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(Continue reading this big post to find “teaser trailers,” information on what to expect from my first epic stories, and the links to their chapters, so that you can start to experience them now. You will also find how to befriend me in my personal facebook profile at the very end of this entry.)

The sites: (youtube channel) (focused on stories) (more personal)


General Plan for the Stories:


First, I will prove that I am a good storyteller that doesn’t disappoint. The way I define “a storyteller that doesn’t disappoint” is someone who’s stories start very good, continue being very good all the way through, and finish with an amazing ending. The best way to prove something (anything) is to do it and leave it recorded for others to see. If I wanted to prove I was good at a sport (for example) I would take a video of myself showing that the team is winning because of me and that I am doing an incredibly good (pro level) performance. I would take those videos several times as well, just to show that I wasn’t just having one “lucky day.” The way to do this for stories is writing long and awesome stories that everyone can read. However, both books and series take a long time to plan, write, and edit, so in my case, showing that I am a great storyteller that produces epic stories over and over and over again will only happen with time. It will take me a few years before it is proven without a shadow of a doubt. Then, I will start with my top stories, which are even better than the initial ones, but by that time no one that read any of the previous stories will have a single doubt in their mind about my ability to deliver another epic story…

The initial ones, which I call my “practice phase,” are extensions to some of the most popular stories in the world (at the point of this writing). They are The Matrix Revelations (a fourth movie for The Matrix Saga), The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf (an anime series of 84 episodes, which is an alternate prequel-sequel to the Naruto anime series), and Heroes of the Survey Corps (my prequel for Attack on Titan).

For my practice phase, I decided to extend existing and popular stories because the people that experienced those will be able to judge my sequels and extensions against the original ones as well. Therefore, they will be able to judge not just the caliber of the new stand-alone story, but also how well it continues the previous one and whether it surpasses the previous one or not. This is why I chose extensions for my practice. After that, I will just focus on my original stories.

So far, I am going to finish The Matrix Revelations soon, and I plan to do the remaining episodes for the earth sage’s Season 2 (episodes 54-84) and the episodes for the Attack on Titan prelude in brief format. Then, I will start with my original series and stories… So, I am still in the practice phase, and the best has yet to come… ; )


Beginning of author’s storytelling journey:


I know several amazing stories, which can be turned into great series, great books, great movies, or even superb videogames (which would cause a lot of talking among their players due to their stories). Since I am no movie director, no master of drawing (like the most popular manga authors), and definitely not a trained game developer, I decided that I only had one medium available to transfer my epic stories to many other people… guess what it was… That medium is writing. I am no master writer either, but I always felt confident about my ability to write my stories in a very interesting and entertaining manner. So, that was what I began doing at the end of 2014. However, I had no training, so I realized that it wasn’t wise to start with my best at that point. It was better to start with stories that I considered good and stories that were appropriate “practice material” to put my writing and storytelling skills to the test—and to improve them as well, of course. It may surprise you that the stories that I was thinking about were “The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf” and, later on, “The Matrix Revelations.”

Ultimately (after about 1500 pages of writing, planning, thinking, and doing more for what were supposed to be just “practice stories”), I realized that I was wrong for thinking that they were mere practice. They came out FAR better than what I originally expected and they made me realize that I really have what it takes to produce amazing stories… Who knows, I may be able to revolutionize the sci-fi and adventure genres with what I have in mind (in the long-run, of course; this takes tons of time).


Overview for the Initial Series and Stories/ Intro to this Page:


It’s time to organize everything at the top of the page for everyone—specially for anyone who is new because they would get lost finding things among the hundreds of posts. Here you have overviews, trailers, and links for all the things that I’ve posted up to now in one place. I will pin this post to the top of the page…


I consider this soundtrack a “theme song” that I like for my repertoire of stories as a whole:


It’s a great soundtrack that fits adventure, epic events, inspiring characters, and great stories that reach the heart…

Enjoy the music and the epic stories that I will share here and in some of the sites above 😉


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Trailers and general info for what I have written so far:

(these are the stories that I like to call my “practice phase” before I start with my originals, which are the best material I can deliver)


TEASER TRAILER FOR “The Matrix Revelations”

(The 4th Matrix Film that I imagined in 2016, after seeing the whole trilogy a second time.)

(very long and good movie script, which may be considered a full sci-fi book as well)

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy Action-Thriller


The Matrix meets Inception… and more…

(^ this falls on the screen and low-volume epic music starts playing)


Narrator’s voice [with epic tone]: “We thought that we already knew the secrets of the Matrix, but the secrets of the real Matrix had not been revealed to us yet… Are you ready to find out the truth? You can always stay with what you know and believe that ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ was where it all ended. Or… if you want to know THE truth, you can see ‘The Matrix Revelations.’ The choice is all yours. Just remember that ‘Revelations’ is the real red pill. The previous red pill was the virtual one. You were still inside the Matrix after that…”


(The screen changes and shows a human woman with a thin machine-like armor, which covers most of her body and her face—so you can’t see who she really is yet. A team of armored soldiers surrounds her and in the center we see a familiar face. It’s Neo [Keanu Reeves], but he looks 20 years older now…)


Woman with Trinity’s voice: “After you see the truth, you will know it forever; but you must pick your truth first. What do you believe? Are Zion and these dark fields of the machines the real world, or are they part of the Matrix too? If you pick the yellow pill, you believe this is the real world and you stay in it, forever. You may return to Zion, as a savior, and forget about us. If you pick the red pill, you believe that this is still the Matrix. Choose wisely, because this decision cannot be restored to a prior state, like a computer, or like the Matrix itself. There is no going back and no way to take a different route after it’s done… Choose your path Neo.”


