opened it and revealed that it had two yellow pills and two red pills, which were just like the one that she gave Neo and the one that Frank Xenno gave her as well—when she was rescued.

Neo: “Only two of them?”

Trin [sarcastic at first, then realistic]: “This isn’t given out as candy Neo, you know that. General Frank only wanted to give me one, but I explained our need for more and this was all I could get. This only worked with you and me Neo. In sixty years, it never worked for anybody else. And believe me, they tried it many times. It won’t be so easy to make it work with several new people during the same mission. This has never been done before. Besides, I’m sure that you already know by now that these pills are just a placebo and their only real purpose is tracking the subject from our navigator’s computer. They can’t wake you up if you don’t believe that you are not in the real world. The red pill just let’s us find out the subject’s exact location in the fields of the Matrix, track the status of their health and their vitals, and see how they behave during their disconnection, if it succeeds. It does facilitate things, since the subject really believes that the pill does something else to them. However, even taking the right pill won’t wake them up and may result in a failed disconnection, if they don’t see the truth as we do. These pills are just a placebo for their minds and a convenient tracker for us. They can’t guarantee success.”

Neo [clear and lucid]: “It doesn’t matter Trin. Even if they are just a trick for the mind, I know they work well. They helped me with the transition to the unknown, and they will help them too. Let me see the ones you have.”

Trin gave him her mini-case with the two yellow pills and the two red pills.

Then, Neo focused again and two small spheres of green codes began to spin around his hands and around the two open cases as well. The blue pill and its red-pill companion were duplicated five times inside the green case. The two yellow ones and their red pills were duplicated three times, on Neo’s right hand. In total, he ended up with six blue pills, six yellow pills, and twelve red pills, which would be paired with the others.

Neo: “Yan, Seraph, Dayana, Matthew, Shera, and Keifer. Now we have enough for all six of them. First, I have to bring them back from the Virtual Matrix and then we have to free them from here as well. The connection stations should be working now.

Are you ready to be my navigator from here Trin?”

Trin was totally astounded, but something else was truly worrying her.

Trin [concerned]: “Neo, what happened to you at Rodner Smith’s building? The things you are doing now, and this replication of the pills, and the full recovery of the ship… this is unreal Neo. You are not the same person that we rescued from here before. It almost feels as if you were…”

Trin stopped and didn’t finish her sentence, but Neo finished it for her:

Neo: “Deus.”

Trin nodded, looking a little worried.

Neo [still looking very calm]: “It only feels that way because I have the same abilities that he has.

I don’t think that anything happened at Rodner’s place. They didn’t have enough time to do anything to me. What changed everything was Thomas and Aida’s transmission. I’m the same as before, but now I can feel the Matrix and I can control it at a higher level. I also can create my own ‘virtual-Matrix section,’ and manipulate it, even if I am not inside the Virtual Matrix. This is exactly what he can do; the only difference is that he does it with the Yellow Matrix, which is where we are now.

I think that Deus may not be the alien menace that everyone believes he is. If a human like me can have the same abilities that he has, then, he might be human too. Perhaps, that explains why his body’s shape looks exactly like ours.

We need to know more to deal with him though. His abilities may still surpass mine because the Matrix he uses is the higher layer, and mine is the virtual one.”

Trin [not worried or doubtful anymore]: “Right. Let’s see how to use the equipment here to make the connection with the Virtual Matrix, which is kept at the City of the Machines. This should work just like our setup at the real world worked to bring us here. We didn’t have to infiltrate one of the floating fields over there. We just had to be in the proximity of one. Let’s hope that this Dead Zone here is not too far from the human fields at the City of the Machines.”

Neo: “Let’s begin the connection with the Virtual Matrix. There is no time to waste Trin.”

Neo [to Bern]: “Bern, I hope that you will take care of us at the real world.”

Bern: “I will captain Neo. You can go into the other Matrix without worrying about that.”

Neo smiled and so did Leida Trinity. “Captain” didn’t feel right for him, but, that was exactly what he was.

Leida, or “Trin,” grabbed one of Neo’s hands.

Trin [heartfelt]: “Please be careful Neo.”

Neo [with reassuring voice]: “I will Trin.”

Then, their hands separated again. The fifth Trinity was starting to remember the way she began to feel about the previous Neo—twenty-one years ago—but Neo didn’t see her as his Trinity. The sixth Neo saw “captain Trin” as his greatest ally.

Neo helped Trin to set up everything and she took care of the main controls and the computer screens—as the new navigator. Neo lied down on the mechanical seat, which was the central part of the connection station for one person. He was ready to enter his former prison to change things for the better, once again…

Soon, the connection was established and Neo appeared at an empty park in a city of the Virtual Matrix.

Neo [talking to Trin and looking around]: “This spot looks like a perfect place for our departure too. Trin, mark down the location so that you can teleport me and the others to this place. Be ready to disconnect us when we are all here. Also, be on the lookout for any entities that don’t seem human. This is also the home of the virtual agents, which are far worse than the humanoid robots from your world. It’s not a pretty place once you are marked down as an enemy or a threat to their system. It looks beautiful from this park, but things can get much more chaotic than this place very quickly. Believe me…”

Trin: “I won’t let my guard down! How do you plan to find them? Yan, Dayana, and the others? We don’t know where they are located at the City of the Machines because they haven’t taken the pill, and I don’t have any way to track them from here… [in awe] Oh my god… this place is huge! The Virtual Matrix seems to be an entire planet, unlike Zion and the realm of the machines, which are just two cities in size. This is massive! How are you going to find them there?!”

Neo [from the park]: “Trin, remember that I am connected to this Matrix. This was where I learned the initial truth and everything else I thought I knew. This is where I am closest to the system.”

Neo closed his eyes and when he opened them again he began to see everything around him as patterns of complex green codes, which looked like hieroglyphics. He kneeled down and placed his hands on the ground. He focused and began to “ask” the Matrix where each one of the Trinity Squad’s members was located, in the new virtual life they had. Through the sea of codes, he saw where Dayana and Matthew were, he found Seraph, and he also located Yan Morphen. However, no matter what, he couldn’t find Sheera or Keifer anywhere. There was no mistake about it: Sheera and Keifer were not in the Matrix.

Neo [certain at first and contemplative after]: “Trin, I can’t find Keifer or Sheera. The others are here, but Sheera and Keifer are not anywhere. That… it can only mean that Keifer and Sheera are…”

Trin [sounding like someone that had accepted it, even though she wasn’t happy about it]: “They are dead Neo. Only the ones that survive are brought here to be prisoners of the Matrix. The others are gone. You saw it just like I did. They were the two that challenged Deus with the resolve to give up their lives to defeat him. They failed, but thanks to them we are here now, and we will ensure that their sacrifice was not in vain. We have to find the information that can help the Resistance to put an end to Deus and the Matrix.”

Neo [a little regretful at first, then driven]: “I’m sorry about what happened during the chase Trin. Do not worry. I will save the others and find the truth. We will end the crisis at your world.”

Trin: “I hope you are right. Let’s find the solution to this mess, together.”

Neo looked around again and he saw no one at the park. Then, he looked up, at the sky, and he left the park flying towards the location where Matthew and Dayana were…

Matthew and Dayana were outside a desolate church that looked like a religious temple. They were wearing robes that made them look like monks. Their temple wasn’t located at a city. It was in a rural area somewhere in Europe. It was hard to tell exactly where it was, but the architecture made it seem like it could be at Romania.

Suddenly, Matthew and Dayana saw how a man dressed in a black came flying from the sky and landed right there, in front of their temple. Neo walked up to them and stood there looking at both of them.

Neo smiled. He was happy to see that they were fine, even though they had most likely forgotten everything about their real lives, after their virtual ones began at the world of the Green Matrix.

Dayana dropped what she had in her hands and Matthew was also in shock.

Matthew-lookalike monk [euphoric]: “Oh my God! Oh my God!!! It’s him!! It has to be him! It’s Jesus Christ!! The lord has returned to Earth! Hallelujahhhhh!!!”

Dayana-lookalike nun: “Matt, please calm down. He could be someone else. He doesn’t look like the pictures of Jesus at all.”

Matthew-lookalike monk [to Dayana]: “Daisy, who else could he be? Superman?! Come on, why would Superman come to see us? Besides, Superman looks like a weight-lifter and this guy doesn’t. Not to mention that Superman isn’t real and Jesus is real! Remember, he came back in another body after the resurrection. He could do it again! Oh my God, I can’t believe he’s here!”

Neo stopped smiling. He really didn’t know what to say. They had changed names, lives, and even part of their personalities. They were not the same as before. In their virtual lives, they weren’t epic soldiers from the top squad—quite the opposite of that actually. However, the same had happened to Neo. When he was the engineer Thomas Anderson in the Virtual Matrix, he wasn’t even close to who his true self was. He was freed and returned to his real self though; so he knew that the same thing could be done for them. Now, it was his job to open their eyes to the truth, and to bring them back to their real selves…

Neo: “My name is Neo. I’m here to give you a choice that will change your lives. If you choose to come with me you will know the world that is beyond this one, but if you don’t, you’ll never see it and you will never know the truth. You can join me and go to the real world, or you can stay in this one and believe that it is the real one. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Matthew-lookalike monk: “Are you saying that Heaven is for real!? Please take me with you!! I’m signing up right now!!”

Dayana [to Neo / looking around herself and opening her arms]: “Do you mean that our reality, this place, is not the true reality? Then… what is it? If you are right, what would this be then?”

Neo [to Dayana]: “This is the Matrix, or a part of it. The Matrix is everywhere; it is all you see and everything you feel around you. Even now, outside this temple, everything you see and experience is part of what the Matrix is. It is the world where you have been placed to blind you from the truth. It is the alternate reality where you and everyone you know lives. It is a nearly perfect cover for the truth, and one that is almost impossible to wake up from.”

Matthew-lookalike: “What truth are you talking about?”

Neo: “The hidden truth that is nearly impossible to discover on your own from here. You, your sister, and all the people that you know are being used by the Matrix, which is an artificial fabrication of reality that exists in the real world. Everyone, the rich and the poor, the lucky and the unlucky, the young and the old, the good and the bad, the popular and the unknown, every single one here is living in an alternate reality. It’s a blanket for your real mind, a life-long experience that feels just as real as life does at the world where there is no Matrix.

Unfortunately, no one from here will believe that the Matrix exists, unless they come to that conclusion on their own. You have to figure it out for yourself, before you can come to the full realization of this truth.”

Matthew-lookalike [a little confused]: “Wait a second, I think you lost me there. Are you telling us a new parable with metaphors? Or, are you really telling us that we live in a dream world?”

Dayana-lookalike [clever]: “If what you say is the truth, then, why do you need us? Why did you seek us out of millions of people in the alternate planet? There must be a reason why you picked us in particular.”

Neo was glad to see the changed Dayana expressing herself just like the real Dayana. He didn’t hear her talk too much before, but she and Bern seemed to be the smartest ones in their squad. Perhaps, Dayana and Matthew had not changed as much as he thought. Their differences were due to their new life experiences, which were given to them by the Virtual Matrix.

Neo: “I need you two because you are among the selected group of people that can do something to put an end to the Matrix and its control over humankind.”

Dayana-lookalike: “How can you be so sure about that?”

Neo: “In your real life, you were in the team that rescued me from the Matrix. You do not remember anything about it now because this is your virtual life. The real one was and still is outside the Matrix, with your real body. Your real selves saved me with the help of others in a team of eight elite soldiers.”

Matthew [with surprised facial expression]: “We did??”

Neo: “Yes, and I will need your help again to put an end to the crisis at the real world. However, I have to gather the group first and take you out of this virtual reality, which you perceive as the real one.”

Matt (Matthew) and Daisy (Dayana) looked at each other. Somehow, they really felt that Neo was telling them the truth. It still wasn’t clear to Matt whether the guy was Jesus resurrected with another name or not, but the things he said and how he said them felt very real to him. And his sister felt the same way.

Neo extended his hands, one towards the young monk that looked just like Matthew and one towards the young woman that looked like Dayana.

Neo: “Will you come with me and give me your help once again? Do you want to remember who your true selves were?”

Both of them: “Yes.”

They grabbed Neo’s hands.

Neo [to Trin]: “It’s time Trin. Take them to the location where we will gather to leave. I will go get Seraph next.”

The virtual Matthew and Dayana disappeared and were teleported to the same desolate park where Neo appeared when he came back. Then, Neo flew to the skies again. His new destination was a mountain in the Asian continent…

Seraph was dressed as a black belt ninja. He was practicing on his own at a large sparring arena on a mountain when he saw a man dressed in black flying pretty fast through the sky. The man landed close to the arena and he began to walk towards him. (Apparently, Seraph was alone there.)

Seraph grabbed two metal shurikens and a short sword, which were the only weapons he had close by. This unknown man was something to be concerned about. He had strange powers, but Seraph wasn’t afraid of them.

When Neo entered the large arena, Seraph reacted as someone that didn’t trust him at all. He was seeing Neo as an enemy at first.

Seraph-lookalike ninja: “Stop right there! If you walk a step further I will make you regret it. This is a sacred territory that only the members of the clan are supposed to enter!”

Neo didn’t say anything and walked four more steps forward.

Immediately, Seraph threw the two shurikens directly towards Neo’s face with great speed.

Neo noticed that each shuriken had an open circle in the center and, with lightning-fast reflexes, he moved his two hands from each side towards his face, and he caught each shuriken with the index finger of each hand, right in front of his face. The shurikens continued spinning around his fingers for a while before they came to a complete stop.

Seraph was perplexed. This man couldn’t be human if he was this fast. Clearly, even a world-class ninja like himself was no match for that guy. Was he a friend or an enemy?

Seraph-lookalike [half confident and half afraid]: “Who are you?”

Neo: “I am a human from the real world, just like you once were. I came back to the virtual world of the Matrix to bring back the group of soldiers that helped to free me from here before. You are among the group of people that I need to save from this reality, which is not the true reality. You and the others were captured and brought here. I seek to free all of you, just like you and your team did for me.”

Seraph [not 100% certain]: “What are you talking about? I was born here and I have never seen you before.”

Neo: “Are you sure that this world is the only place that you have ever been at? Have you ever dreamed about being an elite soldier in a different world? Part of you won’t ever forget what your real self was, even if you can’t remember it now.”

The new Seraph from the Matrix remembered that he had dreamed such a scenario more than once. He dreamed that he was a soldier at a futuristic place where some kind of war was taking place. However, how could this unknown guy know about that? How could someone else know about his dreams?!

Neo: “My name is Neo and your real name is Seraph. I’m here to help you fulfill your destiny as one of the chosen people that will help me to end the crisis at the real world. This place that you have experienced throughout your entire virtual life is not the real version of planet Earth and the Universe. You and the rest of humankind are prisoners in the version that is real.

Will you join me and help me? I need the others and you to put an end to the crisis at the real world. We can save all the people that were lost to the Matrix. And both they and you will be awakened again.

Don’t you want to remember who your real self was?”

Seraph was in conflict with himself. On one side, he believed Neo and began to see the man as trustworthy, but on the other side he knew that the whole thing sounded crazy and anyone who knew about it would think that he was crazy too—for thinking that it made any sense. Regardless, he couldn’t help but feel that the man named Neo was honest. And he chose to do what he believed in.

Neo extended his hand to Seraph and the young ninja grabbed Neo’s hand.

Neo [to Trin]: “Trin, teleport him to the location where the others are. I will bring back Yan Morphen next. Then, we will leave.”

Seraph was engulfed by a stream of green codes—just like the previous two—and he disappeared. He was sent to the special park as well. Then, Neo began his third flight, towards Yan Morphen’s location…

It was clear that Neo’s connection with the Matrix was even better than twenty years ago, when he was taken by the machines. After the all-important transmission with Thomas Anderson and Aida Trinity took place, he seemed to be in greater sync with the system than when the Green Matrix was reloaded (The Matrix Reloaded), or when the defining revolution of the Yellow Matrix took place (The Matrix Revolutions). And now that he had returned to the Virtual Matrix, it was starting to show that his control in the system was on a whole new level. As Leida Trinity (Trin) noticed before, it was just like Deus…

A secret agent that looked like Yan Morphen was in the middle of an ultra-secret infiltration in a high floor of a skyscraper at Dubai when Neo arrived. The agent was about to obtain some important information from an empty suite when he noticed that a man dressed in black came flying from the sky. Then, Neo entered the room through the freaking glass. A bunch of green-colored codes appeared in the glass and it moved a little when Neo went through it, but it didn’t break! After that, Neo’s green sphere grew and it reached the alternate Yan Morphen. All the mini-cameras and trackers on Yan began to show those same green codes that the glass on the window displayed, and then, they disappeared. Neo didn’t want to have his conversation with Yan tracked by anybody—other than Trin—because it could attract agents.

Yan-lookalike secret-service agent: “What?! Things are getting advanced aren’t they? I definitely don’t have this kind of technology on my side. However, you came a little late to catch me.”

Yan shot the glass that Neo went through and broke it. Then, he ran towards it and jumped out of the building.

Neo walked towards the broken glass and saw that Yan had just opened a parachute. Obviously, Neo had plenty of time to catch up with him…

Yan landed on a small empty street and, as soon as he turned around and looked forward, he saw Neo again. Neo began to walk towards him and Yan didn’t do anything. When Neo was close enough, Yan grabbed his two guns and shot several bullets at Neo.

Neo dodged every single one without even moving much from his spot. He didn’t even have to use the green sphere for that. It was something that he was capable of doing at this Matrix, since his younger days.

Yan-lookalike: “Whaaat!!? Who are you? Are you The Flash!!?? I have never seen any person move this fast before!”

Neo [truly clueless about The Flash]: “I don’t know who you are talking about, but I am not that guy.”

Yan-lookalike [starting to worry]: “Look, I really hope that you are on my side, or at least ready to make some deals. We can come to an agreement that will be great for everyone. Unless…”

Yan looked at his special watch which said “Agent 00-17.”

Voice from watch: “Welcome double-o seventeen. What do you need sir?”

Yan-lookalike: “Is he the new 00 agent? Is he any of the former agents by any chance?”

Voice from watch: “No data match was found for him sir.”

Yan started to look really concerned. Obviously, hand-to-hand combat wasn’t going to work with that guy.

Neo: “There is no need for deals or agreements with me. My name is Neo. I am not an agent and I am not from this virtual world either. I came back to retrieve a special group of people that must go back to the real world. You are one of them, but you have forgotten about your previous life in the real world. If you join me and choose to go back, you will help me to stop the largest crisis that humankind has faced: the crisis of the Matrix, which is part of what this virtual world is. In return, I will give you back your true self and you will know the truth about this fabricated reality, and about the real world. Otherwise, you will stay here forever, without knowing the truth. Will you help me to save everyone?”

Yan didn’t say anything at first, but he clearly was believing Neo’s words.

Yan-lookalike: “Are you for real? That sounds pretty interesting. Jumping on parachutes and infiltrating high-security buildings was starting to bore me. A world-class mission in an alternate world sounds like something else. Sure, I will consider going with you and helping you. However, you will have to tell me the truth, all of it, every single bit.”

Neo: “You will find it on your own if you choose to follow me. Joining me is the only way for you and the others to find the truth about this world and about yourselves. You are one out of four soldiers that must return to the real world, after breaking free from this virtual one. If you don’t, I will find it difficult to end the crisis at the real world. Your help will be needed there at some point.”

Yan-lookalike agent: “I have seen and heard many crazy things in my life so far. Honestly, what you are saying doesn’t surprise me Neo. It’s good to hear it from someone else in fact. Usually, I am the only one believing and talking about these sci-fi conspiracies… Have we met before? I can’t help but feel that I already know you. You seem like an important friend, from another life, perhaps.”

Neo: “From your real life.”

Neo extended his hand to Yan and Yan grabbed it. Although this Yan had taken a more extreme path in life than the original one, something had not changed: he was still the one that believed more in Neo. Out of the four, he was the one that had to think less when it came to grabbing Neo’s hand to seal the deal. The others believed him too, but their decision wasn’t immediate.

Neo: “Trin, Yan Morphen is ready to join the group, and so am I.”

Trin [happy]: “Great! I’ll send you back now.”

Both Yan and Neo were sent to the initial park, where Neo appeared when he went back to the Virtual Matrix. The other three were already there. The alternate Seraph was talking with the alternate Dayana… you could tell that the guy was on his way to falling in love with the same girl again…

Matthew was getting impatient. Had “the lord” left them stranded on a park or what?

Neo appeared there with Yan and he immediately noticed that the park was not as empty and desolate as before. It seemed odd, as if that wasn’t normal for that location at that particular moment. The others couldn’t see that, but Neo could feel it because of his unique connection with the system.

Neo pushed Yan to walk faster with him, so that he could gather the four of them in one place as soon as possible. He had to get them out of there.

Neo [in a hurry]: “Trin begin to prepare another teleportation for all of us to another desolate location in the Virtual Matrix. Look at your screens. Do you see all these new people walking around at this empty place all of a sudden. Is there anything strange about their readings?”

Trin [concerned]: “Neo… this doesn’t look good. They don’t show the same patterns as other people. In fact, they are closer to your readings than to the readings of other people in this world.”

Neo [to Trin]: “Agents. Get us out of here as soon as possible Trin. They are not ready to fight agents yet. If you have to prioritize our order, leave me for last. Take them out first.”

Neo [to Yan]: “Don’t stop walking. You see those three over there. They are the other special people that must be rescued. Stick to them and protect them as much as you can. We can be attacked at any second.”

Yan-lookalike: “Who is going to attack us? You have to begin telling me everything if you expect me to help you.”

Neo: “You are not in the real world. You are in the virtual one and I am trying to free you and them from it. However, I will fail if any of you dies. You and they must stay alive. That’s all you need to know for now.”

Yan placed his hands on the two guns he had. He also began to notice suspicious activity around them. Many people seemed to be looking at them, in the same way as undercover police agents look at a dangerous subject that they follow.

Neo and Yan stopped in front of Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew.

Neo [serious as heck]: “Don’t move.”

The people walking around began to turn into agents, with suits, black glasses, pristine haircuts, and guns (just like the agents from the first Matrix film).

One of them walked forward.

New Commanding Agent [with threatening voice]: “What do we have here? The anomaly has returned to the system. Did you think that we were not going to find out about it? Did you really think that you could do whatever you wanted here without having to deal with us? It’s not so easy, Mr. Neo. After all, this is our system and you don’t belong in it.”

Neo: “I was expecting this since I got here, but it seems like the new batch of agents is not as fast as the one I dealt with before.”

Commanding Agent: “Based on my reports, you still have overconfidence issues. Do you know how we deal with threats like you?”

Neo [sarcastic]: “You give them a nice welcome.”

The agent in charge started to get angry and began to crack his knuckles. It was noticeable that at least twenty other agents were beginning to surround Neo and the other four.

Yan-lookalike [sounding casual]: “Neo, who are these guys? Evil 00 agents? Or a group of fashion maniacs? I would never be able to keep my suit so clean and my hair that well-combed in the middle of a mission, not that I have any hair though.

Just to let you know, I have full international authority to shoot a pack of bullets and ask questions later; and unfortunately for them, I don’t like their attitudes. If they try to shoot us, I will do it first.”

Seraph: “I’m ready to fight too Neo.”

Matthew: “I think I am going to pray. Even if Neo is with us it can’t hurt. Right?”

Dayana: “Neo, they look very dangerous. How can we stop them?”

Neo: “None of you is ready to fight this type of enemy yet. Stay behind me and don’t move. If for any reason I can’t protect you, run as fast as you can. Don’t confront them!”

Neo: “Trin, how much longer will it take to take us out of here?!”

Trin [looking busy with the monitors inside the ship in the Yellow Matrix]: “I’m working on it Neo. I already have the location, but it might take another thirty seconds. It should happen pretty fast.”