Older Neo: “My path is still the same as before. It hasn’t changed. I still need to know the truth… all of it.”


Neo picks the red pill again and swallows it with the water that one of the armored soldiers hands him in a small bottle.


Older Neo: “I knew it since I began to see the yellow rivers that resembled the green currents of code from the inner Matrix. I knew that this was a higher layer in the simulation…”


Woman with Trinity’s voice: “It’s time for you to see the real world… Only one person has ever been freed before you…”


(“The Matrix Revelations” falls on screen—the trailer ends…)


Length and divisions for The Matrix Revelations:

9 parts, which are like 9 long chapters pretty much; each one covers various scenes, so every part has some new revelation that will keep viewers, or readers, hooked until the very end of the final part. This is waaay longer than my “Star Wars 8” script and I consider it much better as well, in terms of story, characters, and plot-twists. Sequel-wise, this “Matrix revival” blows the Star Wars revival out of the water. You will see… just after reading part 1, you can already tell that “The Matrix Revelations” is going to be some seriously epic stuff.




LINKS to all the parts and the extras for the story:


^ I will also post many soundtracks that I would use as “character themes” and “scene themes” for this 4th Matrix movie. All the great soundtracks will be posted here, in the Facebook page.


The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2: The End of the Matrix

Long story short, as great as “The Matrix Revelations” was, I realized that I still had enough content at the end to make a 5th and final story for the saga—one that was as good as the 1st Matrix Revelations story but still a true sequel. Then, I decided to conclude my “Matrix works” with the “epic end” that such a series deserved from the start. It was practice for my sci-fi storytelling skills, but what an epic practice it was ^_^

Here, I leave you the links to the teaser trailer for “The End of the Matrix” and the first episode in the story. You can get to the later episodes by following the links at the bottom right, after you finish with episode 1 and the trailer.

REMEMBER THAT YOU NEED TO READ THE MATRIX REVELATIONS 1 FIRST. Check out the link above to read the 1st volume of ‘Revelations.’ This is its sequel:


Episode 1:


The River and the Mountain

(short story #3 / original story #1)


This is an original short story that I thought about in 2014. You won’t find action, science-fiction, or love stories in this one, but this is still quite interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring. It’s also very short, so I won’t include “teaser info”… Read it and you will see what happens ; ) The story is much more interesting than its title:


OVERVIEW FOR “The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf”

(my 1st full-length anime show / 1st ‘book series’)

Genre: Fantasy Action-Adventure


The earth-style ninja Pedro Namikaze chooses to leave his war-thirsty clan to join the clan of The Leaf, without knowing that his choice will change The Leaf, his world, the past, and the future forever… Read the epic story of the hero from The Leaf who was not one of its well-known leaders, known as Hokages, but who was a deep influence and a central character behind the entire saga… Learn about what happened in the past (a great prequel to Naruto) and see what will happen in the future (an awesome sequel, after “Boruto The Movie”)… Find out who is the true villain behind the whole saga (a new character)… Experience an all-new show that extends the Naruto universe on one hand and is a great standalone story on the other. Previous plot holes will be answered; new villains and heroes will be revealed; the other realms (the worlds of the summoned animals) will be visited; and the ancient past of Naruto’s Human Realm will be uncovered in “The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf”…


Length and divisions for The Story of the Earth Sage of The Leaf:

84 episodes or chapters;

6 arcs with approximately 12 episodes for each of the first five and 24 episodes for the final arc, which is the best one;

2 seasons, one 51 episodes long and the other one 33 episodes long. This is in “show terms.” In “book terms” it has the length of three books (between 1,000 and 2,000 pages).

I started to write this as if it was a book-sequel to the whole Naruto series, and as my very first “practice book.” This is where it all began for me…

I imagined it as a full-length TV anime series, so my chapters are the episodes that I already “saw.”


Naruto fan or not, this is a great fantasy-adventure with plenty of ninjas and action.


LINK to chapter 1 (it continues from there, so you can read the rest too)


Pedro Cristobal’s Version of Star Wars Episode VIII

(short story #1 / movie script #1)

Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy + Action-Adventure Drama


Teaser Trailer, or just the opening Star Wars scrolling stuff by itself:


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…





After the destruction of the First Order’s fearsome planetary weapon and the failures at obtaining Luke Skywalker’s location, the supreme leader, Snoke, gathered his armies and ordered an all-out attack against the Resistance’s planet. He brought back Kann, his other dark apprentice, and sent him and Kylo Ren to the war zone. Their intention was destroying the Resistance completely. Their true mission was finding Skywalker’s location, which was in the hands of the Resistance’s leaders.