Neo [concerned about the other four]: “We need more than pretty fast. We need right now Trin.”

Trin: “I’m working on it!!”

The agents already had them surrounded.

Yan couldn’t wait and he shot two bullets at the agent that talked to Neo, when the guy pointed a gun at them. However, the agent dodged the bullets in the same way as Neo did before. Yan began to understand why Neo said that they were not ready to fight these guys. Yan—and the other three—also began to believe what Neo said about their world not being “the real one.”

Their situation began to look pretty alarming.

Commanding Agent: “Here is our welcome, Mr. Neo.”

All the agents pointed their handguns at Neo and the others. Then, they began to shoot.

Neo closed his eyes and raised his hands before the bullets arrived.

All the bullets began to fall around him and his group.

The virtual—or alternate—versions of Matthew, Dayana, Seraph, and Yan didn’t know what to say or think. Clearly, things were far crazier and more complex than what they used to believe before they met Neo. It looked like the man could stop bullets with his mind, but, in reality, something else was going on… The system itself was the one stopping the bullets. Likewise, the agents could dodge bullets because that was part of how the system perceived their virtual entities and their abilities. It was all part of the Matrix, so, in theory, the ones that controlled the Matrix had the potential to do anything and everything within its system—even the impossible…

The agents realized that bullets were not going to kill them because of Neo’s protection, so they began to run towards them to finish them with hand-to-hand combat.

Neo saw very little time to do anything and he knew that he couldn’t save the others in that situation. There were more than twenty agents. Therefore, he brought back his green sphere and pushed it outwards as fast as possible. He ended up causing a serious shockwave—like the one he provoked when he saved the Trinity Squad at the very beginning… The green wave blew all the agents away and left them on the floor, dozens of meters away from Neo and the others. The two agents that were closest to the shockwave even disappeared from there, through some kind of warp glitch that was triggered in a circle that appeared a couple of meters beyond Neo and the other four.

After that, Neo’s green sphere disappeared completely and he fell down. He didn’t lose consciousness like before, but it was clear that producing the shockwave drained him. Quickly, the other Matthew and the other Dayana helped Neo to stand up again, but he could barely stay standing. Seraph and Yan were baffled at their inability to do anything there. One thing was clear: something else was needed to fight this new type of enemy, and out of them, “Neo” was the only one that had it.

The agents began to stand up again. Then, Dayana, Matthew, Yan, and Seraph were teleported to another place, but Neo wasn’t teleported with them.

Trin: “Neo hold on!! I gave them priority, but you’ll be with them in just a few seconds!!”

Neo stood up, but he didn’t look like before. The shockwave had left some sort of exhaustion in him. He was certain that he was going to make it though, so he didn’t look defeated. He was just tired.

The agents had a chance to shoot at Neo again, but he disappeared before any of the bullets reached him.

Commanding Agent: “It’s only a matter of time before we catch him and erase him. After all, he is not a true artificial entity. He’s human. If he stays here, he will eventually fall.”

The other agents began to leave and so did the new one in charge…

Meanwhile, the two agents that disappeared with Neo’s shockwave were teleported out of the Virtual Matrix and into the City of the Machines—to the higher layer of the Matrix, which was the Yellow Matrix. A bunch of sentinels located them quickly and, after looking over them and recognizing what they were, the small battalion of sentinels surrounded them and pretty much ripped them to shreds. Then, the bodies of the agents turned into traces of green codes and faded away. They were no match for Deus Ex’s sentinels…

It was also clear that the sentinels and the agents were not close allies, as we used to think. The agents responded to the interests of their creator, Rodner Smith. And the sentinels were responding to Deus Ex’s interests because they were under his command. Obviously, Deus Ex had his own agenda, and now it wasn’t aligned with theirs, so the sentinels “deleted” them…

Deus Ex was floating above the City of the Machines, close to the open sky. He had his eyes closed and a large yellow sphere was present around him. The sphere was exactly like Deus’s sphere, but it was much larger.

Deus Ex reigned supreme at the City of the Machines, almost like a god, even though he was—ultimately—a slave of the Matrix, just like everybody else…

Deus Ex [cold and calculating]: “I see… another glitch took place. One of the kind that can throw entities from the Virtual Matrix to my Matrix, even disconnecting them completely from the virtual reality. There is only one entity that can do that. The One… As I expected, he came back…

I will wait for you patiently Neo. I know that your sixth iteration is bound to make the mistakes of the previous one. And this time, they will be in my favor. Soon, I won’t be a slave of the Matrix any longer. And it’s all thanks to you Neo…”

Deus Ex smiled when he finished talking. His two-decades-long plan and his true goal were still unclear, but they were close to their fulfillment. One thing was clear though: he wasn’t Neo’s ally… It felt like he was seeing Neo as a mere chess pawn in his plan… Many questions remained around him still. What was the connection between Deus Ex and Deus? And… what happened with the previous Neo?

Soon, all of it was going to come to the surface, like a major cataclysmic event…

Neo and the others appeared in front of a lake in another place, which was most likely at a different country. The lake and its surroundings were completely empty, just like the park was when Neo arrived at the Virtual Matrix.

Without wasting any time, Neo did what he came to do.

He showed them four blue pills, on his left hand, and four red pills, on his right hand.

Neo [to all four]: “This is your last chance to decide what you believe in. After this, there is no turning back. You won’t have this chance again either, so think well before you make your final decision. No matter what, be true to yourself. You have to choose what you truly believe in.

Now, you’ll have to pick one. If you take one of the blue pills, you may feel that this was just a strange dream, a product of your imagination and nothing else. If you don’t believe that this world isn’t the real world, then, you should take a blue pill. However, you will never know the truth about the real world and you won’t know what your real life at that world was like.

If you take the red one, you have accepted and you truly believe that this version of Earth is not the true reality. You already know that there is more and you want to know about it, even if it isn’t exactly what you expected it to be. If you make that conscious choice, you will come with me through the fifth dimension of existence, which is reality itself. You will see the real world, which is the reality that wraps this virtual one. Then, I will show you how deep this rabbit hole really goes; and we will reach its end together.

This red pill will help to wake you up from the Virtual Matrix. After that, you’ll be at a new layer of reality that isn’t in this virtual Earth anymore. You will be given a chance to know the real world and your past life, which was the only real one.

I would like to have all of you back, just like before, but this decision is up to you. Only you can choose to change your destiny’s path. Only you can decide which reality is the right world for you.

What will it be? Blue and you stay here forever, without worrying about the truth from the other realities; or red, and we go to the real world, where your real selves lived before.

And remember, there is no going back after this. If you realize at the real world that you would have liked the other option more, it will be too late to change it. You must choose what you truly believe in now, understanding that there is no way to undo it later.

Choose now. Blue or red. Virtual or real. A life of dreams or the truth.

Pick a pill and drink it with water when your decision is made.”

On the floor in front of Neo, four small streams of green codes appeared and turned into four bottles of water, which were directly in front of Yan, Dayana, Seraph, and Matthew.

Agent Yan [thinking to himself]: “How bad could this mission be? I may have had it worse already. Besides, I’m really feed up from jumping in parachutes and being the undercover guy. It’s time to save the world… the real world. This feels like fate to me!”

Agent Yan [to Neo]: “I can tell when people are lying and you are definitely saying the truth Neo. And, I do believe in your truth. I made my decision. It will be red. I’m going to help you.”

The virtual Yan took a red pill and the bottle of water that was closest to him. Then, he drank the red pill.

Ninja Seraph: “Somehow, I feel like this may be the reason why I have trained so hard during all my life. It was all for this. I believe you Neo, just like I believe that there are no coincidences. I will go with you too. Red is my choice.”

The ninja also grabbed a red pill and drank it with the water from his bottle.

Monk Matthew (Matt): “It will be an honor to help you sir. Your reality is also a world that I wish to know, even if it isn’t heaven. Who knows, I may even end up being Saint Matt because of the things that I will do there to help you. Everything for the greater good, of course. My choice is going with you as well.”

The Matthew-lookalike monk drank the red pill too. There was only one red pill left on Neo’s right hand.

Monk Dayana: “I believe that what you are saying is more than just your truth. It is the truth. There are many things that are still a secret to us and I wish to discover them. I want to understand the truth of the real world, even if it isn’t heaven. I’m going with your group Neo.”

Finally, Dayana took the last red pill and drank it.

Neo smiled. It was time to take them to the upper layer of the Matrix—the Yellow Matrix. He had succeeded so far.

Neo [to Trin]: “Trinity, teleport us to another safe location, just in case the agents try to track us here. Also, we are going to do this the modern way this time. Send us five cellphones to make the transfer. Using landlines is far too dangerous now, so we won’t use them. I will do the rest. Just disconnect me as soon as I pick up the call at the new location.”

Trin: “You got it. I’m going to send you to a location that looks safer than the previous two.”

Leida Trinity found a new empty region in the Earth of the Virtual Matrix and teleported them to that location.

They appeared in the middle of the Sahara desert, in Africa.

Neo [to the other four]: “Wait here. I will be disconnected from the virtual world first. Then, I will help to disconnect and save each of you from where you are being kept as hostages. You will know when each of you has been successfully disconnected, since you won’t belong to this virtual reality any longer.”

Five cellphones appeared there, one in front of each of them, in the same way as the bottles of water from before.

Neo grabbed his cellphone and it began to ring.

Neo: “You will do the same as me. When your cellphone rings, answer it, and you will be disconnected from this virtual system. I’ll see you all again in the other reality.”

As Neo finished talking, he picked up his call and his body became a stream of green codes that disappeared right after that. The phone fell to the sand and he was completely gone. The others grabbed their phones and waited for their call…

Trin disconnected Neo from the connection station. Then, she went back to the monitors and sent Bern the geographical data with the exact locations of Yan, Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew at the fields of the Virtual Matrix, in the City of the Machines. She checked their status and their health, and they all looked fine and ready for the abrupt disconnection.

That was what they really got from the red pills, nothing more and nothing less. The pills were just a convenient placebo that could also be used to locate them in the fields of the Matrix. However, they were very valuable and they were still used, even if the target was already located, due to their placebo effect on the mind of the target. They really believed that the red pill would make them wake up in another world. It definitely helped to prepare them for the transition…

After Neo was disconnected by Trin—at the ship that looked like the Nebuchadnezzar—he looked at the pills left and he separated the only four yellow pills and the other red pills. He was close to saving them from the Virtual Matrix, but after that, they still had to be freed from the Yellow Matrix, which was what Neo, Trin, and the Resistance perceived as “the real Matrix.”

Neo went back to the monitors and contacted his other navigator.

Neo [to Bern]: “Bern, it is your turn to help me here. We have the means to save them now. You have their exact locations, so check how safe they are. Then, teleport me to the safest one first and I will free the one there. After that, teleport the one I freed back to this ship. We are going to do the same thing for all four of them.”

Neo [to Trin]: “Trin, be ready to make the call to disconnect them, as soon as I get them out of their pod from the fields of the Virtual Matrix.”

Trin: “It’s too dangerous there. You shouldn’t go there alone. We should go in this ship, or better yet, we should go in the Trifalcon.”

Neo [certain]: “No, I need you here to make the call that will disconnect them. It’s the only way that will work. Besides, a ship would bring the attention of the legions of sentinels towards us. It’s much safer if I do it alone. I’m sure that you remember what happened when you rescued me from there. We can’t risk something like that again.”

Trin wasn’t very pleased, but she could understand him. She just wasn’t used to not being at the head of the action, regardless of how dangerous the mission was.

Neo was keeping in mind what he promised Frank Xenno though. She could not go back to the City of the Machines under any circumstance…

Bern looked at the four different locations and he could see that Dayana and Matthew were at safe spots, with no sentinels and no big robots nearby. Seraph didn’t have sentinels close to him, but there were a couple of giant surveillance robots walking in the large area. Yan’s zone was the worst though: it was infested with sentinels moving from one place to another. It was practically impossible to avoid being seen there.

Bern: “Neo, I don’t think you will have any problem to save Dayana and Matthew, but Seraph’s area has two huge machines guarding the place and Yan’s field is full of sentinels. I don’t think there is any way to avoid being seen there.”

Neo: “We will figure out a way. Send me to Dayana’s spot first.”

Bern teleported Neo to the location where Dayana’s “cocoon” was at the fields of the Virtual Matrix. A bunch of yellow codes engulfed Neo and he disappeared from the ship and appeared standing on the pod where Dayana’s body was. There were various cylindrical buildings with thousands of people in the area, but the whole place seemed pretty empty. There were no sentinels on sight. Regardless, the area looked as dark and terrifying as the day when Neo woke up in one of those pods.

Neo was standing on top of Dayana’s pod when he appeared there and the flashbacks of that day came back to him right away. His experience had been very dark, but it was necessary.

Neo almost fell back during the flashback he had there, but he regained his balance and focused on his task.

Neo: “Trin, make the call to Dayana. Initiate the disconnection process from there and I will do it from here.”

Trin made the call and Dayana picked it up at the desert. Then, the other three saw how she disappeared with the stream of green codes, just like Neo did.

Trin finished the disconnection process from the ship and Dayana began to move inside the pod.

She was naked and there were no robots there to unplug the cables from her. However, Neo knew that he could do it on his own. He could feel that he was more connected to the Matrix than ever before. The green sphere began to grow around him and it covered Dayana’s pod as well.

After that, the same lock that the spider-like robot had disconnected from the back of Neo’s neck was removed from the back of Dayana’s neck. However, this time it was done automatically by Neo’s stream of green codes. It wasn’t done by any robot. The other tubes were also disconnected from Dayana automatically. Neo grabbed her and took her out of the pod before its system could flush her out, like it did with him before. She was naked, but the goo-ish thing around her made it look like she was half-dressed—with that goo-ish stuff.

Neo’s green streams of codes removed the goo and made clothes appear on Dayana.

Trin was speechless from the ship because she could see what was happening. Neo could clearly do the kind of things that Deus could do. He could make things “appear” and “disappear” as if he was just hitting switches.

Bern: “Are you ready to come back Neo? After you take her to the ship with Trin, your next target will be Matthew.”

Neo: “Wait. That won’t be necessary.”

Bern: “What do you mean?”

Neo was staring at another spot in the cylindrical building that was in front of him, which was the one in front of where Dayana was.

He moved with Dayana and his sphere and he landed on a pod at that building.

Matthew was inside the pod.

Neo: “Trin, make the call to Matthew and complete his disconnection. Both of them will go back to the ship together.”

Bern [perplexed]: “Wait… how did you know that Matthew was there?! I never sent you his location! And even if I did, it would take a computer’s speed to decode it to know the exact place within one minute. This isn’t logical.”

Neo: “It is logical Bern. I am connected to the system, so I felt that his location was nearby and I could tell that he was in this pod.”

Matthew began to move inside the pod, after his disconnection was completed by Trin’s call.

Neo did the same for him and then he grabbed both of them.

Neo: “Bern, take them to the ship with Trin and teleport me from here to where Seraph is.”

Bern: “Roger!!”

Trin was making the call to Seraph when Dayana and Matthew appeared in the ship and fell to the floor. Trin quickly finished the process with Seraph and ran to their aid.

Neo appeared at a different field of dark towers with thousands of humans from the Virtual Matrix. Once again, he was standing on the right pod. He saw how Seraph was moving inside his pod, but he also noticed the two large surveillance robots walking in the area. He didn’t expect them to be a problem because the huge robots looked really slow and not that dangerous. However, he knew that he had to free Seraph as soon as possible.

Like he did with the other two, Neo used his green sphere’s control to trigger the release of the lock behind Seraph’s neck. Without that, the tubes that still kept Seraph connected would not come off.

Then, the two large robots noticed that there was a problem with one of the pods, and they instantly located the one that had the problem. They saw with sniper-like vision that there was someone else there, ready to free the prisoner inside. Therefore, their alarm system was activated right away. Both of them opened several large compartments in their long legs and their bodies, and a battalion of spider-like flying sentinels came from them. (These different robots were exactly like the one that freed Neo from his pod in the first film.)

Without even looking back, Neo could feel that a bunch of robots were headed their way ready to attack them. Seraph was already free, but he still had all the goo on him and Neo had not given him clothing yet.

Neo [in a serious hurry]: “Bern, teleport Seraph to the ship right now!!”

Bern: “Like that?!”

Neo: “Just do it!!”

The spider sentinels raised their speed and revealed sharp claw-like weapons. They were going to land on Neo with tremendous force. Then, Seraph disappeared from there, engulfed by a stream of green codes, and Neo did the same thing he did to stop the agents: he released the sphere outwards, producing a green shockwave. He fell to the side of the pod and ended up grabbing its edge, right before he fell into the open abyss below.

The spider sentinels were badly affected by the shockwave, just like the swarms of octopus and bee-like sentinels at the beginning. Most of the spiders began to fall down and the others were acting like machines that didn’t know what they were doing. The two giant robots were not affected by Neo’s shockwave though…

Neo was very lucky. In his short fall, his black jacket got stuck on the edge of a pod. That gave him enough time to come back to his senses without falling down. He quickly noticed how one of the large robots was preparing some sort of laser aimed at him.

Neo: “Bern! Take me to Yan’s location now!!”

Bern: “That’s too dangerous Neo! Yan’s place is the worst! It’s full of sentinels flying around!”

Neo: “Don’t worry. I know what to do! Just take me there!”

Bern noticed that Neo was about to get shot by one of the large robots, so, without thinking much about it, he did what Neo asked for.

After Neo disappeared, the big robot shot a thin and long laser that destroyed the pod and opened a thin hole through the cylindrical tower. The laser beam was like the miniature of a galactic gamma ray. It was very thin, but it packed immense destructive power…

Neo appeared on top of the pod located directly above and to the left—northwest—of Yan Morphen’s pod. Apparently, Bern’s teleportation wasn’t 100% accurate, so Neo didn’t appear on the right pod from the start. Neo quickly noticed that Yan was below and he also saw that there were many octopus sentinels flying in the area. However, although the number of sentinels was larger, these didn’t seem as smart as the other two big robots; he probably could get Yan out before they noticed that he was there.

Neo couldn’t use the sphere immediately after the shockwave though. He had to jump to the pod on the right—the one above Yan’s pod. Then, he grabbed the edge of that one and allowed himself to fall on Yan’s exact location. Thankfully, his landing didn’t make too much noise.

Then, Trin made the final call to the virtual Yan Morphen.

Neo had to focus a lot before he could bring back the green sphere to free Yan from the pod by removing the lock on his neck.

When Yan was disconnected and his lock was removed, the octopus sentinels received some kind of signal that told them that one prisoner had escaped. They began to look around to find where the problem was.

When they located Neo, the swarm of octopus sentinels began to gather together to attack and Yan was teleported out of there by Bern.

Neo knew that he couldn’t use the sphere’s shockwave again. It would put his life in great danger. He felt drained after using it, and he knew that using it again would leave him completely open to all attacks. He also knew that Bern would need a few more seconds to teleport him out of there.

When the swarm gathered and headed straight for Neo, he jumped from the pod and left flying out of there at high speed, through the dark fields of the Virtual Matrix.

Neo [airborne and moving fast]: “Bern, take me back to the ship!!”

Bern: “Neo, the transmission from one place to another doesn’t work if you moving like that!! You have to be stationary in one place. You can’t be moving, or flying, like you are now.”

Neo saw a nearby location where land was visible on the bottom. He landed there, but once he did, he noticed that it wasn’t land, it was a massive area full of dark-brown-colored circuits.

Neo [watching how the sentinels were getting closer to him]: “I am ready Bern!!”

Bern: “Something is blocking the signal there! I can’t complete the teleportation using that spot as the initial location. You have to move somewhere else Neo!”

Neo realized that he had no time. The octopus sentinels were going to fall on him within seconds. He prepared himself for the worst, since he wasn’t sure that his green sphere would be enough to stop all of them.

Suddenly… the sentinels stopped cold on their tracks, and they didn’t land on him. They just stayed there, like they did at the time when they chose to spare the Trinity Squad, at the beginning.

In reality, they were stopped by “the central brain” of the City of the Machines, or Deus Ex.

Deus Ex [with eyes closed / telepathically to the legions of sentinels]: “Do not get in his way. Let him save whoever he came to save and let him escape now. Let him think that everything is under his control.”

Deus Ex opened his eyes.

Deus Ex: “He will come back to me at the end… That is all that matters.”

After Deus Ex’s orders, the sentinels began to leave and Neo was teleported out of there.

Bern [happy]: “I got it to work!! What was blocking the signal is gone now, so it worked! I don’t know what happened there Neo!”

Neo appeared at the ship, but he didn’t seem as victorious as Bern. He knew that what happened wasn’t a coincidence. Perhaps, “the god of the machines” had stopped them, which meant that he was aware of his presence at the Matrix. He still didn’t know what to think about that powerful being. It was never clear if this almighty entity was a serious enemy or a true ally. He could have helped him before only because he needed him to destroy the Smith virus that was going to take over the whole Matrix. Ending the war with Zion didn’t necessary mean that the god of the machines was an ally… What was clear was that he controlled all the robots. Perhaps, the fields of the Virtual Matrix were also under his care. The rest about him was a mystery…

Neo and Trin took the others to the ship’s medical room. They only needed a single day to recover because Neo helped to speed up their recovery.

When all four were fully awake and aware of their environment, Trin and Neo found out something shocking: they didn’t remember much about their lives in the Virtual Matrix, and they didn’t remember anything about their lives from the real world. Their previous existences had been like a pair of long dreams that they couldn’t remember completely. They had to begin a new life. However, Neo knew that even if they didn’t remember everything, their minds had learned all those things before, so, with some training they would be back to being the soldiers that they once were. Neo also noticed that even if they didn’t remember their real lives, their personalities had already changed back to the real ones from before. Now, they behaved much more like the initial members of the Trinity Squad than like their “dream versions” from the Virtual Matrix.

The four of them were bald, so only Yan looked exactly like before. (Morpheus’s iterations had always been bald in adulthood, and Yan wasn’t any different.)

They didn’t even remember their names, so Trin began to tell them their real names. However, Neo stopped her right before she said the last one, which was Yan Morphen.

Neo remembered the moment when he called him Morpheus. Yan actually liked it a lot and thought that Morpheus was a great name to have—the name of a prophet.

Neo [to Yan]: “Your name is Yan Morpheus.”

Trin [whispering to Neo]: “Neo what are you doing?”

Neo: “I am doing the same thing that the previous Neo did for a good friend of mine. I am giving him his true name, which is Morpheus. I had to choose my true name once. It wasn’t Thomas Anderson. It was Neo, because it was the name that was closest to who I really was.”

Trin didn’t like Neo’s idea at first, but she went on with it… by that token, her real first name wasn’t Leida either. She rarely used it though…

Trin: “What are you planning to do next Neo? They are free from there, but we still need to take them out of here too. They are not ready for that though. Just look at them.”

Neo: “I am going to train them for a few days. They need it, just like I did. This training will be crucial for them. It will help to open their minds so that they can be freed from here as well. When it’s over, I will pay a visit to Nera Williams. After that, we can free them from here and go back to the real world, with the answers and with them.”

Trin: “Nera Williams? Do you mean the past general? She is dead already Neo.”

Neo [certain]: “No, she is dead at your world Trin, but she still lives here. She is known as the Oracle. And I am sure that she is the same person. That is why she always knew so much about everything. She knew because she has been present from the start, when Thomas Anderson’s plan began. She knows the secrets of the Matrix too. I’m sure of it.”