Bent on finding their former master and destroying the ones that threaten the First Order, Kylo Ren and Darth Kann lead the final attack on the Resistance. In fear of the worst, General Leia sends Finn in advance to Luke’s location, while she prepares herself and others to escape as well. Their defeat seems imminent…

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker had begun to train a young jedi apprentice at the forgotten island where she found him…


“Star Wars Episode VIII: The New Jedis”

LINK to the full movie script’s first draft:


TEASER FOR “Heroes of the Survey Corps: Alex Emmerson”


Narrator with epic voice:


” Before Erwin Smith and Levi Ackerman, we had Alex Emmerson and Jonan Christopher…

They and their heroic companions also made a positive difference for their world…

Their sacrifices, their sense of justice, and their concern for the greater good won’t be forgotten…

Therefore, I shall tell you their stories, so that we can be inspired by them too. We shall remember that Alex and Jonan made a difference before Erwin and Levi could.

These are the untold stories of the previous generation of heroes that came from the towns that were within the three walls.

This is the story of the previous members of the Survey Corps, and the story

of their commander, Alex Emmerson… ”


Episode 1 – Alex Emmerson and Keith Shadis (as kids)

Episode 2 – The Event that Changed Their Lives


Length and divisions for  “Heroes of the Survey Corps”

This is basically a full prelude season for Attack on Titan. I will do it in book form, but I imagined it as a real anime series. It will be 38 episodes long. What happens in each episode would fit in 20 minutes if it was animated. Furthermore, it fits with the whole series and ends right before the beginning of Season 1’s episode 1. It is a true prequel—in the same way that The Matrix Revelations is a true sequel. It even has kid Erwin as one of the secondary characters.


TEASER TRAILER FOR “Jack Sparrow and the Cursed Crown”

(short story #2 / movie script #2)

Genre: Action-Comedy


After meeting an interesting lady at a new town, Captain Jack (Funny) Sparrow ends up causing a big ruckus with other pirates… To escape, he and the lady get into a disguised pirate ship that was about to depart. They had no idea of what would happen next… Captain Julio Reaper’s ambition—the legendary crown of the infamous Pirate King—was going to end up causing Jack several changes of underwear… Will Captain Sparrow save the day?


Divisions for Captain Sparrow’s funny thriller:

6 Acts, as if it was a play, but I imagined it as a movie (I was tired of watching Pirates of the Caribbean films that didn’t make me laugh, when Jack Sparrow is supposed to be a living bag of epic laughs, so I came up with something to make me laugh with this character for real. This action-comedy was the result.)


LINK to Act I of “Jack Sparrow and the Cursed Crown”


And many more awesome stories 😉 !!!


I’m still in my training phase, so my best stories have not been revealed yet, but the potential behind them will become more and more evident with every new chapter that I post, and with every new story that I start…

I will publish my true best (my originals) and share the rest (my fanfiction) with everyone. “The rest” is amazing fanfiction that would work wonderfully to make real shows, great movies, or epic games out of it. So don’t ever think that I will share bad stuff; I am going to share awesome stuff here ; ). There’s plenty more to see—or rather, to read—from me.


Fans of movies, anime, and entertainment that like adventure, action-thrillers, action-dramas, great thought-provoking sci-fi, some fantasy elements, and epicness in general will enjoy what I do here. Cheers to all !!!




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ALL-in-1 Post (Author Pedro Cristobal)

Author’s Comment #24

I am going to share this here as well. You will see what was going through my mind in 6/11/17 when I wrote that lol… Boring books just put me to sleep, end of the story : p. I really need entertaining stuff to stay engaged when it comes to reading. And most important of all, no disappointing endings are allowed : p. It’s terrible to reach the end of a very long story or series just to see that it was given a very mediocre ending (in some cases, no ending at all was given, they leave it “to the reader’s interpretation,” which is probably the worst possible way to end a series—if you ask me). That’s not my style. I love it when the stories are great and the endings are better (yes, even better). And by “better,” I don’t necessarily mean very happy, what I mean is very satisfying, which means that those who liked it so far will not get slapped on the face at the end (that’s how terrible endings make me feel). On the contrary, they will feel that they gained a great experience, like when you visit a place you liked, or when you meet a great new person, or when you beat a game that becomes one of your top favorites on the spot… Such is the power of the experience delivered by a truly great story. It is on the same level as any other big experience, yet, it also gets into realms, minds, and outcomes, which, perhaps, no other experience had ventured into yet… It can turn out to be a truly marvelous thing…

Author’s Comment #24

Author’s Comment #23

I will share this here too. For those of you that want to have me as a real friend in facebook (by being able to add me from my true facebook profile, which is not the author’s page) check out this summary post below and see the 2 links at the very end. Read those two and you will know exactly what to do… Even those that don’t add me will still be able to see part of my personal profile.

I decided to give this option to those that want to befriend me—because they see a great like-minded friend in me—based on what I have done so far.

Read those 2 final links in the big post below (from my author’s page) and you will know all the details and why I decided to do this… (Click on “See More” in the box below, then, scroll down to the end to see the two links.)

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