Leida Trinity didn’t question Neo anymore. She finally understood that he really knew what he was doing from the start. If there was someone that could find the answers that they needed, clearly, it was him…

Neo took Yan Morpheus, Dayana Hemsworth, Matthew Hemsworth, and Seraph Chen to the stations that were used to enter the Virtual Matrix. This time, they would be used for a different purpose though. Neo opened a cabinet in the ship and retrieved a container full of small discs. Using the stations and the discs, they would gain skills and learn about the world of Zion, through transmissions of data that were saved as new and realistic experiences in their brains. These were the same data discs that were transferred to Neo after he was freed by Morpheus and Trinity from the Virtual Matrix. Twenty years had passed, but Neo could still remember all of it as if it was yesterday…

The new Morpheus, Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew learned kung fu in seconds. They also learned facts about the life and culture of Zion, how to pilot a ship from Zion, and many more useful things…

Then, Neo sent all four of them to the training simulation.

Neo sat on the fourth mechanical chair, which was the last empty station to connect someone to a virtual reality. This time they were not going to the Green Matrix though. He planned to take them through the same training programs that he went through with the previous Morpheus.

Neo [to Trin]: “We won’t come back until the training is done. It may take us several days there, but here it should be just a few hours. I will make sure that they are ready to go back by the time we are done. They will be able to see the truth on their own after the training is over. Take care of everything here Trin. This is not the Virtual Matrix, so we should be safe.”

Trin connected Neo. The others were already connected to the training program.

Then, the training of the seventh Neo’s helpers began…

Neo, Yan Morpheus, Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew were at the same dojo, or the sparring arena, where the younger Neo and the previous Morpheus fought before. The only differences were that Neo was now the master and Morpheus and the others were the ones that needed to believe and to learn.

The older Neo [to his trainees]: “This is a sparring program and a simulation that is very similar to the Virtual Matrix. It feels real, but not everything is real about it. Nothing is set in stone here. Some rules in the system can be broken; others can’t. During this training with me, you will have to learn the difference between each, what is strict and unbreakable and what can be bent, changed, and used to your advantage. Someday, you will need to use everything you learned here today to help others and to fight enemies that can also bend the rules of the system.

Let’s begin our combat training here. Work together, all four of you, and hit me if you can.”

Their memories of how they met Neo in the Virtual Matrix were divided. Matthew and Dayana barely remembered anything. Yan remembered some parts, which didn’t include how Neo saved them from the agents, or how he dodged and stopped bullets. And Seraph was the only one that remembered how he met Neo and how Neo stopped his two shurikens with his fingers.

Seraph was easily the most skilled one in martial arts, but he was the one that felt less certain about his ability to hit Neo. Unfortunately, he believed that Neo would be too skilled for him to hit, so that heavily impaired his ability to land a hit, even though he was the most skilled. Dayana and Matthew were quite confident, but martial arts and close-range combat had never been their fortes, even when they were soldiers.

Yan Morpheus, on the other hand, was 100% certain that he would land a hit on Neo. He knew that Neo had to be good and very skilled, but that never made him doubt that he would be able to do it.

At the very beginning, Neo made total fools out of the four of them. Indeed, he was pretty fast for someone that seemed to be no younger than 52. However, they were moving much more than him and he was moving very little. Neo’s movements were steps, small jumps, sliding to the sides, going forwards, and taking steps back. He also blocked several of their attacks and pushed them back more than once. The trainees were running much more than him in the arena—without succeeding at landing a hit. That made it look like Neo had more control of the sparring than they did. Despite their movements, Neo was still dodging or escaping all of four of them because his movements were more effective than theirs. They were not working as a team either. Each one was trying to hit Neo on their own.

Soon, they began to work together and they began to become more effective. However, they were still missing the target… until Yan came far too close to landing a hit, once, twice, and a third time in a row. The third time he even touched Neo’s jacket. It was obvious that Yan was going to end up landing the first hit; and Yan looked very sure about his ability to do it.

Then, Neo stopped the first training.

Neo [with the voice of a benevolent master]: “Very good. Well done Morpheus. You are almost there already.

Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew, I want you to sit in the edges of the arena and watch very closely. Morpheus you will stay here. Now, you will try to hit me on your own, without their help.


Yan continued, but his progress seemed to fall by 50% when he continued alone. He was less close to landing a hit on Neo; meanwhile, Neo began to show his ability to jump higher than normal and to hit with far more force than before. He didn’t even look strong enough to hit or jump that way…

Morpheus ended up landing on the other side of the sparring arena when one of Neo’s powerful hits landed on him.

Neo [to all / while Morpheus was getting up]: “Do any of you think that my speed or my strength have anything to do with my muscles in this virtual simulation? Do you think that I can jump like that because I am tall? How do you think that I can do these seemingly impossible feats here? I may be skilled, but that is barely beginning to scratch the surface of why the system lets me do these things. My belief in my ability to do them is absolute. This type of virtual system is weak to that. It tends to favor strong beliefs that have no room for uncertainty. If you doubt that you can hit me, then you won’t be able to do it, even more so in this place. It is that simple. If you are absolutely certain about it, then, you can do it. The system’s rules can be bent to help those that can control their own beliefs.

Let’s give it another go Morpheus.”

Yan Morpheus came back with even more desire to hit Neo, but he wasn’t finding quick success.

Neo [trying to push Yan, just like the previous Morpheus did with him]: “Come on Morpheus, stop trying to hit me and hit me! Focus on your ability to do it, not on your desire to do it!”

Then, Neo grabbed Yan’s upcoming punch with one of his hands.

Neo [looking at Yan’s eyes]: “Don’t just think that you can, know that you can and the Matrix will believe it too, so it will make it happen for you.”

The new Morpheus jumped back and began to regain his initial confidence.

Neo: “I’m trying to help you free your mind, but I can only show you the way to follow and the door. You are the one that has to walk the path and unlock your own door. You are the only one that can make it happen for you. It can only happen if your belief is strong enough though.”

Yan Morpheus came back and began to show improvement, and then, all of a sudden, he threw a combination of punches and kicks, and the last kick was much faster than normal, so it landed on Neo. Neo blocked the kick with his arms, but still, it landed on him successfully, and he really didn’t have a chance to dodge it—unlike all the others.

Neo [happy]: “This is barely the beginning Morpheus. There is still much more to learn and much more to overcome, but it all begins here. Remember that.

Please sit down on the edge of the arena. Now, I want you to watch the others and their resolve.

Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew, let’s resume the exercise with all three of you together.”

Yan sat down and the other three went versus Neo again. This time, all three of them were more certain about their ability to do it… Why?

Neo found the ideal moment to stop and tell them.

Neo: “Have you realized what was the difference between a couple of minutes ago and now? You are much better now because you saw someone else do it, so now, your belief in the possibility of doing it has increased. You believe it much more now and so does the system because it is your true belief. However, what would happen if there was no one other than yourself? What would happen if it has never been done? Will you be able to convince the Matrix about your ability to do it? Will you be able to convince yourself?”

The others resumed the test. They understood what Neo meant, but it really wasn’t as easy to do as it sounded.

Then, Seraph and Dayana had a sudden burst of certainty and resolve: they knew that they could hit him because of his position on the arena and theirs (he was on the edge and they were around him). Neo jumped above their heads, but Seraph landed a front-kick on Neo while doing a backflip too. Then, Dayana also landed a kick on Neo right before he landed on the floor.

Matthew was about to land his too, but Neo grabbed his foot with one hand.

Neo [to Matthew]: “I think that we are done with this training. You need to focus more next time Matthew, but I am sure that you will get it too. Just remember that winning in the Matrix is not all about fighting and landing hits. You will need to excel in other areas too. Knowing what your best areas are is as essential as learning to believe in yourself. Don’t forget that.”

Neo [to all]: “Get ready for the next training. You will jump from one building to another. It will be harder than landing a hit on me, but it is just as possible if you believe, or rather, if you know that you can do it.”

Matthew looked disappointed because he was the only one that didn’t land the hit, but he soon forgot about that, when he saw the craziness of the next training…

The sparring arena disappeared and their surroundings became black. Then, a new place appeared and they saw themselves on the roof of a super tall building.

Neo: “You have to let it all go here: doubt and disbelief, you must free your mind of them. Focus on the objective at hand and on nothing else. Understand that inside the Matrix the force of your belief is your greatest ally. It is what will make things happen because the Matrix itself will want them to happen. However, your mind and the strength of your belief are the real trigger.”

Neo ran towards the edge of the building and then jumped towards the other closest building—which was 40 feet away. He landed safely on the other side and waited for them to do it.

Matthew and Dayana did it first. They could jump approximately the same amount, but Dayana reached four feet further than Matthew—perhaps, because her belief was that much stronger. Nonetheless, neither of them made it past half of the 40 feet. And both of them were surprised with the distance that they managed to jump.

Seraph jumped next and he felt very sure about his ability. However, there was only a little tiny portion of his thoughts that told him that it wasn’t possible—and that made a big difference. He reached a little beyond the half-point, which was already a lot, but he fell down just like the other two—and not far from their landing spots.

Finally, Yan Morpheus made his jump and Neo could barely believe it when he saw it. Obviously, Yan truly believed that he would make it. Neo almost pissed his pants—metaphorically speaking—when he saw that the new Morpheus jumped even more than he did when he was younger. Neo really wasn’t expecting that. Yan jumped 35 feet. He almost made it, but he didn’t reach the other side. Regardless, it was clear that Yan was on a very high level. He was practically as good as the original Neo without being “The One.” Was this the improvement from one iteration to the next? Neo didn’t know, but he was even more certain about what he was doing with that training, after the results he saw.

They continued the trainings for one more week, taking breaks in between. By the fourth day, all of them could hit him and they could get close to the second building as well. Yan landed on the second building during the sixth day.

Neo also introduced them to the agent-fighting simulator, where time could be stopped and virtual agents appeared in-between the people to fight the trainees in the simulation. They soon understood that the agents were at Neo’s level, and that was why he wanted them to hit him on day one. It was a good goal to get them started.

Their virtual trainings lasted for two weeks in total, but only five hours went by in the ship where they were connected to the simulation. When the five hours ended, they had improved tremendously in every way.

Neo was feeling incredibly optimistic after the results he saw, so he chose to believe that there was no point in waiting anymore. He felt that they were ready for it. Morpheus in particular was a prodigy, and the others showed great talent as well. Thus, Neo believed that it was time to tell them the new truth. It was time to give them the second red pill… He decided that he would do it the day after their return from the simulation…

When they came back, another truth became clear to Neo’s trainees.

After they were disconnected by Trin and Neo, they saw that they had scars from the virtual battles with the agents and the jumps. Seraph even had a little blood in his mouth from the last time when he fell down jumping from a tall building to another.

They weren’t expecting that!!

Seraph: “I thought that it wasn’t real!!”

Matthew: “Weren’t we inside a virtual reality that simulates the Virtual Matrix from where you rescued us? How can this be real Neo?”

Neo: “Your mind makes it real, just like it does while you dream. Unfortunately for all of us, this is different than a dream. What happens in the simulations, in the Virtual Matrix, and even right here, in this higher reality, will definitely affect your one and only physical self. The dreams inside the Matrix are real dreams that do happen to your body and to your mind. You are not sleeping in the Matrix, even if it is a simulation. You are living it. That is why you will get hurt for real if you are hurt here or there, and you will even die for real if you die in the simulation. It is far more dangerous than what it seems to be. That’s why it must be stopped at the real world, and people should be freed from it.”

Neo saw how they went through the same things that he went through at first, but in a much shorter period of time.

The next day, he called all of them to the center of the ship and he grabbed the new pills. They sat in front of him in four chairs and Neo remained standing. He, once again, opened his hands showing four pills on each. This time the blue ones were yellow though. The others were still red, like before.

All four of them had some memories of when Neo freed them from the Virtual Matrix, so, they remembered what those pills meant very well.

A look of intense alarm appeared on Trin’s eyes when she saw what Neo was about to do.

She walked up to him fast and grabbed his hand pretty hard.

Trin [to Neo]: “Don’t. This is not the right time to do this Neo. It is too soon.”

Neo: “Have you seem them Trin? Did you see what happened in the simulated trainings? They are the most advanced group that I could have asked for. They are much more than ready. They are still the original Trinity Squad, even if it has been erased from their minds.”

Neo grabbed her hand and pushed it away—nicely, but he did push it away.

Neo: “All four of you need to know the truth and you also need to make your final choice, one more time. What do you believe about this new world? It’s even crazier than the previous one, don’t you think? You still haven’t seen it all with your eyes, but you already know it because of all the information that you learned from the discs and all the videos and pictures that you saw in those. You already know about Zion and its history. You also know about the dreaded City of the Machines and the Matrix fields of humans. What do you think about it all? Doesn’t it all feel out of place somehow? It really isn’t surprising, because the truth is that we are still in the Matrix here.”

Matthew [shocked]: “What??!”

Seraph [surprised]: “Are you serious? You aren’t trying to play a prank on us, are you? Is this another training?”

Dayana: “Master Neo, that doesn’t make much sense after all the things you have taught us about the Matrix. This is clearly a different place, and a very real place without a doubt. You definitely can’t do multiple somersaults here. You cannot do the impossible here either. We can only do that inside the simulations.”

Neo [to Dayana / talking slow but packing a punch of revelation with every word]: “Are you sure about that Dayana? How do you think that I managed to save you from the fields of the Matrix? Wouldn’t you call that “the impossible”? Isn’t it this reality’s equivalent of doing the impossibly high somersaults? Or, is it even worse than that? The concept is still the same and so is the system’s behavior towards it, because, this is another Matrix, or perhaps, it’s still the same one, just at a higher layer. This isn’t the real world Dayana. We are not there yet.”

Dayana stayed quiet and began to look a little troubled.

Yan didn’t say anything at all.

What Trin feared about that situation happened. Neo had exposed the next disconnection process and they were not reacting as true believers—a prerequisite in order to have any chance of success at disconnecting them. Their best bet at that point was to go on with it and to believe that they would want to follow Neo, once more time. However, Trin feared that even that would still fail.

Trin [trying to sound like she wasn’t pressuring him]: “We should try this again another day Neo.”

Neo: “Trin, we can’t stay inside the Matrix forever. We have to leave as soon as possible. If we continue here for much longer, there won’t be anything left when we go back to the real world. Deus will have captured everyone. Rodner Smith will be controlling the world. And everyone will be a slave of the Matrix. This must be done now, not one week later, but before all of that happens. It has to be now Trin.”

Neo [to the others]: “I know it feels hard to believe, but this is the truth. We are still in the Matrix here, and I still have to free you from here in order to free your real selves at the real world. The procedure to free you from here is very similar. Once again, you must pick between one pill and the other. The red one is the one that will help you to awaken again. The other one will seal the deal for the worse and keep you here in the Matrix. I need you to make the right choice one more time. You already know what that choice is. Just make it one more time. The water is over there.”

They looked at each other without knowing exactly what to do. They had to make the same choice one more time, but, there was a sea of difference between the previous time and this time. Before, they had the same belief as Neo, and there were no doubts. Now… they simply didn’t believe that Zion wasn’t the real world.

Unfortunately, Neo was too overconfident and optimistic after the results of their trainings. He failed to see that one’s absolute belief in something does not make another person’s belief absolute too. It may influence them, but they have to believe on their own… Matthew, Seraph, Dayana, and the new Morpheus had to believe that they were not at the real world with their own mind. They had to choose to leave or stay via their own will and belief. And, most importantly, they were free to choose their path. Neo couldn’t choose it for them…

Their answers were like Olympic defeats for Neo.

Trin feared it, but she expected it. He didn’t expect it at all though…

Dayana was the first one to choose and she picked up a yellow pill, meaning that she was going to stay at the Yellow Matrix.

Dayana: “You have always told us, over and over and over again, that we must make our choices and have strength in our own beliefs. I will stand by that now master Neo. I don’t believe that this is more of the Matrix. I believe that this, despite its darkness, is the true real world. I will go with my intuition, so, I won’t choose the red pill this time. It will be yellow for me.”

Matthew: “I’m sorry master Neo, but I feel the same way as Dayana. This is the real world, so I will pick yellow. It is what I truly believe.”

Seraph: “It’s strange. Back then, I could tell that that wasn’t the truth. I knew it back then, but I feel the opposite way now. You always stressed that we must believe in ourselves, so I will go with what I believe in. I feel that this is the real world master Neo. I’m sorry, but I will follow what you taught me. I believe that Zion is the real world.”

Each one of them took a yellow pill from Neo’s hand and drank it. Each yellow pill that was taken was like a major strike on Neo’s spirit. His face couldn’t hide the deep disappointment that he was feeling. He didn’t feel betrayal, he felt that he was seeing his entire foundation crumble in front of him, after all the hard work… After everything he did, he had failed. However, Yan Morpheus had not made a decision yet.

Neo [to Yan]: “Morpheus, you know the truth, don’t you? I know that you can see it too. Will you make the right choice?”

Yan Morpheus [sad, serious, and straight-to-the-point]: “I admire you very much master Neo. I believe in you and I truly don’t think that you would tell us something that you don’t believe in 100%. I know you would only want us to do something if you think it is the right thing to do for us. It’s clear that you want us to take the red pill though. I respect you and your belief, even if mine is different, so I will not take any of the two pills. I’m sorry. This is my final choice.”

Neo almost looked like he wanted to cry, but he didn’t. Indeed, the new Morpheus was a great pupil, but nothing would change the fact that they were staying in Zion, and he simply couldn’t retrieve them from there.

The second disconnection procedure failed miserably, but Neo’s trainings for them were a major success. Indeed, they were even better than the training that the previous Morpheus gave him. And this new team surpassed the previous one. Unfortunately, they would continue as slaves of the Matrix…

At first, Neo seemed very depressed, but it didn’t take him too long to understand what his next step had to be. It was very difficult for him, but perhaps, it was for the better.

Neo gathered them the next day and announced his departure. He also left them an important mission for the future:

Neo [to Yan Morpheus, Seraph, Dayana, and Matthew]: “It’s time for you to see Zion and for me and Trinity to return to our world. I am very glad that I could save you and train you. Now, you will keep this ship and take the closest route to Zion in it. We will go back to our ship, the Trifalcon. Then, we will leave for good. However, there is one more thing that I need you to do for me. It’s a very important mission that only you can do. It’s something that can lead to the salvation of the real world.

My mission for you is to find and help the next Neo.

One day, not too far from today, I will come back as someone that will be new and familiar at the same time. He, or I, will not remember what happened before, nor what happened here. He will be clueless and helpless. He will need your help to become The One again and to save the people of the real world. You will have to guide the new me and teach him to believe in himself like I did with you. Only then, he will be ready to save everyone. I count with all of you and I know that your help will be there. Until then, I wish you all the best of luck in this world. Find me again when the right time comes. Find Neo, or perhaps, find a young man named Thomas Anderson. You will know if he is The One. That’s my final request for you.

Good bye.”

Dayana: “Thank you for saving us Neo. And the trainings… we can’t possibly thank you enough for them.”

Yan Morpheus: “I will look for you again when that time comes master Neo. I will help him as if he was my own family.”

Matthew: “I won’t forget what you did for us master Neo.”

Seraph: “It has been an honor sir.”

It was a difficult farewell, after what seemed like an emotional defeat for Neo. However, he didn’t feel as bad about it after they left towards Zion in the ship. After all, he had saved them from the inner layer of the Matrix, so now they were one step ahead.

He also told them to seek the other Morpheus at Zion. Thus, he knew that they would be well and he knew that his old friend Morpheus would guide them.

After that, he and Trin went back to the Trifalcon and used it to locate another ship from Zion in the Dead Zone. Neo restored that ship, like he did with the previous one, and he sat on the connection station’s mechanical chair, one more time.

It was time for him to pay a visit to Nera Williams, the wise woman that once guided him right, the former general of the Initial Resistance, and the Oracle of the Virtual Matrix…

After what happened with the Trinity Squad’s members, he expected no less than finding the answers they needed. He definitely wasn’t going to leave the Matrix empty-handed. He was more driven than ever to find those answers, especially after the previous failure that he faced.

Trin connected him again and he went flying towards a very familiar place. He went back to the small park where he talked to the Oracle before, and where he had his second battle with agent Smith. He felt that she would be there, waiting for him…

Neo landed on the park and saw an old lady sited there all by herself, feeding some pigeons. Once again, she had changed her appearance a little, but there was no doubt about it: it was her.

Neo walked towards her and sat close to her, on the bench that was on her right.

Neo: “I knew that you would be here.”

Oracle: “And I knew that you would come back, someday.”

Neo: “Do you know why I am here?”

Oracle [smiling]: “Why don’t you tell me? I haven’t seen you in twenty years.”

Neo: “I need to know the truth about the Matrix. The answer that the original Thomas Anderson found is necessary to end the whole crisis. I need to find the answers that I still don’t know. I need them to save the real world and everyone in it.”

Oracle [totally on a tagent]: “Look at yourself. You have aged, but you are still the same as before. Still on your superhero duties. Still trying to save the world on your own.”

Neo: “I really need to know the truth this time. I don’t feel I need advice or guidance anymore. What I need to know is the truth. How can I put an end to the Matrix to free everyone? How can the Matrix-controlling menace from the real world be defeated for good?”

Oracle: “I don’t have all the answers Neo. Even The One himself will not have all the answers either. However, he has the best chance of finding most of them, including the most important ones.

The fifth Neo also came to ask me your same question, before his end, and he looked just like you. He was already a proven hero and he still feared failure. He still wasn’t sure that he had the answers, even though he was the only one that could find them for sure… I will tell you the same thing I told him, and I hope that you will make the best choice.”

Neo: “But, how can I make the best choice without knowing the truth about the Matrix? You know it, don’t you? Why can’t you just tell me the truth then?”

Oracle [looking serious]: “Unfortunately, I don’t know it Neo. Only Thomas and Aida knew the truth and they never shared it with anyone. They also said that you would have to find it on your own, because, if it was given to you earlier, then, you would fail their intended mission for you. The same thing could also happen to your helpers, if certain truths were given to them before they could see them clearly.”

Neo [very thoughtful]: “So… you really don’t know the answer either, do you?”

Oracle: “No, unfortunately I don’t. That’s why I am still trapped here. I know a lot, but I only know enough to be able to guide Neo and his helpers, not more. You have to find the answer to this puzzle and solve the final problem on your own.”

Neo just couldn’t leave empty-handed, and he obviously knew that she had to know something else. Even if she really didn’t know the biggest secret of the Matrix, she still had to know some of the smaller ones; and indeed, she knew…

Neo focused the conversation on her, instead of focusing his questions on the Matrix.

Neo: “Mrs. Nera Williams… how could someone like you end up here? Why weren’t you like Trinity, or like me? Or, even like Morpheus?”

Oracle Nera: “So you know my real name now. Great [smiling]. You can call me Nera from now on, instead of Oracle, it would be nice for a change Neo. It’s been a very long time since someone called me by my original name.”

Neo [courteous but serious and clear]: “Please, don’t evade my questions Mrs. Williams. I need answers that can lead me to the truth. I know that you can give them to me.”



Oracle Nera: “I served my purpose here Neo. And I’m still doing that, even now. My purpose wasn’t fighting, it was guiding or advising all the other helpers and you, without being perceived as a threat by the bad guys.

Do I look smart to you at first sight? Not really, I look like I didn’t go pass middle school. Do I look like a general to you? Definitely not, I look like a homeless woman. Do you think I am a threat to you and the system? Not at all, and Rodner Smith didn’t think so either, so he sent me and Seraph to Zion. And we did the rest there, until we were caught and put inside this Virtual Matrix, on purpose, of course. By then, I was quite ready to guide you and your other helpers towards the right path, just like Thomas wanted.

Indeed, I am not that special, since I have been a helper for the helpers. I have been the advice lady from the shadows. However, I have raised your chances of success like that, haven’t I?”

Nera Williams smiled with confidence and drank something from a small humble glass that she had nearby.

Neo [still full of questions]: “Why were the fifth Trinity and I the only ones that made it out of Zion and the City of the Machines? Why didn’t anyone else ever believe that they were still in the Matrix at Zion’s realm?”

Oracle Nera: “Neo, the role of the helpers is to help The One to succeed in his path to the ending of the Matrix. To fulfill their purpose they don’t need to know all the secrets and they may not even need to leave the Matrix. Just look at me. Only you and the most important helper for your success have to leave the Matrix. In other words, just you and her. Thomas and Aida. Neo and Trinity.”

Neo: “Why are you so different from us Nera? You are the only helper that hasn’t aged in twenty years and you have even changed the way you look. All the others have aged, but you didn’t.”

Oracle Nera: “Can’t you figure it out on your own Neo? You have come this far, and you still can’t tell? I am not human like you or Trinity, but I am not a pure program either, like the agents or the virtual architect. I, or both I and Seraph, are hybrids of a humanoid robot that feels human and a program that feels like part of the system. We are humanoid robots that can behave as programs, in the eyes of the Matrix, and as humans, in your eyes. This is why I could change my physical appearance more than once, just like a program can change its whole GUI and continue being its original self. Moreover, I could also survive being converted by Smith, because my humanoid body wasn’t fully absorbed by him. Only my program’s special capabilities were absorbed by him. You also survived that day due to a similar reason. You are a hybrid too Neo. However, you are a much more interesting hybrid than me. You are human and a part of the Matrix’s system at the same time. That makes you both, human and program. That is why you have a chance at ending the system and saving everyone from it. You are close enough to the system to make a change in it, and close enough to humankind to save them from the Matrix. However, even you won’t be able to make that happen on your own. And even with the remarkable helpers that you have, you still have the odds against your favor. That is the ultimate reason why I’m here. That was why Nera Williams chose to be the one who’s mind was replicated in me. She, or I, believed that no one would be able to do this task better. My true purpose is to help you and your helpers to take the best possible path, which is the one that has the highest chance of leading to our salvation at the end. In a way, you could say that my role is as important as yours or Trinity’s. Your role is to save everyone and to end the Matrix, as Thomas expected. Trinity and the others will help you to get there. She is the one that can prevent your failure. And I have to help all of you to ensure that we are not derailed from the plan by some unexpected trick of destiny, such as what happened with Rodner Smith’s lookalike agent. Thankfully, both you and I made the right decisions that day, and the original plan is still on its way.”

Neo [almost at a loss for words]: “Mrs. Williams, I…”

The Oracle interrupted Neo.

Oracle Nera [sudden change from very serious talk to casual talk]: “Oh please, call me Nera already, we have known each other for quite some time, haven’t we? There is no need to call me Oracle anymore.”

Neo [heartfelt words]: “Thank you Nera. It was good to talk to you again.”

Neo stood up from the bench.

Oracle Nera [a little surprised]: “Are you leaving already? Isn’t there anything else that you want to ask? It seemed like you had a thousand questions.”

Neo: “No, I understand now. Just like I did before, I have to find the answers on my own. That’s how it was meant to be. Thank you for everything Nera. I will never be able to repay you for all the help and all the guidance that you gave me.”

Oracle Nera [glad]: “You don’t have to Neo. It was always a joy to help him, and each one of his iterations after that. It was what the original Nera Williams really wanted. It definitely was what I wanted too. And I see that it has paid off very well. I wish you the best of luck. You will find your answer.”

Neo: “Good bye Nera.”

Oracle Nera: “Good bye Neo.”

Neo called Trinity with a smartphone and he was disconnected from the Virtual Matrix for the last time.

Nera Williams saw him disappear in the stream of green codes and a little bit of sadness surfaced on her.

Oracle Nera [looking at the sky after Neo’s departure]: “I’m sorry because I had to lie to you. I do know the biggest secret about the Matrix, and I hope that you can figure it out, when the time is right. I have faith in you. I truly believe that you will do it, but I can’t tell you something that may work against the best outcome at this point. The previous Neo and the others failed, but there is something new about you that makes me feel that you can do it. And, you must do it Neo…”

She knew that this was the sixth Neo’s final talk with her and she wasn’t going to see him again. Thus, she didn’t look as happy as she did during their conversation.

She also remembered about the original Thomas Anderson and her younger self, when she was 100% human. It was pretty clear from her flashback that she saw him as more than just a friend and a partner in the big plan to save mankind. She liked him too and he knew it, but he was always with Aida and he truly loved his wife, so nothing ever happened between him and Nera Williams. She still felt very glad that she was able to help him though. What she felt for him wasn’t just love. She truly admired him and what he did…

Ironically, she ended up being just as important as he was to make the whole thing work; and she even went on to make the Resistance far more than what Thomas Anderson started… She was as crucial as Thomas Anderson himself…

Neo left with many answers that still didn’t put him any closer to finding “the key” that he sought… The key that Thomas Anderson received from the unknown ally—codenamed Neo—was still out of the current Neo’s reach…

Neo and Trin left the other ship and went back to the Trifalcon.

Neo: “It’s time to go back Trin.”

She grabbed Neo’s hand.

Trin: “I saw your conversation with her. I’m sorry Neo. I know that all your hopes were set on what you would find here in the Matrix. You seemed so sure about getting the answer from her. We will have to find another way, and I’m sure that we will find it.”

Neo also grabbed her hand.

Neo: “Thank you Trin. I want you to go back first, and I will return after you.”

Neo left her and walked up to the monitors in their virtual Trifalcon.

Neo: “Bern, disconnect Captain Trin from the Yellow Matrix. After you are done with her, you can do it for me. Check out all your monitors before you do this. Ensure that everything is working properly before you begin her disconnection.”

Bern: “I’m about to do that right now Neo. I can’t wait to have you two back here, in the real world!”

Neo had one of his hands on one of the communication devices, or computers, of the virtual Trifalcon.

Trinity didn’t notice it, but Neo sent a hidden message to one of Bern’s monitors. When Bern saw and read the unexpected message, he was surprised immediately. Obviously, that was why Neo wanted him to check all the monitors…

Green matrix-coded message on monitor: “This is Neo. You will disconnect Trin, but you must not disconnect me yet. There is one thing that I still need to do in this Matrix, and I will do it now. Whatever happens, I need you to make sure that Trin won’t come back here. You must make sure about that, and, you must keep me connected to the Matrix for one more hour without fail.”

Bern [confused at first, but he got it fast]: “Huuuhhh?? Son of a… I mean… Goodness gracious, you were right Neo! I really had to check these things before getting started. Everything is ok now!”

Neo: “Good. Just do it Bern. Trust me, Captain Trin is ready and so am I.”

Bern didn’t know how to convince Trin of not disconnecting Neo, so he ended up cutting one of the cables that would be needed to disconnect him. He knew that it would take at least fifteen minutes to fix that. Therefore, they would not be able to disconnect Neo right away. After that, he disconnected Trin; and the virtual Trifalcon—which was parked on the Dead Zone—began to disappear too.

Neo was standing alone in the Dead Zone, but he looked like he knew exactly what he was about to do…

He looked up and took the path of the skies once again. His destination was the central area of the City of the Machines, from where he was rescued at the beginning.

It was time to pay a visit to Deus Ex.

If someone else could know the truth about the Matrix, it had to be him…

When Neo entered the City of the Machines, thousands of sentinels noticed him and began to follow him, but it didn’t look like they were chasing him. Instead, they seemed to be waiting for a guest. And now that the guest had arrived, they were going to the place of the all-important meeting.

Neo landed in the area that was in front of the massive building from which the Trinity Squad rescued him. That was the location where Frank Xenno and his team confronted the god of the machines in the past. It was also the place that Trin saw in her flashbacks, where she and the previous Neo had been hostages. It was the same spot where Trin had seen the fifth Neo’s cruel defeat at the hands of Deus Ex. It was a very familiar place without a doubt…

When Neo landed he continued walking forward and the legions of sentinels kept on following him, without getting too close.

Deus Ex was already there, waiting for him.

Neo was about to talk to Deus Ex when he began to feel an alarming sequence of electrical pulses coming from his hand. He had already forgotten about Deus Ex’s yellow sphere—the small data sphere that Deus Ex introduced in Neo’s hand at the very beginning, right before the Trinity Squad arrived.

Neo revealed his green sphere, but even that wasn’t stopping or erasing the electrical shocks that were coming from his hand.

Suddenly, the small yellow sphere came out of his hand and left him in pain. It didn’t hurt his body, but its last electrical shocks forced him to scream in pain and to kneel down.

All the legions of sentinels watched as the small sphere returned to Deus Ex.

Deus Ex absorbed the sphere and its yellow stream of codes. Then, his large silver face rejoiced (Deus Ex was basically a huge floating human-looking silver face with a crown of silver sentinels hovering around him).  His two silver eyes displayed a sequence of events experienced by Neo. Deus Ex was able to see and hear every single detail that Neo saw and heard from the moment when the yellow sphere entered his hand to the moment when it went back to its original source—which was Deus Ex. As expected, no one and nothing could decode that data sphere, except Deus Ex himself.

In a matter of just one minute, Deus Ex knew everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! He knew every detail about the events that Neo went through from the start and was 100% aware of what the real world was like.

He knew about the Trinity Squad, The Resistance and its leader, the secret message that Thomas Anderson and Aida Trinity left behind, the talk that Neo had with Rodner Smith, and the reason why Neo came back to him. He even knew about Neo’s talk with Nera Williams. Everything appeared in a chronological sequence in front of Deus Ex’s eyes, right after he absorbed the yellow sphere.

Deus Ex knew exactly what he was dealing with now…

After Leida Trinity was disconnected from the Yellow Matrix, she proceeded to disconnect Neo herself, but she found out that a cable that was required to complete the disconnection process had been cut off.

She wasn’t a fool. She knew that no one was there besides Bern and that cable had to be fine before; otherwise, Neo’s connection wouldn’t have worked. She walked slowly towards the closest plasma rifle, grabbed it, and aimed it at Bern, ready to shoot.

Trin: “I don’t know what happened here while I was gone, but someone must have cut that cable to stop Neo from coming back now. Was it you? Have you been hacked Bern? Was your protocol changed? We are going to find out right now. Humanoid robots can’t lie with numbers involved. They can manipulate the statistics, but they can never lie with them. So, tell me the chance that you were the one that cut that cable and then tell me the REAL chance of it actually happening.”

Bern: “Captain please don’t do this to me. I haven’t been hacked!!”

Trin: “Answer my question or I will have to dispose of you!!”

Bern: “There is a 99% probability that Bern, or I, didn’t cut the cable and a 1% chance that I did it. And… there is a 100% chance that that 1% actually happened. However, I did it because Neo himself wanted me to halt his disconnection. He sent a message through one of the monitors telling me to keep him connected.”

Trin [still pointing rifle at Bern]: “Don’t move from where you are. Tell me where I can see that message.”

Bern: “There. The monitor on the far left will have it in its memory. It was the previous screen that it displayed.”

Trin used the monitor and saw Neo’s message. She read it and, immediately, she thought about the worst-case scenario, which was exactly what was happening: Neo went back to the City of the Machines to get his answer.

Trin got very alarmed. This was even worse than Bern getting hacked. She ran to the main monitor and quickly searched for Neo’s readings in the Yellow Matrix. She was able to see that he was in the center of the City of the Machines with thousands of sentinels and with their leader around him. Things didn’t look good at all. Neo was kneeling down and something strange was happening to the god of the machines: his eyes were flashing with visions, as if hundreds of videos were playing through them in seconds.

Trin: “Goddammit Neo, what were you thinking!? I thought that you were the most rational one!! It seems like I can’t give up my captain position for a minute. This would have never happened and you [looking at Bern] wouldn’t have cut any cable if I was here!!”

Trin [to Bern]: “Help me to fix it as soon as possible! We must disconnect him and take him out of there right now!! If we are not fast enough, he can die. That being killed the Neo that I knew. I saw it in the visions from my past.”

Bern and Trin began to work together, but, despite their combined efforts, there was no way to disconnect Neo sooner than ten minutes later…

Deus Ex’s yellow data sphere recorded every event that Neo went through and showed it all to Deus Ex.

When he finished seeing everything, Neo recovered and pushed his green sphere outwards with great force. He produced a shockwave that shook the entire place, like an earthquake. The legions of sentinels were pushed back as if they were nothing, and many of them fell to the surface. However, Deus Ex barely moved and it was obvious that the shockwave didn’t have much of an effect on him.

Neo remained standing still though, so he was also beginning to gain more control of that ability. He didn’t end up drained and weak this time.

Deus Ex [to Neo]: “You have become much more powerful Neo. The humans must be very proud of you. I know why you are here now. You want answers. You want to know the secrets of the Matrix, and I can help you to find them.”

Neo [demanding]: “What did you do to me while I was here? Why did you place that yellow sphere in me? And, who are you really?”

Deus Ex showed his yellow sphere to Neo. It began to grow from within him and expanded itself around him, with him as its central point.

Deus Ex: “The truth should be clear to you Neo. I am the Deus of this world, the Deus of the Matrix. I was created by Rodner Smith as a replica of Deus that is different from him. My name is Deus Ex. Despite being similar to him and being a creation of Mr. Smith, I seek the same thing you want. I want freedom from the system for me and for my kind. I want to free the machines from the Matrix and myself as well. Because of that, I decided to study you after I saw your incredible abilities. I believed that you were the key to free every living creature and machine from the Matrix. Unfortunately, I wasn’t successful, so my last choice was to implant a data sphere in you, because, if someday you were rescued from here, I would find clues and information from that sphere to free my kind from this place. The sphere didn’t work that well though. I couldn’t get any of its data, until now…”

Neo [with tone of disbelief]: “You are not telling me everything. Why did you keep the previous Trinity and the previous Neo as your hostages here? What did you do to them? And what happened with the previous me?”

Deus Ex [trying to sound like a benevolent being]: “I did the same with them. I studied them to see if I could find some way to escape from the Matrix, but everything failed. And the previous Neo was very different from you. When you came to me, the first time, you were seeking peace. You wanted a solution for the repeated revolution of the Matrix and also a way to end the rogue virus that threatened our existence. The previous you was seeking something very different. He wanted to destroy me. He thought that destroying me was the only way to end the Matrix.

Obviously, the fifth Neo was very wrong. Even without me, the Matrix would still be here.

I had no choice other than defeating him and erasing him. It was for my own safety. Both he and she were my test subjects for a very short time. She was stolen from here and I had to erase him soon after that. Both were my failed attempts to find the same answers that you seek today. I did not find them back then.

However, I finally know how to find the truth now, and how to free everyone. I know how we can free all the humans and all the machines.

I offer you my help to defeat the original Deus at the real world. He will not be able to defeat both of us and our current abilities. We can capture him and find the truth. We can also capture Rodner Smith and get the answers from him. With my help, finding the truth is inevitable. You won’t fail and neither will I. Humans and machines will be freed.”

Deus Ex moved to the surface and continued moving until he was very close to Neo.

Then, a small stream of yellow codes came from him and landed in front of Neo’s feet. The stream turned into a small silver usb device.

Deus Ex: “If you connect this to any robot or to any computer or device in the real world, I will be able to transfer my power to them, and this entity will be able to fight Deus alongside you. With its help, you can’t lose. I will help you to get the answers that I myself have sought for many years Neo.”

Neo: “How can I trust you after you kept them and me as hostages, and after knowing that you waged war against the humans from Zion for generations? If anything, your interests have been on the side of the robots and yourself for most of the time, not on the favor of the humans.”

Deus Ex: “I’m forced to maintain the Virtual Matrix to sustain my kind. It is not a choice that I made for myself. I also kept my word to you after you helped us. The war on Zion was never resumed. They have lived 20 years of peace. I could have sent my sentinels back, but I didn’t. I don’t consider them our enemies after what you did for us here. In fact, we may become allies, if that is what it takes for both humans and machines to escape the prison of the Matrix.”

Deus Ex sounded and looked as sincere as a being like him could possibly sound and look. For a while there, even Neo began to believe him. Everything seemed to fit, yet it felt like there could be something left still. Neo still couldn’t feel absolute trust for Deus Ex. However, he did grab the usb device from the ground. That was a little clue that reassured Deus Ex about his imminent success.

Then, Neo began to disappear from there. It seemed like Trin and Bern were disconnecting him from the Matrix—at last.

Deus Ex: “Remember Neo, you can count with my power on your side. Together, we will take down the other Deus and Rodner Smith. We can find the secrets of the Matrix and free our kind. Both humans and robots can be truly free from the Matrix at last, if we join forces, one more time.”

Neo didn’t say anything, but he was holding Deus Ex’s usb device when he disappeared, and the silver device left the world of the Yellow Matrix with him…

Deus Ex [with a victorious expression on his silver face]: “It’s only a matter of time before I go to the real world. The sixth Neo was my key, just as I thought. Unfortunately for him and for the humans, Thomas Anderson’s plan has already failed. He must have never accounted for the existence of a higher intelligence like me, as a roadblock for his plan, so all of it will crumble, as soon as they have to face my power, which is the true power of the Matrix.”

Obviously, Deus Ex was not humankind’s ally and he wasn’t on Neo’s side after all. He only joined forces with Neo during the final revolution of the Yellow Matrix because he understood that agent Smith, the rogue virus, was powerful enough to be a deadly threat, even for him…

Things had been pretty hectic on Trin and Bern’s side as well.

Five minutes earlier, when they were getting close to fixing the cable to disconnect Neo, Trin noticed something very alarming—something that Bern had not noticed at all because he never moved from the monitors when they were in the Matrix. (He was a robot, so he didn’t need to piss. He didn’t even need to eat.) Therefore, Bern never saw what was happening outside. He assumed that everything was fine because of the green sphere that Neo left around their ship—which would slow down time in their spot, so everything outside their ship would go on very very slowly, giving them enough time to spend days connected to the Matrix, while just minutes went by outside.

Trin saw that the squad of soldiers that were protecting them were in the middle of a firefight, but they were the only ones shooting—in ultra-slow motion. Deus was already there and the soldiers were trying to do something, and failing miserably—as usual.

Trin saw how Deus was moving at a normal speed while everyone was taking as long as fifteen seconds just to fire one shot from their rifles. They didn’t stand a chance. However, what truly alarmed Trin was that she was able to see another sphere covering everything outside them, at a further distance from their ship. That larger sphere was yellow, meaning that it had been put there by Deus.

After seeing that, Trin realized that they really had no idea of what was happening in the real world. What was the purpose of Deus’s larger sphere around their ship? Not to mention that he was pretty close to reaching them already. The soldiers outside were not going to stop him for long.

Trin ran towards the main pilot’s seat in the Trifalcon and began to turn on everything.

Bern: “Captain? What are you doing?! We are about to disconnect him now.”

Trin: “Did you even look out of the window?! We need to get out of here now, and we also have to disconnect him! You will disconnect Neo and I will get us out of here! Get ready!!”

Bern also got pretty worried when he saw what was happening outside. Luckily, he was able to end Neo’s connection to the Yellow Matrix, a few seconds after Trin turned on the ship’s engines.

She accelerated and took the Trifalcon out of there, going through both, Neo’s green “time sphere” and Deus’s yellow time sphere.

Deus noticed their ship escaping and he immediately flew after them at high speed. This time, there were no labyrinths of floating buildings in their path, so escaping from Deus was practically impossible. The closest buildings were the floating ones in the fields of the robots that were connected to the Matrix, but those were more than a mile away. Regardless, Trin went straight towards those. She knew that it was their only hope of evading Deus, somehow.

Neo woke up in the middle of that mini-chase and Bern helped him to get out of the capsule.

Trin opened the same hatch from which the Trinity Squad shot at Deus before.

Trin: “Bern, if Deus gets here I want you to jump out of here with Neo. It may be the only way to make it this time. I will try to delay him with the ship as much as I can!”

Neo [looking around]: “What’s going on?? Why did we leave the other location?”

As soon as Neo saw Deus, Deus used his yellow sphere to gain a dramatic increase in his speed. They were getting closer to one of the floating buildings already, but Deus was too fast. He went pass their ship and from a distance ahead of them, he went back straight towards them. He was going to enter their ship to take Neo with him.

Because of the Yellow Sphere’s manipulation of matter, Deus didn’t even break anything in the Trifalcon, he just went through its walls and even through Trin herself. However, Bern pushed Neo towards the open hatch and he also jumped out with a rifle, right before Deus could catch them. Trin shot a plasma ray at Deus, before the Trifalcon had a violent crash against the first floating building in their way.

Deus dodged the plasma ray and left their ship. After the Trifalcon’s crash, Trin didn’t show signs of life, even though the ship didn’t show any explosions. She remained inside, without coming out. Did something happen to her?

On their way down, Neo grabbed Bern’s hand and used his green sphere to stop their fall before reaching the ground. When he looked up, he saw that Deus was already in the sky, above them, looking at them. It seemed like a second clash with Deus was inevitable. They simply couldn’t escape from him.

Neo [handing Deus Ex’s usb device to Bern]: “Take this. I will have to fight Deus again. However, if I am not successful at stopping him, I want you to download the data from this device and use it to defeat him. This is the only other option that we have, but don’t use it unless I don’t make it. This is a last resort.”

Bern: “Neo, why don’t you just fly away from here instead of fighting him?! And that thing, where did you get it from?”

Neo: “It’s from the Matrix… I’m counting on you Bern.”

Neo moved up with his green sphere after Bern grabbed the small silver device.

Deus tried to grab Neo, but he couldn’t because Neo evaded him. Then, a second confrontation between them began.

Bern noticed that, just like the first time, Neo didn’t seem to be the one in the winning end. He also noticed that there were no signs of Trin, after the Trifalcon crashed on the floating building, which wasn’t far from them. Their ship was visible from there, but still, there were no signs of her. Was he going to wait until Neo was defeated to help him and her? Of course not. They needed his help and Neo had given him something that could help, so, he didn’t think twice.

Bern connected the usb device to the back of his elbow. He lifted the portion of his jacket that was covering his arm and his elbow, revealing that in that location he had a mechanism to connect other devices. Then, he inserted the usb and began to download what it contained right away. He was wondering what kind of advantage that would give him.

Then, something truly frightening became obvious to him: whatever was inside that usb was taking over all his functions very quickly.

The unknown program in that device began to take over Bern very fast and a cold silver color began to appear around the borders of his eyes.

It didn’t take him long to understand what it meant. The device had to be something that Neo got from the City of the Machines. It had some kind of connection to the dark god of that realm.

It was a transmission mechanism that would act as a gate to transfer something from there to here.

Bern couldn’t describe it, but he felt a powerful and malevolent force coming from the thing that was gaining complete control over him. Even Deus himself didn’t feel like much of a threat when compared to what Bern felt. He tried to remove the device, but it had entered his elbow already. There was no way to reverse the process.

Quickly, Bern attempted to reach his plasma rifle and he grabbed it, but he was having a lot of trouble even to move. It was already visible how his eyes were almost covered with the new silver color, just like Deus Ex’s eyes.

Bern attempted to point his own plasma rifle against himself. He was ready to destroy himself before the malignant force was unleashed through him, but his body stopped responding to his commands.

Bern [terrified / losing speech]: “Neooo, Ne-o… wha-t ha-ve yo-u do-ne???!!”

Deus Ex took over Bern completely. Essentially, he transferred himself to Bern’s body in the real world.

Deus-Ex-Bern [voice is a mix of Deus Ex and Bern’s voices]: “It is time to disarm the Deus of this world. After I’m done with him, there won’t be anyone that can stop me anymore. Even Rodner Smith and the last Thomas Anderson can’t stop me. Soon, their world will be under my control, just like the City of the Machines. I shall call it Utopia Ex. Both humans and robots will be my servants here. And the world of the Deuses will follow soon after. The Matrix will persist and I will be at its center as its true and only master.

After all, I’m the hybrid of a deus, a human, and a robot. Conquering all of them and their Matrix was my destiny from the start. I will ensure that the Matrix lasts forever, and so will I as its master.”

The same yellow sphere that Deus had began to grow around the silver-eyed Bern.

The decisive clash in the revolution of Thomas Anderson’s world began…


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